FIP: New Year’s Classic 2007

Inverness, FL – 1.12.2007

Gran Akuma vs. Sal Rinauro

Daffney is in Rinauro’s corner. Rinauro attacks Akuma from behind. He shoulder blocks Akuma to the mat. Akuma snaps off a couple of armdrags. He hip tosses Rinauro into a pendulum stretch and rams his head into the bottom turnbuckle repeatedly. Daffney distracts Akuma as he goes to the top rope. Rinauro dropkicks him back into the ring. He rakes Akuma’s face. Daffney chokes him on the second rope. Akuma armdrags his way out of a back stretch. Rinauro dropkicks him for two. He gets two with a suplex as well. Akuma sunset flips Rinauro but then eats a leg lariat. Rinauro gives him a neckbreaker. Akuma throws some kicks as he gets back up. He slams Rinauro and heads up top. He comes off with a crossbody for two. He gets a couple nearfalls in a Magistral cradle. Rinauro misses a corner splash. Akuma connects with the Cheetah Swipe for two. Rinauro catches him with an Ace Crusher. Akuma blocks his huracanrana with a rope assisted powerbomb. Akuma puts on a submission. Daffney distracts the referee so that Kenny King can run in and give Akuma a slingshot legdrop. Rinauro covers him for the pin at 7:28. This was just about to get kicked into another gear and then it ended. What we saw was solid, but only really got interesting in the last minute or so. **1/2

Jimmy Jacobs comes out to FIP for the first time in years. He followed the love of his life, Lacey, to FIP only to find out she has been hanging out with some shady people. He’s referring to the Heartbreak Express and Larry Sweeney. This brings out Sweeney who explains that Lacey is out of on the town with someone else tonight. Jacobs slaps Sweeney and challenges him to a match. Sweeney accepts.

Larry Sweeney vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Sweeney goes to the corner to avoid being attacked. He sneaks in a punch to Jacobs’ stomach. Jacobs puts on a waistlock. Sweeney throws him out to the floor. Jacobs kicks the middle rope into Sweeney’s crotch. Even still Sweeney flirts with the camera woman. Jacobs mocks Sweeney before punching him and throwing him back into the ring. Sweeney takes command by stomping Jacobs as he comes back into the ring. Jacobs comes back with a headscissors for two. Jacobs punches Sweeney in the corner. Sweeney carries him out for a Manhattan Drop and then throws his shoulder into the middle turnbuckle. Sweeney throws Jacobs’ arm into the ring post a few times. Sweeney drops an elbow for two. Jacobs fires back with some offense while making sure not to use his hurt arm. He crossbody’s Sweeney for two. Sweeney gives him a knee lift and a gord buster. Sweeney stomps on Jacobs’ arm. He charges in and gets caught by a spear from Jacobs. Jacobs tries a belly-to-back suplex. When he picks Sweeney up, Sweeney clocks him in the face with some knucks. He then drop the 12 Large Elbow for the pin at 11:11. This had some god wrestling and good psychology but was really slow. I expected more out of Jacobs but his effort seemed half hearted. Maybe it’s just because he was adapting to Sweeney’s style or something. **1/4


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