PWE: Volume 22

Newport, PA – 5.13.2006

Icarus vs. Hyjinx

Both guys lock-up and roll on the ropes. Each guy backs one another into a corner and fakes them out with a strike. Each guy fakes out the referee with an air punch as well. We get down to brass tacks with Icarus getting the one up on Hyjinx. Hyjinx makes a short lived comeback, and we reach a point where both guys are out on the mat. Icarus gives Hyjinx a backdrop. Hyjinx drops Icarus with a backbreaker. Hyjinx drops Icarus with a sit-out double underhook bomb. Icarus and Hyjinx trade overhand chops in the corner. Icarus gives Hyjinx a DDT for two. Icarus hits a crossbody when the bell is called for, saying the 15 minute time limit expired (I have 14:35, but whatever). This was pretty dull and had no business going that long, and the cutesy stuff didn’t do much for me. However, it did remind how fun Icarus could be even as a face. ¼*

Wrestler vs. Referee
Larry Sweeney vs. Zack Carlucci

This match is happening because Larry Sweeney lost his PWE Championship and Carlucci was the referee for that match. Sweeney says he’s a fool for taking this match and that he will show him what’s what. Sweeney controls Carlucci’s arm early. Carlucci reverses the pressure. Sweeney elbows him in the face to escape. Sweeney teases a lock up, but just stomps Carlucci down to the mat instead. Carlucci side steps an attack for Sweeney and lays in some punches for two. Sweeney boots Carlucci in the arm and drops him stomach first. Sweeney follows up with a middle rope elbow drop for the pin in about 4:00 (estimate). For a referee versus wrestler match, this was fun and quite good. Probably the best of these kind of matches I have seen, which admittedly isn’t saying much. *

After this match, Glen Osbourne challenges Sweeney to another match. He obliges after much heckling.

Larry Sweeney vs. Glen Osbourne

Sweeney kills a lot of time on the floor. Sweeney looks for handshake. Osbourne squeezes it so hard that Sweeney goes back to the floor. Osbourne puts Sweeney in a bearhug. Sweeney escapes and chokes Osbourne with his wrist tape. Sweeney rams Osbourne’s head into the top rope which fires Osbourne up. Sweeney takes him down and gets a second rope elbow drop for two. Sweeney stomps on Osbourne’s leg. This is so dull. Sweeney works over the leg some more. Osbourne turns the pressure of a figure four leg lock and drops Sweeney with a DDT. He lights him up with punches and misses a falling headbutt. Sweeney hits a dusty elbow. Osbourne catches Sweeney coming off the top rope with a claw and slams Sweeney for the pin at 13:21. Oh my God this was so slow and tedious. I wish I knew it was coming so I could have mentally prepared for it. I hated this, and it was so uncecessary. DUD

PWE Tag Team Championship
J.P. Jessup & Shane Valentine vs. Hallowicked & Coach Bodan vs. Johnny & Jey Graham

Since 5 out of the 6 participants aren’t CHIKARA guys, I don’t feel to inclined to go to into play by play. Hallowicked barely did anything at all in this, so it would not have been worth it. It was his job to get the hot tag from Bodan, and then he did some real solid work while he was in their. He also did get his ass kicked for awhile in the later part of the match. Finally, Jey Graham made J.P. Jessup tap out in a figure four leg lock at 23:47. This went entirely too long and also bored me. But I recognize most of the wrestling was at least solid. Poor Hallowicked being stuck in this. *1/2

Mike Quackenbush vs. Gran Akuma

A shoving match occurs before the bell. Quack dropkicks Akuma to the floor. Akuma brings Quack to the mat in a test of strength. Quack monkey flips him over then hits a fisherman’s suplex for two. Quack and Akuma trade pinfall attempts. Quack slaps Akuma in the chest then takes him over into a Skayde schoolboy for two. Akuma armwhips Quack down. Quack takes Akuma down with a toreador. Akuma puts Quack on his shoulders. Quack brings Akuma down, they each sweep one anothers legs, and Quack takes Akuma down with a headscissors. Akuma dragonscrews Quack to the mat. Akuma keeps on Quack’s knee, applying pressure to it. Once on their feet, Quack backslides Akuma for two. Akuma drops Quack with a DDT and goes right back to his knee. Akuma throws Quack off the top rope. Quack rolls through and throws a charging Akuma out to the floor. Quack fires his windmill chops at Akuma in the corner. Quack’s knee buckles as he lifts Akuma. Quack German suplexes Akuma for two. Akuma takes Quack down but misses a frog splash. Quack drops Akuma with a Black Tornado Slam for two. Quack palm strikes Akuma. Akuma drops him right on his knees. Akuma turns Quack over into a cloverleaf. Quack pushes Akuma away and rolls him up for two. Quack boots Akuma in the face. Akuma gives Quack an overhand chop. Akuma hits a Yoshi Tonic for two. Akuma mule kicks Quack and looks for another Yoshi Tonic. Quack pops him over into a powerbomb for the pin at 12:14. This was a great match and nice breath of fresh-air from the other garbage the CHIKARA guys were involved with tonight. I liked the story of Quack’s leg and how it took a little leverage from Akuma to give Quack the ability to powerbomb him. I commend these men for making me no longer want to kill someone. ***


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