Reading, PA – 11.17.2006

Commentary is provided by Chris Hero, Bryce Remsburg, Larry Sweeney, and Leonard F. Chikarason.

The show opens with Hydra and UltraMantis Black making their way to the ring with Bryce Remsburg in tow. On behalf of the mini-man monster, Mantis declares that the crowd will see the first of many Hydralock Challenges tonight. If you recall the Master Lock Challenges that Chris Masters held in the WWE at this time, it works the same way: Hydra puts a volunteer in a Full Nelson, beginning with them seated in a chair, and sees if they can break it. If they are able to break it, they win a prize. Mantis chooses a skinny blonde woman from the crowd to take the challenge. Hydra can barely lift the chair into the ring. Mantis has her sign a release form due to a decree from Commissioner Bob Saget. If she is able to survive, she will win the complete Second Season of LOST on DVD. That’s a sweet prize if she can look past Michelle Rodriguez’s character. Mr. Eko balances her out at least. She easily withstands Hydra’s full nelson which seemingly puts her in no distress. Mantis still declares Hydra the winner because he is devious.

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC}, Ice Cream Jr. {IC} & Lance Steel

This is Worker Ant’s CHIKARA debut. He previously wrestled for IPW in a trios match prior to this. It never made DVD. Steel and Soldier Ant engage in a test of strength. Steel brings him to the mat in a hammerlock and stretches him in a seated surfboard. Soldier Ant escapes via saluting. He armdrags Steel to the corner. Fire Ant and Jr. tag in. Fire Ant takes him over with a fireman’s carry. He fireman carry’s Jr. into a tornado clutch for two. Fire Ant gets a couple pins with a few different fireman’s carry sequences. Hijo and Worker Ant tag in. Worker Ant takes him down with a diving alita. Hijo pokes him in the buttocks and punches him in the face. Worker Ant comes out of the corner with a swinging Frankensteiner. Hijo accidentally hits his partners when trying to chop Worker Ant. Fire Ant tags in and the same thing occurs. Soldier Ant double crossbody’s Jr. and Steel. Hijo however catches him with El Asesino. The Rudos isolate Soldier Ant until Los Ice Creams foolishly take him to the floor. Worker Ant comes in and gets his eyes raked by Steel. Los Ice Creams bring him to the floor for some chops as well. Steel tries to send Fire Ant out instead. He reverses, and Los Ice Creams unknowingly double chop Steel. His armor hurts their hands, and Fire Ant gets the chance to tope con hilo onto all of his opponents. The Colony punch their opponents in the corner. The Colony put Los Ice Creams in tandem parachute stretches. Steel pins them all simultaneously so they’re forced to kick out and release the holds. Hijo drops Fire with the Jack and Hill Hammer. With Steel they give him a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo. Worker Ant and Soldier Ant save their partner from Steel’s Boston Crab. Worker Ant and Soldier Ant hold up Jr. in a T shape. Fire Ant dives onto him from the top rope for the pin at 12:27. There was a trios match that opened “Once in a Lifetime.” This was a lot like that – fun, slightly uncoordinated at times, but at least this time the right team won. **1/2

Trik Davis vs. Kenji Fukimoto

Fukimoto jumps Davis before the bell. Davis catches him with a calf kick. He sends Fukimoto to the floor with a satellite headscissors and suicide dives right after him. Fukimoto sends Davis head first into the ring post and slams him on the floor. He gets two with a Saito suplex. He slaps on a sharpshooter until Davis gets the ropes. Fukimoto whips Davis to the corner. Even through Davis made it to the apron and Fukimoto stopped, Fukimoto awkwardly throws himself to the corner Davis gets two with a lung blower. Fukimoto backslides him for two. He gives Davis a brainbuster. He lifts him up at the two count so he can inflict more damage. He then puts him down with a powerbomb at 3:48. That corner spot was so laughably awkward. This was a long way for both guys to come for an almost four minute match, but what can you do? ½*

Larry Sweeney tells us a story about how he saw a bum wearing an Eddie Kingston t-shirt on his drive in today. He stopped to see the bum, beat him up, and took his short. Sweeney angrily takes off the shirt. He’s not sure what he has to do to put Kingston down, because he’s already beaten him in CHIKARA and in Canada to win back his Tex-Arkana Television title. He says the only way he will have a good Thanksgiving is if Eddie Kingston does not have a good Thanksgiving. Tomorrow night, he looks to make that so.

