King of Trios 2007 Night 3


Philadelphia, PA – 2.18.2007

Commentary is provided by Larry Sweeney, Excalibur, Bryce Remsburg, and UltraMantis Black.

King of Trios 2007 Semi-Final Round Match
KUDO {DDT}, MIYAWAKI {KD} & Yoshiyaki Yago {KD} vs. Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F} & Chuck Taylor

Akuma and Yago each throw some glancing kicks. When they bust out their bigger kicks, each guy is able to block the other. Yago sends Akuma to the floor with a sole butt kick. Taylor is able to remain steadfast from MIYAWAKI’s shoulder blocks. After a short chop exchange, Taylor rakes his eyes. MIYAWAKI grounds Taylor finally with a running shoulder block. KUDO and Yago each get in a kick on him. Taylor gives KUDO a chinbreaker and tags in Icarus. He comes out of the corner with an aleta armdrag. He dropkicks KUDO before tagging Akuma back in. Both of them snapmare the other into a back kick. Akuma snapmares KUDO and dropkicks him in the back of the head for two. F.I.S.T. isolate KUDO in their half of the ring until he enzugiri’s Akuma and gives him the Chaos Theory. MIYAWAKI comes in with bodyslams for everyone. He sends all three F.I.S.T. members into the corner. He elbows Taylor, then Samoan Drops him while dropkicking Icarus and Akuma simultaneously. Yago lights up Akuma’s chest with punches. He gets two with the Final Cut. He puts on an STF and MIYAWAKI simultaneously puts on one as well. KUDO dropkicks Akuma in the crown of his head. Akuma gives MIYAWAKI a chin breaker. Taylor snaps his neck across the top rope and gives him Sole Food. Akuma follows that with a Yoshi Tonic. Icarus delivers the Shiranui. KUDO breaks the cover and gives Icarus a lung blower. Double knees from the top rope send Icarus out. Akuma does the deal with the Falcon Arrow on Akuma. Yago chokeslams Akuma. Taylor dropkicks Yago out with his partners and tope con hilo’s onto all of them. In the ring Yago takes a Total Elimination. Taylor follows up with a moonsault for two. Yago Dragon suplexes him. KUDO and MIYAWAKI missile dropkick Akuma and Icarus to the floor. They keep them on the floor while Yago gives Taylor the Razor’s Edge for the pin at 13:26. Taylor got the chance to show off some cool stuff, in a way justifying his spot amongst the Kings of Wrestling even in a loss. Akuma and Yago’s exchanges were fun as was the entire bout. I’m glad we would see MIYAWAKI and KUDO return. ***

King of Trios 2007 Semi-Final Round Match
Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. Lince Dorado, El Pantera & Sicodelico Jr.

Pantera rams Jigsaw’s head into the bottom turnbuckle in a pendulum hold. He turns it into a surfboard. Jigsaw slips out into a lateral press for two. Sicodelico and Storm tag in. They wrestle to a stalemate. Dorado and Quackenbush flip into the ring. Quackenbush ties up Dorado on the mat. The each get in a cradle variation. They shake hands upon kicking out. Dorado, Pantera, and Sicodelico all get in offense on Quackenbush in the corner, ending with Sicodelico kicking him to the floor. Pantera suicide dives after him. Storm comes in and gets back elbowed by Sicodelico right away. They tie Storm up in the ropes for a 619 from Pantera. He gets superkicked to the floor and Sicodelico dives onto him. Pantera leg lariats Jigsaw. He eats some more kicks from Sicodelico and Dorado. All three Luchadores team up for a Quackendriver I like toss. He rolls out after Sicodelico and Pantera kick him. Dorado Asai moonsaults onto both him and Storm. Quackenbush uses a backbreaker to slow down Pantera. Storm gets a two count with a somersault senton. Quackenbush backdrops Pantera to the floor. Dorado dropkicks him out. He and Jigsaw each snap off a toreador. After Jigsaw delivers a quesadora armdrag, Dorado drills him in a quesadora DDT. Storm breaks the pin. He and Sicodelico do a Lucha sequence which ends with Storm being kicked in the end. Storm bodyscissors him out of the corner. He aleta’s Sicodelico to the corner. Storm cartwheels into a splash for two. Quackenbush places him on the top rope. Jigsaw brings him down with the Leap of Faith. Storm hits That Japanese Move but Pantera and Dorado break the cover. Pantera and Sicodelico rowboat Jigsaw and Storm’s legs. In the middle of them Dorado huracanrana’s Quackenbush for two. The CHIKARA team all go for huracanrana’s and get powerbombed. Thankfully the all kick out too. Dorado and Sicodelico get sent out, so Storm and Jigsaw dive after them. Pantera puts Quackenbush in the Romero Special and slams him onto his face from it. He rolls Quackenbush into the Gedo Clutch for two. Quackenbush comes off the top rope, tornado clutching Pantera into a crucifix pin for the win at 14:46. Some sloppiness from Storm aside this was a good Lucha infused trios match, different from the other matches these teams had on Night 2. ***

