FIP: Cage of Pain

Crystal River, FL – 12.15.2006

The show opens with The Heartbreak Express and Lacey introducing Larry Sweeney in his FIP debut. He talks about how being the Tex-Arkana Champion makes him better than everyone else. He’s usually game on defending it anywhere, but he refuses to defend in this crappy town. However, he does make an open challenge to anybody I the back. Jerrelle Clark steps up to the plate. Sweeney seems nervous but accepts the match anyhow.

Larry Sweeney vs. Jerrelle Clark

Sweeney ducks through the ropes when Clark backs him to the corner. Sweeney then gloats when he backs Clark to the opposite corner. Clark ducks a punch on and throws some of his own. He takes Sweeney over with a headscissors and a Japanese armdrag before dropkicking him to the floor. Clark puts Sweeney in a wristlock when he re-enters the ring. Lacey grabs Clark’s leg allowing Sweeney to forearm him from behind. He snapmares Clark into a courting hold. Clark runs the ropes and escapes with a headscissors. Sweeney ducks a 619 and nails a clothesline. After pulling down the straps he gives Clark the Garvin Stomp for a two count. Lacey gets in a kick behind the referee’s back. Clark stops Sweeney’s baseball drop and legdrops him across the apron from the floor. Sweeney misses a legdrop in the ring. Clark hits a back handspring moonsault for two. He tries for a superplex. Sweeney counters with a Gordbuster. He clobbers Clark with a diving forearm to the neck. He hits the 12 Large Elbow for the pin at 8:00. This was a good way for Sweeney to debut. It showcased what his character is all about and got over his finisher. His style will fit right in with FIP. **

Hallowicked & Gran Akuma vs. Delirious & Shingo Takagi

Since they are members of DP Associates, Dave Prazak and Milo Beasley are in Delirious and Shingo’s corner. Hey, Bryce Remsburg is the ref! Delirious freaks out at the bell. Shingo’s strength takes Hallowicked to the corner and keeps him steadfast from some shoulder blocks. Hallowicked eventually takes him down with a shoulder tackle and DP claims hair pulling occurred. Akuma and Delirious tag in. They trade wristlocks. Delirious tries to pull Akuma’s non-existent hair. Delirious rubs his head after backing him to the corner. Akuma throws some chest kicks in response. Akuma armdrags him to the corner and tags in Hallowicked. He puts Delirious in a courting hold. Delirious bites Hallowicked’s arm and brings him over to Shingo. DP works over Hallowicked’s arm in their corner. Hallowicked manages to escape by avoiding a corner attack by Delirious. Akuma tags in. He gets sent to floor but comes back in with a missile dropkick. Shingo absorbs Akuma’s kick and then boots him in the chest. He gets isolated in the DP corner until Akuma catches Delirious with a Complete Shot. Hallowicked tags in and runs through DP with clotheslines. He sends Shingo out with a step-up Frankensteiner. He gets two on Delirious with a Rydeen Bomb. He and Akuma give Deliious a modified Total Elimination. Shingo makes the save. Shingo clotheslines Hallowicked in the corner. Delirous gives him the Panic Attack. Shingo drops him with a TKO for two. Akuma blind tags in and crossbody’s onto Shingo for two. Shingo power bombs Akuma into Delirious’ Shadows Over Hell. Hallowicked breaks the cover and enzuigiri’s Shingo to the floor. He suicide dives after him. Akuma gives Delirious a Bizarro Driver. DP member Austin Aries tosses Delirious a chain. Akuma however catches him with an O’Conner Roll before the chain can be used and gets the pin at 15:15. That was a perfect way for Hallowicked and Akuma to debut. It helps that DP is hated and they are familiar with Delirious. They were crisp, made for an effective team, and definitely got a nice welcome from the crowd. ***


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