IWA Deep South: The South Will Rise Again

Pell City, AL – 8.26.2006

Larry Sweeney says he was excited for his IWA-DS debut and ended up losing in the main event. He feels like the referee screwed him in his match with Nasty Kritter Scrub. Tonight he faces Brad Armstrong, a man he respects. In order to ensure he doesn’t get screwed again, he will have IWA Deep South Champion Hallowicked in his corner. Sweeney says he’s going to help Hallowicked with Cabana Man Dan, who vacated the title and feels he should get a title rematch. Sweeney disagrees and believes Dan needs to start at the bottom and work his way back up. Sweeney says he and Hallowicked are going to take the throne as Kings of Pell City when all is said and done.

Eddie Kingston is with Joker. He claims he will knock Ian Rotten’s head off. He has not had the chance to step in the ring with Corporal Robinson, but he and Joker will take him out too.

Mike Quackenbush vs. Chuck Taylor

Quackenbush coming out to “Private Eyes” by Hall & Oates was a pleasant surprise. Quackenbush wins a wristlock exchange. He takes Taylor to the mat while barring his arm. He picks Taylor back up in a headlock when Taylor drops down. This happens a couple more times. Taylor stomps on Quackenbush’s leg to get on his own headlock. Quackenbush clotheslines Taylor to the floor. In the ring, Quackenbush ties up Taylor in a human knot. Taylor wiggles his way free. Taylor complains about being tied up, so Quackenbush agrees to not put him in that hold again. Taylor kicks him in the stomach when Quackenbush attempts a handshake. Quackenbush then puts Taylor in a pendulum and rams his head into the bottom turnbuckle. Taylor is not pleased. Quackenbush armdrags Taylor to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. In the ring he drops his knees across Taylor’s chest for a two count. Taylor gives him an atomic drop and pokes him in the eyes. His pretty dropkick gets a two count. Taylor rolls Quackenbush into a cross-armed headscissors submission. Taylor releases when Quackenbush gets under the ropes. Taylor breaks a headlock and hits another beautiful dropkick. Taylor gets two with a moonsault. Quackenbush ducks a couple clotheslines and evades a clothesline. Quackenbush brings Taylor to the corner with forearms. He throws multiple punches and a chop. He brings Taylor out with a bulldog and hits a basement dropkick for two. Quackenbush gives him a Tiger Driver for two as well. Taylor gets the ropes when Quackenbush attempts the Lightning Lock. Taylor overhead suplexes him. He delivers Sole Food and an enzuigiri. Quackenbush kicks out. He gives Taylor a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Taylor throws him off the top rope. Quackenbush rolls through but feigns hurt. Taylor goes for a moonsault thinking he is hurt. Quackenbush of course moves and goes for Quackendriver I. Taylor rolls up Quackenbush instead and gets the pin at 16:53. That was a lot of fun. I was pleasantly surprised to see Taylor get the win, but considering how strong he got to look it was warranted. I’d love to see a rematch in present day. ***

Eddie Kingston & Joker vs. Ian Rotten & Corporal Robinson

Rotten shoulder tackles Kingston. Rotten arm whips him out of a test of strength. Rotten kicks his way out of a wristlock. Robinson and Joker tag in. Joker chops him in the corner. Robinson responds with a flurry of punches to the head. Joker takes him down with a running elbow. Robinson crescent kicks him into a suplex. Kingston breaks the pin. Robinson drop toe holds Joker into a splash from Rotten. Joker and Kingston double shoulder tackle Rotten for one. Rotten and Kingston trade strikes. Rotten gives him an Ace Crusher for one. Kingston yakuza kicks him. Rotten responds with a clothesline. More strikes are thrown until they are both down. Robinson throws punches at Joker while Kingston and Rotten fight on the floor. In the ring they throw headbutts at one another. Robinson piles up some chairs on the floor. Joker slams Robinson onto them. Rotten hits Joker with a chair. Rotten kicks out Kingston’s leg and hits it with a chair. He puts on a figure four which Joker breaks. A pile of chairs (six set up near each other with others laying on top) is set up ringside. Robinson Side Russian leg sweeps Kingston onto the contraption. Rotten goes for a senton onto him but ends up crashing through the chairs instead. Kingston whips Rotten into a wall. Robinson throws punches at Kingston back in the ring. Kingston chops him up in the corner. A yakuza kick leads to a shotgun lariat. Joker knee drops Robinson off of Kingston’s shoulders for a slam and the pin at 12:13. That was pretty disjointed throughout. We had some shockingly decent wrestling, then just chair stuff on the floor, and then a finish. I guess you play to your wrestlers strengths, but I honestly think this would have been better suited as a straight wrestling match. **

