Young Lions Cup IV Night II


Hellertown, PA – 6.24.2006

Commentary is provided by Leonard F. Chikarason, Mike Quackenbush, and Bryce Remsburg.

Just like last night, the show opens up with Ed O’Mac announcing the twelve Young Lions Cup contenders who are competing tonight. Angel del Fuego (Ice Cream Jr.’s opponent) does not come out when his name is called. It’s up in the air if he will be competing tonight or not. The eleven contenders take a picture with the Young Lions Cup and receive a participation medal as well. The winner of tonight’s semi-final elimination match faces Arik Cannon in the finals tomorrow night in Philadelphia.

Dr. Cheung, Pelle Primeau, and Marek Brave were all scheduled for the show and could not make it for various reasons.

Cheech says last year he was screwed when Ricky Reyes (a wildcard pick) beat him. Cheech thinks he had to be at least 36 years old. This year, Cheech knows who his opponent is before hand and believes he has the skills and abilities to win the Cup.

Young Lions Cup IV Quarter-Final Match
Fire Ant {C} vs. Cheech

This is Fire Ant’s very first singles match. Cheech controls Fire Ant by his arms. He’s proud of his armdrag that sends Fire Ant to the corner. Fire Ant puts on an Octopus hold, converting it into a headscissors. He gives Cheech a quesadora armdrag and sends him out to the floor with a headscissors. Cheech slingshot spears back into the ring to stop Fire Ant’s dive. Cheech applies a chinlock with his knee digging into Fire Ant’s shoulder blades. Cheech gets two with a one-footed pin. Cheech forearms Fire Ant as he goes to the second turnbuckle. Fire Ant fights off a sunset bomb, instead giving Cheech a fall-away dropkick. Fire Ant follows to the floor with a tope con hilo. In the ring both guys fight for a suplex. Cheech wins by hitting a fisherman’s buster for two. Cheech puts on a hands free sharpshooter. Cheech hits a Superman spear in the corner for two. Fire Ant puts on a double leg nelson clutch in the ropes. Cheech avoids a sunset flip. Cheech rolls through an O’Conner Roll and hits a flying knee strike for two. Fire Ant fireman carry’s Cheech off the top rope. It only gets him a two count. Cheech blocks a forearm. He gives Fire Ant a release pump-handle suplex. He follows with the Deluxe for the pin at 9:00. I’ve always thought Cheech was underrated and this match helped drive that point home. Fire Ant was not as crisp as he would end up being just yet, but still quite good for being so new. This was a good way to kick off the night. **1/2

Jon Moxley can’t believe the mismatch he is in tonight against Hydra. He’s so far ahead of everybody else in this tournament and feels it is his duty to win because of it. He doesn’t think Hydra should feel bad for losing since he’s going to put 22 others behind him as well.

Young Lions Cup IV Quarter-Final Match
Hydra vs. Jon Moxley

Hydra using Brock Lesnar’s theme is always amusing. Moxley is blowing bubble gum as Hydra weakly tries to dig his head into Moxley’s chest. Moxley misses a forearm in the corner. He does it with the second arm, weakening his arms for a test of strength. Hydra still ends up losing. He does however trip Moxley. They keep the knuckles locked through a catapult, monkey flip, and two armdrags. Moxley lifts Hydra up by one arm. He then puts on a straightjacket choke. Moxley accidentally headbutts the top turnbuckle twice. Hydra sunset flips Moxley. Moxley rolls right through. Hydra spins Moxley around multiple times in hops for a headscissors. Both men are so dizzy that they just fall instead. Hydra goes for a chokeslam. Moxley pie faces Hydra away. He drops him with an elevated DDT for the pin at 4:28. That was a strange match. It really didn’t have a lot of substance. While some of the humor was funny, there was a little bit of sloppiness with it too, and not in really in a charming sort of way. *

Chuck Taylor says he’s a long way from home, but will prove himself to the East Coast when he disposes of Ricochet in the first round. He did not have the promo chops at this time that we have all come to know and love. Not far off either though.

