Tag World Grand Prix 2006 Night II

Reading, PA – 2.25.2006

Commentary is provided by Larry Sweeney, Eddie Kingston, UltraMantis Black, Bryce Remsburg, and Mike Quackenbush.

The show starts with Arik Cannon backstage. He says last year he won the Tag World Grand Prix and now this year he can’t find a partner. Even though he was rejected by a few different guys last night, he’s confident that he will have better luck finding a partner tonight and that he will take the Tag World Grand Prix two years in a row.

We then bring out all of the teams competing in tonight’s tournament matches. This time, Arik Cannon is the only one without a partner. They take a ceremonial picture. The best part by far is Kevin Steen wearing Jagged’s sunglasses to the back and saying “I’m Jagged. I suck” to the camera.

Backstage one of the Lance Steel’s is talking about winning Tag World Grand Prix. The other Lance Steel comes in with sunglasses and a shirt from Target saying he’s been hanging out with Dragon Dragon earlier today. The other Lance Steel is not happy to hear this.

Arik Cannon comes back out to the ring. He says he saw Andy Sumner in the back and asks him to come to the ring. Sumner quickly turns Cannon’s offer to be his partner down and heads to the back.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Fire Ant {C} & Soldier Ant {C} vs. Lance Steel & Lance Steel

This is the Colony’s debut match. Soldier Ant salutes Steel after fighting out of a wristlock. Steel trips him and looks for a Boston Crab. Soldier Ant crawls up to his shoulders and into a sunset flip for two. Soldier Ant salutes after hopping over Steel in the corner. Soldier Ant army crawls in the ropes over to Fire Ant. He and the other Lance Steel tag in. Fire Ant ends a wristlock battle by putting Steel in an Octopus Stretch. Fire Ant foolishly overhand chops Steel’s chest plate. Fire Ant delivers a quesadora armdrag. Steel shrugs off a dropkick and delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Soldier Ant blocks Lancelot from jousting Fire Ant. Lancelot whips Soldier Ant to the corner and jousts him. Fire Ant breaks the joust by giving the Steel jousting the Blockbuster for two. The Colony team up on Lance Steel. Steel miraculously comes back after Finlay Rolling both Colony members simultaneously. Steel tags in and clotheslines both Colony members. He backdrops Fire Ant and gives Soldier Ant a spinebuster. He turns that into a Boston Crab. Fire Ant bulldogs Steel to break the hold. He fireman carry’s Steel so that Soldier Ant can hit a saluting headbutt off the top rope for two. Fire Ant airplane spins Steel while Soldier Ant tries to Giant Swing the other Steel. It disorients everybody in the ring. The Steel’s block stereo powerbombs and put on stereo Boston Crab’s. The Colony tap out at 10:14. The Colony had quite an impressive debut. It is fun looking back to see how much of their repertoire has evolved over time. The blockbuster out of the joust was quite impressive, and at that point I actually thought the Colony would eventually win. Nevertheless, this was a fun opening contest. **1/2

JJ Dillon is backstage with the North Star Express. Yes, the same JJ Dillon that managed the Four Horsemen back in the day. He says he thinks the North Stars have a great chance to make it to the finals but knows in tournament’s like this that luck is also involved. Dillon tells them that he’s not looking to get physically involved but rather to keep them in line and hope that his years of experience lends a helpful hand in their quest to win the tournament.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. Devon Moore & Drew Blood

