Tag World Grand Prix 2006 Night III


Philadelphia, PA – 2.26.2006

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, UltraMantis Black, Larry Sweeney, Mike Quackenbush, Eddie Kingston and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Allison Danger, Ranmaru & Rain vs. Daizee Haze, Sumie Sakai & Mickie Knuckles

Damger and Knuckles control each other by the wrists. They trade forearms and headbutts mid-ring. Haze tags in and slaps Rain. Rain comes in and gets taken down with a Thesz Press. She lays in a series of punches before putting her in a Camel Clutch. Haze turns it into a Gedo Clutch for two. Rain crossbody’s out of the corner. Rain and Haze exchange chops. Haze slides to the floor when being whipped to the ropes. Sakai and Ranmaru tag in. Ranmaru prawn holds Sakai for two. Sakai hits a dropkick and Ranmaru pops right up. She Kanagroo kicks Sakai. Both women get two with a prawn hold. Ranmaru Oklahomoa rolls Sakai for two. Sakai sits down on a crucifix pin for two. Sakai rolls her into a cross armbreaker. Rain breaks the hold. Knuckles and Ranmaru go forearm for kick with one another. Knuckles spins Ranmaru into a uranage. Danger and Sakai tag in. Sakai dropkicks Danger twice. Danger drops her face first across her knee. Knuckles spears Danger to cut off her momentum. Knuckles Northern Lights suplexes Danger and Rain breaks the pin. Haze boots Rain hard in the side of her head. Haze sends Ranmaru to the floor. Knuckles suicide dives onto Ranmaru and Rain. Haze crossbody’s onto them from the top rope. Sakai looks for a dive but Danger catches her with a reverse STO. Sakai Northern Lights suplexes her while the other women fight on the floor. Danger counters a schoolgirl with a cradle for the pin at 7:21. What a great showcase for women’s wrestling. This was a fine way to get the show started as well as to solidify Danger as the clear winner in her and Sakai’s feud in CHIKARA. Ranmaru kicks Sakai just because afterwards. **1/2

Tag World Grand Prix Quarter-Final Round Match
Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. Chris Hero {KOW} & Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}

JJ Dillon is still with the North Star Express. Cruz puts on a headlock to end a wristlock exchange. Claudio reverses. Cruz hip tosses and armdrags Claudio after taking a shoulder block. Claudio stomps on Cruz after blocking his hip toss. Cruz crossbody’s Claudio for two. Claudio rolls to the floor and Hero comforts him. Hero and Corbin tag in. They trade strikes. Hero hits the ropes and Dillion trips him. Corbin headscissors Hero to the corner. Corbin armdrags Hero into an armbar. Hero breaks it with a forearm and tags in Claudio. Claudio gets armdragged a couple times himself. Claudio begs Corbin off and asks for a handshake. He of course kicks Corbin in the side instead. He and Hero take turns beating on Corbin in their corner. Corbin rolls through Hero’s clothesline to tag in Cruz. Cruz elbows and clotheslines the Kings to the mat. He hits the Side Effect on Hero for two. Dillon trips Hero when Hero hits the ropes again. The North Stars double Japanese arm drag Hero, then drop him with a tandem STO for two. Claudio comes in. He catches Corbin and puts him in a tree of woe. Corbin sits up to evade a baseball slide. He somersault senton’s off the top onto Claudio on the floor. Hero flips off the top rope into a tornado kick from Cruz for two. Cruz monkey flips Corbin onto Claudio. Claudio catches Corbin and Hero puts Cruz on Claudio’s shoulders. Hero dropkicks both of them as they dangle off Claudio’s shoulders. He gets a two count on Corbin. Hero rolls Claudio to shoulder tackle Cruz in the corner. Hero looks to monkey flip Claudio onto Cruz, but Corbin catches him with an Ace crusher! Corbin only gets a two count. Hero puts Corbin and Cruz in stereo cravate’s. They break free and slam Hero on his face. They set up for Cruz Control. Claudio uppercuts Cruz as he’s coming off of Corbin’s shoulders. The Kings lift Corbin into a double Ricola Bomb for the pin at 12:36. The fact that they were able to convince people that Cruz and Corbin had a fighting chance is quite the triumph. The standing ovation they got afterward says a lot about their performance over the weekend. There were so many close calls and cool reversals to make this stand out amongst the myriad of tag matches we have seen these past few days. ***

Icarus says he and Gran Akuma are the only team that has been in all three Tag World Grand Prix tournaments. (true!) He beleives that he and Akuma have grown since Chris Hero took them under his wing. All they have is three more matches before winning the tournament. Icarus and Akuma laugh that Eddie Kingston in their next opponent, as they feel why they have changed for the better and that he has changed for the worse. Icarus says that he and Akuma will come out on top.

