King of Trios 2007 Night I


Hellertown, PA – 2.16.2007

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, UltraMantis Black, and Larry Sweeney.

The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (UltraMantis Black, Hydra & Crossbones) come out with Bryce Remsburg who is there to officiate another edition of the Hydralock Challenge. Because it is icy out, Mantis says all who showed up have demonstrated their stupidity. Hydra reveals that he is more muscular than ever! Well, Sharpie muscles anyhow. If somehow can best Hydra, they will win a t-shirt and $50,000, although it appears Mantis is holding many fewer bills than that. Robbie Ellis ends up accepting the challenge. He gives up right away. As it turns out, Robbie was bribed to do so. Ellis becomes angry when it turns out that the dollar amount is smaller than he was promised. This prompts Larry Sweeney and Mitch Ryder, Ellis’s partners in the tournament, to come out. Ryder says they can’t pull off those tricks with old timers like them. He proposes a pose off between Sweeney and Hydra. Mantis accepts on Hydra’s behalf. Sweeney wins that battle with ease. Mantis calls it a draw and says we need a six way pose down to settle things. The Fabulous Three are quick to oblige and pose their hearts out. The Order bails, leaving the Fabulous Three the winners by forfeit. They do a little posing before heading to the back.

Cheech & Cloudy vs. JC Ryder & Lucky

Ryder gets the ropes to break Cheech’s wristlock. Cheech gets him a front chancery on the mat which Ryder uses the ropes to escape again. Ryder goes for a dropkick which Cheech avoids. He sends Ryder out with one of his own. Cloudy and Lucky tag in. They evade each others’ initial offense and stand-off. Ryder attacks Cloudy from behind. Lucky baits Cheech in so that he and Ryder can double suplex Cloudy. They work over Cloudy in their half of the ring until he catches Lucky with a modified Ace Crusher. Cheech boots Ryder to the floor. He throws Lucky with the Burnout. Ryder comes back in. He gets caught with an Oklahoma Stampede. Ryder eats Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Cheech. Lucky kicks Cloudy to the floor. He slides off Cheech’s shoulders and tornado kicks him off of the apron. Ryder and Lucky double toss Cloudy into a backbreaker. They hiht the Shake N’ Bake (a tandem cradle DDT) and Cheech breaks the cover. Lucky cascades up Cheech into a backbreaker. Cloudy gives him a uranage slam. Ryder drops Cloudy with a Michinoku Driver and again Cheech breaks the pin. Cheech blocks Ryder’s kick. He hits him with the Deluxe for the pin at 10:27. The ending stretch was pretty fun. Not bad for an opener, but pretty forgettable. **1/4

2.0 are backstage. Shane Matthews says last year Shane Storm prevented them from winning the 2006 Tag World Grand Prix. He calls Storm a coward and plans to get revenge by preventing Storm and Jigsaw from getting their third point tonight. Jagged says he has an issue with Jigsaw stemming from Christmas 1988 when a Ghostbusters puzzle was too challenging for him and ruined the holiday for him forever. He will take all that out on Jigsaw.

Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. Jagged {2.0} & Shane Matthews {2.0}

Matthews makes a deal with Jigsaw for neither guy to go after one another’s knee since they are coming back from knee injuries. Both guys back each other to the corner in two separate lock-ups. Matthews shoves Jigsaw to the corner where Jagged knees him in the back. They try scaring Jigsaw with yelling, but it’s Jigsaw who ends up scaring them. He slams Matthews a few times before getting two with a legdrop. Storm gets tagged in much to Matthews’ dismay. Jagged tries sneaking in but gets caught with overhand chops. Storm headscissors him to the corner. He cartwheels into a splash for two. Jagged suplexes him out of the corner and then nails a back elbow. 2.0 keep on top of Storm, including Matthews delivering a big German suplex. Storm is able to give Jagged an Air Raid Crash and tag in Jigsaw. He throws back elbows, leg lariats and knees. He misses a missile dropkick leading to a tandem STO from 2.0. Storm breaks that cover. They try for the Sweet Taste of Professionalism but Jigsaw cuts Jagged off with a superkick. He enzuigiri’s Matthews. Storm follows up with That Japanese Move for the pin and a Campeonatos de Parejas title shot at 9:09. That was about as a good as the opener, but felt more important and was much more fun. **1/2