To say that it’s weird to see Notorious Inc. in CHIKARA would be an understatement. They attack the North Stars at the bell. They however take Notorious Inc. down with stereo armdrags. Blood takes a double gutbuster and a double dropkick to the head. He and Moore recover on the floor. Cruz knocks down Moore with a shoulder tackle. A little Lucha rolling ends with Cruz delivering a satellite headscissors and a hip toss. Corbin tags in and sledges Moore’s arm that Cruz is extending. Moore distracts the referee so that Blood can knee Corbin from the apron. Moore blasts Corbin with an enzuigiri and tags Blood in. Blood and Moore wear down Corbin while mocking Cruz on the apron. Corbin fights off Blood and Moore after Moore misses a flying elbow. Cruz tags in and sends Blood to the floor with a clothesline. He nails Moore with a tornado kick. Cruz monkey flips Corbin into Moore in the corner. Blood sends Corbin to the floor. Moore holds Cruz for Blood. Blood pulls out some brass knuckles. JJ Dillon grabs Blood’s arm and removes them. Cruz drops Moore with the Boom Shaka-Laka. The North Stars hit him with Cruz Control for the pin at 7:59. The North Stars have really come into their own over their sparse CHIKARA appearances. Notorious Inc. were easy foils given their pension for cheating and general unpleasant demeanor they were able to convey. This had a bit more energy than the opener and helped keep the flow going. **1/2

Daizee Haze says she and Rain are representing SHIMMER in tonight’s tournament. Haze says she’s willing to put aside her personal feelings towards Rain to do so and gives her a nice face palm before walking away.

Arik Cannon comes out and asks for Niles Young to come to the ring. The fans give him quite a negative reaction. Young says he twisted his knee up at CZW a couple weeks ago and needs it drained. Between that and his unwillingness to trust Cannon, he will not be Cannon’s partner.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F} vs. Daizee Haze & Rain

Akuma trades some wristlocks with Haze. He bows Haze over his knee showing that he isn’t taking her seriously whatsoever. Akuma picks her up and spins her. She proves Akuma a fool by giving him a satellite headscissors and a falling bulldog. She dropkicks Akuma to the floor. Icarus and Rain tag in. Rain slaps Icarus as he drops to his knees in a mocking manner (not sexual, I promise). Rain crossbody’s onto him. They throw forearms at each other. Rain ducks a clothesline and sends Icarus to the floor with a lungblower. Akuma drops Rain knee first to the mat. He kicks her in the side of the head with a big smile across his face. Akuma continues to be full of glee as he kicks Rain against the ropes. Icarus fisherman suplexes her for two. Rain back elbows Icarus to block his corner attacks. Icarus catches her with a dropkick for two. Akuma kicks her in many ways but Rain won’t stay down. Akuma blocks her headscissors attempt with a standing Stretch Muffler. He drops her into an elbow from Icarus for two. Rain rolls out of the Wings of Icarus and tags in Haze. She clotheslines Icarus to the floor. She Thesz Presses Akuma and lays in some punches. Akuma blocks a flying huracanrana with a powerbomb. Rain kicks Akuma to break the pin. She tornado DDT’s Icarus for two. Rain puts Icarus in From Jungle. He drops her into a backbreaker. Haze accidentally dropkicks Rain instead of Icarus. Icarus sends Haze to the floor. He drops Rain with the Wings of Icarus then rolls her into the Burning Wings. Rain taps out at 9:40. They dynamic between these two teams was awesome. Akuma’s demented smile as he beat down the SHIMMER women as well as not taking them seriously at the get-go brought out even more jeers from the crowd than usual. Not for nothing but Haze and Rain worked really hard and added a lot to the match themselves. **3/4

2.0. are backstage for a promo in their CHIKARA debuts. They point out that they’re the IWS tag team champions but also underdogs in the tournament. Jagged compares their position to the plotlines from The Mighty Ducks and The Sandlot and tells the fans they need them to believe in 2.0. Matthews goes on about making love to fans before Jagged finishes up by telling us to feel the flow of 2.0. No Boo Ya as of yet? Drat.

