Young Lions Cup IV Night III


Philadelphia, PA – 6.25.2006

Commentary is provided by UltraMantis Black, Larry Sweeney, Bryce Remsburg, Chris Hero, and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Los Ice Creams, Crossbones and Rorschach are hanging out in a bathroom. Los Ice Creams speak in Spanish. Crossbones says they’re going to squash some ants tonight.

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C}, Equinox & Angel del Fuego vs. Crossbones, Rorschach, El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC}

Soldier Ant salutes Crossbones after breaking a wristlock. Soldier Ant blocks a lot of offense before giving Crossbones a stunner. He headscissors Crossbones to the floor. Fire Ant and Rorschach tag in. Fire Ant hits a quesadora armdrag. He toreadors Rorschach into a fireman’s carry. He comes off the top with a dropkick to send Rorschach out. Fuego and Jr. tag in. Fuego confuses Jr. by coming off the ropes too quickly. He huracanrana’s Jr. out and then flies out with a corkscrew plancha. Equinox and Hijo come in. Equinox evades Hijo’s initial offense and snaps off a huracanrana. He sends Hijo to the corner with a twisting alita. He misses a flying forearm. Equinox blocks his corner attacks. Hijo pinches his buttocks and slaps him in the face. Hijo gets two with a butterfly suplex. The Rudo team all gang up on Equinox. He has the wherewithal to hit the floor. This brings in Fire Ant, who is caught by Crossbones and dragon kicked for two. Crossbones unloads more kicks after Rorschach gives Fire Ant a backbreaker. Los Ice Creams give him the Ice Cream Sandwich for two. Rorschach clotheslines Fire Ant to the floor. Fuego comes in, getting kicked by Rorschach immediately. Fuego gets double teamed by Los Ice Creams until he crossbody’s them and rolls out. Soldier Ant comes in. Hijo boots him in the stomach. He of course takes a licking as well. Hijo foolishly leaves him on the top rope too long, letting him recover. He dives over Hijo and tags in Fire Ant. Shortly after a headlock chain with everyone forms. Soldier Ant gives Crossbones a DDT, effectively DDTing everyone else too. Fire Ant climbs the pole by the entrance way and dives onto everyone! Equinox and Jr. are still in the ring. Jr. busts out the sprinkles and “sprinkles” them onto the canvas. He sets up for the Sprinkle Bomb. Equinox instead huracanrana’s Jr. onto them! The standing shooting star press gets him the pin at 12:08. God bless Larry Sweeney for his reaction to the sprinkles. That was fine. Fire Ant’s dive and the finish made the match. **1/2

Mickie Knuckles vs. Daizee Haze

Haze brings Knuckles to her knees in a wristlock. He turns that into a hammerlock. Knuckles takes her down in a waistlock, transitioning to a front facelock. Back to the hammerlock from Haze. She turns it into a pin for two. Knuckles monkey flips her over. Haze complains to referee Matt Dillon. I can’t hear what they are saying. Dillon does a small dance so I presume that was the result of their exchange. Haze makes Knuckles chase her around the ring. Knuckles is too smart and evades Haze’s elbow drop attempt back in the ring. Dillon has to break up a lock-up in the corner. Haze slaps Knuckles in the face and pretends Knuckles poked her in the eye. Knuckles then slaps Haze in the face for real. Haze puts on a headscissors. Knuckles escapes but gets kicked in the face. Haze hits a couple low dropkicks for two. Some more dropkicks lead to a stunner. Haze gets two with a kneeling press. Haze hits the Heart Punch for two. Knuckles throws a flurry of forearms. Haze has her hand in the ropes to block the pin. Haze whips her to the corner. Haze kicks her in the head. Knuckles catches her and hits a spinning slam. Haze kicks out. Knuckles picks up Haze. Haze reverses it into a cradle whilst grabbing Knuckles’ gear to get the pin at 11:12. Boring is the only word I can think to describe this. The crowd could not have possibly cared less who won, as evident by Haze’s Heart Punch getting no reaction. It’s not as if they had much to care about in the first place anyways. Not the best women’s outing I have seen in these older shows. *

