Tag World Grand Prix 2006 Night I

Hellertown, PA – 2.24.2006

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Mister ZERO, Bryce Remsburg, UltraMantis Black and Eddie Kingston.

Most every team competing tonight is introduced. Hallowicked and Equinox are without partners at the moment. Also, Team WWF (World Wildlife Fund) do not come out when called upon. Referees Bryce Remsburg and Matt Dillon hold the CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas (tag team titles) in their hands, which the winners of the tournament will receive at its conclusion. A picture of all the wrestlers is taken, which when they’re all in the ring together is really an impressive sight to behold.

Backstage, Crossbones says he and Rorschach were supposed to face Hallowicked and UltraMantis Black, but due to an injury Mantis has been replaced with a question mark. Crossbones says he will twist that question mark into an exclamation point and move on to win the Campeones de Parejas in the end.

Before the first match can begin, Arik Cannon comes out to the ring. Cannon has a spot in the Tag World Grand Prix tournament (and will be competing on Night 2) but no partner. Cannon turned on the Kings of Wrestling when they wanted him to beat down Mike Quackenbush and Reckless Youth. However, all of his past transgressions with the Kings of Wrestling has left everyone in CHIKARA untrustworthy of him. So, Cannon is having great difficulty finding someone willing to team with him. Cannon brings out Mark Wolf who wrestled in IWA Mid-South for some time and asks him to be his partner. Wolf says it’s been quite awhile since he’s been in the ring and doesn’t want to let Cannon down as his partner, so he turns down Cannon’s offer. Cannon heads to the back upset.

After Crossbones and Rorschach are in the ring, Hallowicked enters. Leonard F. Chikarason has a hat filled with names to pull Hallowicked’s new partner from. The Rockin’ Rebel and Roderick Strong’s names are pulled, but they are not around to be Hallowicked’s partner. Delirious’ name is pulled and he will now team with the person he faced in his CHIKARA debut match back in March of 2005.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Delirious & Hallowicked vs. Crossbones & Rorschach

Delirious goes crazy at the bell. Rorschach ends a wristlock exchange with a hammerlock. Delirious brings him to the mat in a side headlock. Neither man budges in a shoulder tackle battle. Delirious headbutts Rorschach multiple times in the corner. After a few chops, Delirious serves up the Neverending Story in the corner. Hallowicked and Crossbones tag in. Crossbones sends Hallowicked to the apron. Hallowicked comes in with a knuckle drag sending Crossbones to the corner. Hallowicked does the same maneuver again. Crossbones catches Hallowicked with a kick to the head for two. He and Rorschach trap Hallowicked in their corner. Hallowiked manages to escape by kicking Crossbones while Rorschach has him in a waistlock. He elbows his way free and suicide dives onto Crossbones, legally tagging in Delirious. Delirious hits Rorschach with a leaping clothesline. Rorschach drops him with an inverted Death Valley Driver. Hallowicked comes in and tries for a step-up Frankensteiner. Rorschach blocks it, but he and Delirious hit the Doomsday Device for the pin at 9:27. For their first time teaming, Hallowicked and Delirious gelled very well. Crossbones and Rorschach have also shown a lot of growth in their short period as a team and created a fun atmosphere appropriate for an opening match such as this. **1/4

Allison Danger mentions that she and Alere Little Feather are one of the few teams returning from the 2005 Tag World Grand Prix. She says she’s familiar with Sumie Sakai and reminds us that she was victorious over Sakai the last time they met. Danger expects the same result tonight.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Allison Danger & Alere Little Feather vs. Sumie Sakai & Ranmaru