We then go to Chuck Taylor. He said last time he was here he was kissing babies, shaking hands and doing flips. All that changes tonight now that he is the IWA Mid-South champion. He plans to take out Eddie Kingston tonight to show him that IWA-MS is better than CZW. In CHIKARA. Yeah. Anywho, he hopes Kingston isn’t looking past him because of Sweeney, because it is on tonight.

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Larry Sweeney (Champion) vs. Equinox

Sweeney stomps on Equinox and pitches him to the floor. He misses a chop against the ring post. Equinox throws a barrage of forearms until Sweeney rams him back first into the post. Equinox snaps off a couple armdrags in the ring. Sweeney slams him onto his stomach to counter a headscissors. Sweeney mocks Kingston by giving Equinox a Backfist. He follows up with a Garvin Stomp for two. After some strikes Sweeney ties Equinox’s mask laces to the ropes and stomps him into the mat. Equinox evades a knee lift. He huracanrana’s Sweeney for two. He lands a back senton for another two count. Sweeney tosses him to the floor. Equinox kicks Sweeney from the apron and crossbody’s in. Sweeney forearms him in the back of the neck. He drops Equinox with a piledriver for the pin at 5:54. That was a fine warm up for Sweeney before his match with Kingston tomorrow. *

Sweeney gets on the microphone. He calls Kingston a yellow-bellied coward. He reveals to Kingston that they will be in the main event tomorrow’s show in a Strap match. Sweeney tells Kingston that he’s going to beat him from pillar to post until Kingston actually shows up. Sweeney bails and leaves out the back door. Chuck Taylor attacks Kingston from behind and our next match is on!

Eddie Kingston vs. Chuck Taylor

Taylor stomps down Kingston in the corner and chokes him. Kingston comes off the second rope with a shoulder tackle. He suplexes Taylor for t a two count. Taylor rakes Kingston’s eyes so he can sneak in a chinbreaker and a dropkick. He chokes Kingston on the ropes while threatening some children. Bryce Remsburg makes a Howard Dean reference n commentary as Taylor takes Kingston down with a side Russian legsweep. When Kingston starts a comeback, Taylor rakes his eyes. Kingston tries for a uranage suplex. Taylor blocks with a standing headscissors. He brings Kingston to the mat where he’s able to break the submission with the ropes. Taylor comes off the top rope and is caught with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kingston is surprised at how girlish Taylor’s scream in when he lays in chops to him. Kingston then overhead suplexes him for two. Taylor blocks an Irish whip with Sole Food. He tries for the Awful Waffle but gets dropped with a Saito suplex. Larry Sweeney comes back out with the yellow strap that he and Kingston will be attached to. Kingston becomes distracted, allowing Taylor to O’Conner Roll Kingston and grab the ropes to get the pin at 6:02. This was both a good way to add a little more fuel to the fire before Kingston and Sweeney’s match tomorrow while also giving Taylor a big win. They would have a better match years later, but for what they wanted to accomplish it was quite good. **1/2

2.0. are backstage. Jagged tells the still injured Shane Matthews that he’s not feeling a promo today. The reason for that is because he’s been terrible in CHIKARA lately. He realizes that he has to go back to the drawing board if he wants to change his luck. Matthews chimes in by telling us that Jagged will face their rival Twiggy tonight. Matthews says Jagged will “kaibash” Twiggy this evening. Not put the kaibash on him, just kaibash.

