Once In A Lifetime


Reading, PA – 9.22.2006

Commentary is provided by UltraMantis Black, Chris Hero, Larry Sweeney, Leonard F. Chikarason, and Bryce Remsburg.

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Equinox vs. Hydra, El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC}

Hydra tries to show off by doing push-ups. Not only does he do a terrible job, but Soldier Ant shows him up. Hydra is frustrated by his saluting. Soldier Ant puts on an abdominal stretch whilst saluting. Hydra gets stuck in a bridge after escaping a hammerlock. Soldier Ant falls onto him to break the bridge. Jr. and Equinox tag in. Jr. blocks some offense, but ends up being sent out by a dropkick. Hijo and Fire Ant tag in. Hijo kicks him in the leg and brings him down in a side headlock. Hijo hurts his cherry on his head when he and Fire Ant go head-to-head. Fire Ant toreadors him into a fireman’s carry. Fire Ant hides behind Hijo, then runs the ropes to give him another fireman’s carry. Hijo baits him into a back chop. He smacks him in the face. Jr. helps him hit El Asesino. The Rudos team up on Fire Ant in their corner. Hijo even goes after the mask and antennae because he’s a jerk. Fire Ant tricks Hydra and Jr. into thinking that Hijo pinched their bottoms. He rolls to the floor while the Rudos are arguing. Soldier Ant and Equinox dropkick Los Ice Creams to the floor with Hydra. The Colony fake them out, allowing Equinox to dive onto all three of them. The Ants Marching neck breaker on Hydra, followed by a standing shooting star press by Equinox gets them a two count. Even with triple pinfalls the Tecnicos can’t get the win. G.I. Ant is formed by The Colony so they can grab Jr.’s cone. Hijo and Hydra double schoolboy the Colony. Equinox breaks the cover. Hijo gives Fire Ant the Jack & Jill Hammer while Jr. gives Equinox the Cold Stone Stunner. Jr. monkey flips Soldier Ant into El Asesino. They slam Hydra onto Soldier Ant for the pin at 16:42. That was fun and goofy, but a little uncoordinated at times. Los Ice Creams got a chance to shine, though the Colony and Equinox probably could have used the win more than them. **1/2

Young Lions Cup
Arik Cannon (Champion) vs. Lance Steel

Cannon gets a few chants out of the crowd. He snaps off a couple armdrags to send Steel to the floor. Cannon ducks a clothesline, but stupidly chops Steel’s armor. He does it again after Steel eggs him on. He then puts on a side headlock. Steel reverses an Irish whip by throwing Cannon to the mat by his chin. He gets two with a back elbow. Cannon cradles him for his own two count. Cannon rolls to the floor after eating a dropkick. Steel rakes his eyes before throwing him back into the ring. Cannon ducks a clothesline and drops Steel with a twisting neckbreaker. Steel gives him a chinbreaker and chokes Cannon on the middle rope. Cannon comes back with some clotheslines. He gets two with Total Anarchy thanks to Steel grabbing the bottom rope. A couple haymakers take Steel off his feet. He ducks the Glimmering Warlock. He gives Cannon a Finlay Roll and goes for the Boston Crab. Cannon kicks him off. Steel schoolboys him and puts his feet on the ropes. Referee Bryce Remsburg catches him and stops the count. Cannon sunset flips Steel for the pin at 7:45. The selling was really inconsistent here. Guys would kind of pop up after bigger moves and carry on like nothing happened. There were some cool moments, but nothing really special or particularly interesting. **

We see Rorschach and Crossbones pulling up in a car. Crossbones says he and Rorschach are going to destroy “JigStorm” tonight. Crossbones worked out his hands by driving around the parking lot, which I guess he feels will help him win the match.

Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. Crossbones & Rorschach

Rorschach is frustrated that he can’t take control of his former partner Jigsaw. He stretches out Rorschach across his back before dropping him with a Gory Special. He dropkicks Rorschach to the floor. Rorschach moves before Jigsaw makes a dive. Storm and Crossbones tag in. Crossbones kicks him in the back a couple times. Storm holds up his STOP sign to stop a third kick. He sweeps Crossbones legs and cartwheels into a splash. Storm takes him down with a couple forearms. Crossbones sends Storm shoulder first into the ring post and Rorschach kicks his head into the post! Storm evades Rorschach’s slingshot elbow, but gets taken down with a Slingblade. He misses a Swanton, giving Storm a moment to tag in Jigsaw. He hits a springboard clothesline and a leg lariat for two. Jigsaw hooks him for the Jig N’ Tonic. Rorschach grabs the middle rope and then swings Jigsaw into an Anaconda Vice. Jigsaw rolls out and delivers the Rack Bomb. Crossbones breaks the cover. He picks up Jigsaw for a slide slam. Storm breaks that cover. A running knee strike gets him two. Storm places Rorschach on the top rope. Jigsaw brings him down with the Leap of Faith. Storm hits That Japanese Move for the pin at 10:10. That match just flew by. There was some awkward moments, but it was enjoyable throughout and the finishing sequence was really nifty. **1/2

Reckless Youth vs. Gran Akuma {F}

Youth takes Akuma to the mat in a grapevine. Akuma crawls to the ropes to escape. Youth armdrags Akuma to the corner. He brings Akuma to the mat in a neck-tie headscissors. Akuma turns that over into a modified Boston Crab which Youth breaks by grabbing the ropes. Youth scouts a leg trap and toreadors Akuma. Frustrated, Akuma hits the floor. Akuma blocks an elbow from the apron and snaps Youth’s neck on the top rope. He sends Youth out with a one-legged dropkick to the side of the head. Akuma suicide dives after him. In the ring he goes for a Japanese stranglehold, which Youth counters with a cradle. Youth pops him up for a Complete Shot. He lands a somersault senton across Akuma’s back for two. Akuma hooks Youth’s arms in the ropes and dropkicks his head into the second turnbuckle. Akuma puts on a standing Octopus Stretch then rolls up Youth for a two count. He chokes Youth on the middle ropes. Youth stops Akuma on the top rope and superplexes him. Akuma comes back with a backbreaker. He gets two with a snapmare driver. Youth blocks a kick and dragonscrew leg whips Akuma to the floor. Youth drives his knees into Akuma in the corner, then monkey flips him for two. Youth rolls through Akuma’s crossbody and gets two. He then delivers the 2k1 Bomb, but Akuma manages to kick out. Youth dragonscrews the leg once more. He goes for the Kondo Clutch. Akuma rolls out and kicks Youth in the ribs. Akuma tries to introduce a chair into the ring. Bryce disposes of it, and at the same time Akuma kicks Youth in the crotch. Akuma then hits a Falcon Arrow for the pin at 15:39. This was a really good back-and-forth contest where Akuma looked like an equal to the seasoned veteran. He resorted to cheating to take Youth out, furthering Akuma as being one of the top villains in all of CHIKARA. Although the finish sounds cheap, it actually worked and didn’t detract from the action that preceded it whatsoever. ***1/4

UltraMantis Black says that Hallowicked makes his blood boil. He reminds us that it was in Philadelphia where he turned his back on Hallowicked and aligned himself with Hydra, who is next to him lifting a box of paper. Hydra will be in his corner tonight, and he is now bench pressing a broom. He tells Hallowicked that he will meet his doom tonight.

Hallowicked vs. UltraMantis Black

Hallowicked rushes the ring and attacks Mantis right away. He brings Mantis to the floor to continue his assault. They end up back in the ring where Hallowicked gives him a step-up Frankensteiner and the Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Mantis kicks out. Hydra hits Hallowicked in the back with Mantis’ staff from the floor. Mantis drops an elbow for two. He spins Hallowicked a few times before dropping him with a neckbreaker. He puts on a grounded hammerlock. Hallowicked elbows his way free, but Mantis throws Hallowicked to the mat by his stem. Mantis attacks his lower back where Hydra hit him with the staff. Hydra chokes Hallowicked on the ropes while Mantis distracts Bryce Remsburg. He drop toe holds Hallowicked into a butterfly lock. Mantis can’t get Hallowicked up from the Praying Mantis Bomb, so he chokes him instead. Hallowicked catches Mantis with the Rydeen Bomb. He sunset flips Mantis off the apron and to the floor! Hydra gives Hallowicked a hook clothesline on the floor after Mantis is back in the ring. Mantis gets two with a Tiger Driver. Hallowicked blocks an Irish Whip. He hits the Monster Mash for two. He big boots Mantis in the back of the head. Hydra comes into the ring. Hallowicked boots him to the floor. Mantis schoolboys Hallowicked for the pin at 10:27. Abrupt finish aside this was quite good. I liked the intensity Hallowicked brought at the beginning and how he carried it throughout the match. He even chases Hydra and Mantis to the back to show just how angry he is at them. The middle portion was a little slow, but from the sunset flip to the floor to the end, it was all gravy. **3/4