Arik Cannon once again comes out. He asks for Jervis Cottonbelly to make his way out, although it’s obvious that whomever is donning his outfit tonight is a different guy than usual. Cannon says he was going to ask Cottonbelly to be his partner but because he has seemed to have let himself go he’s changed his mind. He apologizes for wasting the fans time and heads to the back.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Shane Storm {MW} & Mister ZERO {MW} vs. Jagged {2.0} & Shane Matthews {2.0}

Storm knocks down Matthews with a shoulder bock. Matthews calls Storm a cheater claiming Storm pulled his hair. Storm throws Matthews to the mat by his hair in response. He back elbows Matthews and sends him out with an armdrag. He sends Jagged out with one as well. Storm and ZERO double drop toe hold Matthews. ZERO puts him in the newspaper assisted Camel Clutch. Jagged angrily takes the newspaper and elbow drops it. He finally breaks ZERO’s hold. Storm takes Jagged to the floor while ZERO chops Matthews in the ring. Jagged and Matthews give ZERO a Samoan Drop/flying neckbreaker combo for two. 2.0. boisterously wear down ZERO in their corner. ZERO escapes by ducking a double clothesline and hitting the floor. Storm double clotheslines 2.0. and slams them each separately. Jagged hits Storm with a flying boot. 2.0. set up ZERO for the Sweet Taste of Professionalism. Storm puts up the STOP sign to stop Jagged in his tracks. ZERO prawn holds Matthews for two. Storm brings Jagged to the floor. ZERO hits the Last Shaven Unicorn on Matthews for the pin at 7:41. So I can officially say 2.0. were entertaining and awesome from the very start. Jagged freaking out at Mister ZERO’s newspaper reading is such a hilarious moment and seems to be lost in all of the moments 2.0. has provided for us over the years. The match itself was just as good as the all the others we have seen tonight. **1/4

Triple Dragon (Retail Dragon & Dragon Dragon) are in the bathroom. Retail Dragon says the main reason to buy these DVDs is to see them with the tag titles in the end. Retail says when Team Toryumon are laying on the mat, the only question they will ponder is “how may I stiff you?”

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Retail Dragon & Dragon Dragon vs. Amigo Suzuki {TX} & Shinjitsu Nohashi {TX}

Amigo Suzuki was formerly known as Chuichiro Arai, who appeared on a number of CHIKARA shows this past Fall. Nohashi is formerly known as Arakencito, who was in the first Tag World back in 2003. Retail wins a wristlock exchange before taking Suzuki over with a couple armdrag variations. Suzuki boots Retail in the stomach after extending his hand for a handshake. Suzuki gives Retail a Dragon kick. Insulting, no? He throws Retail into Nohashi’s boot. Nohashi thrusts his hand into Retail’s throat multiple times. Suzuki forearms Retail in the mid-section and teases Dragon Dragon with a tag. Nohashi and Suzuki tease Dragon Dragon some more, flaunting in his direction after beating up Retail. Dragon flips out of Suzuki’s powerbomb attempt, dropping Suzuki neck first across his knee. Dragon Dragon gets tagged in and tail whips Suzuki’s feet out. He gives Nohashi a dragonscrew leg whip. He dragon kicks Suzuki and puts him in a Dragon sleeper. He tries for a Dragon suplex but Nohashi dropkicks him. Nohashi walks the ropes ala Jinsei Shinzaki and comes off the top with a chop. He dropkicks Retail to the floor. Nohashi follows with a suicide dive. Dragon headbutts and forearms Suzuki in the corner. Suzuki drags his face across the top rope. He and Nohashi tie up Dragon Dragon and land stereo falling headbutts to Retail’s ribs. They follow up with top rope headbutts. Nohashi crucifix bombs Retail for the pin at 7:46. The former Arakencito’s seem a bit more comfortable in their new character roles. Triple Dragon is a really fun team and meshed with the somewhat goofy Toryumon troop. I’m interested in who they will face in round two. **1/2

Milano Collection AT says he and Skayde will win the tournament. Skayde then cuts a promo in Spanish.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Skayde & Milano Collection AT {T2P} vs. Darkness Crabtree {PT} & Dr. Cheung {PT}