Danger ducks a roundhouse kicks and applies a side headlock. Ranmaru scores with a dropkick after breaking that headlock. She and Danger each deliver an armdrag and go for quick pin which leads to a stalemate. Alere and Sakai tag in. Alere prawn holds Sakai for two. She then hits a satellite headscissors. Sakai blocks a second attempt, but Danger pushes Alere into a lateral press for two. She helps Alere with a huracanrana too. Sakai lays in some Mongolian chops and snapmares Alere into a headscissors on the mat. Danger and Ranmaru put on headscissors of their own, leading to a chain with the other two women. Ranmaru and Sakai nail Alere with double lariats for two. Alere suplexes Ranmaru for two. Danger and Alere keep their momentum on Ranmaru until Ranmaru catches Danger with an enzuigiri. She sweeps Danger’s legs and kicks her in face. Ranmaru roll through Alere’s DDT and out to the floor, tagging in Sakai. She gets two with a Northern Light suplex on Alere. Alere clotheslines Sakai and puts her in a sharpshooter. She ties up Sakai’s arms and legs only to be kicked in the back of the head by Ranmaru. Ranmaru and Danger begin to fight on the floor. Sakai blocks Alere’s bulldog with a back suplex for two. Sakai hits a moonsault and follows up with a fisherwoman’s suplex for the pin at 8:01. This was slightly above most of the Danger/Sakai singles matches thanks mostly due to the eclectic style Ranmaru brought to the table. This was the second year in a row the “Al” team surprised me in a positive way. **1/2

The Iron Saints (Sal & Vito Thomaselli) are tired of other teams saying they’re the best team in wrestling. They’re the IWA Mid-South tag champions and have defeated every team that have crossed their paths. Vito thinks the East Coast has dodged them for long enough and plan to have two belts on their shoulders when the weekend is over.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
MIYAWAKI {KD} & Yoshiaki Yago {KD} vs. Sal Thomaselli {IS} & Vito Thomaselli {IS}

Yago pounds Vito with strikes to the chest. They fight for a front chancery on the mat. Nobody budges during their shoulder block battle. Yago nails a spinwheel kick causing Vito to tag in sal. MIYAWAKI also tags in and brings the IWA: MS tag belt in with him for some reason. Sal breaks a lock-up in the corner and shoves MIYAWAKI. MIYAWAKI aborbs some forearm shots and rocks Sal with a punch to the face. Sal rakes his eyes, but MIYAWAKI delivers a hard knee strike to the mid-section. A knee drop gets him two. Sal side steps a shoulder block, allowing Sal and Vito to double team MIYAWAKI, specifically targeting the arm that hit the ring post. MIYAWAKI manages to block a corner attack from Vito and dropkick him from the second rope. Yago explodes with kicks, punches and chops on both Sal and Vito. He drops them both with dragonscrew leg whips. Yago drills Sal with a knee strike and big boot. A chest and back kick are followed up with a knee drop for two. Yago hits the Golden Gate Swing for two. Yago puts Vito in a tree of woe. He misses a missile dropkick allowing Vito to doublestomp Yago. MIYAWAKI dropkicks Vito in the side of the head. He side steps Sal’s elbow drop. Sal catches MIYAWAKI with a modified fisherman’s buster. The Saints hit a wheelbarrow/lungblower combo and Yago breaks the pin. Yago kicks them both down. MIYAWAKI drops Sal with a reverse DDT for two. He drops Sal with a reverse STO and puts him in a crossface. Sal taps out at 10:30. The K-Dojo team impressed everybody in this match; the fans and even fellow wrestlers (Quackenbush in particular seemed to really be enjoying himself on commentary). I haven’t seen much of the Iron Saints work but it’s easy to see why they are champions of IWA:MS. They’re very proficient in the ring and kept bringing the goods after taking a heck of a beating. This is the sleeper match of the night. ***1/4

Eddie Kingston points out that he is currently one half of the CZW tag champions. He also points out that he and Mickie Knuckles, one of his and Sabian’s opponents tonight, lost last year in the Tag World Grand Prix because Knuckles tapped out. He also says he won’t allow Ian Rotten to come into his home and run roughshod over him like Rotten did in IWA:MS. Even though he’s come to respect Knuckles, Kingston promises to take both her and Rotten out.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Eddie Kingston {BO} & Sabian {BO} vs. Ian Rotten & Mickie Knuckles