Allison Danger is back tonight to face La Malcriada. She plans to bring “it” back to CHIKARA tonight.

Allison Danger vs. La Malcriada

Remember “Around the World” by ATC? I do now thanks to La Malcriada. He chops Danger in the corner. She twists up Danger’s arm and bites her fingers. She steps on her throat in the corner and slams her. Danger bridges out of the pin. She gets in a couple of punches before Malcriada throws some double axe handles to knock her down. Malcriada throws referee Nikkan Lee into Danger in the corner. That’s not a DQ? Malcriada misses a splash. Danger rolls her up for two. Malcriada stomps on her hands. She runs Danger’s face across the top rope and chokes her with her boot. Malcriada gives Danger a Bronco Buster. She tries it in the opposite corner and misses. Danger gives her a neckbreaker across the knee for two. Malcriada throws Danger down by her hair. She gets two with a Samoan Drop. Off the top rope she delivers a splash but Danger is able to kick out. After some forearms, Danger delivers a neckbreaker. A facebuster across her knee and a running knee to the face only get her two. She puts down Malcriada with an STO at 9:14. That was a whole lot of nothing. ¾*

Sal Thomaselli admits he’s never seen Max Boyer, but studied footage of all the guys Boyer models himself after. He plans to make it big as a singles competitor after being a tag wrestler for so many years. Long story short, he plans to take home Max Boyer’s Young Lions Cup.

Young Lions Cup
Max Boyer (Champion) vs. Sal Thomaselli {IS}

Boyer attacks Thomaselli from behind as he comes down the ramp. He slams him on the arena floor. Boyer brings Thomaselli down with forearms to the back and stomps. He chokes Thomaselli on the second rope. Boyer whips him across the ring. He gets two with a butterfly suplex. He stretches Thomaselli’s back out across his knee. Thomaselli stomps Boyer’s feet and elbows his stomach to escape. Boyer responds with a Rude Awakening for another two count. They knock each other down with stereo clotheslines. Thomaselli throws a few chops before delivering a twisting neckbreaker. He picks up Boyer for a pump-handle Death Valley Driver and gets two. Boyer breaks out of the Stretch Muffler brainbuster. He drops Thomaselli onto his stomach and powerbombs him for two. They fight for a waistlock. Boyer finally sneaks in a bridging German suplex for two. As Boyer goes for a leapfrog, Thomaselli hits his Stretch Muffler brainbuster for two. He then chops up Boyer in the corner. Boyer avoids a splash. As Thomaselli walks back, Boyer hits the Lifestyle for the pin at 8:32. Sal looked like the first legitimate contender of Boyer’s reign and had some nifty exchanges with him in the end. Whatever happened to the Thomaselli’s? They were pretty sweet. **½

