Reading, PA – 3.31.2006

Commentary is provided by Larry Sweeney, UltraMantis Black, Leonard F. Chikarason, and Eddie Kingston.

Lancelot apologize to each other backstage for not getting along during the Tag World Grand Prix. Lance Steel lets us know that they have put aside their differences so they can continue their quest to become the best tag team in CHIKARA.

Lance Steel & Lance Steel vs. Retail Dragon & Dragon Dragon

This could get really confusing; brace yourself. Dragon Dragon withstands Steel’s shoulder block. Dragon Dragon knocks down Steel himself. Steel and Dragon Dragon reach a stalemate with stereo dropkicks. Retail and Steel tag in. They engage in a Lucha sequence. Retail takes the exchange with a variety of armdrags. He snapmares Steel to the floor. Retail springboard moonsaults onto him. The other Steel tries to help out, but Dragon Dragon comes off the apron with a Thesz Press. The other Steel boots Dragon Dragon as he enters the ring. Lancelot gang up on Dragon Dragon, targeting his large tail at times. Lancelot set up for the joust. Retail comes off the top with a tornado DDT to one of the Steel’s when their joust attempt is thwarted. Retail gives the other Steel a standing Shiranui into a back cracker. The other Steel accidentally senton splashes his partner. He Finlay Rolls Retail and puts on a Boston Crab. Retail taps out at 6:02. This was a good way to display Lancelot’s new found aggression and for Retail to hit a couple big moves. Dragon Dragon was wonderful as per usual. *½

Fire Ant {C} & Soldier Ant {C} vs. Darkness Crabtree {PT} & Dr. Cheung {PT}

Fire Ant and Crabtree start out. Crabtree goes to the ropes to break a wristlock. Crabtree miraculously kips up out of another wristlock. Fire Ant armdrags him out of the corner and applies a standing Octopus stretch. He turns that into a headscissors. Soldier Ant and Cheung tag in. Cheung wins a few collar and elbow tie-ups with various moves. Soldier Ant gives Cheung the same series of moves before dropkicking him out. Crabtree chop blocks Soldier Ant’s leg from behind. He and Cheung now wear down Soldier Ant in their half of the ring. Soldier Ant ends up kicking them both away from the corner. He knocks them down with double saluting forearms and tags in Fire Ant. He delivers some dropkicks and fireman’s carry’s. He gives Cheung an airplane spin before tagging Soldier Ant back in. He crossbody’s Cheung and Crossbones. They are able to catch Soldier Ant, so Fire Ant moonsaults onto them. This gives Soldier Ant the pin at 8:48. Not a bad showing for either team. Crabtree’s shtick was significantly toned down to put all eyes on the Colony which I appreciate. It’s crazy how much they improved over the years. **

Cheung gives referee Matt Dillion the Five Knuckle Shuffle after the bout.

Crossbones says he’s been overlooked and viewed as a joke. Everyone says that Andy Sumner is the next big thing, but Crossbones will change that tonight. Crossbones believes once he destroys Sumner tonight everything will change for him.

Andy Sumner {CZW} vs. Crossbones

Sumner and Crossbones exchange wristlocks. Sumner brings Crossbones to the mat and tries to get a few punches in. Crossbones gets to the ropes quickly. Sumner ducks a kick and dropkicks Crossbones to the corner. Crossbones kicks away at Sumner’s legs and sides. He Dragon kicks Sumner for two. After a couple Kawada kicks Crossbones suplexes Sumner into a modified facelock. He snapmares Sumner into another Dragon kick for two. Sumner suplexes Crossbones after ducking a clothesline. Crossbones kicks Sumner in the back of his head. Crossbones takes the mount, throwing forearms. Sumner goes for a triangle choke. Crossbones tries to powerbomb his way free but Sumner hangs on. Crossbones grabs the ropes to break instead. Both men get in some chops in the corner. Crossbones catches him with a spin-out uranage for two. Crossbones kicks Sumner off the top rope. Crossbones nails the Friggin’ Sweet Driver for the pin at 4:22. These two laid a beating on each other for the short time they had. It was quite entertaining and a nice change of pace from what we had seen in the previous two matches. **¼

Crossbones challenges Shane Storm for a Young Lions Cup match next month.