AT takes Crabtree to the mat in a wristlock. Crabtree trips AT and slowly hits the ropes. He goes around AT who does the splits on the mat. Crabtree tries to splits himself but AT trips him. Skayde and Cheung tag in. Skayde headbutts him in the ribs for two. Skayde sends him to the floor with a quesadora armdrag. Crabtree takes out and ingests some pills from a bottle. Skayde takes some of them himself, ingesting the entire bottle. While the pills hype up Crabtree the make Skayde dizzy. It turns out he was playing possum. Crabtree quickly armdrags Skayde a few times. AT pops him into a dropkick to Skayde accidentally. AT hits Crabtree with an enzuigiri. Cheung comes in and drops AT with the FU. He pumps his shoes before hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Skayde and AT whip Crabtree and Cheung into each other. AT puts Crabtree in a modified AT Lock while Skayde twists Cheung’s legs together. The Prescription Thugs tap out at 5:29. That was fun while it lasted. I suspect it was kept short so AT and Skayde would be fresh for a longer, better match later. *1/2

Arik Cannon comes out for his match by himself. Cannon reminds us that he still has no partner and asks for Jigsaw to come out once again. Jigsaw turned Cannon down last night, claiming he’d rather wait to be drawn as a mystery partner than team with Cannon. Cannon says this is Jigsaw’s last chance to get in the tournament if that’s what he wants. Cannon reminds Jigsaw that he won last year’s tournament and that gives Jigsaw pretty good odds to win this time around. He’s not asking Jigsaw to like him or be his friend, but just to be his partner. Surprisingly, Jigsaw agrees.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Jigsaw & Arik Cannon vs. Kevin Steen & Sexxxy Eddy

Cannon fires up the crowd with some OH YEAHS! He and Steen fail to budge at each others’ shoulder tackles. They decide to trade forearm strikes instead. Steen stomps on Cannon’s chest to stop a sunset flip. He hits a senton for two. He gives Cannon a backbreaker for another two. He gets another two with a flipping legdrop. Eddy tags in and double elbows Cannon with Steen. Steen slams Eddy onto Cannon for two. Eddy crossbody’s Cannon for two. Eddy blocks a corner attack with a back elbow and boot. Eddy clotheslines Cannon in the corner and suplexes him. Cannon delivers a twisting neckbreaker. He holds onto Eddy while tagging in Jigsaw, allowing Jigsaw to stomp on Eddy’s back. Jigsaw forearms Eddy in the corner for two. Jigsaw kicks out Eddy’s leg to stop his flurry of punches. Cannon chops Eddy with great force in the corner. He delivers a leaping back elbow and drapes Eddy on the ropes. Jigsaw double stomps Eddy and Cannon delivers Total Anarchy for two. Eddy lands a flurry of punches to Jigsaw. Jigsaw knee strikes him in the corner in retaliation. Cannon ties up Eddy on the mat. He smacks Eddy in the chest repeatedly to the delight of the crowd. After being worn down a bit more, Eddy finally drops Jigsaw with a spin-out Ace crusher. He tags in Steen who chops Jigsaw and Cannon very hard. He gives Jigsaw a reverse lungblower and Cannon a dropkick. Jigsaw stomps on Steen’s back. Steen capture suplexes Jigsaw for two. Jigsaw gives Steen a jawbreaker, leading into a Saito suplex from Cannon for two. Eddy gives Cannon the SeXXXy Plex. Jigsaw takes Eddy off the ropes with a Leap of Faith. He gets two with an enzuigiri after Steen breaks the pin. Steen ducks an enzuigiri and puts Jigsaw in a crossface. Cannon dropkicks Steen to break it. Steen sets up for the Package Piledriver. Cannon escapes and goes for the Glimmering Warlock. Steen ducks and Eddy kicks the inside of his thigh. Eddy misses the Total Sextasy. Jigsaw picks him up for the Jig N’ Tonic. Steen superkicks him into a sunset flip. Cannon breaks up the pin. Cannon kicks out Steen’s leg and sends him to the floor with the Glimmering Warlock. Cannon kicks Eddy in the side of the head. Jigsaw hits a flying legdrop for the pin at 16:07. Really good chemistry out of both teams. The one thing this match did was remind me of how Cannon comes around CHIKARA not as often as he should and how badly I’d love to see Steen return. This was the best match of the first round. ***

A dance party between all four men and referee Bryce Remsburg happens after the ring. The best part of this is Eddie Kingston and Larry Sweeney’s commentary during it. They even convince Kingston to come to the ring and do some dancing of his own. If you have not seen this, search it out on YouTube.

