King of Trios 2007 Night II


Barnesville, PA – 2.17.2007

Commentary is provided by UltraMantis Black, Icarus, and Bryce Remsburg.

Masamune cuts a promo in Japanese. I feel bad that I don’t know what these people are saying. Sorry guys.

Masamune {O} vs. Gran Akuma {F}

Masamune headbutts Akuma’s hand in a wristlock. Akuma turns it into a hammerlock. Masamune turns that into a side headlock on the mat. Akuma snaps off a couple of armdrags that send Masamune to the floor. Akuma knees Masamune as he re-enters the ring. Masamune comes back with some of his own armdrags and a dropkick. He rakes Akuma’s face across the top rope and snaps him back. Masamune puts on a half crab. Akuma gets to the ropes. Masamune traps his arms in the corner and pulls back while digging his boot into Akuma’s chest. Akuma catches him charging with his own boot. A fallaway kick leads to him kicking the inside of Masamune’s leg for a spinning toe hold. Akuma locks up his legs and again Masamune is able to make it to the ropes. Akuma snapmares him into a back. Masamune responds with the same. Akuma snapmares him and dropkicks him in the back of the head for two. Masamune gets the ropes to break a shoulder bar. Akuma gives him an atomic drop. Masamune drops him with a Complete Shot. Akuma avoids a knee lift. Masamune nails him with pinwheel enzuigiri. He drops him in a modified Blue Thunder Bomb. When Akuma kicks out, Masamune puts on an ankle lock while also clutching Akuma’s throat. Thankfully Akuma grabs the ropes before passing out. Akuma is able to block an Irish Whip and hit the Tenchi Crash for two. Masamune evades the Yoshi Tonic. He gets two with an Ace Crusher. They trade a few pinfall attempts before trading waistlocks. Akuma holds Bryce Remsburg so he can low blow Masamune. He rolls up Masamune and puts his feet on the ropes to get the win at 12:04. These guys were perfect opponents for each other. What they had working against them was a quiet crowd and a crummy finish. I think the Tenchi Crash should have ended it. **1/2

Create-A-Wrestler vs. Chuck Taylor {F}

This is Create-A-Wrestler’s debut match! Taylor puts him in a side headlock. He shoulder blocks him to the mat. They block each others’ hip toss attempts. Wrestler badly messes up a corner armdrag. He does however drop toe hold Taylor into the bottom turnbuckle. He slingshots himself over to kick Taylor in the face. Wrestler puts on a modified Cattle Mutilation, then rolls Taylor into a crucifix for two. Taylor overhead suplexes him as he comes off the ropes. Wrestler throws some punches. Taylor catches him with his beautiful dropkick for two. He takes Wrestler to the floor where he snapmares him into a pair of back kicks. Taylor puts on a headscissors back in the ring. He puts an Alex Wright action figure in his trunks before attempting a moonsault. Wrestler moves out of the way. He delivers a twisting neckbreaker for two. Wrestler goes for a Death Valley Driver but Taylor counters it into Sole Food. Wrestler fights off the Awful Waffle. Taylor O’Conner Rolls him, holds the tights and the ropes to get the win at 8:13. Alright, so perhaps F.I.S.T. will cheat in all their matches. Taylor had a couple funny lines but there was absolutely no flow to this at all. It was also very apparent that Wrestler still needed some serious work. *

Chris Bosh says that he, Joey Ryan, and Scott Lost have finally come to CHIKARA. Lost is making himself a cup of coffee which is gross apparently. Bosh makes some racist comments about Pantera. He plans to “mow” him down tonight. Ryan says they’re used to beating up Mexicans in Southern California. Lost says they will kick their teeth in.

King of Trios 2007 First Round Match
Lince Dorado, El Pantera & Sicodelico Jr. vs. Joey Ryan {PWG}, Scott Lost {PWG} & Chris Bosh {PWG}