Hallowicked {I} vs. Matt Sydal {TY}

Fun fact: this is Matt Sydal’s one and only appearance in CHIKARA. At this time, he was one-half of the ROH tag team champions and the current Open the Brave Gate champion. Bust that tidbit out a party and be the coolest kid in the room. Hallowicked takes him down in a hammerlock. Sydal puts on an overhead wristlock and arrogantly brings him to the mat. Holds are traded until Hallowicked uses the ropes to armdrag his way out of a courting hold. Sydal comes back with a neck-tie headscissors and a dropkick. He drives Hallowicked forehead into the second turnbuckle. He slingshots in from the apron with a dropkick. Hallowicked ducks a clothesline. He sends Sydal to the corner with a Frankensteiner and yakuza kicks him as he comes out. Hallowicked blocks a chop. He goes for a tornado clutch. Sydal escapes and prawn holds him for two. Hallowicked rolls up Sydal out of his leapfrog and also gets two. Sydal blocks a super snapmare with a headscissors. A standing legdrop takes Hallowicked down for two. Sydal gets caught with the Rydeen Bomb but manages to kick out. Sydal sweeps Hallowicked’s leg to block the Graveyard Smash. He gets two with a standing moonsault. He misses a 450 splash but lands on his feet. Hallowicked successfully pulls off the Graveyard Smash for the pin at 8:11. Not as great as you would suspect given the participants, but still pretty dang solid. **½

Tag Team Gauntlet

JC Ryder & Lucky vs. Jason Gory & Shiima Xion

The two teams begin fighting ringside. Ryder and Lucky have control when they get in the ring. Xion and Gory however take it back with some armdrags and dropkicks. They get dumped to the floor. Ryder holds them so Lucky can springboard out with a twisting senton. They give Xion the Shake N’ Bake back in the ring. Gory breaks the pin. He gives Lucky a reverse Jig N’ Tonic. He enzuigiri’s Lucky into Xion’s “From Lust til Dust” finisher for the pin at 2:15.

Dunn & Marcos vs. Jason Gory & Shiima Xion

Dunn and Marcos high five mid-air as they bulldog their opponents. Gory crossbody’s them both. Xion dives onto Dunn on the floor. Marcos gives Gory a twisting neckbreaker. Xion ties up Marcos while Gory recovers. Gory missile dropkicks him. He gives Dunn a Yoshi Tonic and Marcos breaks the cover. He enzuigiri’s Xion.Marcos drops Gory with the Gory Catapult. Dunn drops Marcos off his shoulders in an electric chair onto Gory for the pin at 4:26.

Dunn & Marcos vs. Danshoku Dino {DDT} & American Balloon {DDT}

Balloon gets hit with multiple superkicks. Dino throws punches Dunn and Marcos’ way. They play air guitar with Dino’s arms. They stop when Dino tries to kiss them and double hip toss him away. Dino humps Dunn in the butt. Dunn throws Marcos onto Dino for a huracanrana. He backslides him for two. Balloon Koppu Kicks Dunn off of the top rope. He rubs his face into his moobs. Dino makes Dunn nearly pass out with a kiss. Dino pelvic thrusts his bum before delivering the Dashoku Driver. Marcos breaks the cover. Dino gives him a kiss and a Danshoku Destroyer. Balloon eliminates Dunn with a twisting cancun splash at 11:10.

Danshoku Dino {DDT} & American Balloon {DDT} vs. Mitch Ryder {FT} & Robbie Ellis {FT}

Balloon and Ryder lock-up. Ryder gives him a pair of hip tosses. Balloon catches his boot in his moobs and gives him a dragonscrew leg whip. Dino suplexes Ryder into a knee drop. Ryder sunset flips Dino for two. Balloon holds Ryder for Dino’s kiss. Ryder moves and the DDT team kiss each other. Balloon accidentally rubs his moobs in Dino’s face. Balloon gives Ryder a backbreaker but misses the subsequent Balloonsault. Ellis tags in, throwing punches at both opponents. He gives Balloon the Shiranui for the pin at 15:19.

