Talent Borrows; Genius Steals


Hellertown, PA – 11.18.2006

Commentary is provided by Larry Sweeney, UltraMantis Black, and Bryce Remsburg.

Just like last night’s show, we open up with UltraMantis Black, Hydra and an unwilling Bryce Remsburg coming to the ring for a Hydralock Challenge. Hydra oils up as Mantis seeks an audience member for him. Mantis says the same girl from last night is in the crowd, but it’s actually Crossbones in a wig. Mantis can’t get the prize out of his satchel, so he tells the crowd that they won’t be able to see it. He tells “the girl” that if she loses tonight she can no longer come back to CHIKARA. Of course, Crossbones taps in expedient fashion. Hydra keeps it on and multiple officials come out to break them out. The wig falls off and suddenly it occurs to the referees that this was all a ruse. Mantis leaves feeling prideful.

Larry Sweeney then comes to the ring with the yellow strap he had yesterday. He says he drove the strap all the way from Baton Rouge in his Trans Am. He reminds us that Kingston beat him in the same building for his Tex-Arkana title back in July, but tonight is about so much more than that. He plans to end things with Kingston in the Strap Match. Sweeney tries to get some fans in the ring for an arm wrestling match. A child ends up accepting and the fans are soundly in his corner. The kid tells Sweeney he sucks! Sweeney is about ready to arm wrestle but claims the kid has oily hands. Bryce checks him out and all seems fine. The kid even convinces Sweeney to put the Tex-Arkana Title on the line. Sweeney teases the kid before finally beating him. The kid throws the title belt on the floor! This kid rules. Sweeney recovers it and proclaims himself the winner.

Equinox, Retail Dragon & Twiggy vs. El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC}, Ice Cream Jr. {IC} & Kenji Fukimoto

Equinox starts out with a toreador and an armdrag to Jr. Hijo accidentally helps Equinox headscissors Jr. to the corner. Dragon comes off the top with an armdrag to Hijo. Los Ice Creams mess up the Ice Cream Sandwich. They accidentally attack each other a few times. Twiggy takes them down at the same time with a side headlock/headscissors combo. Jr. catches him with a backbreaker and Hijo hits him with El Asesino. Fukimoto joins his partners in their beat down of Twiggy in their corner. Twiggy catches Hijo with a Manhattan Drop and a dropkick. Equinox tags in. He gets two on Jr. with a huracanrana. Jr. then gets a two count with the Jack and Jill Hammer. Equinox sends him to the floor and follows with an armdrag suicida. Dragon kicks Hijo before hitting the Rollback Driver. He misses a twisting moonsault. Hijo gives him the Cold Stone Stunner. Twiggy breaks the pin. He drops Fukimoto with a swinging DDT. Fukimoto stops his huracanrana with a powerbomb. Dragon and Equinox both break the count. Twiggy baits Hijo into Equinox’s crossbody. Dragon splashes onto both of them. Fukimoto disposes of Equinox and Dragon. Los Ice Creams double Samoan Drop Twiggy, then Fukimoto puts him away with a brainbuster at 8:38. This was some fun low-calorie wrestling to kick off the show. Equinox is best in these multi-man matches where he can hide his shortcomings. **

Ricochet says he’s wrestled Chuck Taylor a million times. Last time they wrestled in CHIKARA was during the Young Lions Cup tournament. Taylor got the win there, but Ricochet claims that he will win their rematch tonight.

Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor

Taylor wants Bryce to keep an eye on his wallet since he’s wrestling Ricochet. He of course means that Ricochet is envious of his wealth because he’s wearing green. What were you thinking? Taylor shows off his muscles after breaking a lock-up in the corner. Ricochet puts on a hammerlock until Taylor gets to the ropes. Taylor gets distracted by a fan and Ricochet kicks him in the buttocks. Ricochet snaps off a couple armdrags. Taylor initially blocks a hip toss with an abdominal stretch. With some help from the ropes, Ricochet pulls the hip toss off. Taylor misses three sentons. Ricochet armdrags him to the floor. Taylor evades a potential dive, but does get taken down with a slingshot huracanrana. Ricochet Tiger Walks Taylor and then dropkicks him. He gets two with a leg lariat. Taylor blocks a superkick and stomps on the back of Ricochet’s head. He chokes Ricochet on the mat. Ricochet overhand chops Taylor, so Taylor just pokes him in the eyes. Icarus and Gran Akuma are watching the match from the entrance. Ricochet sunset flips Taylor for two. Taylor responds with Sole Food. He bites Ricochet’s ear while applying a chinlock. Ricochet crawls to the ropes. Taylor overhead suplexes him across the ring. He busts out his beautiful dropkick for a two count. He misses an elbow drop. Ricochet goes up top. Taylor brings him down with a reverse suplex. Ricochet pushes Taylor off the top rope. He misses a dive but rolls through. He counters Taylor’s Awful Waffle and drops him with the Backslide Driver. A tornado DDT and running Shooting Star Press get him a two count. Taylor powerbombs him into the turnbuckles. He spins him out into a Complete Shot. Taylor tries pulling Ricochet out of the corner. Ricochet flips up and sunset flips him again. He catapults up for a Canadian Destroyer! Taylor somehow kicks out, so Ricochet goes up top. He misses a shooting star press. Taylor successfully delivers the Awful Waffle for the pin at 14:16. This was a chance for both guys not only to showcase their abilities again, but also show more of their personality than they did during the Young Lions Cup tournament, especially Taylor. It was also a nice tease to where Taylor would end up in the coming months. This was definitely a step up from June’s encounter. ***1/4

2.0. are backstage. They’re feeling good since Jagged put the kaibash on Twiggy last night. Jagged’s on cloud nine, but tonight he has a whole different beat in facing Player Uno. He admits he’s a little worried because he’s never been good at video games. He tells a story about him coming close to winning a game of Madden 1997 until Matthews’ little sister blinds him in a game of peekaboo. He plans to score the proverbial touchdown against Uno tonight. Jagged jokes about leaving Matthews like K-Fed left Brittany Spears. Hooray for retroactive dated references.

Player Uno vs. Jagged {2.0}

Uno puts on a wristlock. Jagged headbutts him so that he can reverse into a headlock. Uno rolls him into a tornado clutch for two. He boots Jagged to the floor. Matthews trips Uno to stop him from diving. Jagged comes in with a forearm from the top rope. He knees Uno in the back of his head for two. Same goes for a running STO. He drops an elbow. Uno fights up and chops Jagged to the corner. Uno’s turtle shell attack fails when he accidentally kicks it into the crowd. He enzuigiri’s Jagged and brings the shell back into the ring. Uno kiks it into his knees. Matthews stops Uno for superplexing Jagged. Jagged brings him down with a twisting neckbreaker for two. Uno avoids a second superplex attempt. He knees Jagged in the corner then hits the M. Bison Stomp. Jagged gets his foot on the ropes. Matthews and Jagged try to the WrestleMania V Warrior/Rude finish again (it worked last night) but it fails this time around. Jagged then rolls up Uno and puts his feet on the ropes for two. Jagged sends Uno to the floor. Uno goes for a sunset flip. Matthews holds onto Jagged’s arms. Uno dropkicks Jagged into Matthews, then gives him the Game Genie for the pin at 7:06. 2.0. were their usual entertaining selves. Uno was fine, but still didn’t have the charisma he would later develop. **1/4

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Pelle Primeau {ROH}, Rhett Titus {ROH} & Shane Hagadorn {ROH}