Everybody in this match is making their CHIKARA debut. Bosh oils Ryan up. Ryan and Sicodelico exchange wrist locks. Sicodelico breaks out of a waistlock. Ryan shoves him, so he kicks Ryan hard in the leg. A Lucha sequence ends with Ryan begging off in the corner. He kicks Sicodelico in the stomach and tags in Lost who takes an armdrag right away. Dorado evades some of Lost’s offense and snaps off his own armdrags. He headscissors Lost to the ropes. He gets two with the Lynxsault. In come Pantera and Bosh. Pantera sends him to the floor with toreador. He fakes out a dive but Sicodelico and Dorado each get a shot in on Bosh before tossing him back in. Dorado gives him a basement dropkick and a running crossbody. Ryan knees Dorado as he hits the ropes. Bosh hits him with a superkick and the PWG team decide to isolate Dorado in their corner. Dorado dropkicks Ryan and Lost as they shoot him off the ropes. He enzuigiri’s Lost and tags in Pantera. He serves up Frankensteiners to Ryan and Lost. He kicks Bosh out of the corner and to the floor and suicide dives after him. Dorado dives onto Lost. Ryan is poised to dive. Sicodelico stops him, but eats a superkick for two. They trade pin attmempts. Sicodelico catches Ryan in a head and body clutch for the pin at 14:06. The PWG team brought their charisma and meshed supremely well with Team Mexico. Were they not so racist in their promo, I would have hoped for them to have come back to CHIKARA a time or two after that. Nevertheless, everyone on the Mexico team looked solid and were worthy of advancing. ***

King of Trios 2007 First Round Match
Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Hallowicked {I}, Cheech & Cloudy

Cheech and Worker Ant trade control on the mat. Cheech stretches him out across his back and walks around. Worker Ant strings an alita, a Manhattan drop, and a dropkick together to send Cheech out. Soldier Ant and Cloudy tag in. Soldier Ant does a salute while blocking Cloudy’s offense. They reach a dead heat by colliding mid-air with crossbody’s. Hallowicked misses a dropkick on Fire Ant. They roll through each other’s offense. Hallowicked gets two with a Magistral cradle. Fire Ant sends him into the corner with the Stop, Drop and Roll. He cannonball sentons him in the back. Fire Ant huracanrana’s Hallowicked to the point where he rolls out the door. Cheech and Cloudy bulldog Soldier Ant onto Worker Ant. They hit the Tidal Wave on both of them. Hallowicked breaks a giant block of snow across Fire Ant’s back! Since he is of course a fire ant, the very cold snow puts him in a great deal of pain. While Soldier Ant checks on him, Worker Ant antzuigiri’s Cheech. Hallowicked boots him in the back of the head. Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Cheech puts him down for two. Fire Ant comes in and takes them all down with fireman’s carry. Fire Ant awesomely bulldogs, dropkicks, and clotheslines them at the same time. He gets Antapulted onto Hallowicked and Cloudy on the floor. Cheech sets up Soldier Ant for the Deluxe. Worker Ant stops that and with Soldier Ant gives him the Ants Marching neckbreaker for two. Cloudy takes the Ant Hill. Hallowicked and Cheech both make the save. Hallowicked hits Go 2 Sleepy Hollow on Worker Ant. A yakuza kick puts him down for the pin at 9:32. That was hot action from bell to bell. Both teams strung together some awesome sequences and the bit with the snow just about made my life. ***1/4

Team Canada (2.0 and Max Boyer) are standing by. Boyer introduces them and Jagged has a pizza flipper in his hand. Matthews compares them to guys like George Hackenschmidt. Jagged plans to ride a bull off into the sunset and bring home the proverbial bacon. Matthews yells “CHRIS BENOIT!”, dating this promo in a very uncomfortable way.

King of Trios 2007 First Round Match
Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. Max Boyer, Jagged {2.0} & Shane Matthews {2.0}