Shockingly Kingston and Rotten start out with an exchange of various wristlocks. Rotten tumbles into a headstand to push Kingston away by his feet. Rotten floats through a few maneuvers to put on a standing armbar. Rotten knocks him down with a shoulder block. Kingston is able to land a monkey flip. They armdrag and hip toss each other, then throw stereo dropkicks to reach a stalemate. Sabian and Knuckles tag in. They kick each others’ legs as they lace their fingers. Knuckles turns a knuckle lock into a monkey flip and then into a straightjacket choke. Sabian escapes with a jawbreaker. They crash mid-air with stereo crossbody’s. Kingston and Rotten tag back in. Rotten headbutts Kingston to his knees to win a test of strength. He tags in Knuckles after headbutting Kingston in the back of the head of few teams. Kinston continues to be beat down until he throws Knuckles into the corner with a German suplex. Kingston looks oddly displeased by his actions and tags in Sabian. Sabian suplexes Knuckles for two and tags in Kingston. He doesn’t take the cheapshot that Sabian offers him and instead applies a chinlock. The BLK Out keep the advantage even though there’s obvious tension when Knuckles is the legal opponent. They’re arguing allows Knuckles to slip out of their grasp. She tags in Rotten who gives them each a bionic elbow and a clothesline. They roll to the floor after Rotten rams their heads together. Knuckles backdrops Rotten over the top and onto the BLK Out. Knuckles then suicide dives onto them. Back in the ring Rotten delivers a lariat to Kingston for two. Rotten misses a somersault senton off the second rope. Kingston Oklahoma rolls Rotten for the pin at 15:07. That was totally different than what I expected. I expected Rotten and Knuckles to engage in some mindless brawling but instead did some scientific and methodical wrestling which surprised me in a good way. I thought the dynamic between the BLK Out and Knuckles was an interesting angle to play and it also makes me wonder if we will see further dissension between Sabian and Kingston as the tournament progresses. **3/4

The Gambino Brothers are backstage. They say that they’re representing the IWC out of Western Pennsylvania and that they will prove they’re the best in the world in this tournament.

Arik Cannon comes out to the ring and asks for Adam Flash, a CZW regular who has wrestled Chris Benoit at one point in his career to be his partner. Flash asks Cannon for beer which Cannon does not have. Flash then asks if Cannon has broads. Cannon whispers in his ear. Flash says him being sober means it’s not a good time for him to wrestle, so he decides that he will hit the bar and for Cannon to ask him later.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Mickey Gambino & Marshall Gambino vs. Cheech & Cloudy

Cheech and Cloudy pie face the Gambino Bros. instead of shaking their heards. The Gambinos attack them from behind and take them to the floor. In the ring Cheech and Cloudy double hip toss Mickey. Cloudy delivers a dropkick for two. They hit some tandem offense on Mickey but can’t manage to keep him down for more than a two count. Cheech and Cloudy continue to arrogantly keep control until Mickey catches Cloudy with a spinebuster and Cheech with a knee lift. Marshall tags in and takes them out with lariats. Cloudy goes for a huracanrana but Marshall counters with a powerbomb. Cheech breaks the pin. Marshall sidewalk slams Cheech for two. The Gambino’s double hip toss Cloudy into a tandem slam for two. The Gambino’s slam Cheech onto Cloudy for two. Cheech throws Mickey to the floor. Cheech and Cloudy deliver some tandem elbows and a superkick/enzuigiri combo to Marshall. Mickey comes back in with forearms to Cheech. Cheech kicks his legs out and Cloudy hits a rolling neck snap. They hit Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Cheech. Cloudy dives onto Mickey on the floor while Cheech hits a shooting star press on Marshall for the pin at 9:07. The Gambino’s weren’t the most exciting team in the world, but seeing Cheech and Cloudy decimate much larger men than them was pretty fun. This picked up by the end but took it’s time getting there. **

Chris Hero says he and Claudio are the best in all of wrestling, both in singles and tag competition. He says in the 2003 Tag World they wrestled each other to a 30 minute draw and in 2005 he and Claudio carried their partners to the finals and the only reason he didn’t win is because he let Claudio and Cannon do so. They laugh that their partners from last year, Mike Quackenbush and Arik Cannon aren’t in the tournament (in Cannon’s case, not yet officially). Hero says they will use all of their Tag World experience to take this year’s tournament altogether.

