IWA Deep South: Biting The Bullet


Pell City, AL – 3.3.2007

#1 Contender for the IWA Deep South Championship
Mike Quackenbush vs. Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Sal Rinauro

The winner of this match faces Hallowicked for the IWA Deep South Championship in the main event. Taylor is wearing pig tails. He and Ricochet pull on each others’ hair. Ricochet puts on a wristlock and tags in Quackenbush. He continues to work over Taylor’s arm. Taylor retreats to the corner. Rinauro does a whole lot of goofing around after being tagged in. He does the whole “I’m not a chicken routine” which he is way too good at. Not even one strike occurs when Quackenbush backs Rinauro to the corner and Taylor tags in. Quackenbush puts Taylor in a key lock surfboard. Taylor gets angry when his hair gets ruffled. Quackenbush controls Taylor by his arm once again. Rinauro attacks him from behind. Quackenbush fights off both Rinauro and Taylor, getting them to hurt each other. Ricochet gets in some offense too. He throws Rinauro into the ring post. He crossbody’s Taylor. Quackenbush helps him with a satellite headscissors. Rinauro and Taylor give Ricochet simultaneous stunners. They work over Ricochet in their corner like they were a tag team. He’s able to escape by reversing Rinauro’s Irish whip into a DDT. Quackenbush drops Taylor with a series of strikes. He drops Taylor face first out of a full nelson for two. Taylor comes back with the Sole Food. He overhead suplexes Quackenbush. Quackenbush lands on his feet and Cactus clotheslines himself and Taylor out. Rinauro goes for some cradles on Ricochet. Ricochet gives him a Backslide Driver and a tornado DDT for two. Rinauro and Taylor fight over who is going to superplex Ricochet. Ricochet ends up dropkicking Rinauro off of Taylor’s shoulders. Taylor tope con hilo’s after Rinauro on the floor. Ricochet sets up for a dive. Quackenbush rolls him into a tornado clutch, and then a Skayde schoolboy for the pin at 17:59. Even though this went on for awhile, I was surprised when this ended because it seemed like things were just about to get kicked up a notch. It was entertaining the whole way through, which is all I could really ask for. **1/2

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Gran Akuma

Claudio angers Akuma by avoiding the initial lock-up. When they do lock-up Claudio ends up taking him down with a hip toss. Akuma puts on a headscissors. Claudio pops out which makes Akuma angry again. He gets ten punches in the corner. He sends Akuma to the floor with a quesadora armdrag. Claudio brings Akuma back in the ring. Akuma enzuigiri’s him from the corner. He nails a fallaway kick to the face for two. He puts Claudio in a modified abdominal stretch. When Claudio is about to escape, Akuma throws him down by his hair. He then puts on an Octopus hold, rolling Claudio forward for a two count. He also gets two from a swift kick to the head. Claudio misses a crossbody and his momentum carries him to the floor. Akuma brings him back in and kicks him in the back of the head. Claudio makes a comeback. Akuma guts it off with a snapmare driver. Claudio successfully lands a crossbody off the second rope for two. The Match Killer gets him two as well. Akuma dropkicks Claudio to avoid Swiss Death. He cascades up Claudio for what they call a Yoshi Tonic, but was realistically more like a high impact sunset flip. Whatever the case, it gets Akuma the win at 9:17. Pretty average given what these two usually produce. If the finish were executed properly it might have raised the rating up slightly higher, but maybe not. **

Larry Sweeney vs. “Bullet” Bob Armstrong

This plays off the last time IWA-DS had a show and Sweeney cheated to defeat Brad Armstrong. Sweeney bails to the floor when Armstrong advances towards him. He locks up, but backs away when Armstrong cocks back for a punch. Armstrong gets an arm hold causing Sweeney to get the ropes. He claims tight pulling occurred but of course it did not. Sweeney does a little posing before asking for a test of strength. Armstrong ends up bringing Sweeney to the mat. Sweeney avoids getting his hand stomped on, but does roll to the floor after Armstrong hits him in the chest. Sweeney hits him with a closed fist but the referee does not notice. Armstrong responds in kind and gets in some more chest strikes. He grabs Sweeney’s ears so Sweeney rakes his eyes. He does some damage to Armstrong’s left leg. Armstrong kicks Sweeney between the legs. Sweeney pulls down the straps while punching Armstrong in the corner. Sweeney gets whipped to the corner. He blocks a punch and pins Armstrong with the Graham Cracker at 7:26. Sweeney was the only thing keeping this entertaining. Armstrong was just too old to do much of anything, though he had the crowd behind him so I guess it doesn’t matter. ½*

IWA Deep South Championship
Hallowicked (Champion) vs. Mike Quackenbush

The title belt is no longer a replica ECW title belt. Quackenbush puts on a side headlock. When Hallowicked tries to shove him away, Quackenbush holds onto his stem. Hallowicked gets his feet on the ropes to break it and rolls to the floor. He catches Quackenbush kick in the corner but gets brought down anyways. Quackenbush tries the Skayde schoolboy like he did the opening contest but only gets two. Once again Hallowicked hits the floor. Quackenbush damages up his left knee when he comes back in. A Lucha sequence sees Quackenbush send Hallowicked crotch first into the bottom rope with a toreador. Hallowicked ducks to avoid a potential dive but ends up being slapped on the back. He tells the fans to stop laughing at him. He avoids Quackenbush’s pescado attempt and throws him face first into the apron. Quackenbush responds in kind and comes off the apron with a somersault senton. In the ring Hallowicked low blows Quackenbush as he distracts the referee. He bites Quackenbush’s forehead. Quackenbush key locks his legs and stretches out his arms. Hallowicked throws him face first into the second turnbuckle. He chokes Quackenbush with his wrist tape. Quackenbush kicks out his leg. He puts on the Lightning Lock Omega. Hallowicked makes it to the ropes. He headbutts Quackenbush in his mid-section and chokes him with his tape again. Quackenbush blocks a kick with a dragonscrew leg whip. He puts on a key lock STF. Hallowicked makes it to the ropes again. He sidewalk slams Quackenbush and heads to the top rope. He misses a Swanton. Quackenbush bulldogs him out of the corner. He gets two with double knees to the chest. The Black Tornado Slam also gets him two. He sets up for the reverse brainbuster. Hallowicked reverses it into his own Falcon Arrow. Quackenbush kicks out so Hallowicked tries it again. Quackenbush elbows his way out, only to take the Rydeen Bomb. He kicks out of that as well. He puts Hallowicked in a sharpshooter. Hallowicked gets the ropes. After an arm whip, Quackenbush rolls him into Lightning Lock Beta. Hallowicked taps out at 12:38, making Mike Quackenbush the new IWA-DS champion. You got to love when the work someone puts in pays off in the end. Quackenbush was focused on Hallowicked’s leg the entire time and literally pulled on it with all his might to take the title in the end. Hallowicked was so universally hated by the crowd that him losing was a big deal to the fans. Good stuff. Quackenbush takes multiple pictures with lots of children at the end. ***


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