Matthews shows off his power by shoving Jigsaw to the mat. Jigsaw throws him down in an arm hold. He tickles his arm pit before tagging Storm in. All of his teammates attack Matthews, causing him to roll out. Jagged controls Storm by his arm. They both get two with fireman’s carry’s. Jagged tags in Boyer after being dropped on his chest. After trading holds, Quackenbush gets Boyer in the Cerebral Lock and dropkicks him to the floor upon release. The two Shane’s tag in. Storm’s regular shoulder blocks don’t do the trick, but a shoulder tackle takes Matthews off his face. Storm delivers a forearm to send him out. Jigsaw and Boyer pick up the pace. Jigsaw turns a hip toss into a hiponesa. He leg lariats Boyer to the floor. Jagged talks smack about being able to out wrestle Quackenbush. Quackenbush shows him up by controlling both his arms. Jagged has to bite him to get on a side headlock. Quackenbush trips him. Jagged picks him up in a wristlock. Quackenbush bites his hand and palm strikes him to the floor. Matthews clobbers Quackenbush with a forearm in the back. Quackenbush hops over both members of 2.0. Boyer holds him and gets double clotheslined by accident. Quackenbush, Storm and Jigsaw pile up their opponents before assisting Jigsaw with a double stomp onto them. Storm misses a suicide dive, sending him rolling into the crowd. 2.0 fight off Quackenbush and Jigsaw as Boyer gets Storm back in the ring. Storm gets worn down until he rolls through a sunset flip and hits the ring. Jigsaw comes in with a springboard dropkick to Boyer. He back elbows both of 2.0. Quackenbush slams Boyer onto his stomach. He avoids double elbows. Jigsaw stomps onto the three of them separately before Storm comes back in with a splash. Jagged knees Jigsaw while Matthews holds him. Boyer and Matthews hit the Sidewinder for two. Quackenbush and Jigsaw back them to the corner. Jagged ducks Storm’s That Japanese Move. He does however fall to the Air Raid Crash moments later at 13:54. This kept the energy going from the previous match and worked in some clever stuff. I find a lot of the heat segments in these matches begin in a similar manner, so seeing Storm beef it into the chairs was a nice breath of fresh air (as well as just looking cool in general). ***1/4

Team TNA of the Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) and Sonjay Dutt are standing by. Shelley introduces them. Dutt says they heard about the tournament and had to throw their hats into it. They have had a sordid past, but they will work together as a cohesive unit just like their opponents the BLK Out are. Shelley notes that Dutt is on the gas. Sabin literally throws Shelley and Dutt’s hats to prove Dutt’s point.

King of Trios 2007 First Round Match
Sabian {BO}, Joker {BO} & Ruckus {BO} vs. Alex Shelley {TNA}, Chris Sabin {TNA} & Sonjay Dutt {TNA}

Sabin wins a wristlock battle with Ruckus. Shelley takes over for him. He locks his legs and Ruckus grabs the ropes. Shelley blows snot onto Ruckus after shoulder blocking him down. Ruckus responds with a cartwheel headscissors. Shelley comes off the second rope with a back elbow. He does some damage to Ruckus’ arm. Ruckus kicks Shelley in the head and uses the ropes to armdrag him out. Sabin kicks Ruckus to the floor. Joker comes in. Sabin gets in a crossbody and a headscissors. Joker shoulder blocks him to the floor. Dutt dropkicks Joker out. He and Sabian run the ropes until Sabian dropkicks him. Sabian Frankensteiner’s Dutt to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring Dutt dropkicks him from the second rope. The TNA team arrogantly bullies Sabian in their half of the ring. Sabian slips to the floor when Shelley whips him to the ropes. Ruckus and Joker give him a tandem spinebuster. They put him in a tandem Boston Crab so that Sabian can dropkick him in the chest. BLK Out now take their turns beating Shelley down as payback. Sabian tries a dropkick off of Joker’s back. Shelley takes them both out and tags in Sabin. He missile dropkicks Ruckus, gives Sabian a backbreaker, and tornado DDT’s Joker after kicking them both. A back handspring kick and a rolling legdrop get Ruckus a two count on Shelley. He follows with the Razzle Dazzle. Shelley catches him and puts on the Border City Stretch. Dutt catches the incoming Joker with an Ace Crusher. He puts on a Camel Clutch while Sabian puts Sabian in a sharpshooter. Ruckus rakes Shelley’s face to escape and then helps out his partners. Dutt enzuigiri’s Joker. He tries a wheelbarrow. Ruckus kicks his face, then DDT’s him into a lung blower/German suplex combo from Joker and Sabian. Ruckus hits the Razzle Dazzle, Sabian dropkicks him, and Joker nails a cannonball senton. Shelley and Sabian crotch Sabian and Joker as they go to the top rope. They deliver the ASCS Rush to Ruckus. Dutt 619’s him into Sabin’s Cradle Shock. That gives Team TNA the win at 17:43. That was better than I expected, and I expected this to be great. Both trios showed incredible competence and teamwork, while also showing just how cocky they both could be. When the TNA team saw that the BLK Out was on their level, they dropped all of the nonsense and got down to business. Although the crowd was a little quiet at times, these six put on a terrific trios match. I’m amazed at how much better tonight’s first round was when compared to the previous night. ***1/2

Icarus says right now he’s needs a nap, a warm meal, and a night out with a lady – not a match with somebody like Player Uno who doesn’t stand a chance against him. He’s going to slam and stretch him a little, and hit him a lot. Then he will get ready for his semi-finals King of Trios match tomorrow against the Japanese team and then move onto the finals to win the whole thing, because that’s what the Kings of Wrestling do: win.