The Heartbreak Express (Sean and Phil Davis, current FIP Tag Team Champions) say it doesn’t matter who they go through tonight, they will take the tournament and the titles.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Osamu Nishimura & Katsushi Takemura vs. Sean Davis & Phil Davis

Phil asks Nishimura for a handshake. Nishimura knows better and instead locks up with Phil. He drops down, causing Phil to run into Sean. Takemura double clotheslines them to the floor. Takemura boots and headbutts Sean in the corner. Sean goes to his eyes in order to tag in Phil. They double elbow Takemura. Phil again pokes him in the eyes. The Heartbreak Express double team Takemura in their corner with plenty of cheating and shenanigans. Nakemura evades a splash from Sean and clotheslines Phil. Nishimura tags in and rocks the Heartbreak Express with European uppercuts. He puts Phil in an abdominal stretch. Sean breaks him free. Nishimura counters a hip toss with a backslide to pin Phil at 7:03. This was nothing. Even in a different company the Heartbreak Express’ shtick is tired and played out. The best part was Nishimura and Takemura on offense which was barely a fraction of the match. *

Lines of the night; Kingston: Is it intermission? Bryce: Yes. Kingston: CIGARETTE! (leaves booth) Bryce: Or popcorn, or…

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Lance Steel & Lance Steel vs. Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE}

JJ Dillion is in the Northstar corner. Steel and Cruz go from a hold exchange to a strike exchange. Steel dropkicks Cruz to the floor and follows with a pescado clothesline. Corbin and Steel tag in. Corbin snapmares him and misses a diving elbow. He does however connect with a headscissors. Steel stops his quesadora and lowers Corbin into a draw bridge. Cruz blind tags in. We get Corbin, Cruz and Steel dropping down over and over again. Steel shouts Huzzah! to end the wacky sequence. Cruz misses a crossbody and eats a clothesline. Steel elbow drops Cruz and tags in the other Steel. Lancelot wear down Cruz until Cruz dropkicks them into each other. Lancelot begin to argue with each other while Cruz tags in Corbin. He drops them both with a DDT/Ace crusher combo. He suplexes Steel for two. Corbin gets two after a somersault senton. The North Stars double STO Steel for two. Cruz delivers a flying back elbow for another two. The North Stars dropkick Steel’s legs out before stereo dropkicking either side of his head for two. A series of kicks knocks all four participants down. Corbin drops one Steel with a backpack stunner with Cruz drops the other Steel with a uranage slam. They each go for Boom Shaka-Laka. Steel sweeps them into double Boston Crabs. The North Stars send them into each other and roll them up for stereo pins at 7:54. This is becoming a career making weekend for Corbin and Cruz who I’m sure most fans didn’t see making it past the first round. They’ve had two really good matches and things are looking up for them as they head into Night 3. Interestingly enough, one of the Steel’s refuses to shake their hands and heads to the back while the other Steel raises their arms in victory. **3/4

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Shane Storm {MW} & Mister ZERO {MW} vs. Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