Dr. Cheung {PT} & Darkness Crabtree {PT} vs. Mitch Ryder {FT} & Robbie Ellis {FT}

Cheung gives Ryder a spinebuster. Crabtree takes his pills and fires up. However, Ryder rolls him up for the pin at 17:52 before he can literally do anything.

Jagged {2.0} & Shane Matthews {2.0} vs. Mitch Ryder {FT} & Robbie Ellis {FT}

Ryder puts Matthews in a headlock. When Matthews shoots him off, he comes back with a headscissors. Ryder blocks Jagged’s hip toss and delivers one of his own. Jagged catches him with a back elbow and throws a flurry of punches. Matthews comes off the second rope with an elbow to Ryder’s ribs. Ryder ducks a clothesline and takes out both of 2.0 with one of his own. 2.0 respond with a tandem STO for the pin at 21:03.

Jagged {2.0} & Shane Matthews {2.0} vs. Joey Ryan {PWG} & Excalibur {PWG}

Excalibur has a pair of Ryan’s tights on over his usual gear. He oils up Joey, and while he’s doing that, 2.0 attacks them both. Ryan gets tossed out and Excalibur gets pummeled. Excalibur gives Jagged a Falcon Arrow to escape their wrath. He’s done the deal! Ryan cleans house, taking them both out with superkicks. He slows down due to an asthma attack. He takes a hit of his inhaler before continuing. When he’s ready, 2.0 give him a tandem STO for two. Ryan armwhips Jagged into a pump-handle suplex. Excalibur cleans house himself. He too runs out of breath. Ryan tosses the inhaler too far! Matthews sprays it in Excalibur’s eyes and jackknife pins him at 29:38.

Jagged {2.0} & Shane Matthews {2.0} vs. Soldier Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C}

Jagged throws Soldier Ant to the floor. Worker Ant takes the Sweet Taste of Professionalism, giving 2.0 the pin and their third point at 30:04.

Jagged {2.0} & Shane Matthews {2.0} vs. Colin Olsen {OT} & Jimmy Olsen {OT}

As Matthews is celebrating their title shot, Colin O’Conner rolls Jagged to eliminate them at 30:20. 2.0 is back down to zero points. Easy come, easy go.

Larry Sweeney & The ShareCropper vs. Colin Olsen {OT} & Jimmy Olsen {OT}

THE MOTHA FLIPPIN’ SHARECROPPER IS BACK! The Olsens throw him and Sweeney to the floor while they’re doing Hindu squats. The Olsens do some of their own. ShareCropper and Sweeney chase The Olsens around the ring but they end up crashing into each other. In the ring Jimmy snapmares Sweeney into a knee drop. The Olsens gang up on Sweeney until Sweeney throws them into each other. ShareCropper wheelbarrow splashes Colin onto Jimmy. Sweeney delivers the 12 Large Elbow for the pin at 34:33.

Larry Sweeney & The ShareCropper vs. Player Uno & Create-A-Wrestler

Sweeney and ShareCropper jump the video game dudes as they come in. They dropkick Sweeney to the floor. Wrestler slingshot dropkicks ShareCropper…and then falls to the floor. He drops ShareCropper with a divorce court. Uno M. Bison Stomps him. ShareCropper rolls out so Uno fires up for a dive. Sweeney cuts him off and delivers a butterfly suplex for two. Uno tries for a kick. Sweeney pauses him by accident. Confused, Derek Sabato unpauses Uno who enzuigri’s Sweeney. Sweeney slams him face first into the mat. Sweeney helps out ShareCropper with a powerbomb for the pin at 37:05.