Player Uno vs. Icarus {F}

Icarus steals Uno’s Pac Man hat before the bell. He pushes Uno to the corner and rakes his face. Uno rolls him into a tornado clutch for two. Icarus throws him chest first into the corner and nails a clothesline when Uno bounces back. Uno gets the better of a chop exchange. Icarus forearms him in the back. Uno drives Icarus’ face into the mat with his boot. He hangs Icarus in the ropes for a dropkick. Uno gets two with a fisherman’s suplex. He goes for the Game Genie but Icarus counters with a reverse huracanrana. Icarus then gets two with an inverted DDT. Uno tries a backslide. Icarus slips through a hits the Wings of Icarus for the pin at 5:27. All three members of F.I.S.T. prosper in singles matches the night before they go into semi-finals. That’s cool I guess? All three of the F.I.S.T. singles matches seemed rather innocuous in the end, though Akuma vs. Masamune was clearly the best of the bunch. *

The Olen Twins have a goofy promo talking about how they have watched all the Karate Kid movies preparing for MIYAWAKI and Yago. Colin punches pieces of paper with stick figures that represent them.

MIYAWAKI {KD} & Yoshiyaki Yago {KD} vs. Colin Olsen {OT} & Jimmy Olsen {OT}

Colin is impressed with his snapmare. Yago snapmares him into a back kick that hurts Colin so badly he rolls to the floor in pain. Jimmy fails to shoulder tackle MIYAWAKI. MIYAWAKI has no trouble at all. He knee lifts Jimmy in the stomach. Jimmy foolishly trades some chops and a headbutt, ending up the worse for wear. Colin knees MIYAWAKI from the apron, allowing Jimmy to sneak in a suplex and tag out. The Olsens turn things around by using some quick tandem offense. MIYAWAKI ends up ducking a clothesline from Jimmy that hits Colin by accident. MIYAWAKI slams Jimmy on top of him and tags in Yago. He throws punches at their chests and kicks them down. Yago hits Jimmy with a spinwheel kick. Colin breaks a pin after Yago delivers a uranage, then bails to the floor right after. MIYAWAKI chops Jimmy so hard that he falls over the top rope. MIYAWAKI drops Jimmy with a Complete shot and puts him in a crossface. Yago has Colin in a crossface as well. They get to the ropes. Jimmy ducks a punch and Colin forearms Yago from the apron. He leapfrogs over Jimmy to give Yago a legdrop to the neck. Jimmy boots him over Colin’s knees and delivers a diving headbutt. MIYAWAKI breaks the pin. Yago gives Jimmy a dragon suplex and crucifix bomb for the pin at 9:39. This should have been more squashy, especially because the Olsens were so incredible at getting walloped. MIYAWAKI and Yago sure look impressive heading into tomorrow. **1/4

King of Trios 2007 Quarter-Final Round Match
Lince Dorado, El Pantera & Sicodelico Jr. vs. Hallowicked {I}, Cheech & Cloudy

Pantera controls Hallowicked on the mat. Hallowicked gets the ropes to break a surfboard before it can happen. Sicodelico armdrags him out of a wristlock. Hallowicked has some difficulty escaping a courting hold. He runs the ropes to armdrag his way out of it. Cheech gets in his own armdrag. His series of pin attempts goes unsuccessfully. Sicodelico nails him with a superkick and tags in Dorado. Cheech escapes Dorado’s headlock twice. Cloudy trips Dorado. After a failed crucifix he switches wristlocks with him. They both tag out after failed pin attempts. Pantera and Hallowicked end up in a dead heat after their exchange. Cheech runs the ropes to armdrag Sicodelico across the ring. He uses the ropes to pull off a neck-tie headscissors too. Sicodelico kicks Cheech in the back of his head. He tosses him in the air so that he comes crashing down on his chest. Cloudy dropkicks Sicodelico to the floor. Dorado and Cloudy armdrag for days. Dorado catapults himself into a huracanrana. Cloudy ducks a kick and cascades up into a huracanrana. Dorado kicks him in the chest. Sicodelico holds Cloudy’s legs so Pantera can pop Dorado on top of him. Cheech and Hallowicked dropkick Sicodelico and Pantera out. They double suplex Dorado for two thanks to Pantera dragging Hallowicked out. Cheech gives Dorado the Burnout. Pantera breaks that pin as well. He gives Cloudy a backbreaker. Sicodelico superkicks Hallowicked to the floor and dives after him with Sicodelico’s help. Cloudy dives onto Sicodelico. Dorado spinwheel kicks Cheech. He delivers a tornado DDT and follows with a cartwheel splash off the top for the pin at 9:04. You want to talk about lightning fast action? These guys didn’t stop the entire time and their execution was flawless. This was flat-out a joy to watch. ***1/2