Equinox’s original partner Angel del Fuego could not make tonight’s show. Because of that, Equinox’s new partner will be pulled out of a hat of names. Jack Evans and Don Montoya’s names are pulled, but they are not in the building. Hydra’s name is pulled and he is in the building. Hydra is of course the mini-man monster that debuted in CHIKARA at “Running in the Red” back in November.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Equinox & Hydra vs. Chris Hero {KOW} & Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}

Claudio easily takes down Hydra a few times. Hydra sunset flips Claudio for two. Claudio shrugs off his chokeslam attempts but ends up getting armdragged to the corner. Claudio places him on the top rope. He gives Claudio a double axe handle and puts him in a Camel Clutch. Claudio flips Hydra out of the hold and gets armdragged once more. Hydra chest bumps Claudio to the floor. He fakes him out on a dive and mocks Claudio’s “HEY!” pose. Hero and Equinox tag in. They exchange wristlocks. Equinox whips Hero to the corner but fails to single leg trip him. He does after a head strike to Hero’s mid-section. A few Lucha rolls lead to Equinox delivering a hiponesa and victory rolling Hero for two. Equinox huracanrana’s Hero out of the corner. Claudio assists Hero to help him elbow drop Equinox in the ropes (after botching an attempt at some other tandem move). Hydra comes in and tries to press slam. Claudio is the one who press slams Hydra, throwing him into the Kings corner. Hero and Claudio isolate Hydra in their corner. The Kings however foolishly boot Hydra to the floor, allowing Equinox to tag in. He uses some armdrags and huracanrana’s to take them down. He shrugs of Hero’s suplex and gets two with an inverted DDT. Claudio trips Equinox and brings him to the floor. Hero rolls and flips to the floor to show off. Hydra puts him in a cravate! In the ring, Claudio uppercuts Equinox in the corner. He whips Equinox to the corner and Equinox runs up the ropes and dives onto Hero on the floor. Hydra comes in and looks to powerbomb Claudio. He instead goes for a few quick pins but only gets two. Hydra drives him into the mat with the complete shot for two. Claudio uppercuts him once more. Equinox fails to hit the Déjà vu. He puts Claudio in a Guillotine choke. Hero boots Equinox to free his partner and rolls him to the floor. Hero and Claudio drop Hydra with a tandem Hero’s Welcome for the pin at 14:00. Although the winners were obvious, Equinox and Hydra did quite a bit as a team to make it seem like on a couple of occasions an upset victory could occur. Equinox had a couple of flubs as per usual but in the end was able to recover and have a fairly entertaining bout. **1/2

Sweeney tells a story about how in his off-time around Years in Tahiti, he came across Mana after going into the jungle for a snack. Sweeney has half of his face painted like Mana. He claims that if he’s unable to control Mana, no one else in the tournament will be able to do so either.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
KUDO {DDT} & MIKAMI {DDT} vs. Larry Sweeney & Mana

Sweeney insists to Mana that he starts the match off. Sweeney takes KUDO to the mat in a waistlock. KUDO transitions into a side headlock. Sweeney escapes and stands off with KUDO. Sweeney O’Conner rolls him for two. KUDO armdrags and hip tosses Sweeney. Sweeney ducks a chest kick and tags in Mana. MIKAMI tags in and tumbles out of Mana’s lock-up attempt. He stomps on Mana’s bare feet and dropkicks his leg out. MIKAMI hits a 619. He missile dropkicks Mana which has no effect. Mana catches MIKAMI coming off the top rope with a Samoan Drop. Mana hits a running hip attack to a seated MIKAMI in the corner. Sweeney helps Mana wear down MIKAMI on their side of the ring. Sweeney accidentally elbows Mana which does not please Mana at all. Sweeney also ducks MIKAMI’s enzuigiri which connects with Mana. KUDO delivers a hard kick to Mana’s head as MIKAMI sends Sweeney to the floor. MIKAMI comes off the top with a somersault senton for the pin at 7:01. Shockingly short, but it set the seeds for some dissension between Sweeney and Mana to be dealt with down the line. Sweeney leaves Mana in the ring and yells that the loss was all his fault. We now have MIKAMI and KUDO vs. MIYAWAKI and Yago later tonight which I am very much looking forward. *3/4

Arik Cannon comes back to the ring and asks for Jigsaw to make his way out. Jigsaw says although he wants to win the tag titles very badly, he doesn’t want them badly enough to team with a person who made his life a living hell for the past year. Jigsaw questions how he could trust a man who stole his mask previously. Jigsaw says he’d rather take his chances at being randomly paired with someone than team with him and gives Cannon an emphatic no as his answer.