Larry Sweeney & The ShareCropper vs. Scott Lost {PWG} & Chris Bosh {PWG}

Sweeney and ShareCropper jump Bosh and Lost as they enter the ring. It doesn’t mean much, because Lost and Bosh catch them with simultaneous inside cradles moments later to eliminate them at 38:30.

Fire Ant {C} & Equinox vs. Scott Lost {PWG} & Chris Bosh {PWG}

Bosh and Lost stop on Equinox and Fire Ant when they slide into the ring. Equinox toreadors Lost to the floor and suicide dives into an armdrag. Fire Ant sends Lost face first into the corner. He throws Lost off the top with a super fireman’s carry. Equinox’s standing shooting star press only gets him two due to Bosh breaking the pin. Bosh clotheslines Fire Ant into a backbreaker. Equinox gives him a huracanrana. Lost enzuigiri’s him. He suplexes Fire Ant into a backbreaker across Bosh’s knee for the pin at 40:47.

Hydra {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT} vs. Scott Lost {PWG} & Chris Bosh {PWG}

UltraMantis Black is the Order’s corner. Hydra and Mantis distract Arrogance so Crossbones can attack them. Hydra’s hooking clothesline takes down Lost for two. Bosh kicks Crossbones in the stomach while Lost takes down Hydra on the floor. Bosh slams Crossbones and Lost comes in with a top rope elbow drop. Hydra throws Lost out. He fails to slam Bosh. Bosh gives him the Steiner Screwdriver for the pin and three points at 44:58.

Cheech & Cloudy vs. Scott Lost {PWG} & Chris Bosh {PWG}

Bosh throws Cheech out. Lost enzuigiri’s Cloudy. A modified Hart Attack ends up with Cloudy in the Sharpshooter. Cheech disposes of Bosh and saves his partner. Lost gives Cloudy a gut buster after stopping the Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech. Cheech clutches Arrogance’s hands and uses the ropes to send them both to the floor with armdrags. Cloudy and Cheech dive out onto them. Lost blocks Cheech’s Superman Spear by getting his knee up. He hits it himself. The Big Fat Kill follows. Cheech rolls out so he can’t be pinned. Cloudy spikes Lost onto his head with a huracanrana. Bosh breaks the pin. He DDT’s Cheech onto the ring apron. He tries a Steiner Screwdriver on Cloudy. Cloudy O’Conner Rolls him to counter and get the pin at 48:17.

Cheech & Cloudy vs. Vito Thomaselli {IS} & Brandon Thomaselli {IS}

Vito hoists up Cloudy for a Death Valley Driver. He stupidly pulls up Cloudy before the three count. Cloudy victory rolls out of a Doomsday Device. Brandon breaks the pin on Vito’s behalf. They hit the Sweet Taste of Professionalism and give Cloudy double enzuigiri’s. Cheech breaks the cover. He reverse DDT’s Vito while also giving Brandon a standing Blockbuster. He gets two on Brandon with the Busaiku Knee. Cloudy enzuigiri’s Vito and takes Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech. Brandon again breaks the pin. He gets two himself on Cheech with a fisherman’s buster. Cloudy tornado DDT’s Vito. Cheech gives Brandon The Deluxe for the pin at 51:44. With that, the win over Arrogance, and the win over Lucky and JC Ryder on Night I, Cheech and Cloudy have 3 points and a title shot. 17 teams is too many, and thankfully it only took one year for CHIKARA to learn that. The quality of action came and went, but the collection of names was good and the last few falls were really good. **¾

Street Fight Rules
Mokujin Ken vs. Mecha Mummy

Mummy has a GIANT DRILL in one hand and a GIANT FIST in the other. This is under Street Fight rules because Ken literally can’t get in the ring. Excalibur on commentary will make this amazing. They trade punches as they walk around the ring. MUMMY PULLS THE BIRD OFF OF KEN’S SHOULDER. They walk over to the West end of the Arena near the restrooms. Mummy throws his detachable fist and throws it at Ken twice. He climbs up the steps and shoots his fist off from the balcony as well. Mummy revs up his drill. He runs up the ramp and digs it into Ken’s mid-section! He twists the drill into Ken’s exterior! Bryce is trying to secretly light Ken on fire for dramatic effect but it doesn’t really work out. One giant blow of the drill from Mummy puts Ken away at 4:21. I don’t know what to make of that, but it gets EVERY STAR.