Twiggy vs. Jagged {2.0}

Jagged places Twiggy on the top rope. Matthews messes up his hair as Jagged puts on Twiggy’s headband. Twiggy takes Jagged down with two series of punches and Bionic Elbows. Matthews tries attacking Twiggy. Twiggy grabs his jacket and Jagged suplexes him from behind. Jagged punches him in the corner. Twiggy blocks a hip toss with a monkey flip. He strings a Manhattan Drop and dropkick together. Jagged drops Twiggy onto his ribs in a Samoan Drop. He lands a forearm in the corner and gets two with a back suplex. Twiggy goes for a crucifix driver. Jagged spins him out into a bulldog. He puts one of Twiggy’s boot tassles on and stomps him with it. Twiggy comes back with a tornado DDT. He throws Jagged’s face into the mat for two. Jagged counters a tornado DDT. Twiggy blocks a Gory Catapult with an inside cradle. Jagged kicks out of that and some other quick pin attempts. Twiggy tries for a bodyslam. Matthews helps Jagged pull of the Rick Rude/Ultimate Warrior pin by tripping Twiggy and holding onto his leg so that Jagged can get the pin at 6:57. Some cute humor and decent wrestling, but nothing you haven’t seen before. *3/4

Player Uno is bench pressing a large turtle shell above his head. He tells Max Boyer its game over tonight.

Player Uno vs. Max Boyer

Boyer’s Young Lions Cup is not on the line. Uno brings the turtle shell out with him. Boyer breaks a lock-up in the corner. Uno headbutts Boyer’s hand in a wristlock. He sends Boyer to the ropes and back elbows him to the mat. He then sends him to the floor with a dropkick. Boyer shoulder blocks Uno once he comes back into the ring. He suplexes Uno for two. Uno whips him chest first to the corner twice. He sets up the turtle shell. When Boyer turns around, Uno kicks it into his knees! Boyer comes out of the corner with a double throat thrust. He puts on a Camel Clutch. Uno escapes by tripping out Boyer’s left leg. Uno then hits an enzuigiri. Uno tries for a stunner. Boyer blocks it with a neckbreaker. Uno gets two with a Death Valley Driver. He tries for the Bubble Bobble Buster. Boyer blocks. He German suplexes Uno three times. Chris Hero is now out to watch the match. Boyer chokes Uno on the mat. Boyer powerbombs Uno. He follows that with the Lifestyle for the pin at 8:35. The shell shot to the knees got a lot of play on YouTube so it’s likely you have seen it before. This was solid wrestling between the two and a nice way to give Boyer more momentum as the Young Lions Cup champion. **1/4

Hallowicked {I} & Delirious {I} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT} & Hydra {ONT}

Delirious flips at the bell. He and Mantis trade hammerlocks. Delirious puts him in a wristlock. Hallowicked tags in so of course Mantis immediately tags in Hydra. Hallowicked places Hydra on the floor to try and get Mantis in the ring. Sadly it doesn’t end up working. Mantis tags in after Hydra clocks him with a punch. When Hallowicked gets up, he tags Hydra back in. Delirious carries a child in a Delirious mask around the ring. Hydra’s shoulder tackles don’t do anything. Delirious bars his arm after an armdrag. He picks him up in a back suplex for two. Mantis distracts Delirious so that he and Hydra can take turns giving him back rakes. Delirious gets beaten down by the Order in their half of the ring. Delirious ends up falling to the floor. Hallowicked comes in and finally gets his hands on Mantis. Mantis slips out of Go 2 Sleepy Hollow and rolls to the floor. Hydra catches Hallowicked with a clothesline for two. Delirious tosses Hydra into Hallowicked’s Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Mantis attacks Hallowicked from behind. He gives him a butterfly backbreaker. Mantis drops Delirious with the Uncle Slam for two. Delirious enzuigiri’s Mantis before tagging out. Hallowicked yakuza kicks him in the back of the head. Mantis rolls to the floor after taking a Rydeen Bomb. Hallowicked follows to continue his attack. In the ring Hydra drops Delirious with a Complete Shot for two. Delirious trips Hydra into the corner and hits the Panic Attack. The Here It Is Driver picks up the win for Delirious at 12:10. This gave us a satisfying bit of Mantis and Hallowicked finally facing off while still leaving room for the rivalry to grow. Delirious and Hydra did an excellent job in their roles and added a lot to Mantis’ showing of cowardice. Fun times. **3/4