Tag World Grand Prix Quarter-Final Round Match
Eddie Kingston {BO} & Sabian {BO} vs. Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

Kingston and Akuma forcefully exchange holds. Kingston shoulder tackles him with great force. He suplexes Akuma across the ring. Icarus and Sabian tag in while Mantis recites the LOST numbers on commentary for whatever reason. Sabian and Icarus go back and forth off the ropes. Icarus’ leap frog ends terribly with Sabian’s head hitting him in the groin. Sabian trips Icarus into an elbow drop from Kingston. Akuma stops Sabian as he runs off the ropes. He drops Sabian chest first on his knee, then delivers two hard kicks to the head for two. Icarus tags back in to continue wearing him down. Akuma misses a frogsplash, giving Sabian the opening to tag in Kingston. He overhead suplexes Icarus and Akuma two times each. Sabian tope con hilo’s onto both of them on the floor. Sabian dropkicks Icarus into a Dragon suplex from Kingston. Akuma catches Kingston’s yakuza kick attempt and drops his leg across the top rope. Akuma lifts Sabian into a tandem face buster with Icarus for two. Kingston suplexes Icarus off the top rope. Sabian double stomps Icarus off the top rope. Akuma Falcon Arrows Sabian and Kingston breaks the pin. Kingston and Akuma go kick for slap in the ring. Kingston blocks a Yoshi Tonic with the Mad Scientist Bomb for two. Kingston chops Akuma on the top rope. Akuma brings Kingston off the second rope with a Yoshi Tonic for the pin at 13:24. The home stretch was excellent (especially the finish) but there was a lot of sloppiness in the middle, especially on Akuma’s end. Kingston beating people was a lot of fun and everything ended up being alright. If it only it could have been good from start to finish. **1/2

Tag World Grand Prix Quarter-Final Round Match
Delirious & Hallowicked vs. KUDO {DDT} & MIKAMI {DDT}

MIKAMI comes out with a ladder, as he is known to do in Japan. Before the bell rings, he throws the ladder to Delirious and Hallowicked and dropkicks it into them. They spill to the floor and MIKAMI springboard plancha’s onto them. Back in the ring, KUDO and Delirious each go for a quick pin. They armdrag each other and Delirious controls KUDO’s arm. Hallowicked tags in. He ties up KUDO’s legs and puts on a full nelson. Delirious tags back in. KUDO catches him with an enzuigiri. MIKAMI tags in and hits a slingshot elbow for two. The DDT team isolates Delirious in their corner. Delirious drop toe holds KUDO in the corner to cut his momentum off. He dropkicks KUDO to the opposite corner and hits the Panic Attack. Hallowicked tags in and takes out both KUDO and MIKAMI. He hits a step-up Frankensteiner on KUDO. KUDO flips through a clothesline and backslides Hallowicked for two. Hallowicked blocks a kick. He hits the Graveyard Smash. MIKAMI missile dropkicks him. Delirious enzuigiri’s MIKAMI. He hits a leaping lariat to MIKAMI and then a regular lariat to KUDO. MIKAMI sets up a ladder in the corner. He comes off it with a somersault senton to Hallowicked. KUDO kicks out Delirious’ legs. He misses double knees of the top rope and rolls to the floor. Delirious shotgun dropkicks MIKAMI to the corner. He drops MIKAMI with the Bizarro Driver for the pin at 8:45. This was an example of teams making the most out of their time. Hallowicked and Delirious so far have been the MVP’s of the tournament, a team born out of necessity gelling as if they had been teaming of years. Of course, most of you already know how the rest of their story goes. ***

Osamu Nishimura and Katsushi Takemura cut a promo in Japanese backstage. Nishimura is wearing a hilarious Speedo America sweatshirt.

