FIP: Dangerous Intentions 2007


Melbourne, FL – 2.2.2007

Hallowicked vs. Shingo Takagi

Dave Prazak and Mr. Milo Beasley are in Shingo’s corner. Shingo backs Hallowicked to the corner and digs his elbow into Hallowicked’s neck. He holds onto a side headlock. Shingo holds onto his stem and delivers a headbutt. Hallowicked leapfrogs over Shingo and armdrags him into a crucifix pin. Shingo takes a breather. He grabs Hallowicked’s stem and throws him to the canvas. Shingo gets two with a fist drop. He pitches Hallowicked to the floor so Prazak and Beasley can get in some shots. Once he’s back in the ring, Shingo gives him a suplex for one. Hallowicked comes back with a chinbreaker. Shingo transitions from a spinebuster into a half crab into a crossface. Hallowicked makes it to the ropes. Shingo rakes his eyes. Hallowicked ducks another clothesline and sends Shingo out with a huracanrana. A suicide dive follows. In the ring he hits an enzuigiri and a neckbreaker. Shingo knees Hallowicked in the face. He uses the ropes for a DDT. Shingo heads up top. Hallowicked slams him back to the canvas. Prazak grabs Hallowicked’s foot as he goes to the top rope. He kicks Prazak away and gets two with a high crossbody. Beasley trips Hallowicked and snaps his neck across the top rope as Prazak distracts Bryce Remsburg. Shingo hits the Pumping Bomber for two. He puts Hallowicked away with the Last Falconry at 10:34. All the gaga kept this from being anything special, but it was decent nonetheless. **1/4

Larry Sweeney comes out to congratulate Dave Prazak on Shingo’s victory. He brags about defeating Jerrelle Clark and Jimmy Jacobs, but makes a big deal about beating Colt Cabana back at “Florida Rumble 2006.”

Jigsaw vs. Gran Akuma vs. Erick Stevens vs. Seth Delay

Jigsaw and Delay start off. Jigsaw armdrags Delay and tags in Akuma while still holding on. Delay puts on a side headlock. Stevens tags in and kicks Akuma in the stomach. They exchange holds, looking for control. Stevens gets it and tags out to Jigsaw. He puts Akuma in a standing Octopus. Akuma escape into an O’Conner Roll. They trade pin attempts to no avail and then tag out. Delay surprisingly gets the best of Stevens with a hip toss and a dropkick. He tries a leapfrog but gets caught by Stevens’ powerslam. Akums breaks Stevens’ pin which Stevens does not appreciate. Jigsaw helps him wear Delay out. Akuma puts Delay in a leg lock. Stevens elbows Akuma to break the hold as payback for Akuma breaking his pin earlier. All of this teaming up on Delay boils over when the other three guys can’t come to grips with letting another guy pin him. Delay charges at Stevens. Stevens pops him up and he clotheslines Jigsaw and Akuma to the floor. Delay drives Stevens’ head into the mat. Jigsaw breaks his pin. They hit Delay with a modified Total Elimination. Akuma breaks Jigsaw’s pin. After some back and forth he drives Jigsaw chest first into the mat. He throws some kicks at Stevens. Stevens gives him an Oklahoma Stampede. Delay breaks the cover. Stevens misses the Choo-Choo splash but back elbows Delay. Jigsaw brings Stevens down with the Leap of Faith for two. Akuma suicide dives onto Stevens. Delay tope con hilo’s onto Akuma. Jigsaw is poised to dive when Stevens lariats him. The Doctor Bomb gets Stevens the win at 15:02. That was a fun, fast-paced match that had some issues in determining who was legal and who was not. Stevens was the right guy to go over but the other three definitely looked strong as well. ***

Larry Sweeney and Claudio Castagnoli come out as a team. Although they had a match on the last FIP show, Claudio turned heel later in the show and joined the YRR. So now they like each other? Whatever. I believe Larry Sweeney and Claudio were supposed to tag against Colt Cabana and mystery partner Jake “The Snake” Roberts based on this angle which took place off DVD at “Unfinished Business 2007”, but Jake was not game to play it out during this weekend. Sweeney calls out Colt Cabana anyways. He charges to take them on two on one.

Larry Sweeney & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Colt Cabana

Sweeney and Claudio double team Cabana as he comes in. Cabana hits them both with the Flying Asshole before taking them to the floor. He uses a chair on them. Claudio buts Cabana open with his briefcase back in the ring. He and Sweeney throw some punches to open up the cut even more. Sweeney accidentally hits Claudio with a double axe handle. Sweeney rakes Cabana’s eyes. Cabana crossbody’s onto both of them when Erick Stevens appears on the apron to be Cabana’s makeshift partner. Sweeney and Claudio drag Cabana back to their corner before he can tag out. Eventually he rolls through a double clothesline and makes the tag. Stevens cleans house. He throws Claudio and Sweeney’s heads together. Cabana and Stevens throw them together. They throw some punches before taking them down with stereo short-arm clotheslines. To confirm my suspicions about Jake Roberts, they drop Sweeney and Claudio with double DDTs’ and pin Claudio at 9:19 for the win. This was pretty awkward and made little sense without Roberts involved, but it was pretty fun for what it was. However, they should have placed it somewhere else on the card and let the “I Quit” match between Roderick Strong and Davey Richards main event once Jake was no longer apart of the picture. **


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