Larry Sweeney and Daizee Haze are very confident that they are going to defeat Eddie Kingston tonight. Leonard F. Chikarason confronts Sweeney to take the ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship from him since he stole it from Eddie Kingston after hitting him with a car in Barnesville. Chikarason says before his match tonight, Sweeney needs to return the title to its rightful owner. Sweeney doesn’t seemed to concerned about that, and says he and Daizee are going to “bring it” in the ring tonight.

Leonard F. Chikarason does make his way to the ring prior to the contest. He says if Sweeney does not return the title, he will bar Sweeney from competing in the entire state of Pennsylvania, not just in CHIKARA. Sweeney relinquishes the belt. Mickie Knuckles was supposed to be Kingston’s partner for the match, but she is not here. Chikarason gets ready to pull a name from a hat to replace her, but Kingston throws the hat out of the way and throws some strikes at Sweeney. Looks like we have ourselves a handicap match.

Eddie Kingston vs. Larry Sweeney & Daizee Haze

Haze jumps on Kingston’s back. Kingston throws her off and goes back to Sweeney who has hit the floor. Sweeney puts Haze in his path. Kingston puts her aside, allowing Sweeney to attack. Haze rakes his eyes too add insult to injury. Sweeney chokes him back in the ring. He attacks Kingston’s leg which was hurt in the car incident last month. Haze also goes after Kingston’s legs when she is in the ring. Kingston grabs her by the throat, but Haze kicks her leg and drags Sweeney back in. He gives him a Gord Buster and drops down the straps on his singlet. Kingston is able to give Sweeney a Backfist. That knocks Haze off the apron and to the floor. She grabs hier leg in pain. While the referee and Kingston are distracted, Sweeney nails him with brass knuckles. That gets him the pin at 7:31. Haze smiles while doing jumping jacks to prove that it was all a rouse. This wasn’t much of a match, moreso just Sweeney and Haze destroying Kingston’s knee for seven and a half minutes. It was really effective and super heated, so they get major kudos for keeping it interesting. **

Sweeney is laughing as he grabs the microphone in the aisl eway. He says this wouldn’t have happened if Kingston had a partner. As it turns out, it seems no one wants to be with him. Sweeney says Kingston won’t need one partner next month, but seven. Sweeney doubts Kingston will be able to find that many people to team with him. What Sweeney was alluding to was that he and Kingston will captain opposing Cibernetico teams next month at “Cibernetico Forever.”

Outside, Icarus tells us he’s lost everything – his mask, his hair, but he does have good friends. He knows Quackenbush requested his match with him tonight on his path to Chris Hero. Icarus says it won’t be that easy, because all he has left is the joy of hurting others. If Quackenbush thinks he can run through him and go straight to Hero, he has another thing coming.

Mike Quackenbush vs. Icarus {F}

Icarus backs Quackenbush to the corner and slaps him across the face. Quackenbush gives Icarus two hard chops across the chest as a receipt. He gives Icarus an armdrag and tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Quackenbush decides to do some damage to Icarus’ back. He locks the legs while pulling back on Icarus’ chin. Now he does some damage to the mid-section, including a flip senton to the small of the back for a two count. Icarus dropkicks Quackenbush’s leg out to send him into the corner. He chokes Quackenbush and gets two with a senton. Icarus sledges Quackenbush in the back when Quackenbush looks to escape. Just as quickly, Quackenbush puts on a full body stretch. Icarus goes to the eyes upon escaping. He gives him a fallaway slam for two. Quackenbush catches Icarus on the top rope with a superplex. As Bryce points out on commentary, both Black T-Shirt Squad members gave both F.I.S.T. members superplexes on this evening. He brings Icarus out of the corner after a clothesline with a bulldog. He gives Icarus a reverse brainbuster for two. Icarus catches Quackenbush with a reverse DDT. Quackenbush blocks a clothesline and gives him the Black Tornado Slam. Icarus kicks out. He escapes the Quackendriver II and hits the Wings of Icarus. Icarus is enraged upon Quackenbush kicking out. Quackenbush ducks a clothesline. He palm strikes Icarus and goes for the Wings of Icarus himself. Icarus tries to counter. Quackenbush stops that and hits the Quackendriver II for the pin at 13:15. Although they definitely conveyed their mutual hatred for one another, there was something missing from this match. For whatever reason, Quackenbush’s victory didn’t feel like a triumphant step forward towards his goal of a singles match with Hero. This was fine for what it was, but lacked the heat I was hoping for. **3/4

