AIW: This Is Now

Cleveland, OH – 3.26.2006

Larry Sweeney vs. The Savage

The Savage is Nick Belushi in a jungle themed gear. Savage backs Sweeney to the ropes and breaks cleanly. Sweeney ducks a cheap punch and punches The Savage himself. Savage shoulder blocks Sweeney to the mat. Sweeney can’t do the same, but a shoulder tackle does the trick. Savage’s manager (Michael Barrachi?) grabs Sweeney’s foot, allowing Savage to take control once more. Savage throws some headbutts and puts on a chinlock. Sweeney elbows his way out. The manager trips Sweeney again, so Sweeney punches the heck out of him. Savage headbutts Sweeney as he comes back in the ring and gets two with a suplex. Sweeney sunset flips him for two. Sweeney takes him down with a big running elbow. He drops an elbow off the second rope for a two count. Sweeney goes for the ’68 Comeback Special. The manager grabs Sweeney again. He nails him with a chain. Savage gives Sweeney a spinebuster and the sloppiest lionsault ever for the pin at 5:53. So that was pretty bad. Were it not for Sweenery being an amazing babyface in this match, this would certainly be a DUD. Sweeney salvaged the bout from being completely without merit. ½*


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