Even though they are all ROH students, Hagadorn does not get along with his partners. He’s the only one who refuses to shake hands with Worker Ant. Titus throws some strikes when Worker Ant asks for a test of strength. Worker Ant counters a knee strike with a roll-up. He gets two with a few various pin attempts. Primeau tags in and right away gets taken down with an armdrag. Primeau gives Fire Ant three of his own armdrags. Fire Ant responds with three fireman’s carry’s. Titus and Hagadorn each take one as well. Soldier Ant does some damage to Hagadorn’s back. Hagadorn catches him with a kick to the back of the head. He knocks Fire Ant and Worker Ant off the apron so that he and his partners can pull off some illegal triple teaming. The ROH team keeps Soldier Ant in their corner until Titus’ misses a Rhettski legdrop. Soldier Ant rolls to his corner to tag in Fire Ant. He knocks Hagadorn and Primeau off the apron and nails a flying forearm on Titus. Primeau and Hagadorn drag Titus to the floor to avoid being triple teamed by The Colony. However, Fire Ant gets Antapulted onto them, thwarting their plan altogether. Worker Ant and Soldier Ant get two with the Ants Marching neckbreaker on Titus thanks to Hagadorn breaking the pin. Soldier and Worker Ant trap Hagadorn in the corner so that Fire Ant can superplex Primeau onto Titus. That gets him the win at 8:10. The winners were never in question, but the ROH team was a competent enough trio to make the Colony’s win felt like they were making strides as a team. The finish was nifty too. **1/2

Max Boyer is polishing up his Young Lions Cup backstage. He speaks in French, but it seems like he believes he will come out victorious tonight. Just a shot in the dark.

Young Lions Cup
Max Boyer (Champion) vs. Josh Daniels

I’m already Daniels fan based on choosing “Get Behind Me Satan” as his theme song. They each break a lock-up in the corner. They go to the mat looking for control. Boyer bars Daniels’ arm. Daniels takes him over in a side headlock. Daniels hip tosses him to the mat. He averts a leg sweep and brings Boyer back down in the side headlock. Boyer reverses. He gets two with a snap suplex. He also gets two with a belly-to-back suplex. Daniels catches him with a Manhattan Drop and big chop. He chops up Boyer in the corner. Daniels gets two with a suplex and then applies an arm-capture headscissors. Daniels escapes and throws some more chops. He puts on a submission and pokes Boyer in the eyes when he gets to the ropes. Boyer gets in his own chops. He clotheslines Daniels twice and dropkicks him for two. Daniels gets two with a head capture Northern Lights suplex. Boyer gets his own two count via Dragon suplex. Daniels goes for an Irish whip, but Boyer counters with an inside cradle for the pin at 10:45. Competent wrestling with absolutely no charisma or energy. There was some blatant spot calling too which was pretty annoying. It’s nice that they were able to have some good wrestling but it was impossible to care about what they were doing. **1/4

Lance Steel is backstage, now in a black and white get-up. He reminds us that last time he was in Hellertown, he sent himself back in time. He says that was no trick, which leads him to his opponent tonight, Trik Davis. His game plan is to submit Davis with the Boston Crab.

Trik Davis vs. Lance Steel

Steel takes Davis to the mat in a chinlock. Davis turns it into a wristlock. Steel chops him. Davis’ chop to Steel’s chest plate hurts him. Davis uses the ropes to make a more effective chop, then sends Steel to the floor with a leg lariat and headscissors. Davis then suicide dives after him. Back in the ring Steel digs his forearm into the side of Davis’ head. He gets two with a backbreaker and a suplex. He goes for the Boston Crab. Davis blocks it with a cradle. Davis also escapes a Finlay Roll. He turns it into a butterfly lock. Steel grabs the ropes and rams his shoulder into Davis’ mid-section. Davis comes off the second rope with a lungblower. He pins Steel in a cravat for two. Steel gets Davis in the Boston Crab. Davis taps out at 5:58. That was fine to put over the newly Rudo Steel, but unremarkable in and of itself. *

UltraMantis Black is very happy to have his Order of the Neo-Solar Temple completed with the addition of Blind Rage. Mantis says they speak in many foreign tongues. To prove that, Rage speaks in Japanese and Crossbones speaks in Spanish. Mantis has Hydra speak in Sanskrit, but it sure does sound a lot like his usual babbling. Mantis tells Hydra to keep practicing, then CHIKARA as a whole that they have met their doom.

