IWA East Coast: A Need To Bleed 2007

South Charleston, WV – 2.7.2007

IWA East Coast Championship
Jerry Lynn (Champion) vs. Mike Quackenbush

Both men vie for control on the mat. Lynn delivers a pair of armdrags and holds onto Quack’s arm. Quack comes off the ropes with an armdrag of his own. He trips Lynn and cranks on his ankle. Lynn takes Quack over in a fireman’s carry and holds onto his arm. Quack avoids a boot from the corner. He sweeps Lynn’s legs and senton splashes onto him for two. Quack turns an arm hold into a headscissors lock. Lynn brings Quack off the mat in a headlock. Quack throws him off and hip tosses Lynn over. Lynn armdrags him back to the mat and once again locks Quack’s arm. Quack applies a straightjacket choke. Lynn gets to his feet, so Quack elbows him in the face. Lynn sends Quack to the apron. Quack comes back in with a twisting armdrag. Quack applies a modified abdominal stretch. Quack rolls him into a pin for two. Quack twists on Lynn’s arm much like Lynn did to him earlier. Lynn gets sent to the apron. He catches Quack with a legdrop across the second rope. Lynn pushes Quack back first into the guardrail. In the ring Lynn delivers a backbreaker for two. Lynn continues to focus his attack on Quack’s lower back. Quack misses a corner attack, causing his chest to hit the top turnbuckle. He and Lynn accidentally bonk heads. Quack evades a roll-up and pins Lynn for two. Lynn backslides Quack for two. Quack blocks a clothesline and hits the Black Tornado Slam for two. Quack goes for a Tiger Driver. Lynn tries to hit a piledriver of his own but his arm is too weak. Lynn and Quack trade pins but can’t get a three. Lynn German suplexes Quack for two. Lynn and Quack trade pins again. Quack drop toe holds Lynn into the corner. Lynn reverses a victory roll for the pin at 12:06. This was an excellent display of hold and counter hold, and I appreciate that both the arm and back work actually lead to something. **3/4


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