Tag World Grand Prix Quarter-Final Round Match
Skayde & Milano Collection AT {T2P} vs. Osamu Nishimura & Katsushi Takemura

Nishimura cleanly breaks a lock-up with AT in the corner. Nishimura brings him to the mat in a headlock. AT switches into a headscissors. Nishimura does a beautiful headstand to break his way free. Off the ropes AT puts him in a headlock. Nishimura breaks in the ropes but then lands two painful European uppercuts. Takemura and Skayde tag in. Takemura powerslams Skayde and puts him in a courting hold. Skayde runs the ropes and turns it into an armdrag. He chases Takemura to the floor. Back in the ring Takemura asks for a handshake. Takemura boots him in the stomach and shoves Skayde with force to the corner. Takemura and Nishimura uncharacteristically tune up their aggression as they beat down Skayde in their half of the ring. Skayde gets a tag to AT after clotheslining Takemura to the mat. AT kicks out Takemura’s legs. He cartwheels into a back elbow to Nishimura in the corner. Nishimura blocks AT’s kick with a dragonscrew leg whip. He puts AT’s leg in the ropes, twisting it while also delivering forearms. He slams AT and comes off the top with a knee drop to AT’s damaged leg. Nishimura applies the figure four leg lock. Skayde tags in and eats a lariat from Takemura. Takemura powerbombs him, then picks up Skayde for a Death Valley Driver for two. Nishimura brings AT to the floor. Skayde counters a bulldog with a tornado clutch. He turns him into the Skayde schoolboy for the pin at 11:08. I enjoyed this quite a bit. Takemura and Nishimura betrayed their usual demeanor and ended up paying for it in the end. No matter how aggressive they were, Skayde’s clever counter holds still put them away. AT however now has a bad wheel as heads into the semi-finals, so we should keep our eyes peeled to see how that plays out. ***

Jigsaw, Shane Storm & Equinox vs. MIYAWAKI {KD}, Amigo Suzuki {TX} & Shinjitsu Nohashi {TX}

Nohashi methodically damages Jigsaw’s left arm. Nohashi takes him over with an armdrag. Jigsaw side wipes a dropkick. Suzuki headbutts Jigsaw in the corner. He and Nohashi trip Jigsaw and deliver stereo falling headbutts to his ribs. Jigsaw controls Suzuki’s arm and tags in Storm. Storm delivers a few armdrag variations. He nails a spinwheel kick and suplexes him for two. Equinox tags in. He too uses some armdrag variations. He sends Suzuki out with a dropkick, then suicide dives into an armdrag. MIYAWAKI boots Storm. Storm ducks his clothesline and suicide dives onto Suzuki. Jigsaw dropkicks MIYAWAKI to the floor. Equinox and Jigsaw plancha off the top rope onto Suzuki and MIYAWAKI. Nohashi hits a tope con hilo onto everybody. Nohashi walks the guardrails like Jinsei Shinzaki, coming off with an attempted huracanrana to Equinox. They both just collapse to the floor instead. In the ring, MIYAWAKI slams Equinox and drops an elbow for two. The Japanese team wisely decides to make Equinox their target, keeping his partners at bay. Equinox catches MIYAWAKI with a reverse DDT and tags in Jigsaw. He takes out the Japanese team with various strikes. Jigsaw superkicks MIYAWAKI for two. Jigsaw ducks a double clothesline from Suzuki and Nohashi. He dropkicks them both and tags in Storm. MIYAWAKI drops Storm with a reverse STO. Suzuki hits a running headbutt. A reverse neckbreaker and Tiger suplex lead to a pin broken up by Jigsaw. MIYAWAKI hits a reverse DDT. Nohashi and Suzuki follow with diving stereo headbutts. Jigsaw also breaks that pin. Storm kicks out Suzuki’s leg. He hits That Japanese Move. MIYAWAKI lariats him. Jigsaw German suplexes MIYAWAKI. Nohashi drops Jigsaw with a crucifix bomb. Equinox hits a flying forearm to Nohashi. A standing shooting star press gets him one as Suzuki breaks the count. Equinox sets up Suzuki so that Jigsaw can hit the Leap of Faith. Storm then hits That Japanese Move for the pin at 12:35. Another really fun trios match on this show. I thought Equinox was in serious trouble for a minute, but managed to recover and help his team out in the clutch. MIYAWAKI and the Toryumon X guys did a convincing beatdown job which added to my stress regarding Equinox’s well being. The finishing stretch was quite exciting and really nifty. ***