Young Lions Cup IV Quarter-Final Match
Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor

This is the debut for both Ricochet and Chuck Taylor in CHIKARA. Ricochet grabs a side headlock. Taylor turns it into a wristlock. Taylor holds onto the arm as they go to the mat. Ricochet gets a headscissors which Taylor pops right out of. Ricochet snaps off an armdrag after blocking a clothesline. He armdrags Taylor to the floor. They come back in the ring where Ricochet uses a helicopter pick-up for a headscissors. He headscissors out of a waterwheel slam too. Taylor dropkicks him in the lower back. Taylor brings him out of the corner by his legs, which Ricochet turns into a huracanrana for two. The Tiger Walk leads to a dropkick, sending Taylor to the floor. Back in the ring Taylor gives Ricochet a backbreaker for two. Taylor gets two with a snap suplex. Taylor chops him up against the ropes. Taylor’s beautiful dropkick impresses the crowd. So does the second rope moonsault which gets him a two count. Taylor applies a modified Cobra Clutch. Ricochet frees himself but gets caught with a belly-to-belly suplex. It’s a bit sloppy, so Taylor does it a second time with perfection. Ricochet fights back up from the mat. Taylor boots him. Ricochet ducks a clothesline. He goes for a Shiranui. Taylor turns it into a Finlay Roll. Taylor goes for a 450 splash?! He misses, and Ricochet trips him into the second turnbuckle. Ricochet barely grazes him with a second rope moonsault. Taylor digs his knee into his head while grasping his left arm. Ricochet turns it into a tornado DDT. Ricochet misses a cancun tornado splash. Taylor delivers Sole Food. The Awful Waffle gets him the win at 10:06. That was quite the debut for both guys. I’m surprised to say that Taylor actually looked better of the two men. Ricochet had a lot of cool stuff, but was nowhere near as crisp or precise as he would end up being. Still, it’s clear to see why both men would end up being brought back time and time again. ***

Excalibur is backstage. Yep, Excalibur was in CHIKARA too. Isn’t this weekend just full of surprises? He introduces himself and lays out some of his accolades. He is here in Hellertown at a fit-and-trim 25 years of age to win the Cup. He will teach Andy Sumner to respect his elders. He thinks Sumner should go out and cut a promo to put him over and forfeit the bout.

Young Lions Cup IV Quarter-Final Match
Andy Sumner {CZW} vs. Excalibur {PWG}

This is Excalibur’s CHIKARA debut as well. He allows Sumner to back out of the match, threatening to heart punch him to death if he does not do so. Sumner does not obey, rolling Excalibur into an armbar. Excalibur wiggles to the floor almost immediately. Excalibur trips Sumner in a test of strength. Sumner flips Excalibur back into an armbar. Excalibur goes to the floor again, angered by Sumner. Sumner shoulder blocks him out of a headlock. Excalibur trips Sumner and drops his knee onto Sumner’s head twice. Excalibur chops him in the face after distracting Bryce Remsburg. Excalibur drops down to kick Sumner in the head. Sumner baits Excalibur into a cradle for two. Excalibur puts on a quick Camel Clutch. He delivers a suplex for two. Excalibur goes for a German suplex. Sumner turns it into a triangle choke. Excalibur lunges to the ropes. Sumner suplexes Excalibur and gets two. Excalibur delivers a jaw breaker and a knee strike. He German suplexes Sumner and goes for the Tiger Driver ’98. Sumner escapes. He blocks the Heart Punch with a cross armbreaker. Excalibur taps out at 5:36 in a huge upset and Sumner’s first win in CHIKARA. Personally I am sad Excalibur did not win, but at the time this was fairly big deal for Sumner so I can’t blame them. I liked the dynamic between the competitors and Sumner smartly going for submissions whenever possible. Excalibur was as amusing as always. **1/4

Ice Cream Jr. makes his way out for his debut match in CHIKARA. Angel del Fuego is not here, so they decide to pull names from the hat. The Zombie, who made his ECW debut just 10 days earlier, is not in the building. Chikarason thinks the next slip of paper says Super Dragon. However he needs to clean off his glasses. He then thinks it says Retail Warrior. One more look and he gets it right: Retail Dragon. He’s here and will now face Ice Cream Jr.