IWA Deep South Championship
Hallowicked (Champion) vs. Brandon Thomaselli

Hallowicked comes out to “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak (hilarious) and has a chair with “TAZZ” written on it. Thomaselli grabs Hallowicked by his stem and puts on a wristlock. Hallowicked gets the ropes when he is taken to the mat. Shenanigans with Thomaselli’s ring jacket ensue. Hallowicked crawls under the ring. Thomaselli scares him back into the ring. Hallowicked puts on a headlock. Thomaselli grabs his stem to break it. Thomaselli picks his ankle. He puts on leg capture cravat submission. Hallowicked kicks out of a cradle and retreats in the corner. Thomaselli goes for the leg again. Thomaselli slaps Hallowicked in the face before he grabs the ropes. Hallowicked ducks a boot, but takes a backslide and an O’Conner Roll for two each. Hallowicked rolls to the floor when he fails to kip up. Thomaselli slaps his back and nails a pescado. Thomaselli gets two with a slingshot elbow. Hallowicked gives him a step-up Frankensteiner. He claws at Thomaselli’s face. Hallowicked’s standing somersault senton gets him a two count. Hallowicked rakes his eyes with his feet for two. He gets the same result with a super snapmare. Thomaselli sweeps his legs for a standing moonsault. He misses a standing shooting star press. Hallowicked stomps on his chest for two. Hallowicked misses a few strikes in the corner. Thomaselli small packages him and gets a two count. Hallowicked big boots him for two. Hallowicked side steps a quebrada. Thomaselli goes for a back handspring elbow and gets dropkicked mid-move. Hallowicked misses a Swanton Bomb. Thomaselli splashes him in the corner. He gets two with a high knee. Thomaselli goes for the Air Raid Crash. Hallowicked escapes and gives him a Michinoku Driver for two. Thomaselli ends a forearm exchange with the Golden Gate Swing. Hallowicked kicks out. Thomaselli goes up top. Hallowicked crotches him. He hits the Graveyard Smash for the pin at 17:56. There was a long time in the beginning where I thought “what on Earth are these two doing?” Once the wrestling got going this was very good, it just took its sweet time getting there. **3/4

Larry Sweeney vs. Brad Armstrong

Sweeney trash talks his opponent from last show, Nasty Kritter Scrub, who is on commentary for this match. Brad Armstrong is in amazing shape for being 45 and wrestling for as long as he has. Sweeney bails to the floor before they even touch. He demands Bryce Remsburg check Armstrong’s knee brace and pad again. Sweeney goes to the corner to break a lock-up and lies about Armstrong pulling his hair. Sweeney actually does pull Armstrong’s hair and gets in the ropes so he can’t be touched. Armstrong throws Sweeney to the mat by his hair, causing Sweeney to go back to the floor. Sweeney shoulder blocks him. Armstrong takes him down with an armdrag. Armstrong headbutts the arm before barring it back on the canvas. Sweeney Hot Shots Armstrong on the top rope. Sweeney puts on a wrist tape assisted headlock. Armstrong’s arm only drops twice. As Armstrong is set to break free, Sweeney kicks him in the arm. Sweeney gets two with a running elbow drop. He chokes Armstrong on the middle rope. He does more damage to Armstrong’s arm. Armstrong kicks out of a second rope elbow. Armstrong throws him off the top rope. He punches Sweeny in the mid-section and knees him in the face. He hits a dropkick but Sweeney gets his foot on the ropes to break his pin. Armstrong gives him three punches in the corner. Sweeney trips him into a pin and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage, giving him the victory at 13:33. That was the kind of old school match with the typical face/heel roles you would expect. They play those roles well, but at times it makes a 13 minute match feel like it went double the time. For the type of crowd they had, this was the perfect match. As a viewer at home, this was nothing special. **

Many fans complain to Bryce about Sweeney using the ropes. Nasty Kritter Scrub even grabs the microphone to complain. Out of nowhere, Hallowicked attacks Armstrong from behind. He and Sweeney bail when Scrub comes to make the save. Hallowicked and Sweeney celebrate on the floor. Armstrong and Scrub propose to Bryce to have a tag match right here and now. Sweeney and Hallowicked don’t like it, but the match is made official.

Larry Sweeney & Hallowicked vs. Brad Armstrong & Nasty Kritter Scrub

Sweeney kicks Scrub in the stomach. Hallowicked comes in to help stomp Scrub down. Sweeney and Hallowicked take turns attacking Scrub in their corner. Hallowicked and Sweeney have some fun with the crowd while doing it. Scrub feeds Hallowicked Sweeney’s arm by accident for the water pump. Sweeney yells at Hallowicked. While he is begging for forgiveness, Armstrong tags in. He sends Sweeney out and backdrops Hallowicked. He gets two with a side Russian leg sweep. Sweeney accidentally elbow drops his partner. Armstrong trips Sweeney into the same pin Sweeney used, feet on the ropes and all, for the pin at 5:41. Again, great for the crowd, but not so hot on DVD. I will say that I am glad it was short and Armstrong’s comeback was fiery and awesome. *


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