IWA Mid-South: 2006 Ted Petty Invitational Tournament

Midlothian, IL – 9.29.2006

2006 Ted Petty Invitational – First Round
Mike Quackenbush vs. Colt Cabana

Cabana takes Quackenbush down to the mat by his arm. Quackenbush kips up and applies a top wristlock. Cabana mule kicks him in the chin to escape. He kicks Quackenbush’s legs apart to counter a wristlock. Quackenbush locks on a headscissors, but Cabana manages to sneak out. Quackenbush locks his legs and Cabana grabs the ropes. He applies a bodyscissors. Quackenbush pries his legs open by digging his shoulders into them. He rocks Cabana in a parachute stretch. That gives him a couple quick nearfalls. He applies more pressure to Cabana’s knee before grapevining his leg. Cabana turns it into a sharpshooter. Quackenbush rolls forward and grabs the ropes. He puts Cabana in a full body stretch. He gives Cabana dragonscrew leg whip. Cabana blocks his bulldog with an over the shoulder backbreaker. Cabana rolls him into a kneeling frog press for two. Quackenbush escapes a Camel Clutch but gets his neck twisted up by Cabana’s feet. Still, he is able to drop Cabana with the Black Tornado Slam. Quackenbush strings a clothesline and bulldog together for two. Cabana baits him in for a quebrada press. He hits the Flying A**hole. Quackenbush sole butts him then rolls Cabana into the Lightning Lock Beta. Cabana gets the ropes. Cabana blocks a palm strike by catching Quackenbush and giving him a cradle DDT for two. Quackenbush kicks Cabana from the corner. He gives him a reverse huracanrana! He follows with the Quackendriver II for the pin at 13:36. It’s always a pleasure to see these two showcase how proficient they can be on the mat. Both men provided exactly what you would expect when paired off against one another and got the crowd to come more alive than the high-flying showcase Matt Cross and Ricochet put on before them. That to me says a lot. ***1/4

2006 Ted Petty Invitational – First Round
Hallowicked vs. Scorpio Sky

Both men control one another by their arms. Hallowicked stays steadfast from Sky’s shoulder block attempt. His shoulder block attempt successfully knocks Sky down. Sky rolls back to send Hallowicked into the corner with a satellite headscissors. He mouse traps Hallowicked for two. Hallowicked gives him a step-up Frankensteiner and a big boot for two. He puts on a chinlock and gets two with a neckbreaker. Sky nails a dropkick. Hallowicked reverses his suplex for two. He puts Sky in a one-legged kneeling Gory Gallows. Sky escapes and nails a flying forearm. He huracanrana’s Hallowicked to the floor and tope con hilo’s after him. In the ring, Hallowicked gets his feet up to bock a corner splash. Sky catches him with a reverse Angle Slam for two. Hallowicked gets a two count himself with a Rydeen Bomb. Sky counters a Graveyard Smash attempt with a backbreaker. Hallowicked hits the Go 2 Sleepy Hollow for another two count. Sky ends a forearm exchange with an Ace Crusher. He transitions into a Dragon Sleeper. Hallowicked gets his feet on the ropes. Hallowicked crotches Sky on the top rope. He enzuigiri’s him and brings him down with a super fisherman’s buster for the pin at 9:34. While the wrestling was good, this missed the elements of either guy showing any real personality. Sky’s arrogant PWG personality would have fit in here. Imagine him telling Hallowicked to look at his abs. Gold, I say. **3/4

2006 Ted Petty Invitational – First Round
Jigsaw vs. Davey Richards

Richards kicks Jigsaw in the shoulder to break a wristlock. Jigsaw gets to the ropes to break front chancery. He throws some forearms and a chop before snapping off a few armdrags. He dropkicks Richards to the floor. In the ring Richards tries pinning Jigsaw in a double knuckle lock. Jigsaw uses the Mexican catapult to prop himself off and give Richards a huracanrana. Richards stops his momentum with a STO. He kicks Jigsaw in the ribs. Richards snapmares him into a chest kick. He gets two with a back elbow and knee drop. Jigsaw snaps his neck on the top rope, sending Richards to the floor. He tope con hilo’s after him. They slap each other senseless back in the ring. They boot each other in the face. Jigsaw gives him double knees to the face and a satellite DDT for two. Richards shoves Jigsaw off the top rope and hits a missile dropkick. He German suplexes Jigsaw for two. This time, Jigsaw catches Richards on the top rope. He brings him down with the Leap of Faith. He legdrops the back of Richards’s neck. Richards kicks out. He gives Jigsaw a Saito suplex and a forearm smash. Jigsaw hits a superkick, but Richards responds with a discuss clothesline. A strike exchange ends up with Richards hitting the Alarm Cock. He DDT’s Jigsaw into the 14:59. Jigsaw taps out at 12:08. This was far less one-sided than I expected, but then again this was the 2006 version of Davey Richards. There was some good strike exchanges but not a lot in the way of selling or storytelling. ***