King of Trios 2007 First Round Match
El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC}, Ice Cream Jr. {IC} & A Mysterious Ice Cream {IC} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT}, Hydra {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

The Mysterious Ice Cream is wearing a button up shirt with a tie and black slacks. He moves like an Ice Cream but sure doesn’t dress like one. Jr. does some hip swivels which causes Hydra to pose in his direction. Jr. shows up Hydra with push-ups. Hydra’s shoulder blocks do nothing. Jr. sends him to the floor with one of his own. Mysterious puts Mantis in a headlock before shoulder blocking him. Mysterious tickles Mantis’ mask which makes him quite angry. They criss-cross the ropes until Mantis gets thrown to the floor. Crossbones and Hijo shake hands. Hijo pulls on Crossbones’ mask tassels while trapping his legs. He baits Crossbones in for a kick and an overhand chop. Hijo snapmares him and sits on his chest for two. Crossbones gives him a backdrop. He pulls on the cone on his chin. Hijo comes back with a senton. He traps Crossbones in the corner so Jr. can dropkick him. They whip him in for a big boot from Mysterious. A three way ice cream sandwich ends up with some hip swiveling. Mantis and Hydra send Mysterious and Hijo to the floor so they can gang up on Jr. They do a lot of damage to the precious cone on his forehead. He eventually gives Mantis a Hydra a double DDT and tags in Mysterious. He uses his cone as a weapon to every member of the Order. A chain of cravats is formed, ending with Hijo giving everybody the Stone Cold Stunner at the same time. Mysterious gets attacked in the corner once Hijo and Jr. are disposed. Mysterious blocks Hydra’s Vader Bomb by getting his feet up. Mantis schoolboys him for two. Crossbones delivers an enzuigiri. Hijo boots him to the floor. He hits El Asesino on Mantis. Jr. Magistral cradles him but Crossbones is able to break the pin. Both Hijo and Jr. get sent to the floor. Hydra puts Mysterious into a sleeper. He throws Hydra off and throws Crossbones and Mantis into each other. He chokeslams Hydra for the pin at 18:37. That felt quite long but at least it was fun for the most part. **3/4

The Fabulous Three are backstage. Mitch Ryder says they are three of the greatest athletes to ever hit the world of professional wrestling. Larry Sweeney says when they get in the ring with the Thomaselli’s, the ring will explode. They all complement each other on how good they look. Ryder says the Thomaselli’s won’t look so good when they are done with them.

King of Trios 2007 First Round Match
Larry Sweeney {FT}, Mitch Ryder {FT} & Robbie Ellis {FT} vs. Sal Thomaselli {IS}, Vito Thomaselli {IS} & Brandon Thomaselli {IS}

Vito and Ryder lock-up. Vito tries for a cheap shot and ends up getting slapped in the face for it. He puts on a side headlock. Vito escapes and goes for a leapfrog. Ryder punches him in the face and reapplies the headlock. He and his partners all get in a punch before the headlock is applied once more. Sweeney boots him in the side. Vito puts him in a headscissors and tags in Brandon. Brandon misses a corner splash and takes some atomic elbows. Sweeney knocks him down with multiple shoulder blocks and atomic drops. He rolls to the floor. Sweeney follows with a suicide dive. Ellis tags in. The Saints don’t take him very seriously. Sal throws a few punches. Ellis delivers a tilt-a-whirl headscissors! He drops Sal with a Shiranui and tags in Ryder. He slams Sal and tags in Sweeney. He double axe handles Sal and chokes him on the ropes. He gets two with a butterfly suplex. Sal rakes Ellis’ face. The Saints do a little cheating to take control. Vito accidentally clotheslines Sal when trying to hit Ellis. This allows Ellis to tag out. Ryder and Sweeney both come in and take out Brandon and Vito. They double backdrop Sal. Vito and Brandon pull them to the floor. Ellis gets kicked off the apron. Sweeney gets killed with a sloppy 450 splash into an assisted lungblower, giving the Iron Saints the win at 12:18. It was weird seeing the Fabulous Three as the Tecnicos, but they made it work. The Thomaselli’s usually put in an impressive effort but really didn’t do much here. The finish was also pretty gross. They beat down the Three some more before leaving. **1/2