Arik Cannon, Joker {BO} & Ian Rotten vs. Kevin Steen, Sal Thomaselli {IS} & Vito Thomaselli {IS}

Well these are some odd teams. Joker and Sal fight for an advantage. That leads to a forearm exchange. Joker lariats Sal and tags in Cannon. Steen also tags in, as Quack makes fun of Cannon’s gear on commentary. Steen shoulder tackles Cannon two times. Steen and Cannon yell “OH YEAH!” and “OH NO!” while trading forearms, then chops. Steen blind tags Vito right before Cannon brings Steen to the mat. Rotten tags in and locks up with Vito. Rotten ends it with a few punches and some hard face palms. Rotten dropkicks Vito in the shoulder. He puts on a Fujiwara armbar. Rotten holds his arm while talking in Cannon. Cannon inflicts further damage on Vito’s arm. Joker tags in and does the same. He gets two with a dropkick. Vito throws Joker into his own corner where Steen and Sal help lay in some forearms. The Iron Saints hit the Sweet and Sour for two. A string of headlocks is formed by all six men. Joker gives Steen a jawbreaker to break the chain. Rotten gives Vito a bionic elbow as the other competitors brawl on the floor. Vito huracanrana’s Rotten off the top rope onto the four participants on the floor. Sal puts Joker in a pendulum. Vito knee strikes him while he’s in the hold. He DDT’s Vito. Steen sets Rotten up for the Package Piledriver. Cannon saves him with the Glimmering Warlock. Sal fights out of the Saito suplex, but Cannon catches him with it a second time. Cannon hits the Glimmering Warlock for the pin at 9:41. The excellent trios action continues. It could have used a few more minutes to build, but as it was it was a fun ten minutes of action. **3/4

Tag World Grand Prix Semi-Final Round Match
Hallowicked & Delirious vs. Chris Hero {KOW} & Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}

Delirious freaks out at the bell and chases the Kings around the ring. Hero rolls Hallowicked on the mat looking for a pin. Hallowicked stops it with a front facelock. Hero twists it into a wristlock. Hallowicked snapmares him for two. Hallowicked catapults onto Hero’s shoulders and comes off with a snapmare. He does it again, then rolls him up in a Gedo Clutch for two. He sends Hero out with a dropkick. Delirious and Claudio tag in. Claudio and him get in a verbal debate, gibberish vs. German. Delirious bites his hand in a wristlock. Delirious trips Claudio into a side headlock. Delirious tags the stem of Hallowicked after releasing it. Claudio dropkicks Hallowicked’s legs out. Hero comes in, and with Delirious’ help, Hallowicked take both Kings down with a London Bridge. Deliious and Hallowicked double armdrag and double monkey flip the Kings to the floor. Claudio attacks Hallowicked from behind while Hero drags Delirious to the floor. Hero then helps Claudio wear down Hallowicked in their corner. Hallowicked gives both of them a Stone Cold Stunner Delirious tags in and clotheslines Claudio multiple times. He baits Claudio into the Neverending Story. Delirious finishes with a bulldog for two. Hallowicked cracks Hero with a yakuza kick. Delirious super huracanrana’s Hero to the floor and lands on Claudio for two. Hero elbows Hallowicked from the apron when Hallowicked goes for an O’Conner Roll on Claudio. Hero monkey flips Claudio into a splash on Hallowicked. Delirious breaks the pin. Hero and Claudio hit a tandem Hero’s Welcome on Hallowicked. Delirious breaks the pin. Hallowicked recovers and counters Claudio’s whip to the ropes with a step-up Frankensteiner for two. Delirious chops and headbutts Hero. Hallowicked and Delirious drop Hero on the top rope. Hallowicked Koppu kicks Hero as Delirious holds him. They both attack Hero in the corner, leading to the Panic Attack from Delirious. Hallowicked hits a moonsault double knees which clip Hero in the face. Claudio makes the save. Hallowicked and Delirious give Claudio a side slam/legdrop combo for two. Delirious sets up for Shadows Over Heck. Claudio catches him with an uppercut on the way he down. Hero hits Delirious with the Hero’s Welcome: Championship Edition for the pin at 18:42. As I said earlier, Hallowicked and Delirious made all four of their matches this weekend count and gave CHIKARA no choice but to team them up again later. They had the crowd going with each nearfall and again made it seem like they just might pull out the victory over the Kings. Really good action, really good drama, really good match. ***1/2