Max Boyer vs. Dan Paysan

This match is a result of these two fighting after losing a trios match yesterday in Hellertown. Boyer charges and throws punches right at the bell. Paysan responds with chops. Boyer nails a hard forearm. Paysan tries to retreat in the corner but gets kicked instead. Boyer blocks a superkick. Paysan however delivers a few armdrags successfully. He grinds his forearm into Boyer’s face. Paysan drops a knee for two. He pitches Boyer to the apron, thinking he sent him to the floor. Boyer goes for a clothesline from the apron. Paysan ducks and dropkicks Boyer to the floor. Paysan jump off the second rope and armdrags Boyer onto the floor. Back in the ring, Boyer dropkicks Paysan as he comes off the top rope. Paysan bounces between ropes, eventually coming off for a huracanrana. That only gets a two count. Paysan hits the Canolli Driver for another two count. Boyer takes advantage of Paysan’s showboating by giving him five German suplexes. Paysan manages to kick out somehow. Paysan gets his elbow up to block a corner attack. He grabs the ropes when Boyer goes for another German suplex. Paysan goes to climb the ropes. Boyer pulls him down and hits The Lifestyle (a wrist-clutch fisherman’s brainbuster) for the pin at 6:14. I can see why Boyer was brought back so regularly. He was a stand-out of the weekend and is truly quite gifted in the technical wrestling department. He and Paysan made the most of their six minutes and really impressed all weekend long. **3/4

Ricochet & Player Uno vs. Chuck Taylor & Cloudy

These are some odd pairings if I may say so. I should note that even at this time people were talking about Ricochet being able to do a double rotation moonsault. I thought that was interesting. Uno wastes no time, snapmaring Cloudy into a Camel Clutch. Cloudy delivers some armdrags. Uno drops him on his face to stop a quesadora. He hits a dropkick for two. Cloudy slides out to the floor. Taylor comes in with a springboard dropkick. Ricochet comes in with a huracanrana. He Tiger walks Taylor and goes for a monkey flip. Taylor sits Ricochet on the top rope. Ricochet snaps off another huracanrana. He rolls Taylor into a stretch. Ricochet flips to the top rope. He comes off only to be taken over with a belly-to-belly suplex. Taylor and Cloudy hit Partly Cloudy with a chance of…Chuck? Anyway, its gets a two count. God Taylor’s dropkick is pretty. He gets two with a moonsault. Ricochet escapes their grasp with a tornado kick to Cloudy. Uno slingshot sentons in for two. Uno gives him a Michinoku Driver. Taylor quickly breaks the pin. Cloudy gives Uno a Flying Blockbuster. Taylor dropkicks Uno’s neck. Uno whips Taylor to the corner. Taylor gets a neck-tie headscissors. Uno boots him. Ricochet monkey flips Taylor into a boot from Uno. Ricochet gives Taylor a lungblower. Uno German suplexes him. Cloudy makes the save. Uno cannonball dives onto Taylor through the middle rope. Ricochet sends Cloudy to the apron. Cloudy springs back off the middle rope onto Uno. Cloudy cuts off Ricochet’s dive, and Taylor tope con hilo’s over both of them onto Uno. Ricochet finishes things with a Double Rotation Moonsault onto everyone! In the ring Uno hits an uppercut to Cloudy. Uno drops him with the Game Genie. Taylor gives him a gnarly looking Awful Waffle. Ricochet breaks the pin. Ricochet fights him off the top rope. He hits a 630 splash and Cloudy makes the save again. Cloudy hits a Yoshi Tonic for the pin at 10:18. That was wild. These four guys made a statement by working their butts off from bell to bell. It’s no wonder every one became CHIKARA regulars. In fact, I’d say this year yielded the most successful batch of Young Lions ever for the company. This was quite a show. ***1/4

Larry Sweneey says he’s been traveling a lot lately which has given him time to think about a guy he traveled with fairly often; Eddie Kingston. He admits Kingston got him in the door to a lot of places, but doesn’t like that Kingston thinks he is all show and not a tough guy. He says after their match, no one will ever make the mistake of not thinking he’s tough ever again.