Young Lions Cup IV Quarter-Final Match
Retail Dragon vs. Ice Cream Jr. {IC}

Dragon headbutts Jr.’s hand while holding onto a wristlock. Dragon rolls up for an armdrag. He then toreadors Jr. across the ring. Dragon neck-tie headscissors Jr. to the corner. Jr. pokes Dragon in the buttocks from the apron and dropkicks him for two. He jabs the cone on his forehead into Dragon’s face. He gives Dragon a neckbreaker with his cone. He applies a chilock. Dragon escapes and dropkicks Jr.’s knee out. He moonsaults off Jr’s back, but Jr. moves before Dragon can connect. Jr. digs his cone into Dragon’s face a few more times. Dragon’s chest plate protects him from Jr.’s chops. A dropsault sends Jr. to the floor. Dragon Fosbury Flops after him. Back in the ring Dragon hits a tornado kick for two. Jr. gives him a quebradora backbreaker. He pulls out a black bag from under the ring. He throws sprinkles into Dragon’s eyes behind Bryce’s back! He then pours sprinkles onto the mat. Jr. looks for a powerbomb. Dragon hits the Rollback Driver to counter. Dragon goes for the Dragonrana. Jr. catches him and powerbombs him into the sprinkles for the pin at 7:37. You can never go wrong with good sprinkle shtick. The ending powerbomb made the match, though it was good even before all that. **1/2

Matt Turner says he’s sad his friend Pelle Primeau could not make it tonight, but he got Pelle’s blessing to take his spot in the tournament. He says he has no partner tonight or anyone else holding him back. He’s been working for this moment for two years and plans to make the most of it.

Young Lions Cup IV Quarter-Final Match
Matt Turner {ROH} vs. Cloudy

A hard lock-up starts the match off between these two rivals. If you recall, they (along with their tag team partners Anthony Franco and Cheech) had quite an extensive feud in 2005. The lock-up rolls to the floor and back into the ring. Turner goes for the Fujiwara armbar. Cloudy gets to the ropes quickly. Turner rolls him up for two. Cloudy counters a headlock with a Gedo Clutch for two. Turner rolls back to headscissors Cloudy to the floor. Turner comes off the top rope but gets caught on his way down with a dropkick. Cloudy brings him back into the ring and delivers a neckbreaker. Turner blocks an Irish whip. He wallops Cloudy with a forearm. Cloudy fights off a suplex and enzuigiri’s him. A low reverse Blockbuster gets Cloudy a two count. Cloudy back elbows Turner. It takes him two tries, but Cloudy does hit a tornado DDT. Turner rolls to the apron to give his neck a break. Cloudy gives a 619 to the back of Turner’s neck for two. Turner blocks a lariat. Cloudy does hit an Ace Crusher when Turner fails to hit a lariat. Turner manages to whip Cloudy to the corner and hit his promised lariat. Turner palm strikes Cloudy on the top rope. Turner superplexes Cloudy and puts on the Fujiwara armbar. Turner manages to deliver a double underhook German suplex for two. Turner goes for a brainbuster. Cloudy turns it into a small package. Turner reverses it, then Cloudy reverses it again for the pin at 9:25. This was a nice callback to their feud and you can tell how much each guy has improved since then. I mentioned that I thought Cheech was underrated, but I definitely want to give Cloudy props too. I wonder what ever happened to Turner. **3/4

Player Uno, Equinox & Dragon Dragon vs. Dan Paysan, Max Boyer & Darkness Crabtree {PT}

