IWC: UnCaged Fury

Elizabeth, PA – 7.6.2006

Larry Sweeney vs. Ricky Reyes

Sweeney screws around for a bit, avoiding Reyes. Reyes takes Sweeney down to the mat in a front chancery. Reyes takes Sweeney over into an armbar. Sweeney works over Reyes’ left knee to gain control. Reyes comes back with a bulldog and kicks away at Sweeney’s legs. Reyes gives Sweeney a twisting neck breaker for two. Sweeney turns a monkey flip attempt into a folding press with his foot on the ropes for the pin at 6:53. This was boring, boring stuff. I don’t even know what else to say. I basically captured my entire thoughts in those few sentences. ½*


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