Mike Quackenbush, Cloudy & Ricochet vs. Shane Storm, Cheech & Retail Dragon

Here we have ourselves a good ol’ fashion Trios Increibles match. Ricochet takes the opening exchange with Dragon with a few armdrags. Dragon hip tosses Ricochet into a back kick. Ricochet sends him out with a tornado kick. Cheech Oklahoma rolls him for two and dropkicks him to the floor. Cloudy comes in. Cheech catches him for a quick two count. Cheech flips out of Cloudy’s monkey flip attempt and puts on an abdominal stretch. He turns that into a backslide. Cloudy kicks him to the floor and headscissors Storm out with him. Storm avoids a pescado. Quackenbush and Storm engage in a Lucha sequence. They both toreador one another and miss sentons. They stand off. Cheech baits Quackenbush to his corner. He runs the ropes and takes over Cloudy and Ricochet simultaneously with a headscissors and an armdrag. Quackenbush brings Dragon in and slams him. The Quackenbush trio slows things down, deciding they want to focus their attack on Dragon. Cloudy crossbody’s Cheech when he tries to interfere. He even sweeps his legs out so that he dropkicks Dragon. Dragon ends up flipping over Cloudy and tagging in Storm. He takes down Cloudy with a flying forearm. He drops an elbow for two. Cheech suplexes Cloudy for two. Dragon tags in. Cloudy takes him down with a Blue Thunder Driver. Confused, Cloudy tags in Cheech. Cheech relishes in the mistake and powerslams Cloudy for two. Cloudy escapes the other corner by evading Dragon’s standing moonsault. Quackenbush tags in and windmill chops Cheech. A bulldog and a basement dropkick follow. He gives him a reverse brainbuster for two. He goes for it again, but Cheech counters with the Busaiku Knee. Quackenbush palm strikes Cheech. He sets up for a Quackendriver. Storm comes in and sends Quackenbush out with That Japanese Move. Cloudy DDT’s Storm. Cloudy enzuigiri’s Storm onto the middle rope. He and Ricochet look to go for Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Cheech. Cheech stops it by dragging Ricochet to the floor and giving him a suplex. Storm gets two with an Air Raid Crash on Cloudy thanks to Quackenbush breaking the pin. Cheech and Storm shove Quackenbush to the corner. Cloudy climbs his opponents shoulders to superplex Dragon. Ricochet then hits a handspring twisting standing moonsault for the pin at 13:20. This was not the most crisp athletic showcase you have seen. There were some downright awkward moments with Shane Storm in the middle. However, they were able to recover and by the end things came together just fine. ***

Icarus and Gran Akum are backstage. Icarus reminds us that they are both Cibernetico winners and that they won an eight team tag tournament a mere five days ago. They now take the most logical step in their progression by taking the Campeones de Parejas tonight. Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli step in. Hero agrees that they have taken great strides, but doesn’t want them getting carried away. Hero says they may all be Kings of Wrestling, but he and Claudio were Kings long before they were. They get into a bit of a shoving match. Hero says they owe so much to them. He plans to show F.I.S.T. why they are the number 1 team and that F.I.S.T. is the number 2 team. When Hero and Claudio walk off, Icarus tells Akuma that they will show them who is number 2.

Campeonatos de Parejas
Chris Hero {KOW} & Claudio Castagnoli {KOW} (Campeones) vs. Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