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Larry Sweeney (Champion) vs. Eddie Kingston

Sweeney slaps Kingston in the face. Kingston slaps back. They begin throwing punches at each other on the mat. Kingston barely lets up before he and Sweeney trade overhand chops. Kingston wins the chop battle. Kingston backdrops and belly-to-belly suplexes him. Bryce has to let up Kingston from throwing too many forearms. As Kingston is in Bryce’s face, Sweeney smacks him in the throat. He chokes Kingston on the middle rope. Sweeney elbows Kingston’s throat for two. Sweeney chokes him on the middle rope again, even sitting down on the Kingston’s back for additional leverage. Kingston backs Kingston to the corner. Sweeney punches him in the stomach a few times. Kingston throws some chops. The Backfist to the Future scares Sweeney. He pulls Kingston into the corner and puts on a sleeper. Kingston fights out of it. Sweeney kicks Kingston in the back of the thigh. Bryce mistakes it for a low blow and disqualifies Sweeney at 5:08. The finish was a bit cheap, but man did these guys bring the intensity. I love how they have two feuds going right now (this and Icarus/Jigsaw) where the hatred feels real. It makes the feud that much better. I can’t wait to see these two go at it again. **1/2

Sweeney chokes Kingston with a chain. When Bryce tries to stop him, he gets kicked in the stomach. Sweeney beats Kingston with his title belt. Sweeney hits the 12 Large Elbow for the proverbial exclamation point. Kingston can’t get off his feet and is seen laying on the arena floor before we cut to the back.

In the back, Chris Hero mentions that he is both the CZW World champion and one half of CHIKARA’s Campones de Parejas. He wonders why he’s in a singles match against Brandon Thomaselli, but realizes there aren’t enough good tag teams in CHIKARA for him and Claudio to face. He says a bunch of teams are running around trying to collect points for a title shot but none of them can get the job done. He tells us that Brandon Thomaselli has never beaten him and that won’t change tonight. He’ll show everyone again why he is the best.

Brandon Thomaselli {IS} vs. Chris Hero {KOW}

Hero jumps Thomaselli with a forearm right at the bell. Thomaselli hits a dropkick in spite of that. Hero throws a chop to block an Irish whip. Thomaselli’s various armdrags lead to an arm hold. Hero forearms Thomaselli in the corner. Hero rolls off the top rope. Thomaselli back flips and headscissors Hero to the ropes. A leg lariat brings Hero out. Thomaselli misses a pescado and gets booted from Hero from the inside of the ring. Hero hits a senton back in the ring for two. Thomaselli almost fights back, but Hero catches him with a snap powerslam to bring things back in his favor. Hero slams him off his shoulders. Hero rolls back for a senton but Thomaselli gets his knees up. Thomaselli belly-to-belly suplexes him afterwards. This leads to a forearm exchange. Hero wins it, but Thomaselli kicks him in the face two times. A splash and sliding facewash dropkick get the crowd even more in his favor. Thomaselli comes off the top with a huracanrana for two. Hero grabs a cravate when he recovers. Thomaselli rolls out. Thomaselli hits the Golden Gate Swing for two. Thomaselli goes for a powerbomb. Hero turns it into a cravate facebuster. He gets the pin with a standing moonsault at 8:36. Anti-climatic finish aside this was another great match. Brandon Thomaselli is a guy I had not seen much of and ended up really impressed by this match and his match with Max Boyer on Night I. When you can believably make it seem like you can beat one of the top guys in a company, you know you’re doing something right. ***

Hallowicked and Delirious are hanging out in a…coat closet, or something backstage. They cut a promo which of course can’t be understood.