Sara Del Rey vs. Daizee Haze

Instead of accepting Sara’s test of strength, Haze clotheslines her down. She kicks Sara in the stomach for two. Sara catches Haze with a trifecta of backbreakers. Haze side steps an attack of the corner. She monkey flips Sara out and puts on a straightjacket choke. Sara backs Haze to the corner and whips her forward to reverse it. She stretches Haze across her knees. Haze pokes her in the eyes to block a charge. She dropkicks Sara from the second rope for two. She jams Sara’s leg across the ring apron. Haze stomps on her back twice before landing a back senton. She hits the Heart Punch. Sara avoids a kick to the head. She in turn delivers three kicks to Haze’s sternum. She gets two with a vertical suplex. The powerbomb has the same result. Haze cascades up Sara for a sunset flip and gets the upset victory at 7:15. That was pretty great while the time lasted. I feel like we saw this match a million times on the Indies but judging by how good they work together it’s easy to see why. **½

Masamune {O} vs. Nobutaka Moribe {DDT}

This is an interesting match, because Masamune replaced Moribe on Team DDT on Night 1 when Moribe was late to the show. They look for control on the mat. Masamune breaks out of a hammerlock with a snapmare. Moribe uses, shocker, a Japanese armdrag. Masamune crossbody’s into an aleta that sends Moribe to the floor. He fakes a dive. He hits a slingshot senton for two. He crotches Moribe and overhand chops his chest. Moribe responds with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. He digs his knee into Masamune’s back and hits a slingshot Swanton for two. Masamune tries a huracanrana. Moribe blocks it and puts on a high angle Boston Crab. Masamune makes it to the ropes. Moribe hits the ropes. Masamune catches him with a Complete Shot. A chop exchange leads to Masamune hitting an enzuigiri. He gets two with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Moribe stops his quesadora by giving him a German suplex. Masamune armdrags his way out of an over the shoulder move. He hits a 619 and a Fame-Asser for two. Moribe gets the ropes to break a modified STF. He blocks a backslide with a stunner. He utilizes the Three Amigos and now it hits me that his gear looks A LOT like Eddie Guerrero’s. Heck, he even rolls through a frog splash fake out like Eddie did. Masamune low blows Moribe. He drops him with the Ude Yoshino for the pin at 10:55. Looks like Masamune learned something from Akuma last night. Really good wrestling throughout from both guys, even if Moribe really is a Guerrero clone. How did I just figure that out? **¾

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Ricochet

Claudio has Ed O’Mac tell the crowd that if they don’t stop saying “HEY!” he will leave. As angry as Claudio gets, it turns out to be an empty promise. He slaps Ricochet after placing him on the top rope. Ricochet comes off with a huracanrana and a spinwheel kick. Claudio grounds him in a knuckle lock but can’t get a pin. Ricochet catapults up with an armdrag. Claudio stops his momentum with a back elbow. He misses an uppercut in the corner. Ricochet snaps his neck across the top rope. He headstands from the floor onto Claudio’s shoulder. Claudio throws him off and hits a dropkick. He angrily chokes Ricochet with his shirt. Ricochet comes off the ropes. Claudio knee lifts him up and elbows him to the canvas. He lifts him up by his armpits and slams him for two. Claudio grinds on a side headlock. Ricochet comes back with a Déjà vu! He gets twisted around before sending Claudio to the corner with a headscissors. Ricochet hops to the top rope to avoid a corner attack. Claudio’s momentum carries him to the floor and Ricochet dives after him. Claudio avoids the Sunset Flip. He hits the Match Killer for two. Ricochet gets two with a fast victory roll. He misses a back handspring Phoenix Splash. Claudio uppercuts him across the ring! Somehow Ricochet kicks out. Ricochet successfully pulls off a Dragonrana. Claudio kicks out of that. Ricochet uses the ropes for a DDT. He gets two with a Phoenix Splash. Ricochet hits the ropes. He gets caught with the craziest Swiss Death for the pin at 11:44. That was a star making performance for Ricochet in CHIKARA. Claudio worked as the best base ever and brought the best out of his opponent. Definitely the spectacle you would expect. ***¼

