UWA Hardcore: GP Tournament Night 1

Mississauga, ONT – 10.27.2006

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship – Strap Match
Eddie Kingston (Champion) vs. Larry Sweeney

Both men will be tied together by the wrist with a yellow strap. The winner is the first person to touch all four corners. Kingston’s stable, the BLK Out, have been banned from ringside. Both men are in their street fighting attire. Kingston wails on Sweeney with forearms. He whips him into a guardrail which collapses. In the crowd Sweeney drives a chair into Kingston’s stomach and whips him across the back. Sweeney chokes him with the strap. Kingston throws him head first into a pillar. Sweeney rams Kingston’s head into the same pillar and a nearby table. Kingston chokes him with the strap and throws him back to ringside. He swings Sweeney by his legs into the guardrails. Even though he is now bleeding, Sweeney finds the strength to Hotshot Kingston across the top rope. Sweeney straps him across bare back. Kingston fires up, takes off Sweeney’s shirt and hits him across the back with the strap too. Sweeney gives him a low blow. He touches three corners before Kingston tugs the strap and brings Sweeney to the canvas. He gives Sweeney a superplex. He throws a couple punches and delivers a Bionic elbow. Sweeney cuts off his attempt at victory with a Gord buster. Once again Sweeney is close to his fourth corner when Kingston pulls him in with a strap. He drops Sweeney with an uranage suplex. Sweeney comes back with a piledriver. Sweeney has three corners. Kingston crotches him with the strap and lays a few short-arm lariats. Kingston picks up Sweeney and attempts to walk the corners. Sweeney ends up costing him the fourth corner. Sweeney tosses a fireball, which clearly doesn’t even make it to Kingston’s face. Sweeney makes it to all four corners to win the title at 13:35. The fireball spot rarely ever works as intended, and this was another case where it was obvious that it didn’t go as planned. Even the fans in the audience were a bit let down by it. Before that though, they had a fun brawl both in the crowd and the ring and made their hatred for one another feel very real. They did a significant amount of damage to each other the night before they captain Cibernetico teams against one another. ***


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