Tag World Grand Prix Semi-Final Round Match
Skayde & Milano Collection AT {T2P} vs. Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

Icarus and Akuma attack AT before the bell. Skayde sunset flips Icarus and Akuma kicks him in the back. Skayde wisely side steps many of F.I.S.T’s attacks. He sends Akuma to the floor. He gives Icarus a quesadora and a backbreaker. AT puts Icarus and Akuma in double half crabs. Once he lets go, Akuma and Icarus team up on AT. It’s wise for Akuma and Icarus to have targeted him specifically, considering he’s coming into this match already hurt. AT manages to enzuigiri Akuma to cut off a springboard move of his. This was right after they went kick for chop with each other. Skayde gets the tag. He stuns Icarus before rolling him into a mouse trap pin. Icarus puts on the Cycling Yahoo. Skayde grabs the bottom rope to break it. Skayde slams Icarus on his face. He Magistral cradles him into a crucifix pin. Akuma dropkicks Skayde to the floor. He shrugs off AT’s O’Conner roll yet AT backdrops him. He hits a snap senton for two. Akuma DDT’s AT and heads up top. Akuma hits a frogsplash for two. F.I.S.T. give AT a Broken Arrow. Skayde trips Akuma as he hits the ropes. AT hip tosses Icarus to the floor. AT backdrops Skayde into a pescado on Icarus. AT pops up Akuma into a flapjack. He hits the Armani Shoe Exchange and puts Akuma in the AT Lock. Akuma taps out at 9:11. That was solid enough, but not the best either team has done this tournament. AT was by far the best part of the match, especially with him destroying Akuma at the end. **3/4

Necro Butcher vs. Yoshiyaki Yago {DDT}

I love Eddie Kingston and Mike Quackenbush marking out for Yago coming out to The Doors. The crowd is going nuts for these two squaring off, and I for one feel their joy. There’s no wasted time as they trade chops right away…for a long time. Necro headbutts Yago. They bash their heads together like two rams. Yago grazes Necro with a spinwheel kick. Yago lights up Necro with kicks and punches on the floor. Necro responds with punches of his own but gets kicked down to the floor. These guys’ chest are already beat red. Yago sets Necro up in a chair and hits a running dropkick. Yago delivers a running knee strike and superkick back in the ring. He kicks Necro in the spine and chest. He drops a knee on Necro’s chest for two. He puts Necro in an STF. Necro gets the ropes to break, so Yago puts him in a Rings of Saturn. Necro gets the ropes in that hold too. Yago hits the Golden Gate Swing for two. Necro reverse headbutts Yago to stop a Tiger suplex. Necro nails a lariat to bring Yago to the mat. Necro gets two with a Tiger suplex. Yago kicks and punches Necro some more. Necro fights back with some punches that force Yago to cover up. Yago brings Necro to one knee and kicks him in the head. Yago Dragon suplexes Necro for the pin at 6:24. That was crazy brawling from bell to bell and it was quite fun to watch. This was more like kickboxing than professional wrestling. If there’s any two guys from the weekend who were best served to put on that kind of match, it’s these guys. **3/4

Sexxxy Eddy, Player Uno, Max Boyer, Retail Dragon & Dragon Dragon vs. Larry Sweeney, Jagged {2.0}, Shane Matthews {2.0}, Sean Davis & Phil Davis