Equinox and Crabtree trade wristlocks. Equinox walks all three ropes just so he can come off with an armdrag. Crabtree grabs Equinox’s mask and trips him. Equinox headscissors him to the floor. Paysan runs in and hits his chest right into the opposite corner. Equinox ends a Lucha sequence with a toreador. Equinox huracanrana’s him. He tags in Boyer. He puts Uno in a headlock. Uno armdrags and trips him into a front facelock. Boyer knees him in the mid-section once he escapes. The Rudos team up to work over Uno in their corner. Crabtree has some difficulty getting along with his partners. Paysan hits the buttons on Uno’s pants which accidentally gets Uno to punch and hit Boyer. Paysan pauses Uno. Boyer throws some punches which seemingly have no effect. Once he gets unpaused he falls in great pain. The Rudos get their act together and go back to work on Uno. That is until Crabtree accidentally dropkicks Paysan due to his lack of speed. Uno gives Paysan a sit-out powerbomb that looked brutal. Dragon gets tagged in for the first time. He tail whips all the Rudos. Boyer kicks him to the floor. Boyer pops Equinox into an Ace Crusher from Paysan. Crabtree has Equinox in an abdominal stretch. Uno sweeps Paysan so that he dropkicks Crabtree. As Paysan and Crabtree are arguing, Uno gives Paysan the M. Bison Stomp. Uno gives Crabtree a brainbuster. Boyer’s diving headbutt on Uno gives him two, because Equinox breaks the count with a standing shooting star press. Paysan pulls up Equinox into the Cannoli Crusher for two. Dragon gives Paysan a series of appropriate Dragon kicks. Equinox and Uno dive onto Paysan and Boyer, respectively. Dragon puts Crabtree in a Dragon Sleeper. Crabtree taps out at 14:46. Lots of fun in this Trios match. All the Canadians worked really well together from familiarity and Equinox fit right in with them. Even Crabtree had a defined roll on the Rudos team and the fans were going nuts for Dragon. All around a good time was had. ***

The Rudos team argues with each other afterwards. Crabtree calls them freaks and leaves. Paysan leaves Boyer laying with a superkick. Boyer needs a bit of help leaving the ring.

Shane Storm reminds us of his and Jigsaw’s match last night. Jigsaw says F.I.S.T. are always poking their noses in his and Storm’s business. He doesn’t like that on paper it looks like they couldn’t get the job done against the Thomaselli’s yesterday. He does like however that it does show that F.I.S.T. couldn’t get the job done against some ants. Jigsaw says tonight will be a war. If they can’t get the job done tonight, they will tomorrow night in a six man tag. He warns Icarus to stop doing whatever it is he thinks he has done or will do, because it all ends tonight.

Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

Jigsaw and Icarus immediately fight on the floor. Jigsaw is kicking the crap out of him. Meanwhile Akuma is kicking Storm in the ring. Storm armdrags him. He blocks Akuma’s hip toss and huracanrana’s him to the floor. Akuma goes to help Icarus fight Jigsaw. Storm comes off the top rope with a somersault senton onto everyone. In the ring Jigsaw shoulder blocks and knee strikes Icarus in the corner. Icarus kicks him to the floor. Akuma gives Storm a missile dropkick while Icarus holds onto him. F.I.S.T. decide to take turns wearing down Storm. At one point Jigsaw kicks Icarus when he gets anxious. This just brings up the intensity in F.I.S.T’s offense towards Storm. Storm gets his knees up to block Icarus’ senton attempt. Jigsaw tags in. He backdrops Akuma and slingshots Icarus in. Akuma kicks Jigsaw from behind. He drops him with a leg-capture sweep suplex. Storm breaks the pin. Storm catches Akuma and German suplexes him. Icarus spears Storm. A scoop slam gets a two count. Jigsaw delivers a superkick. Akuma goes to monkey flip Storm. Storm holds him so that Jigsaw can enzuigiri Akuma into Storm’s Air Raid Crash. Akuma barely kicks out. Icarus tosses Jigsaw to the floor. Icarus gives Storm a lungblower into Akuma’s Yoshi Tonic. Jigsaw breaks the pin. Jigsaw bridges the ropes to send Icarus out. Jigsaw goes for the Leap of Faith. Akuma shoves Jigsaw away. He misses the 450 splash. Icarus superkicks Jigsaw. Akuma picks up Jigsaw for an arm-capture Michinoku Driver. Icarus drops Jigsaw with the Pedigree. He rams Jigsaw’s head into the mat multiple times instead of going for the pin. Referee Matt Dillon feels that crosses the line of excessive punishment and rewards Jigsaw and Shane Storm the match via disqualification at 10:41. The finish was very obvious considering they had a trios match the next night but I totally loved it. This is the kind of spark that some feuds are missing. The hatred between the two teams is palpable and I never tire of watching them fight. ***1/4

Akuma kicks Storm and Jigsaw while Icarus gets in Matt Dillon’s face. Icarus suggests Jigsaw put his mask on the line tomorrow night. He wants Jigsaw to show the fans what the face of a martyr looks like. Icarus then superkicks Matt Dillon for good measure.