The team of KUDO, MIYAWAKI and Yoshiyaki Yago cut a promo in Japanese. They sure do.

King of Trios 2007 First Round Match
KUDO {DDT}, MIYAWAKI {KD} & Yoshiyaki Yago {KD} vs. Danshoku Dino {DDT}, American Balloon {DDT} & Masamune {O}

Masamune is replacing Nobutaka Moribe, because Moribe is stuck in traffic. His name got pulled from a hat. So did Giant Gonzalez’s, but he is not here. Balloon has the grossest man boobs of all time. MIYAWAKI and Masamune reach a stalemate after going to the mat. Dino and KUDO tag in. Dino tries going for KUDO’s groin. KUDO avoids it in so many ways. Dino pinches his buttocks. Yago and Balloon tags in. Balloon shoulder blocks him down. Yago comes back with a side Japanese leg sweep and a spinwheel kick. MIYAWAKI gets in a few strikes. He holds Balloon’s arm for KUDO to kick. Balloon blocks another kick with his moobs and gives KUDO a dragnscrew leg whip. Dino snapmares KUDO and caresses his body. He drops a knee for a two count. Masamune crotches KUDO in the corner and slaps him in the face. Balloon rubs his moobs into KUDO’s face. Dino tries pinning him in a very uncomfortable way. KUDO counters Masamune’s backslide and kicks him in the side of the head. Kudo throws punches and kicks to send him out. He clotheslines Dino and Balloon simultaneously. He kicks Dino in the chest for two. KUDO and MIYAWAKI double team him. Dino gets his foot on the ropes to break a pin. MIYAWAKI stops Dino from giving him a kiss. He eventually is able to do so, then gives him a uranage for two. Masamune grazes MIYAWAKI with a lariat, then nails an enzuigiri and a tiger feint kick. He gets two with a modified X-Factor. MIYAWAKI exchanges forearms with Balloon. Balloon gives him the Burnout. He hits the Balloonsault but KUDO makes the save. Masamune and Yago fight on the floor with them. Dino wants to give MIYAWAKI the Danshoku Driver. Bryce won’t let him. Dino does kiss him again though. Yago and KUDO stop him. Dino makes them kiss and then joins in! Bryce drops KUDO and Yago’s arms, but they only drop twice. Yago and KUDO kick Dino until he rolls out of the ring. Masamune dropkicks them both. MIYAWAKI lariats him. Balloon comes in with an exploder suplex. He gives KUDO a backbreaker and sets up for a twisting senton. KUDO avoids it. Yago drop him with a Dragon suplex. Dino breaks up the pin. MIYAWAKI drops Balloon with a reverse DDT. KUDO comes off the top with double knees for the pin at 17:18. That was totally bizarre. MIYAWAKI and Yago are best used as ass kickers. They didn’t really get to show that off unless Masamune was in the ring. Dino and Balloon were fun novelty acts but would have probably worked better against another comedy trio. **3/4

Chuck Taylor is on the phone with Chris Hero. Also in the room are Gran Akuma and Icarus. Hero was supposed to team with them, but then got invited on a tour with Pro Wrestling NOAH. Taylor is his replacement. He tells Hero that they’re going to beat their opponents (A monkey, some old dude, and a guy he’s never heard of). As he’s talking about how he and his partners will get matching gear and look really cool, Hero hangs up on him. Icarus says tonight is not about Chris Hero. Icarus says the Kings of Wrestling will take care of the tournament without him. Taylor is really excited.