Hallowicked {I}, Delirious {I}, Cheech & Cloudy vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT}, Blind Rage {ONT}, Hydra {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

Cheech and Cloudy are cosplaying as Deliriouscito and Hallowickedcito (respectively), which would become a trend for them over time. For the sake of ease I’m just going to use their “real” names. Delirious and Cheech both go nuts at the bell. Cheech puts a wristlock on Mantis. He blocks Mantis’ eye poke attempt. Mantis sends Hydra into the ring with Cloudy who growl at each other. Cloudy destroys him in a push-up contest. Embarassed, Hydra tags in Rage. He and Hallowicked shake hands before going into combat. Rage schools Hallowicked with some arm holds and a headlock before shoving him away. Hallowicked puts Cloudy on his shoulder while Rage grabs Hydra. They engage in a chicken fight which sees Cloudy clothesline Hydra and Rage and then Hallowicked dropping Cloudy onto Rage for a splash. Delirious and Crossbones tag in. Crossbones is too big for Delirious to knock down. He does however pull off a body slam. All of the Incoherence team drop two elbows onto Crossbones. Mantis comes in and evades Cheech’s corner splash. He eats a series of attacks from the Order, allowing them to isolate Cheech and switch the momentum of the match in their favor. He rolls to the floor when Rage misses a twisting senton. Cloudy and Hallowicked fight with Mantis and Hydra. They send them out with stereo Frankensteiners and then fly out with stereo suicide dives. Delirious chops Crossbones and headbutts him in the corner. The Incoherence team all give the Order four simultaneous Neverending Clotheslines. After that they put the Order in a rowboat circle. Hydra and Mantis fight with Hallowicked and Cloudy on the floor. Rage drops Cheech in a Gory Catapult for two. Cheech and Delirious fight off Rage and Crossbones and hit Shadows Over Hell. Hallowicked and Cloudy then Rydeen Bomb Hydra and Mantis for two. The power of Mantis’ staff gives Hydra the strength to chokeslam Cloudy. Mantis gets two on Hallowicked with a Snapmare Driver. Cheech hits the Bizzaro Driver on Hydra for the pin at 17:00. That was a whole lot of fun. Seeing Cheech and Cloudy mimic Incoherence flawlessly was a treat and I can see why they would go on to do it again in the future. The Order of course were perfect foils for them. I’m sad that this was the only time Rage was a part of the Order as he made a great addition to the team. ***1/4

Mike Quackenbush & Shane Storm vs. Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

Even though F.I.S.T. won the Campeones de Parejas the night before, this is a non-title match given CHIKARA’s point system. F.I.S.T. jump Quackenbush and Storm as they make their entrance, shoving Storm into the ring post and then going directly to Quackenbush’s back. They choke him in the ring. Quackenbush throws Akuma’s oncoming boot into Icarus. He tricks F.I.S.T. into attacking each other further. Akuma dropkicks him onto Icarus’ knees. They once again target Quackenbush’s back which he had surgery on earlier in the year. Quackenbush uses the ropes to escape the variety of submissions that F.I.S.T. utilizes. Quackenbush alita’s Icarus to the corner. Akuma accidentally pops him up, allowing him to dropkick Icarus to the floor. Akuma kicks him in the back to stop his comeback. Storm is still recovering on the floor. F.I.S.T once again targets Quackenbush’s back and chokes him at various points too. Quackenbush sends Icarus to Akuma. He clotheslines Akuma, resulting into Icarus being DDT’d into the mat. Storm finally tags in and cleans house with clotheslines. Storm ducks a clothesline and forearms Akuma for two. Storm gets another two count with a DDT. Akuma blocks the Jackhammer and drives Storm’s knees into the mat. He swiftly kicks him in the side of the head. After some double team attacks, Icarus frog splashes onto Storm for two. F.I.S.T. take him down with a modified Total Elimination. Again, Storm kicks out. Storm breaks a double clothesline, sending Akuma and Icarus head first into each other. Quackenbush takes down Akuma with a running elbow and a backdrop. He gets two with a senton. Icarus attacks his back. Quackenbush responds with the Quackendriver III. Akuma makes the save. Quackenbush palm strikes Akuma in the back of the head, leading to Storm hitting the Air Raid Crash for two. Akuma blocks That Japanese Move. He drops him with a crucifix bomb. Icarus hits the Wings of Icarus on Quackenbush. Akuma 450 splashes knee first onto Storm for the pin at 12:39. The finish seemed abrupt and rather anti-climatic, but the wrestling and story was good. F.I.S.T defeating two top Tecnicos is a great way to kick off their reign as Campeones. ***