Eddie Kingston believes if he and Joker (current CZW tag team champions) were in the Tag World Grand Prix, they would have won the tournament. He says Cheech and Cloudy are just a stepping stone on their way to Cheech and Cloudy. Joker has nothing to add.

CZW Tag Team Championship
Eddie Kingston {BO} & Joker {BO} (Champions) vs. Cheech & Cloudy

Cheech is hesitant to start with Kingston. Kingston takes him to the mat in a double knuckle lock. Cheech slips out to avoid being pinned. Kingston takes him back to the mat in a side headlock. Cheech turns it into a headscissors with push-ups. Kingston breaks free and goes back to the headlock. Kingston shoulder blocks Cheech to the floor. Joker and Cloudy tag in. Joker suplexes Cloudy in an attempt to break a headlock. Cloudy however keeps it applied. Joker shoots him to the ropes. He shoulder blocks Cloudy and goes for a deadlift suplex. Cloudy rolls back into a wheelbarrow armdrag. Cloudy suicide dives onto Joker into an armdrag. Cheech chops Kingston against the ropes. He boots Kingston to the ropes so Cloudy can 619 him into a roll-up for two. Kingston chops Cheech against the ropes and tags in Joker. BLK Out double shoulder tackle Cheech. Joker slams him for two. Kingston gets in a few shots before Cheech kicks his arm and throws him shoulder first to the second turnbuckle. He divorce courts Kingston’s arm. Cloudy comes off the top with a legdrop to the arm. Cheech and Cloudy continue to work over Kingston’s arm. Kingston is able to withstand their submissions and pins, at times with Joker’s help. Kingston catches Cloudy with a backbreaker and finally tags in Joker. Joker fights off Cheech and Cloudy on his own. He comes off the second rope with a knee drop to Cheech. Cloudy breaks the cover. Cheech and Joker each come up in short in a quick pin attempt. Cheech throws Joker face first into the second rope. They hit Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech. Kingston breaks the pin. Cheech and Cloudy deliver some forearms before hitting a superkick/enzuigiri combo. Joker breaks that pin. He lariats Cloudy and gives Cheech a brainbuster. He applies a fish hook crossface. Cloudy dropkicks Joker to free his partner. Kingston yakuka kicks Cheech. He German suplexes him to Joker. He throws Cheech into the corner with an exploder suplex. Kingston lariats Cheech for two. Kingston clotheslines Cloudy off of Joker’s shoulders into a backbreaker for the pin at 19:33. Really good tag action from both teams. By the end they had lost the crowd, but I think that was more due to their lack of focus rather than anything that occurred in the ring. Cheech and Cloudy did a remarkable job seeming like a viable threat to the larger and tougher BLK Out and I can see why they would become a staple of the tag division for the next few years. ***

Hallowicked vs. Rorschach

Hallowicked’s shirt is ridiculously ripped up. It basically has no back. That felt like information you needed to know. Hallowicked and Rorschach exchange holds looking for control. Hallowicked turns a courting hold into an armdrag off the ropes. He gives Rorschach a monkey flip and backdrop. Rorschach rolls to the floor. Hallowicked goes for a suicide dive but Rorschach moves out of the way. Back in the ring Rorschach delivers a backbreaker. He gets two with a slingshot elbow drop. Kingston calls Matt Dillon “referee Zoidberg” making me love Kingston even more. Rorschach throws Hallowicked to the mat by his mask. Rorschach hip tosses him out of the corner for two. Rorschach drives his knee into the forehead. Rorschach sunset flips Hallowicked for two. He transitions right into the Rorschach Lock. Rorschach picks up Rorschach and slams his way free. An exchange of punches leads to Hallowiked chopping Rorschach up against the ropes. He hits a step-up Frankensteiner for two. Rorschach catches Hallowicked on the top rope. He hits a wrist-clutch Death Valley Driver for two. Rorschach slips out of the Graveyard Smash. Hallowicked flips him in the air and catches him with a powerbomb for two. Rorschach blocks a second step-up Frankensteiner. He hits a modified Sling Blade for two. Hallowicked cracks him with a yakuza kick. The Graveyard Smash gets him the win at 7:50. For anyone who thinks Hallowicked being great is a new thing, think again. He was great in this match, and I particularly loved him catching Rorschach’s foot and flipping him up into a powerbomb. I’d like to see him bust that move out again these days. **½

