UWA Hardcore: Return of the Dragon

Mississauga, ONT – 7.28.2006

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Eddie Kingston (Champion) vs. Larry Sweeney

Sweeney attacks Kingston behind his back. Kingston gets in a few chops on the floor. Sweeney rakes his eyes, but Kingston shoves him shoulder first into the ring post. Sweeney gets whipped into the guardrails. Sweeney bits Kingston in the face and throws him into the guardrail. Kingston brings Sweeney to the stage. However, it’s Sweeney who manages to suplex Kingston onto that very stage. Sweeney tosses him back into the ring. He rakes Kingston’s eyes when he tries to fight. Sweeney drives his knee into his back. Kingston elbows up from the apron. Sweeney throws Kingston to the mat by his singlet. Sweeney slaps him in the corner. Kingston becomes angry and throws multiple chops. He drops Sweeney with a Complete Shot for two. Sweeney ducks a clothesline and delivers a gord buster. Sweeney picks up Kingston. Kingston rocks him with two Backfists. Sweeney kicks Kingston low to block the Royal Flush. When Bryce Remsburg gets in his face, Sweeney throws Bryce face first into the second turnbuckle. Sweeney takes off Remsburg’s belt and begins to whip Kingston on the back. Bryce calls for the DQ on Sweeney at 6:14. Obviously this was all to set up to another match down the line. The intensity towards the end really brought up the intensity in the overall feud. I give Kingston and Sweeney major kudos for making this feud seem very real. **

Sweeney continues to use the belt after the match. Kingston’s fellow BLK Out stable mates run out to chase Sweeney away. Sweeney bails into the crowd while Ruckus, Sabian and Robbie Mireno check on Kingston.


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