King of Trios 2007 Tournament Finals
Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. KUDO {DDT}, MIYAWAKI {KD} & Yoshiyaki Yago {KD}

Storm and KUDO feel each other out. Storm ends up backing KUDO to his corner. Yago tags in. He takes Storm down with some punches and kicks him in the back. Storm works out of a headlock but gets shoulder tackled. He gets kicked in the shoulder before MIYAWAKI tags in. He does more damage to Storm’s shoulder. Storm finds an opening to tag in Quackenbush. He and MIYAWAKI control each other by the shoulder. Quackenbush puts on a cravate and tags in Jigsaw. He knees MIYAWAKI in the corner and brings him out with a bulldog. He gets two with a somersault senton. Storm kicks out MIYAWAKI’s knees and Magistral cradles him for two. Quackenbush and Jigsaw stretch him out. When Storm comes in, MIYAWAKI gives him a hard knee to the gut. KUDO and Yago continue the theme of working over Storm’s mid-section. Quackenbush and Jigsaw both come in to break a cover when things look bleak. Things break down amongst all six men on the floor with the Japanese team clearly in control. Yago kicks Quackenbush’s head into the guardrails. Jigsaw is left in the ring to fend for himself since Storm is too worn down. The Japanese trio works over his back. Jigsaw manages to catch MIYAWAKI with a superkick. Quckenbush tags in. He blocks KUDO’s strikes and gives him the Black Tornado Slam. KUDO kicks out. He blocks a palm strike and clotheslines Quackenbush in the corner. He drives his knees into the back of his neck. He backslides Storm for two. Yago knee strikes Storm in the corner and gets two with a bulldog. Same goes for a uranage. Jigsaw missile dropkicks MIYAWAKI. MIYAWAKI catches him in a Cobra Clutch slam. He puts on the submission as well. Yago locks Storm in an STF while KUDO ties up Quackenbush’s arms and left leg. Jigsaw makes it to the ropes causing KUDO and Yago to release their holds. Jigsaw German suplexes MIYAWAKI. Yago breaks the pin. Jigsaw kicks him to the floor. He ducks MIYAWAKI’s clotheslines and dives onto Yago. Storm Cactus clotheslines them to the floor. KUDO suicide dives onto Storm and Jigsaw. Quackenbush does a twisting splash off the top rope onto everyone. Back in the ring, Quackenbush absorbs Yago’s punches and kicks him to the floor. KUDO throws some kicks as well. Quackenbush spikes him on a reverse huracanrana. KUDO hangs him in the tree of woe and drives his knees into his chest. Yago and MIYAWAKI clear the apron so Quackenbush can’t tag out. He takes a reverse DDT, a kick to the chest, and double knees from KUDO. Jigsaw makes it in to break the cover. Quackenbush palm strikes KUDO twice on the top rope. Jigsaw brings down with the Leap of Faith. Storm hits That Japanese Move. MIYAWAKI breaks the cover this time. Finally, Quackenbush puts KUDO away with the Quackendriver II. Jigsaw hits a super legdrop for the pin at 23:06. Much like the last match of last night, this victory felt like the CHIKARA team overcame a major obstacle to get this victory. It was hard fought, a little unpredictable, and really exciting by the end. Certainly an excellent finals to cap off the first King of Trios tournament. ***¾


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