Eddy dropkicks Sean three times to take him down. He trips Phil and has Sean chase him around the ring. Eddy runs them into each other. Boyer crossbody’s Phil for two. Eddy double DDT’s them. Retail and Sweeney tag in. Retail headscissors Sweeney, then comes in from the apron with a top rope armdrag. Sweeney slams Retail and struts around the ring. 2.0. tag in and ask for “Beat It” to play. They strut around the ring to the music. Sweeney goes to the floor where Retail follows with a Fozberry flop. Matthews gives Boyer a spinebuster. Uno hits an enzuigiri. Jagged drops him with a Gory Bomb. Jagged and his partners team up against Uno in their corner. Uno comes back after the Rudos get too caught up with posing to the crowd. Dragon comes in and tail whips everybody down. Eddy goes back to the backwith Dragon and acts as if Dragon’s tail were his penis. Things break down with all ten men in the ring. All the Rudos get thrown into Jagged. Retail gives Jagged a Canadian Destroyer. The Tecnicos put the Rudos in a giant rowboat. Retail meanwhile is pinning Jagged and gets the win at 8:07. This was the “get all the goofy guys in one match” match. While there was a couple fun moments, nothing about this was memorable. *

2006 Tag World Grand Prix Finals – Campeonatos de Parejas
Skayde & Milano Collection AT {T2P} vs. Chris Hero {KOW} & Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}

The winners of this match will be crowned as the initial Campeones de Parejas. Hero and AT start off with a typical wristlock exchange. Hero switches into a cravate which AT maneuvers into a side headlock. AT hammerlock’s Hero’s arm in the middle rope. He then ties up Hero’s limbs on the bottom rope, following up with a flying dropkick. Claudio and Skayde tag in. Skayde controls Claudio on the mat. Skayde sends him to the floor with an armdrag. Claudio connects with an uppercut when he comes back in. Skayde cartwheels out of a courting hold. Skayde comes in from the apron with an armdrag. He cartwheel armdrags Claudio into the Skayde schoolboy for two. Hero attacks AT from the floor which distracts Skayde. Claudio attacks Skayde from behind and Hero helps him out. Hero and Claudio each have specific tasks while in the ring with Skayde; Hero twists his legs up on the mat while Claudio keeps AT at bay and uses some power moves. Skayde flips over their double clothesline. He alita’s Hero to the corner and evades Claudio’s senton. AT tags in and punches Hero multiple times. AT hits a cartwheel elbow to Claudio. AT heads up top and crossbody’s Claudio for two. He misses a senton splash. Claudio reverse suplexes him for two. Hero hits the Hero’s Welcome: Championship Edition on AT, and AT kicks out. AT ducks an elbow and connects with a superkick. AT gets two with the Armani Shoe Exchange. He puts Hero in the AT Lock, using the same combo that beat Akuma. Claudio kicks AT but AT won’t let the hold go. Skayde sends Claudio to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. The fans rise to their feet as AT keeps the submission on. Hero scurries to the ropes to break it. Skayde rolls Claudio into a crucifix pin for two. Skayde uses the ropes to headscissors. Claudio. Skayde helps AT out with a London Bridge to both Kings. AT puts Hero in a standing Octopus stretch while Skayde has Claudio in a figure seven. Both Kings make the ropes to break. Claudio lifts AT onto his shoulders. Hero puts Skayde on the shoulders too. Claudio spins and drops them both to the mat. Hero pushes AT to the floor. The Kings hit a double Ricola Bomb on Skayde for the pin and the titles at 17:32. You could feel the room deflate as the Kings pinned Skayde. Not because the crowd were genuinely upset, but because the Kings of Wrestling had done a fantastic job solidifying themselves as the top Rudos and because AT and Skayde did an amazing job getting the fans to buy their submissions and nearfalls. This may not have been the best match of the tournament, but truly the most appropriate one to end it. Hero and Claudio now stand on top of the CHIKARA world and continue to be the bane of most everyone’s existence. ***1/2

As Hero and Claudio gloat with the belts in the ring, Mike Quackenbush is shown from the commentary position very displeased. Icarus and Gran Akuma come out to help their fellow comrades celebrate their big victory.


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