Claudio playfully pats Akuma on the face after taking him to the corner. Akuma is not afraid to get in his face. He puts on a side headlock. Claudio tosses him off. Hero and Icarus tag in. They get into a shoving match with Hero asking Icarus who made him. There intensity rises as they look for control on the mat. Hero covers up as Icarus throws strikes in the guard. Hero slaps him on his back and tags in Claudio. He dumps Icarus on his head to block a monkey flip. He uppercuts Icarus for two. Icarus comes off the second rope with a flipping alita. He sends Claudio out with a glancing dropkick to the temple. Akuma and Hero aggressively goes to the canvas. While Akuma has control at first, Hero sneaks in a stomp and a back chop to change the momentum. Hero bails when Akuma starts throwing chops. Icarus and Claudio fight for leverage on the mat. They roll around in an inside cradle but neither man gets a pin. Akuma tags in and throws kicks at Claudio’s back and chest. F.I.S.T. pull out some tremendous teamwork to keep Claudio in their half of the ring. Claudio is able to reverse a sunset flip. Hero has the wherewithal to come in and dropkick Akuma as Claudio sends him up. Hero forearms Icarus to the floor so that he and Claudio can take back control of the match by beating Akuma down. Akuma escapes from their grasp when he catches Hero with a Cheetah Swipe and Claudio with an enzuigiri. Icarus crossbody’s onto both of them. He dumps Hero to the floor. He comes off the second rope for a huracanrana to Claudio. Hero breaks the pin. Hero accidentally sends Claudio into the ring post. Icarus gives Hero a Shiranui. Akuma drops him with a Falcon Arrow before diving onto Claudio. Icarus hits Hero with the Wings of Icarus and rolls him into the Burning Wings. Hero taps out at 19:43 giving F.I.S.T. the first fall. Claudio is grabbing his shoulder on the mat. Icarus and Akuma drag him back in the ring for the start of the second fall. Akuma assists Icarus with a tornado DDT. Icarus kicks Akuma by accident as he swings. Claudio counters the DDT with Swiss Death. He gives Akuma the Alpamare Water Slide for two. He comes off the top with an elbow drop. Icarus breaks his pin. F.I.S.T. dropkick Claudio simultaneously. Hero comes in and boots Icarus to the floor. He and Akuma trade strikes. Hero powerslams Akuma into a senton splash. He releases Akuma mid-suplex for two. Hero’s headbutt does some damage to himself. Akuma rolls to the floor so Icarus can come in. Hero catches him with a standing moonsault but Akuma is able to break the cover. Hero kicks Akuma off of Claudio’s shoulders for two. Hero accidentally helps Icarus armdrag Claudio. He goes for a Shiranui on Hero. Claudio stops him. The Kings drop Icarus with the KRS-ONE to pick up the second fall at 25:35. The Kings take turns striking Akuma at the start of the third fall. Akuma fights back with chest kicks for both of them. Hero accidentally forearms Claudio. Akuma gives Hero a snapmare driver, causing Hero to roll out. Claudio and Akuma go uppercut for kick. Akuma tries for a Yoshi Tonic. Claudio blocks it. Akuma then cascades up into a Yoshi Tonic! That gets him the pin, the third fall, and the titles at 27:53. I really enjoyed the dynamic between the two teams. Hero and Claudio were so certain that they were going to win that they didn’t take F.I.S.T. seriously in the early going. Even though they picked up the intensity, they lost the first fall and had to fight from behind the rest of the contest. The finish was awesome and was the best way to end the match. F.I.S.T. look amazing coming out of this match and seem like THE team to beat heading into 2007. The Kings reign may have only seen three title defenses, but they were all worthwhile encounters. ***3/4

Hero grabs the microphone as Claudio lay on the mat and F.I.S.T. have the titles on their shoulders. Hero says this is supposed to be a proud moment because his protégés finally got the belts they have been going after. He tells F.I.S.T. that they showed him the killer instinct he’s wanted. He says it took this very match to realize what was wrong with the Kings of Wrestling. Hethen turns his attention to Claudio. He tells Claudio that everybody knows that tonight was his last night in CHIKARA (at this time, he was heading to the WWE). He tells Claudio that he brought him into CHIKARA and now it’s time to take him out. Hero forearms Claudio in the face! Icarus and Akuma stand between them to break them up. Hero grabs F.I.S.T. and tells them to do their job. With that, F.I.S.T. change their tune and help Hero attack Claudio! Hero clocks him in the face with one of the tag titles, busting his mouth open. Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm, and an injured Jigsaw run out to send the Kings of Wrestling packing. Quackenbush says if someone had told him last night he would run out to save Claudio he would laughed in their face. However, he does not feel those three jerks deserve to steal his spotlight. He tells Claudio that he has come a long way since 28 months ago when he came into the company. At first he was happy that Claudio was headed for greener pastures because he was a pain in Quack’s butt. However, the feeling was bitter sweet, because he remembers some of the great encounters they had around the world. He tells Claudio that while he may have wrestled around the world, he knows that in Claudio’s chest beats the heart of a CHIKARA boy. He wishes Claudio luck and tells him to make the CHIKARA family proud. Claudio’s music plays and the fans give him a standing ovation. He walks to the back with his head held high. That was a terrific, heartwarming speech. It’s sad he could not have received this on his second send off, but watching this in retrospect is still really cool.


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