Delirious & Hallowicked vs. Sal Thomaselli {IS} & Vito Thomaselli {IS}

Delirious goes nuts at the bell. Hallowicked and Vito start. Vito’s right show has tape on it. They exchange holds on the mat. Vito grabs Hallowicked’s stek to try and break an ankle hold. He rolls Hallowicked into a pin, but Hallowicked kicks out and puts on a key lock while holding onto Vito’s arm. Sal kicks Hallowicked to break his partner free. Delirious and Sal tag in. Delirious crawls between his legs to escape a wristlock. Sal gets distracted by some mouthy fans. Delirious backdrops Vito when Sal has him in a hammerlock. Delirious sweeps Sal’s legs so that he dropkicks Vito. The Saints get into a shoving battle, allowing Hallowicked and Delirious to dropkick them to the floor. Hallowicked suicide dives onto them. Delirious runs around the ring in celebration. Delirious and Vito engage in a chop battle. Vito gives him a chinbreaker, leading to Thomaselli’s isolating Delirious in their half of the ring. They double team Delirious whenever they get the chance. Delirious trips Sal into the second turnbuckle. He connects with the Panic Attack before tagging in Hallowicked. He clotheslines both Saints. Vito takes the Rydeen Bomb. Hallowicked holds Sal upside down in the ropes so that Delirious can dropkick him. UltraMantis Black is now ringside. He gets Hallowicked’s attention. Vito attacks him from behind. Hallowicked and Vito trade pin attempts. Hallowicked armdrags out of Sal’s waistlock. Hallowicked rolls him up for two. Sal sends Hallowicked to the floor. Mantis begins talking to Hallowicked. Coaching him, it seems. Vito attacks him from behind. Sal puts Delirious in a tree of woe. Vito gives him a spinebuster. They go for the Quebec Crash. Hallowicked gets his knees up to block. Delirious hits Shadows Over Hell on Sal. Hallowicked and Delirious cradle both Saints for stereo two counts. Vito sends Hallowicked out. Mantis nails him with a forearm and throws him into the ring post! Delirious dropkicks Vito onto Sal. Hydra comes out to help Mantis attack Hallowicked. Sal saves Vito from the Bizarro Driver. A double flapjack leads to a pendulum/double stomp combo and the pin at 11:16. I find it funny that the Thomaselli’s won two tag matches this weekend with the aid of their opponents’ enemies. The match itself was good, but existed solely to set up the Mantis/Hydra vs. Delirious/Hallowicked feud for the rest of the year. **3/4

Mantis and Hydra continue to beat down Hallowicked in the ring. Mantis attacks Delirious whenever he tries to get back in the ring. Hydra gives Hallowicked a Complete Shot. Mantis places his black robe on Hallowicked’s fallen body with Delirious laying close by. That is quite a statement Mantis has made towards his former partner.

Icarus drops a RENT reference to start his promo. He reminds us, again that he was the one who took Mister ZERO and Jolly Roger out of wrestling for good and injured Mike Quackenbush. Claudio says he’s coming right after Quackenbush tonight. Akuma says he will take Shane Storm out for taking his mask last Fall. Icarus says while Jigsaw thinks everything the fans do is right and holy, he will never defend them. He promises their feud will be over tonight. He promised that last night too and it didn’t happen, so I’m not believing him this time either.

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}, Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