King of Trios 2007 First Round Match
Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F} & Chuck Taylor vs. The Patriot, USApe & “Kidd USA” Jay Jaillett

Icarus forearms Patriot to the corner. He hurts his hand when trying to chop his massive chest. Patriot delivers his own chops. He punches Icarus to the mat and wishbones his legs with Jaillett. USApe gets launched onto him. He back elbows Taylor and Akuma who jump in. Akuma throws a couple of kicks. Jaillett tags in and gives Akuma a neckbreaker. They go kick for forearm. Jaillett catches one of Akuma’s kick and gives him a suplex. He dropkicks Taylor and tags in USApe. Akuma drops him neck first on the top rope. Taylor hits his beautiful dropkick and chokes him on the mat. He gets triple teamed in the F.I.S.T. corner with much illegal double teaming. USApe manages to escape a headlock from Icarus. He fires up, shrugs off an enzuigiri, and hits one of his own. Jaillett throws forearms to all of F.I.S.T. upon being tagged in. He powerslams Akuma. Taylor cuts him off but gets dropped neck first across Jaillett’s back. Icarus and Akuma break the pin. Patriot and USApe pitch them to the floor and follow. Jaillett superkicks Taylor. Akuma sends him out with a missile dropkick and follows with a suicide dive. USApe Angle slams Icarus. He goes for an ankle lock and gets kicked away. Icarus lands on his feet out of a monkey flip. He drops USApe with the Wings of Icarus for the pin at 9:20. That USA team was flat out crummy aside from USApe. F.I.S.T. tried but could only do so much. On a regular show this would have been passable, but on the inaugural King of Trios they should have done much better. *

Shiima Xion vs. Nobutaka Moribe {DDT}

Hey Moribe made it! He and Xion trade control on the mat and trade wristlocks on their feet. They each bust out some armdrags. Moribe drop toe holds Xion on the middle rope. He gets two with a neckbreaker. A rolling neckbreaker leads to him digging his knee into Xion’s neck. He then uses chops and kicks to bring Xion down in the corner. He throws a back kick which Xion catches and turns into his own inverted DDT. He then hits a missile dropkick. Xion uses the ropes for a swinging DDT. Moribe puts him in an abdominal stretch. Xion escapes. Moribe gives him a powerbomb for two. A Dominator DDT gets him the win at 6:24. I appreciate that they picked up the energy of the show, but they didn’t have enough time to make a lasting impact. **

Young Lions Cup
Max Boyer (Champion) vs. Ricochet

Boyer stomps Ricochet down. Ricochet avoids a leapfrog and hits a dropkick. They look to lock fingers when Boyer kicks Ricochet in the stomach. He bodyslams him for two. Boyer works over his back. He chops Ricochet in the corner. Ricochet reverses it, so Boyer violently whips him into the opposite corner. Boyer tosses him in the air and lets him land on his chest. He misses a falling headbutt. Ricochet delivers a flying forearm and a dropkick. He hits the Backslide Driver and a tornado DDT for two. Really? The Backslide Driver is a transitional move? Ricochet goes up top. Boyer trips him. Ricochet fights back and hits a missile dropkick. He huracanrana’s Boyer for two. Ricochet dives off the top. Boyer blocks his attack and powers him up for the Lifestyle, giving him the pin at 7:30. Same thing as the last match: some good stuff, but not long enough to be worth a damn. **

King of Trios 2007 Quarter-Final Round Match
El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC}, Ice Cream Jr. {IC} & A Mysterious Ice Cream {IC} vs. Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F} & Chuck Taylor