These two teams have been rivals for a long time. It was in this building that Icarus took ZERO out of action for a very long time. Storm is also the man responsible for unmasking Akuma. F.I.S.T. suicide dive onto Men at Work as they make their entrance. Akuma kicks Storm in the ring while Icarus whips ZERO to the floor. Storm rocks Akuma with forearms, sending him to the floor. Storm suicide dives Akuma into the crowd. ZERO gives Icarus a quebradora and three consecutive slams for two. He turns Icarus into the Crossface. Icarus poots his foot on the ropes to break. Icarus trips Storm on the bottom rope and Akuma dropkicks him from the floor. F.I.S.T violently beat Storm in their corner while keeping him from tagging in ZERO. Storm gets his knees up to block a senton from Icarus. He tags in ZERO, but referee Remsburg misses it and F.I.S.T. continues to do damage to Storm, especially his leg. Akuma however foolishly dropkicks Storm into his own corner. ZERO tags in and backdrops Akuma. He rolls out so that Icarus can come in. Icarus shrugs off the Last Shaven Unicorn. ZERO evades the Shiranui. ZERO places Icarus in the corner. Storm hops off his back to give Icarus That Japanese Move. Akuma dropkicks ZERO in the corner. ZERO blocks the swinging DDT and puts Akuma on the top rope. ZERO hits the Hamachan cutter for two. Akuma gives ZERO a swinging neckbreaker. He gets two with a second rope frog splash. Icarus fire at Storm with foream strikes. Storm drops him with the Air Raid Crash but Akuma breaks the pin. Akuma comes off Storm’s shoulders with a swinging DDT. Icarus gives ZERO a spinning Wings of Icarus off the apron and to the floor! Akuma kicks Storm repeatedly. Storm does the same, kicking Akuma all the way to the mat for a two count. Akuma turns an STO into an arm capture crossface. Storm crawls his way to the ropes. F.I.S.T. spear and knee strike Storm in the corner. A missile dropkick/superkick combo gets them a two count. Storm fires up and counters Icarus’ Shiranui with a German suplex. He gives Akuma one as well. He nails both of them with That Japanese move but is too exhausted to make a pin attempt. Storm tries to fight off both Icarus and Akuma. It proves futile and F.I.S.T hit a lungblower/Yoshi Tonic for the pin at 15:33. Another chapter in the F.I.S.T/Men At Work saga and it may be the best. Of all the tag matches this was the most emotional and hard hitting. F.I.S.T. taking out ZERO for the second time adds another wrinkle to this feud and sets the tone for the rest of 2006. If nothing else, this increased everyone’s stock in the company overall. ***1/2

Storm goes out with the officials who are tending to ZERO. ZERO has not moved or said anything since taking the Wings of Icarus to the floor. He has to be picked up and dragged to the back.

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Jigsaw & Arik Cannon vs. Osamu Nishimura & Katsushi Takemura

Takemura and Jigsaw fight for control on the mat. Takemura overhead suplexes Jigsaw. Jigsaw leg lariats him and puts on a headscissors. He tags in Cannon who punches Takemura in the ribs. Takemura shoves Cannon to his corner and tags in Nishimura. Cannon and him also fight for control on the mat. Back on their feet they exchange wristlocks. That seems to be a common theme amongst all these matches. Back to the mat Nishimura clenches on a headscissors while extending Cannon’s arm. Cannon turns Nishimura into a cravat. Nishimura breaks it in the corner cleanly. Nishimura blasts him with a European uppercut in the corner. Nishimura and Takemura hit tandem back elbows for two. The Japanese team beats down Cannon for awhile. Cannon catches Takemura with a twisting neckbreaker. He holds onto Takemura’s arm and tags in Jigsaw. Now it’s Takemura who is on the receiving end of a beatdown from his opponents. Jigsaw and Cannon wisely make frequent tags to maximize damage while keeping each other relatively fresh. Takemura evades a corner splash from Cannon and hits him with a Koppu Kick. Cannon hits him with an enzuigiri, bringing himself and Takemura to the mat. Nishimura and Jigsaw tag in. Nishimura kicks and uppercuts Jigsaw ferociously. He misses a knee drop off the top rope. Jigsaw notices and kicks Nishimura in the knee. He superkicks Nishimura and heads up tope. He misses a super legdrop. Nishimura dragonscrews Jigsaw’s legs and puts him in a figure four leglock. Takemura ties Cannon up in a figure four as well. Jigsaw taps out at 15:24. The psychology here was on point. Nishimura and Takemura got a chance to show off their offense more in this match than their previous bout which really added a lot to the contest for me. Cannon and Jigsaw did surprisingly well as partners, working together as if it were old hat. This had a good flow and was pretty exciting overall. Cannon shakes Jigsaw’s hand afterwards, showing perhaps Cannon is genuine in his want to change his reputation. ***1/4