Before we get to the main event, Eddie Kingston comes to the ring. He has a few words for a couple fans who want to interrupt. He says with the way wrestling is geared, you don’t have many friends. One man who he traveled the roads with and he thought as a friend was Larry Sweeney. He isn’t too mad about what Sweeney did to him in Barnesville last month, but what he did last night in Canada he feels was taking things a step too far. They were both on a show in Canada for UWA Hardcore where Sweeney tried to take his eye out. Kingston said tomorrow night, when they face off in the ECW Arena, it will be Sweeney’s last match. He guarantees it.

Young Lions Cup IV Semi-Final Elimination Match
Cheech vs. Jon Moxley vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Andy Sumner vs. Ice Cream Jr. {IC} vs. Cloudy

Cloudy and Cheech pal around a bit before the bell. Jr. and Cloudy start off. Cloudy gets in a few different armdrags. Cloudy fakes a dive and tags in Cheech. He ducks Sumner’s forearm. Sumner absorbs his chops and gives them right back. Sumner absorbs a Dragon kick. He takes Cheech to the mat where Sumner goes for a facelock. Cheech keeps moving so Sumner can’t get a good grasp. Cheech gets the bottom rope. He throws some punches until Sumner goes for a triangle choke. Cheech steps on his barefeet and gets punched in the face for his troubles. Moxley and Taylor tag in. Moxley chops him against the ropes. Taylor snaps off an armdrag and a dropkick. Taylor headscissors him to the corner. Each guy takes the other down in a headlock. Moxley boots Taylor out. He delivers the Total Anarchy, maybe to mock Cannon. Jr. blind tags himself in and pins Taylor for two. He drive his cone into Taylor’s shoulder and chest. Cloudy and Cheech each get in some strikes on Taylor. Taylor beautifully headscissors Cheech. Cheech gives him an STO for two. Double Side Russian legsweep gets Cloudy a two. Moxley tags back in and goes for a superplex. Taylor fights out and double stomps Moxley’s head. Cloudy sends Moxley out. Sumner picks up Cloudy and throws him out onto Moxley. Cheech Fosbury flops onto both of them. Jr. decides to dive onto them all. Taylor gives Sumner Sole Food. Sumner picks him up for a brainbuster. He puts on a Guillotine Choke, causing Taylor to tap out at 8:58.

He puts the hold onto Moxley. Moxley powerbombs his way free. Jr. drives his cone into Sumner’s mid-section a few times before covering him for two. Moxley’s running low clothesline gets two as well. Moxley mockingly throws some punches at Sumner. Sumner responds with a hard punch. Jr. and Cheech tag in. Cheech delivers a pair of clothesline and a dropkick. He gives Jr. and Moxley a standing shiranui/neckbreaker combo. Moxley falls victim to Cheech and Cloudy’s tandem elbows and enzuigiri’s. Cheech pins Moxley at 11:47. Jr. dropkicks them both to the floor. Sumner looks for a facebuster off the top. Jr. instead gives him an inverted atomic drop. Jr. pins Sumner with his feet on the ropes for the pin at 12:28. Of course Cheech and Cloudy double team Jr. in the corner. He falls victim to Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech, eliminating him at 13:03. They begin to celebrate until they realize they have to fight each other. Cloudy fires the first shot with a sole butt. Cheech intercepts a Yoshi Tonic. Cloudy blocks a suplex and The Deluxe. Cloudy backslides him for two. Cheech rolls him up for two. He then hits a flying knee strike. Cloudy side steps the Superman Spear. He goes for the Yoshi Tonic again. Cheech hooks him in a Gory Stretch. He turns that into a pump-handle suplex, dropping Cloudy on his face. Cheech successfully delivers The Deluxe to get the pin and the victory at 16:05. The last few minutes with Cloudy and Cheech were really well done. They had a bunch of counters and evades for each other due to their familiarity. The rest of the match was good, but fairly pedestrian. Yesterday’s elimination match was definitely better but I still enjoyed how this ended. Cheech and Cloudy make nice after the fact. Arik Cannon vs. Cheech is our Young Lions Cup finals and that should be an interesting match-up. ***


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