Mysterious runs out to the ring and uppercuts all of F.I.S.T. before the bell. He drops Taylor with the Match Killer before taking off his mask – it’s Claudio Castagnoli! Everybody fights on the floor. All of F.I.S.T. back Claudio to the corner. Although Claudio is aggressive, he’s no match for all three of them at once. He suplexes Akuma and Claudio at once. Los Ice Creams tag in. They hit El Asesino on Akuma. They drop Icarus in a tandem Samoan Drop. Hijo wheelbarrows him into a neckbreaker from Jr. Taylor jumps in to break the pin. Hijo pokes his buttocks. Jr. puts him on his shoulders. A super El Asesino gets them a two count. Claudio uses a delayed vertical suplex on Akuma. The Alpamare Water Slide takes down Taylor. Akuma drops Claudio with a crucifix bomb variant. Jr. hits the Jack and Jill Hammer for two. Icarus takes out Jr. before Hijo gives him the Cold Stone Stunner. Taylor overhead suplexes Hijo and tope con hilo’s onto Claudio. Hijo and Jr. collide into each other when they go for the Ice Cream sandwich. F.I.S.T. switch things up with Akuma giving Jr. the Wings of Icarus and Icarus hitting the Yoshi Tonic on Hijo for the pin at 10:34. The Claudio reveal was obvious but still very exciting. This was the first glimpse we would see of Los Ice Creams and F.I.S.T. working together, and thankfully we would see them in the ring together a few more times in 2007 because they had a great dynamic. **3/4

Claudio continues to be attacked after the match to point where he bleeds a little bit. Los Ice Creams help him send F.I.S.T. packing.

King of Trios 2007 Quarter-Final Round Match
KUDO {DDT}, MIYAWAKI {KD} & Yoshiyaki Yago {KD} vs. Sal Thomaselli {IS}, Vito Thomaselli {IS} & Brandon Thomaselli {IS}

Sweeney and Mantis singing “Convoy” on commentary before the bell makes my heart sing. This is a pseudo rematch from Night 1 of last year’s Tag World Grand Prix. Yago kicks Sal in the leg. Sal takes a break. Yago puts him in an armbar causing him to retreat again. MIYAWAKI and Vito tag in. Vito twists up his arm and tags Sal back in to do the same. MIYAWAKI backs him to the corner so KUDO can tag in. Sal grabs his leg. Brandon throws a series of jabs to him in the corner. Vito and Sal clear the apron and fight Yago and MIYAWAKI on the floor. KUDO backdrops Brandon onto Vito. Yago shoves Sal towards them and KUDO suicide dives onto all of the Saints. Brandon ends up being the unfortunate brother to get bullied by the Japanese team. He is able to knock MIYAWAKI down with a forearm and tag in Vito. He gets worn down by the Iron Saints until he dropkicks Sal and Vito simultaneously. Yago and KUDO both come in, laying in kicks and punches to Vito and Brandon. MIYAWAKI tosses Sal in and gives him a dropkick. Vito comes in and gives him a powerbomb for two. Yago drops him with a dragon suplex. Brandon powerbombs him across his knees. KUDO comes in with double knees. Sal gives him a Stretch Muffler brainbuster, rendering everybody down on the mat. KUDO throws some kicks at Vito before being powerslammed. Brandon chokes KUDO while Vito takes down MIYAWAKI and Yago on the floor. KUDO knees Brandon, causing him to hang in a tree of woe type position. He comes off the top driving Brandon into the mat with double knees. MIYAWAKI and Sal trade slaps. MIYAWAKI lays in a gross sounding headbutt. He follows that up with a lariat. Vito breaks his pin. Sal helps Vito with a lungblower and a lariat/chop block combo. MIYAWAKI is able to kick out. Vito and Sal set up for a move in the corner. Yago kicks Vito to the floor. MIYAWAKI powerslams Sal off the top rope for the pin at 17:43. That was the kick in the rear this show needed. These guys had a lot to live up to based on their match last year and I think they at least matched that effort. This was a good way to end an otherwise underwhelming night. The Japanese team will face F.I.S.T. in the semi-finals on Night 3 in Philadelphia. ***1/4


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