Darin Corbin lets us know that he and Ryan Cruz know how important tonight is for them. They came into Tag World Grand Prix 2005 as unknowns, and came so close to winning the 2006 Tag World. In fact, it was the current Campeones, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, who defeated Corbin and Cruz in that tournament. Corbin said from that point forward, they worked hard to get to where they are tonight. Cruz believes they know what it takes to take the belts home tonight. He hopes Corbin left enough room in his bag for a title belt.

Campeonatos de Parejas
Chris Hero {KOW} & Claudio Castagnoli {KOW} (Campeones) vs. Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE}

Hero and Claudio are also carrying the Ring of Honor tag titles with them, which they won from Austin Aries and Roderick Strong the weekend prior. Hero goes after Cruz’s legs. Cruz headscissors him to the floor. Hero talks some trash and does some showboating. Hero misses a few strikes in the corner. Cruz gets two with a huracanrana. Hero rolls to the floor as Corbin tags in. Corbin is too smart to fall for Claudio’s handshake attempt. He actually gets the better of Claudio which embarrasses the Swiss Aristocrat. Corbin bars his arm and brings him to the corner so Cruz can tag in. Claudio goes to the eyes so he can tag in Hero. Cruz trips Hero immediately. He tags in Corbin after bringing Hero to his corner. They give Hero a tandem gut buster and dropkicks to the head. Corbin controls Claudio by his arm. Hero blind tags in. He uppercuts Corbin from behind. Claudio assists him with a slam for a two count. Hero knocks Cruz off the apron before he and Claudio isolate Corbin their corner. Instead of focusing on the legs like Hero did with Cruz, they target Corbin’s left arm. Corbin huracanrana’s Claudio so he can tag in Cruz. He gives Hero a spinwheel kick and the Side Effect for two. Corbin trips Hero and brings him to the floor. Cruz monkey flips Claudio to the floor. The North Stars hit the Everlasting Gobstopper and Cruz Control on Hero to take the first fall at 19:54.

Hero is not happy that Claudio wasn’t looking after him. Their little fight almost costs them the match, as Cruz rolls up Claudio for two when he’s off guard. Claudio gives him a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Hero takes Corbin off the apron and hot shots him on the bar. He actually takes Corbin out of the building and slams the back door of a Budget moving truck into his ribs. Hero then locks the back door so Corbin can’t get back in once he recovers. Things seem grim for Cruz, as Hero and Claudio casually take turns wearing him down, mostly focusing on his back. Cruz tries to fight back, but gets booted to the corner. He falls victim to the KRS-TWO, and Hero picks up the second fall for his team at 25:49. The third fall is the same as the second; Hero and Claudio continuing to soften up Cruz’s back. Some miscommunication between Hero and Claudio allows Cruz to give Hero a tornado DDT. He knocks down Claudio with a tornado kick as well. From the front door of the building comes Darin Corbin, who tags in and cleans house with his one good arm. He DDT’s Claudio while giving Hero a stunner simultaneously. Hero suplexes Corbin. Corbin fires up and drills Hero with a knee strike. Claudio uppercuts Corbin. Cruz superkicks Claudio and gives him the Boom Shaka-Laka for two. Claudio gives him a backbreaker. He boots Corbin. Hero boots Cruz off of Claudio’s shoulders and gets two. Claudio and Hero mockingly set up Cruz for Cruz Control. Corbin gives Hero an Ace Crusher. He dropkicks Claudio so that he slams Cruz onto Hero. It only gets them two. Hero traps Cruz in the ropes and boots him in the head. Hero and Claudio give Corbin the KRS-ONE to pick up the third fall and the win at 31:38. This told a great story from start to finish. Whether it be the Kings vigilantly working over their opponents, Corbin’s comeback in the end, dissension amongst the champions, or the North Stars almost squeaking out the win, there was always something to hold your interest at any given time. This lived up to the excellent first Campeones defense, and I don’t think this match gets enough credit. ***3/4


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