F.I.S.T. and Claudio watch all four sides of the ring to not let their opponents in. Storm and Akuma eventually start things off. Akuma kicks away at his legs. Storm huracanrana’s him to the floor then fakes a dive. Claudio and Jigsaw tag in. Jigsaw takes him over with an armdrag which does not sit well with Claudio. Claudio trips him, but Jigsaw is able to drag him by the neck. Another armdrag sends Claudio out. Akuma kicks Jigsaw some more. Jigsaw sends Akuma’s feet into Claudio. Storm helps Jigsaw with a London Bridge on Icarus and Akuma. Storm dives onto Claudio on the floor while Quackenbush and Jigsaw give F.I.S.T. stereo monkey flips. Storm gives Icarus an armdrag and heel kick. Quackenbush comes in with Claudio. They go through their impressive routine you have seen in the majority of their matches. Quackenbush does cartwheel into a headscissors which is quite impressive. Quackenbush springboard sentons onto Claudio on the floor. Jigsaw and Akuma throw kicks at each others’ legs. Jigsaw side steps a dropkick. Jigsaw uses Akuma to kick Icarus, then takes him down with a satellite headscissors. Jigsaw makes fools of all the Rudos by side stepping their attacks. Icarus and Akuma do both catch him with sentons. Icarus goes right for Jigsaw’s mask. He cuts it out when Bryce threatens a DQ. He does however drag Jigsaw to his corner so his team can beat him down. Jigsaw manages to roll out of the ring after a triple facebuster. Storm tries to attack but ends up becoming the Rudos’ next victim. In a nice piece of symmetry, when Claudio and F.I.S.T. toss Storm in the air, he is able to slip out after landing. In another piece of symmetry, Quackenbush runs in to strike and gets stomped to death by Claudio instead. They pick up the triple teaming on Quackenbush, which makes sense since he’s the best and most senior member of his team. Quackenbush gets a moment to roll to the apron when Claudio and Akuma double boot him. Storm sends Claudio to the apron. Quackenbush monkey flips Claudio to the floor. Storm sends Akuma out. Storm dives onto Claudio and Quackenbush dives onto Akuma. Jigsaw comes off the top to clothesline Icarus. He hits a knee strike and goes for a Torture Rack Bomb. Icarus turns it into a reverse DDT for two. Quackenbush hits the Quackendriver III on Icarus for two. Claudio gives him the Alpamare Water Slide for two. Storm comes in and hits the Air Raid Crash. Akuma kicks up Storm’s legs before hitting a DDT. Akuma hits a 450 splash and Jigsaw breaks the cover. Quackenbush palm strikes Akuma to set him up for Jigsaw’s Leap of Faith. Storm this That Japanese Move. Icarus and Claudio break the pin. Claudio uppercuts Quackenbush off of Akuma’s shoulders into a back cracker from Icarus. Quackenbush kicks out. Storm German suplexes Icarus. Akuma sweeps out Storm onto his head. Jigsaw gives Akuma a cross-armed brainbuster. Claudio hits him with Swiss Death. Quackenbush pin Claudio after La Mistica for two. Akuma goes after Storm’s mask. Quackenbush palm strikes him to the floor. Claudio pulls Storm to the floor. Back in the ring Icarus and Jigsaw fight for positioning. Icarus ends up pulling Jigsaw’s mask off, ending the match by disqualification at 22:41. I’ll admit that all three Tecnicos’ being worn down was unnecessary, but I liked how they did it. The order in which they isolated the guys made sense and the way they amped up their tandem offense as they went along was perfect. The finish was a terrific way to build Icarus and Jigsaw’s feud. The match itself was also great. So many cool moves and sequences that not only looked pretty, but looked painful and built as the match progressed. Brilliant work. ***3/4

It’s not over folks. Storm covers up Jigsaw’s head with his t-shirt so he can put his mask back on. Icarus grabs the microphone. Quackenbush has to hold Jigsaw back. Icarus says he sent a message to Jigsaw all weekend long. He wants to know if Jigsaw has the guts to put his mask on the line against him. Jigsaw wants to know just how confident Icarus is. If he’s going to put up his mask, he wants Icarus to put up his hair. Quackenbush and the fans are all about that idea. This brings out Leonard F. Chikarason. Jigsaw literally begs him to make the match official. Icarus is hesitant. He laughs and begins to walk away, so Jigsaw jumps him from behind. This prompts all six men to get into a brawl again. The locker room empties with everyone trying to break up the fracas. Jigsaw ends up diving onto the Rudos pile. Quackenbush attacks Chris Hero who takes off Jigsaw’s mask again. The Rudos are in the aisleway while the Tecnicos are regrouping by the ring. Chikarason tells us he just got a call from the guy who is at the top of the food chain. He directs our attention to the video screen. A video message from Comissioner BOB SAGET appears. Saget himself (yes, for real!) makes the Mask vs. Hair match official for the next CHIKARA show in Hellertown. Icarus is freaking out by this announcement. He yells “DAMN YOU BOB SAGET! DAMN YOU!” in one of my favorite CHIKARA moments ever. You can watch the video for yourself right here. How surreal.