King of Trios 2007 Quarter-Final Round Match
Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. Alex Shelley {TNA}, Chris Sabin {TNA} & Sonjay Dutt {TNA}

Neither Storm or Dutt are able to get control in the initial encounter. Quackenbush puts pressure onto Sabin’s legs. Sabin applies a half crab. Quackenbush rolls out and flips to his feet. Out of a double knuckle lock, Quackenbush takes him down with a toreador after hitting the ropes. Sabin avoids being whipped to the corner but Jigsaw catches him with a crossbody. He delivers a legdrop and Shelley breaks the pin. Sabin tags Jigsaw with a boot to the face. Dutt scrapes the sole of his boot across his face. He gets two with a slingshot legdrop. Jigsaw ties up his legs. Quackenbush tags in and takes over. Dutt kicks out his leg. They fight over a backslide. Jigsaw runs in and Dutt sends them both to the floor. He follows with a pescado. Shelley puts Storm in the Border City Stretch. Storm gets to the ropes. Shelley rolls him up and Storm dropkicks him in the side of the head. He uses the ropes for a few armdrags. Sabin dropkicks Storm out. Quackenbush tricks Sabin into chopping both his partners. Jigsaw slingshots in with a headscissors that sends Sabin to the floor. He follows with a Fosbury Flop. Quackenbush and Storm send Dutt and Shelley to the floor as well and tope con hilo after them. In the ring Sabin enzuigiri’s Jigsaw. He also gives him a Complete Shot after ducking a superkick. Like they did with Sabian in the previous match, Team TNA humiliates Jigsaw as they isolate him in their corner. Jigsaw is only able to escape because Storm saved him from being pinned by Dutt’s quebrada and was able to slip out while Storm fought Shelley. Shelley fights out of the Air Raid Crash. He also blocks That Japanese Move. Storm then gets beaten and humiliated by the TNA triumvirate. Quackenbush saves him from Dutt’s pinfall as well. Shelley and Sabin jump him. He takes a tandem hip toss, double fist drops, and double kicks. Sabin helps Shelley with a lungblower, then Dutt moonsaults onto him for two. Quackenbush avoids their corner attack. He clotheslines Dutt and gives Sabin an atomic drop before tagging in Storm. He DDT’s Sabin for two. They tumble to the floor in a Cactus clothesline. Quackenbush drops Shelley in the Black Tornado Slam. Shelley kicks out. Shelley ducks a palm strike and tilt-a-whirls Quackenbush into the Border City Stretch. Sabin and Dutt tie up Jigsaw and Storm in submissions too. All of the submissions are reversed. Shelley escapes first and helps out his partners. He gives Quackenbush a super atomic drop. When Quackenbush goes to the floor, Shelley suicide dives onto him. The Guns give Storm a neckbreaker/delayed dropkick combo and Dutt flies in with a coast-to-coast dropkick. When Shelley’s pin fails, Dutt hits a running shooting star press for another two count. Sabin’s top rope legdrop and Shelley’s frog splash lead to another two count thanks to Jigsaw making the save. Shelley gives Quackenbush the Shell Shock on the floor. Storm escapes Sabin’s Cradle Shock and backslides him for two. Sabin enzuigiri’s him out. Jigsaw missile dropkicks Sabin out with him. Dutt hits a standing shiranui on Jigsaw. He gets two with a 450 splash. Jigsaw catches him coming off the ropes. He hits the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 24:53. How appropriate that the best match of the two nights brings things to a fever pitch before heading into the final evening. The story and action were top notch, the fans really got into it, and you couldn’t help but feel good when the CHIKARA guys pulled out the hard fought win. The TNA team were the best heels in the whole tournament bar none and I hope against hope that we see Sabin and Shelley back one day. ****


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