2006 Ted Petty Invitational – First Round
Gran Akuma vs. Low Ki

Akuma twists up Ki’s ankle. Ki kicks him away. He cleanly breaks a lock-up in the corner. Ki puts him in an armbar in the ropes, letting go before the five count. Ki puts him in a side headlock. Akuma switches into a headscissors. Ki key locks his legs and applies a facelock. Akuma grabs the ropes. They hesitantly look for an opening to kick. Ki gets a slight kick in the face before unloading a hard chop in the corner. Akuma headscissors Ki to the corner. A chop battle breaks out. Ki headscissors Akuma. He snapmares Akuma for two. Akuma sneaks in a Japanese armdrag. Akuma evades a kick to the head just in time. He puts Ki in a standing Octopus, rolling him into a mousetrap pin for two. He reapplies the Octopus on the mat. Ki fights out and takes the mount. Akuma puts up his hands, so Ki kicks him in the back. Ki back elbows him for two. Ki drives another elbow into his chest for another two count. He puts on a Dragon sleeper in the rope for a few seconds. Akuma gives him a rolling sole butt and dropkicks Ki’s neck into the middle turnbuckle. Ki kicks out. He kicks out of a suplex too. Akuma puts on the Cattle Mutilation. Akuma’s zapped energy forces him to relinquish it. Ki comes back with a Koppu Kick. Ki uses his kicks and strikes to knock air out of Akuma’s lungs. Akuma sneaks in a Complete Shot to get his wind back. Akuma gives him a Manhattan drop and drives his knees into the mat. He kicks Ki in the side of the head. Akuma rolls him into the Cheetah Swipe for two. Same goes for a top rope dropkick. Akuma ducks a Shining Wizard, but Ki catches him on the rewind. Ki throws a couple kicks to the chest, and one swift one to the side of the head. Akuma kicks out! Ki’s springboard enzuigiri only gets two. Akuma catches Ki with a facebuster for two. He misses a frogsplash. Ki misses a corner dropkick. Ki evades a knee strike. He gives Akuma the Ki Krusher. A top rope double stomp follows and Ki gets the pin at 17:38. Like the previous match, this was far less one sided than I expected. Akuma got to hang in there with Low Ki and it seemed he almost bested him on multiple occasions. This was the sleeper match of the first round and probably the best Akuma has looked in a company not called CHIKARA. ***1/2

Midlothian, IL – 9.30.2006

2006 Ted Petty Invitational – Second Round
Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio comes out in a Dr. Wagner mask and scrubs, but sadly removes it all before the bell. He smartly goes after Quackenbush’s bad back. Quackenbush catapults over him in a double knuckle lock. Claudio kicks him back to the mat. Quackenbush puts on a standing Octopus. He armdrags Claudio and then headscissors him. Claudio forearms him right in the face. Some more armdrags and a monkey flip send Claudio to the floor. Quackenbush tope con hilo’s onto him. Back in the ring Claudio counters his crossbody with a backbreaker. Claudio stretches his back out across his knee. Quackenbush counters a backbreaker with a backslide. Claudio kicks out and nails a clothesline. Claudio goes back to targeting his back and mid-section. Quackenbush monkey flips Claudio to the floor. Claudio pops Quackenbush to the second turnbuckle. Quackenbush cartwheels off into an armdrag that sends Claudio into rows of chairs! That was unreal. In the ring, Quackenbush cascades up Claudio and huracanrana’s him for two. Claudio gets two with the Alpamare Waterslide. Claudio shoots him off the ropes. Quackenbush hops off of Claudio’s chest. He takes him down with La Mistica and rolls him into a Skayde schoolboy for two. Claudio pops him up. Quackenbush huracanrana’s him, but Claudio rolls through that and catches him off guard with a pin at 9:32. That was amazing, and it only felt like things were just picking up when it ended. This was like a human highlight reel which so many awesome spots. The fans give them a well deserved “thank you” chant. ***3/4

In a cool moment, Ian Rotten puts over Mike Quackenbush not only for being a heck of a wrestler, put for persevering through his injuries due to his love for wrestling and for being one of the last “good guys” in wrestling. The reason I thought the moment was so cool was because Jigsaw, Hallowicked, Akuma, and Bryce Remsburg were ringside for it too.

2006 Ted Petty Invitational – Second Round
Hallowicked vs. Arik Cannon

Hallowicked used “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” as his theme for both nights. Why I’m not sure. This is a battle of a former YLC champ vs. the current YLC champ, and former Tag World Grand Prix tournament winners. Hallowicked does not appreciate Cannon messing with his stem. Hallowicked responds by messing with Cannon’s Mohawk. He headbutts Hallowicked’s upturned wrist. Cannon armdrags him and rolls him up for two. Cannon evades a step-up Frankensteiner, but eats a big boot for two. Hallowicked back chops him in the corner and snapmares him into a side headlock. Cannon throws a few strikes and forearms Hallowicked in the corner. He jumps off the second rope, only to be caught in a Rydeen Bomb for two. Hallowicked dropkicks him in the back for two. Cannon drops him with a swinging neckbreaker. He hits Total Anarchy for two. Cannon ties up his arms and throws rapid fire over hand chops at his chest. Hallowicked elbows out of a Saito suplex. Cannon O’Conner rolls him for one. Hallowicked boots him in the back of the head. He hits a big boot and the Graveyard Smash for two. Cannon enzuigiri’s Hallowicked before giving him a Saito suplex. The Glimmering Warlock gets him the win at 11:19. It took a little time to get going but ended strongly. It was one of those cases where each guy just beat each other until there was a winner. Hallowicked got to look strong against a former IWA:MS champion which is the best you could ask for if he wasn’t going to win. ***