Ares has come all the way to Reading to bring the wXw Championship back to Germany which Ares firmly believes has better fans and wrestling. He knows Quackenbush has a weak back and will be targeting it in their match.

wXw Championship
Mike Quackenbush (Champion) vs. Ares

Quackenbush immediately pounces Ares at the bell. He forearms Ares like a mad man in the corner. Ares throws some back when he sees an opening. Quackenbush delivers a sole butt and armdrags Ares into the Skayde schoolboy for two. He clotheslines Ares in the corner and brings him out with a bulldog. He dropkicks Ares to the floor. Quackenbush slaps him in the forehead. Ares rakes Quackenbush’s eyes. He claws at Quackenbush’s face back in the ring. Ares uses a few open hand strikes in front of the referee. When turned he gives Quackenbush a closed fist to the face. Quackenbush gets in a forearm so Ares rakes his eyes again. Ares throws Quackenbush head first into the mat. Quackenbush kicks Ares’ shoulder. He hops off the top rope and huracanrana’s Ares across the ring. Ares catches him coming off the ropes with a fallaway slam. Ares brings the fight to the floor. He has control when he throws Quackenbush back in the ring. Ares whips Quackenbush to the corner. He clobbers his back with a forearm and stretches it out over his knee. He suplexes Quackenbush which fires Quackenbush up. Quackenbush musters the strength for a big clothesline. He windmill chops Ares in the corner. He delivers double knees. Ares counters and Irish whip with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Quackenbush manages to kick out. Quackenbush blocks a back elbow and delivers a DDT for two. Quackenbush’s two palm strikes lead to a tilt-a-whirl facebuster. He gets two with another Skayde schoolboy. Ares blocks a backslide with the Toblerone Driver. Quackenbush kicks out at two. Ares puts Quackenbush in a Canadian Backbreaker. Quackenbush fights out but takes a spinebuster. He turns Quackenbush into a sharpshooter. Quackenbush ends up passing out from the pain. His arm drops three times at 10:59, making Ares the new wXw champion. I love that Ares had his game plan and stuck with it. Quackenbush did a tremendous job holding his back when going for pins and other certain moves to convey that to the crowd. Who would have known that four years later these two would be mortal enemies? Jigsaw and Shane Storm help Quackenbush to the back after the match. **¾

Icarus confuses Megan’s Law for Murphy’s Law. He reminds us that because that since they joined with Chris Hero, they have retired DJ Skittles, Jolly Roger and Mister ZERO. He understands that Storm needed a partner to get revenge, but can’t believe he chose somebody like Jigsaw. He plans to show them what Megan’s Law is all about and leaves before Akuma can set him straight.

Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

Storm and Icarus trade forearms to start. Storm mauls Icarus in the corner. Storm blocks a punt and trips Icarus. Storm shove Akuma off the apron and follows with a tope con hilo. Jigsaw armdrags Akuma. He armdrags him into a kick to the head for two. Akuma spins Jigsaw into a gut buster. He kicks Jigsaw in the side of the head and tags in Icarus. F.I.S.T. now isolate Jigsaw, beating him down while Storm is kept at bay. Jigsaw blocks Icarus’ lungblower and stomps on his chest. Storm tags in, mowing down Akuma with forearms. Storm and Jigsaw hit a double stomp/Air Raid Crash combo (well, they kind of hit it). Icarus breaks the pin. He drops Storm with the Wings of Icarus. Jigsaw enzuigiri’s Icarus. Akuma drops Jigsaw with an arm-capture Lightning Spiral. He rolls it into a pin but Storm breaks it up. Storm blocks the Yoshi Tonic. Akuma rolls away from That Japanese Move. He delivers a fallaway kick to the face. Jigsaw and Akuma trade kicks. Jigsaw sends Akuma to the apron. Akuma comes back in and goes for the Yoshi Tonic. Icarus gives Jigsaw a lungblower while he’s holding onto it to try and reverse. Storm reverses that with a shining wizard, allowing Jigsaw to give Akuma the Mad Scientist Bomb. Icarus and Storm again exchange strikes. Icarus sends Storm to the floor. He hits the Wings of Icarus on Jigsaw for the pin at 9:22. That match absolutely flew by. Both teams were really aggressive, kept things moving and played up their animosity towards each other perfectly. Excellent stuff all around. ***

Larry Sweeney takes credit for bringing the fans to the building tonight. He says he’s not worried about Milano Collection AT tonight because Mana gave Sweeney some extensive training in their time off. Mana makes some primal noises towards the camera before he and Sweeney leave the room.

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Larry Sweeney (Champion) vs. Milano Collection AT {T2P}

Mana is in Sweeney’s corner. AT cleanly breaks a lock-up in the corner. AT reverses a hammerlock. Sweeney trips AT and twists his ankle. AT bridges his leg down and puts on a side headlock. AT puts on an overhead wristlock. Sweeney distracts the referee so he can throw AT to the mat by his hair. Sweeney does it again to escape a headlock. Sweeney slaps AT in the corner. AT responds by throwing Sweeney down by his hair. He hairmares Sweeney out of the corner and Sweeney angrily heads to the floor to retreat. AT shoulder blocks Sweeney into a Gedo Clutch for two. Sweeney uses a headscissors to break two of AT’s headlocks. AT armdrags Sweeney twice before tying him up in the ropes. AT dropkicks Sweeney while Sweeney is in that position. Mana forearms AT from the floor. Sweeney gives him a spinebuster to follow up. Mana beats up AT on the floor while Sweeney distracts referee Matt Dillon. Sweeney Gravin stomps AT when Mana throws him back in. Sweeney gets two with a fist drop. Sweeney argues that it was a three count. AT rolls him up for two. Mana again distracts the referee. Sweeney chokes AT with his wrist tape. Sweeney drops his fist twice more. His straps come down as he delivers a second rope elbow drop for two. Sweeney puts AT in a sleeper hold. AT fights out of it. He cartwheels to the ropes and hits a clothesline. AT nails two more clotheslines and a senton for two. Sweeney delivers the Bionic Elbow and a fisherman’s suplex for two. Sweeney catches AT on his shoulders. He accidentally knocks the referee down with AT on his shoulders. AT hits an enzuigiri and goes for the cover. The referee is still down. Sweeney grabs his title belt and nails AT with it. He gets the referee to come over and count. AT manages to kick out at two. Sweeney goes for a boot while Mana holds him. AT moves causing Sweeney to boot Mana instead. AT superkicks Sweeney and puts him in the AT Lock. Sweeney taps out at 14:02, making Milano the new ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Champion! This was a very fun main event. Sweeney and AT’s personalities perfectly meshed and they were able to get the crowd to get behind AT entirely. The title change came off as important and makes me look forward to a rematch. ***

Larry Sweeney is furious at Mana for the loss. He yells at him in the ring and smacks him in the face. Mana goes for a club that be brought ringside. Sweeney backs off outside the ring. Mana slowly follows him backstage. I guess we will see what the future for these two is.


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