IWA-MS: Christmas Carnage 2006


Rock Island, IL – 12.15.2006

Worker Ant vs. Hydra

Worker Ant places Hydra down in a test of strength and Hydra’s head gets stuck in the mat. Worker Ant helps him up, only to be kicked in the stomach. Hydra switches between a side headlock and a hammerlock. His shoulder block attempt fails, so Worker Ant knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Hydra chops him in the corner. Worker Ant O’Conner rolls him for two. Hydra responds by choking him and throwing forearms to his back. He delivers two legdrops and an elbow drop for two. He puts on the Cranium Crush! Worker Ant escapes. Hydra tries for a chokeslam. When that fails, he goes for a suplex. Worker Ant reverses it. He nails a dropkick. Hydra slips out from being punched in the corner. Worker Ant comes out of the corner with a moonsault press for the pin at 6:11. That was fun while it lasted, which wasn’t long at all. *


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