Eddie Kingston & Joker vs. Sal Thomaselli & Vito Thomaselli

The Thomaselli’s original opponents, American Kickboxer and Tarek the Great, could not get along and ended up fighting out of the arena. Kingston and Joker showed up as surprise replacements. Kingston yakuza kicks Sal. Brandon Thomaselli slips into the ring to help his brothers out. Ricochet runs in with a chair and attacks Sal and Vito. This is now a six man tag.

Eddie Kingston, Joker & Ricochet vs. Sal Thomaseli, Vito Thomaselli & Brandon Thomaselli

BLK Out brawl with Vito and Sal on the floor while Brandon and Ricochet fight in the ring. The Thomaselli’s gain the upper hand. Their strategy becomes to beat down Ricochet in the ring while keeping Kingston and Joker on the floor. Joker headbutts Vito on the floor. Brandon chokes Ricochet in the corner. Kingston forearms Sal in the face. Brandon comes out to save Sal and throws some jabs Kingston’s way. In the ring, Sal and Kingston slap each other in the face. Kingston yakuza kicks him before delivering the Backfist. Joker flapjacks him across Kingston’s knee. Kingston tosses Ricochet off his shoulders in a sloppy shooting star press for a two count. Brandon powerbombs Kingston across his knees. Brandon flips onto Kingston as his brothers hold Kingston up. As Kingston falls, he falls onto Vito’s knees. Vito enzuigiri’s Joker to the floor. Brandon puts Ricochet in the tree of woe. He misses a running knee strike. Joker gives Brandon the Joker Driver. Ricochet follows up with a double rotation senton for the pin at 8:12. That was crazy action with an awesome finish. Some sloppiness aside this was a fun eight minute sequence. **1/2

Tag Team Gauntlet Battle Royal
Chris Bosh & Scott Lost vs. Ricky Reyes & B-Boy vs. Colt Cabana & Kevin Steen vs. Jigsaw & Gran Akuma vs. Scorpio Sky & Erick Stevens vs. Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz

The rules of this match are different than your usual gauntlet match. There are six teams total. We start with two and then a new team enters every three minutes. Teams are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope. When one teammate is eliminated, so is the other. When you get down to the final two teams it becomes a regular tag team bout. This review only covers the time in which Gran Akuma and Jigsaw are in the match. The teams are listed by order of entry, so as you can see, they entered fourth.

Akuma comes in with Bosh, Steen and B-Boy. Steen boots Akuma away and gives Bosh a backbreaker. Steen backpacks B-Boy and sentons onto Bosh. Akuma missile dropkicks Steen and falls into a senton onto Bosh. Jigsaw tags in. He goes for a superkick but gets punched in the groin by Jigsaw. Steen notices and punches B-Boy in the groin. Cabana accidentally walks groin first into Bosh’s fist. The same thing happens to Akuma when he goes for a kick, Steen when he hops off the top rope, Reyes when he comes charging, and Lost when he comes to check on his partner. Cabana and Steen put the non-Dynasty teams in a pile. They all move when Steen goes for a splash. Akuma drops B-Boy with a Complete Shot. Jigsaw gives him a legdrop as Sky and Stevens come in. Cabana throws out a bunch of people forgetting that all six teams need to be in for those eliminations to count. Steen and Bosh trade punches with the crowds calling out their last names. The fans keep with it and call out every wrestler’s last name as they throws punches. Stevens splashes Steen in the corner. Akuma suplexes Sky and gets two with a back senton. Steen twists up both of Bosh’s nipples as the North Star Express make their way out. Eliminations are now in play. Stevens and Sky start battling with Jigsaw and Akuma in one corner. Bosh begins shadow wrestling absolutely nobody. Cabana randomly trips him. Bosh gives Steen a stunner. Steen comes back with a Rock Bottom. Cabana gives Steen and stunner and throws him out, thus eliminating himself too. Jigsaw punches Sky in the corner. Cabana stops Steen from kicking him low and drops an elbow on his groin. Akuma and Jigsaw give Cruz a Total Elimination variant. Sky gives Jigsaw a couple backbreakers. B-Boy and Akuma take turns kicking Corbin. Lost gives Jigsaw a gutbuster. Jigsaw chokeslams him! B-Boy suplexes Jigsaw onto his head. He slingshots Sky to the floor, eliminating him and Stevens. Reyes and B-Boy eliminate Jigsaw at 13:21 (from their entry until elimination), thus ending our heroes journey. That was total chicanery which I loved ever so much. For the record, the North Star Express won, last pinning B-Boy with an assist from Lost and Bosh. The total time of the match was 23:33. ***


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