Cheech says last year at the Young Lions Cup, he, Cloudy, Matt Turner and Anthony Franco made their names for themselves as tag teams last year on Night 3. One year later, he plans to make a name for himself as a singles competitor by defeating Arik Cannon and becoming the Young Lions Cup champion.

Young Lions Cup IV Finals
Arik Cannon vs. Cheech

Cloudy is in Cheech’s corner. In a cute moment, Cannon busts through the entrance set which looks like a brick wall. This is the first Young Lions Cup finals where there are no Wrestle Factory graduates involved. They reach a stalemate on the mat in the opening exchange. Another stalemate is reached in a wristlock exchange. Cheech shows some gumption by taking Cannon to the mat. Cannon gives him a hard right hand. Cheech trips Cannon as he hits the ropes. He dropkicks Cannon from the floor. A slingshot senton gets him a two count. Cannon forearms Cheech in the corner. He flies off the second rope with a forearm to Cheech’s neck. Cannon gives him a delayed vertical suplex for two. Cheech gets his boot up in the corner. Cheech drops him with a STO for two. Cheech gives Cannon a neckbreaker, then one across his back for two. Cheech puts on a hands free Sharpshooter. Cannon gets the ropes so Cheech poses and kicks him in the ribs. A missile dropkick to the back sends Cannon to the floor. Cheech Fosbury flops after him. Cheech gets a two count back in the ring. Cheech sends Cannon back out with a Superman spear. Cannon catches Cheech’s pescado and gives him an exploder suplex on the floor! Cheech gets his foot on the bottom rope to save himself from being pinned. Cannon’s ear is bleeding, I think from his earring. Cannon gives Cheech some headbutts. Cannon cracks him with another hard right hand. Cheech boots Cannon and goes for a clothesline. Cannon turns it into a neckbreaker for two. Cheech comes back with an Ace Crusher. A high impact kick to the chest gets Cheech a two count. Cheech goes for a backslide. Cannon rolls out and gives him a rope-assisted X-Factor. Cheech kicks out at two. Cannon chops Cheech up while trapping his legs. Cannon turns him into a parachute stretch. Cannon delivers some hard chops against the ropes. Cheech ducks a clothesline and gives Cannon a tornado DDT. A one legged dropkick and a fisherman’s suplex take Cannon down. He misses a shooting star press. Cheech has the wherewithal to duck the Glimmering Warlock. He hits his flying knee strike for two. Cannon hits an enzuigiri. He follows up with a brainbuster for two. Cheech hits a crucifix driver for two. Cheech ducks a rolling forearm and hits a flying knee strike again. Both men are down. They begin to trade strikes on their knees. Cannon hits Total Anarchy for two. Cheech recovers enough for a pump-handle suplex. It only gets a two count. Cheech can’t hold Cannon up for The Deluxe. Cannon delivers a Saito suplex. The Glimmering Warlock gets him two! No one can believe Cheech kicked out. Cannon delivers a second Saito suplex. Cheech ducks a Glimmering Warlock. He fails at the Deluxe again. He goes for it again and hits it! Cannon gets the bottom rope to stop the count. Another Deluxe and knee strike give him a two count. Cannon kicks out Cheech’s leg. He hits the Glimmering Warlock. Cheech fires up, so Cannon has to bust out the Anarchist Hammer to pick up the win and Cup at 23:48. I don’t think it needed to go that long, but I cannot deny that they filled the time really well. They managed to make Cheech, a long running tag team wrestler, and make it seem like he could win CHIKARA’s only singles title. They did a great job trading finishers although it did seem to go overboard at one point. I’m surprised to say this, but I thought this was almost as good as the incredible finals match from last year. ***1/2

Arik Cannon gets the fans to chant for Cheech, and deservedly so. He raises Cheech’s hand and then celebrates with Cup in hand. After the Replays, Cannon is backstage celebrating by drinking Kool-Aid out of his Cup. He’s happy that he can say he won the Cup on his own without help from the Kings of Wrestling or any encouragement from anybody. He thought by now he would have proven he could be trustworthy, but it looks like he hasn’t done it just yet. He gives Quackenbush his word that he will prove himself eventually.


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