Eddie Kingston is sitting backstage. He says that with the way professional wrestling works, it’s not a business where somebody has many close friends. Larry Sweeney however was someone he did consider a close friend. So much so that every time he would physically hurt Sweeney during their matches it would hurt him inside just as much. As time went on and Sweeney hit him with a car, threw fire in his face, and hit him with brass knucks, he began to enjoy whenever he would dish out pain onto Sweeney. Whether or not Sweeney knows it, Kingston declares this to be the end of their battles. He’s not giving Sweeney any more remorse. He is coming right for him like a raging bull.

Elsewhere, Sweeney is getting in the right state of mind for the match. We see him climb the steps and out through the entrance for the match. Once he’s in the ring, we see Kingston putting on his elbow pad and also getting mentally ready for the match. He says a prayer, puts on his bandana, and then heads for the ring.

Tex-Arkana Yellow Bellied Strap Match
Eddie Kingston vs. Larry Sweeney

Neither Sweeney’s ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship or Kingston’s CZW Heavyweight championship are on the line. There are no disqualifications. The only way to win is for a competitor to touch all four corners in succession. It is up to Bryce Remsburg’s discretion whether or not a competitor has lost momentum when going for the corners.

Sweeney tackles Kingston to the corner and drives his shoulder into his mid-section. Kingston fires back, but Sweeney catches him with a hard punch to the forehead. They exchange strikes on the floor. Kingston pounds on Sweeney’s back. He goes for a suplex, but Sweeney reverses it. Sweeney goes back in the ring to touch the corners. He gets two before Kingston pulls him back to the floor and slams him. Kingston tries dragging him back into the ring, but Sweeney snaps his neck across the top rope. As they pound on each other, Sweeney chokes Kingston with the strap. He whips Kingston with the belt on the floor. This fires Kingston up. He goes for a piledriver but Sweeney shoves his back into the ring post. Sweeney touches two corners. Kingston charges after him. Sweeney boots Kingston and has to have the strap re-attached to his wrist. He catapults Kingston throat first into the bottom rope. When Kingston fights back, Sweeney gives him a low blow. Sweeney removes the strap in the hopes of getting Kingston DQ’d. It does not work. Sweeney climbs the ropes. Kingston yanks the rope into Sweeney’s crotch, causing him to fall to the mat. Kingston pulls Sweeney’s shirt off and smacks him with the strap across his back. He then chokes Sweeney with the strap. Kingston touches three corners. Sweeney pulls him in for a gourd buster to stop the momentum. Sweeney grabs Kingston’s ankle as he once again goes for the corners. Kingston picks Sweeney up on his shoulders to hit the corners uninterrupted. Smartly Sweeney is hitting them as he is being carried. Sweeney tries touching the fourth corner first, but Kingston stops both their momentum with a back suplex. Sweeney gets up first. He goes for a piledriver. Kingston blocks it with the Backfist. He pulls out his own pair of knucks and hits Sweeney with them! Kingston makes it to three corners. Kingston fights off Sweeney and touches the fourth corner for the win at 14:08. You have to love Kingston using one of Sweeney’s favorite tricks (the knucks) against him to get the win. These guys fought tooth and nail to get the win, but I think the biggest problem was the rules. I think the crowd would have been way more into this match if they had a traditional street fight where multiple nearfalls would have occurred and helped them get fired up. The way the match was structured, they popped for some bigger moves but otherwise remained fairly quiet, even when the guys went for the corners. The story and the aggression was here, but didn’t have the crowd heat it needed. ***1/4


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