STF: Constellation II

Philadelphia, PA – 3.15.2006

Commentary is provided by Joker, Sabian, Andy Sumner and Niles Young.

Andy Sumner {CZW} vs. Sean Bishop {CZW}

Bishop grabs a headlock out of the initial lock-up. Sumner breaks out but Bishop shoulder blocks him to the mat. Sumner scores with a hip toss and pair of armdrags. Bishop rolls to the floor after being dropkicked. Bishop forearms Sumner to block his dive. Back in the ring Bishop chokes Sumner after a clothesline. Bishop gets two with a supex. Bishop butterfly suplexes Sumner for another two count. Sumner catches Bishop on the top rope. Bishop goes for a slam, but Sumner turns it into a Fujiwara armbar mid-air. Bishop taps out at 3:20. Sumner’s come a long way in these NEXT/STF shows. I really like the circular booking of him losing to Quackenbush in the opener of the first NEXT show, learning as he went along, and now winning in the opener. That story aside there was nothing to this. ¾*

Hallowicked vs. Hydra

Hydra coming out to Brock Lesnar’s music will always amuse me. What’s even better is Hallowicked using Chris Jericho’s theme song. Hydra is frustrated at how little effort it takes Hallowicked to win multiple tests of strength. Hallowicked blocks a powerbomb and sets Hydra on the top rope. Hallowicked armdrags him to the mat. Hydra responds with a jawbreaker. Hydra hurts himself on a hip toss. Hallowicked sidewalk slams him. Hydra fails at a chokeslam attempt. Hallowicked armdrags him when he grows weary of Hydra’s effort. Hydra grabs the ropes to block a clothesline and Oklahoma rolls Hallowicked for two. Hydra rams his shoulder into Hallowicked’s mid-section. He comes in with a running forearm which has no effect. Hydra delivers a very purposefully awkward legdrop. He kind of had a mini seizure before delivering one. Hydra blocks an enzuigiri and puts on a STF. Hallowicked grabs the ropes to break it. Hydra puts on a bodyscissors sleeper hold. Hallowicked gets up but can’t find Hydra (who is still on his back). Hydra rolls up Hallowicked for two. Hydra hits a running knee. Hydra weakly double stomps Hallowicked. Hallowicked is able to get right back up and knee Hydra in the stomach. A bulldog connects but he misses a quebrada. Hydra gets two with the Downward Spiral. Hydra can’t get Hallowicked up for a pump-handle slam. Hallowicked turns it into a double-underhook backbreaker. He hits a quebrada for two. Hallowicked hits the Graveyard Smash for the pin at 8:55. This had a cute story to it and not much else. *1/4

Drew Gulak {CZW} vs. Gran Akuma {F}

More on the theme music front: Gulak using “E-Pro” by Beck is another thumbs up in my book. Gulak and Akuma fight for control amateur style on the mat. Gulak gets Akuma’s shoulders on the canvas so he puts his foot on the ropes. This happens again when Gulak takes Akuma down. Gulak gets in a starting position like Akuma did. Akuma goes for a cheap kick which Gulak avoids. He does not avoid a nice kick to the head or some chops and kicks in the corner. Akuma dropkicks the back of Gulak’s head for two. Akuma puts on a chinlock. Gulak sunset flips him for two. Akuma powerslams Gulak out of the corner for two. Akuma rolls Gulak looking for a surfboard on the mat. Gulak grabs the ropes before it is applied. Akuma kicks Gulak in the stomach before suplexing him into an arm and back stretch. Each guy monkey flips the other. Gulak hits two clotheslines before backdropping Akuma. Gulak ducks Akuma’s rolling clothesline. Gulak delivers a German suplex for two. Akuma counters a suplex with a modified Lightning Spiral. That only gets him a two count. Gulak almost catches Akuma with a flash pin. He almost does so again after countering the Falcon Arrow. Akuma successfully delivers the Falcon Arrow on second attempt for the pin at 8:19. I liked the dynamic between these two and how many times it seemed Gulak could have realistically picked up the victory. The crowd came alive to give him a nice ovation afterwards, so I think they share my sentiments. **1/2

CZW Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Niles Young (Champion) {CZW} vs. Ravage {CZW}

Ravage absorbs Young’s forearms and throws some back. Young wins a chop exchange. Ravage delivers a dropkick after breaking a side headlock. Young pokes Ravage in the eyes behind referee Derek Sabato’s back. Young suplexes him for two. Young also fails to score the pin after a side Russian Leg Sweep. Ravage sunset flips him for two. Young snapmares Ravage into a Dragon kick. Ravage small packages him for two. Young clotheslines Ravage for two. Ravage keeps fighting Young off the ropes. Ravage eventually brings him down with a Side Effect. Ravage kicks out Young’s legs. A low running boot gets him two. Ravage goes for a bulldog, but Young counters it into a scoop piledriver for two. Ravage goes for a roll-up. Young sits down on it and grabs the middle rope for two. Ravage goes to the ropes. He jumps off and is met with a yakuza kick from Young. Young pins him for the victory and retention at 7:18. Aside from a couple of big moves from Young, this was nothing. Ravage is beyond dull. Young has personality but needs to tell a better story in his work. *

Falls Count Anywhere
Danny Havoc {CZW} vs. DJ Hyde {CZW}

Havoc bashes Hyde with a fountain drink. Havoc superkicks Hyde over to a second ring in the distance. Hyde slams him into the ring and throws forearms to Havoc’s back. Hyde whips Havoc into a pillar. He then slams a box crate top with wheels onto Havoc for two. Hyde makes a dent in the wall by throwing Havoc head first into the wall. Hyde suplexes Havoc on the bare floor for two. Hyde brings Havoc back into the ring to choke him in the corner and lay in some chops. Havoc knees Hyde in the face after evading a corner splash. Havoc lands an enzuigiri. Hyde goes to the floor. Havoc follows and kicks him in the side of the head three more times. Hyde kicks out at one. Havoc counters an Irish whip with another kick to the head. He Magistral cradles Hyde for two. Hyde stands on Havoc’s chest for two. Hyde throws various items at Havoc, the biggest being a guardrail. Havoc kicks out at two. Back in the ring Havoc throws some headbutts. Hyde brings Havoc to the corner. He whips Havoc across the ring and splashes him. Havoc ducks the lariat. Hyde however pops him up and nails the lariat when Havoc comes down. Havoc counters a Shadow Driver attempt with a small package for the pin at 9:40. Havoc taking a beating is quite entertaining. I can understand now why the CZW crowd grew to get behind him. However, both guys recovering from certain moves and attacks so quickly was annoying at times. For their series of matches, this was a good ending. **

This was the shortest of all the NEXT/STF shows, going under an hour. It was also the worst, and thankfully the last. My suggestion is to not bother with any of these shows.


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