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Skayde & Milano Collection AT {T2P} vs. Amigo Suzuki {TX} & Shinjitsu Nohashi {TX}

AT strings some holds together to bring Suzuki to one knee. He uses the ropes to bring Suzuki to the mat in a side headlock. Suzuki cranks on a headscissors. Suzuki turns that into a backslide for two. They stand off after AT gets two with a lateral press. Nohashi and Skayde, former Tag World partners back in 2003, tag in. Skayde brings Nohashi to the mat. He courting holds Nohashi into a leg-cross STF. He snapmares Nohashi to the ropes and gives him time to get to his feet. Skayde counters Nohashi’s fast maneuvers and takes him to the corner after a couple armdrags. Nohashi thrusts Skayde in the throat. He Jinsei walks the ropes. Skayde brings him down and these two now reach a stalemate. AT and Suzuki tag back in. AT schoolboys Suzuki for two. AT rolls into a prawn hold, leading to a series of pin attempts from both men. Nohashi runs in and AT locks him and Suzuki together in a double Boston Crab. He’s forced to break at the five count. AT knife edge chops Suzuki back to the mat. He and Skayde put Suzuki in a double team submission. Nohashi angrily breaks the hold. He tries to fight them off by himself but ends up getting hip tossed into an X-Factor from Skayde. AT locks his limbs in the ropes and gives him a running low dropkick. Suzuki rakes Skayde’s eyes and delivers a headbutt. He and Nohashi bully Skayde in their corner while giving AT some shots at the apron when they see fit. Skayde cleverly positions himself so that Sazuki accidentally dropkicks Nohashi in the forehead. Skayde headscissors Nohashi and evades Suzuki’s senton, opening himself up to tag in AT. AT clotheslines both of his opponents. He hits a cartwheel clothesline on Nohashi. Suzuki headbutts AT from the apron. He looks for a springboard but eats an enzuigiri from AT instead. Skayde tope con hilo’s onto him. AT slams Nohashi and hits a senton splash for two. Nohashi blasts AT with a forearm strike in the corner. A praying high crossbody gets him a two count. AT gets his feet up to counter a top rope headbutt. Suzuki headbutts AT in the stomach and chest. Skayde legdrops Suzuki when Suzuki drops down. Skayde drops him with a facebuster. He tries for a double chicken wing but Suzuki blocks it. Skayde prawn holds Suzuki into a Venus fly trap. Suzuki gets the ropes to break it. Suzuki delivers a chinbreaker and the reverse version. He also delivers a Tiger suplex but that gets breaken up by AT. Suzuki and Nohashi headbutt AT against the ropes. They hit a tandem powerbomb on AT and head up top of the opposite corners. Their double flying headbutts only get two as Skayde interrupts the count. Skayde and Suzuki fight on the floor. AT catches Nohashi on the top rope. AT brings him down with a Hamachan cutter. AT lands an enzuigiri. He drops Nohashi with the Italian Revolution II for the pin at 19:59. It’s easy to tell all these guys come from the Toryumon system and it made for a really fantastic main event. This was just as good as last night’s main event but the style and flow was completely different. This was more of a beautiful puroresu/lucha hybrid exhibition that the fans ate up. Night 2 was weaker than Night 1 all around, but this was the best way to end the show. ***3/4

Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz, Icarus & Gran Akuma, Osamu Nishimura & Katsushi Takemura and Skayde & Milano Collection AT all move onto the quarter-finals. They join Delirious & Hallowicked, Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli, KUDO & MIKAMI and Eddie Kingston & Sabian who advanced on Night 1. These eight will all compete to become the first ever Campeones de Parejas on Night 3.


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