Anthony Franco says he’s usually against animal cruelty but he will make an exception tonight against the WWF team. Turner admits he’s happy to face CP Munk tonight since he’s an insult to CM Punk who trained them at the ROH wrestling school. Turner says the other 31 teams want to win, but they have to win.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Matt Turner {ROH} & Anthony Franco {ROH} vs. CP Munk & Colt Cabunny

We’re accustomed to CP Munk at this point, but this is Cabunny’s debut. He’s a bunny in a Colt Cabana singlet, as many of you already know. Turner and Franco attack the WWF team at the bell. Munk bites Turner and Cabunny twists Franco’s arm. The WWF butt bump each other in joy. Turner twists on Cabunny’s arm and applies a headlock. Cabunny pushes Franco off, taking off Cabunny’s head. It turns out BLK Out member Joker is the one underneath the hood! Joker overhead suplexes Turner and chops him in the ropes. Franco and Munk tag in. Franco shoulder tackles Munk in the corner. Turner goes for a bulldog. Munk grabs the ropes causing his head to come off. Necro Butcher is the one underneath that hood, and was the man who decimated Franco and Turner in the first round of last year’s Tag World Grand Prix. Necro lights up Franco with rapid fire punches. Turner missile dropkicks Necro to the floor. Franco flies out with double axe handle. Necro headbutts, punches and chops Franco on the floor. Franco suplexes Necro on the floor. Turner is busy forearming Joker in the ring. Turner comes in to assist in a double flapjack. He dropkicks Joker while Turner has him in an STF for two. Joker throws Franco into the corner with an exploder suplex. Turner RKO’s Joker and goes for a Fujiwara armbar on Necro. He fails but gives double knees to the arm instead. Necro nails a shotgun lariat for the pin at 5:37. That was pretty crazy stuff. I love how a lot of stories from the 2005 Tag World Grand Prix have crossed over into this years’ version. Necro killed Franco on the floor, and the rumor is that Necro beat Franco so badly that this was his last match in professional wrestling. We now have BLK Out vs. Necro and Joker (also a BLK Out member) later on which has potential to be quite crazy. **

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Delirious & Hallowicked vs. Cheech & Cloudy

Delirious goes nuts at the bell. Hallowicked rolls Cloudy into a leg-cross submission. Cloudy quesadora’s Hallowicked but Hallowicked cartwheels through. He goes for a Gedo clutch for two. Cloudy sweeps Hallowicked’s legs after a neck-tie headscissors. He Gedo clutches Hallowicked for a two count. Cheech and Delirious tag in. Cheech is clearly a little frightened of him. Delirious breaks a wristlock and goes through Cheech’s legs. He bounces up and down and screams in Cheech’s face when he comes near. He baits Cheech into a wristlock and doesn’t allow Cheech to go through his legs. Delirious barrel rolls Cheech for two. He trips Cheech into an Oklahoma roll for two. Delirious baits Cheech into a leaping lariat. Cheech rakes Delirious’ eyes. Delirious boots Cheech in the stomach. He tags in Hallowicked and throws Cheech off his shoulders to the mat. He applies a Camel Clutch allowing Hallowicked to dropkick Cheech in the face. Cheech STO’s Hallowicked and tags in Cloudy. Hallowicked floats out of a whip to the corner and brings in Delirious. Cloudy trips Delirious onto the second rope where Cheech dropkicks him. Cloudy then hits a twisting neckbreaker for two. Cheech and Cloudy wisely decide to wear down Delirious while keeping Hallowicked at bay. Delirious manages to crotch Cheech on the top rope and put him in a tree of woe. Delirious’ suplexes Cloudy into Cheech while Cheech is in that position. Hallowicked tags in and knocks down Cloudy with a clothesline and back elbow. He sends Cheech to the floor with a step-up Frankensteiner. Hallowicked and Delirious hit a sidewalk slam/legdrop combo for two. Hallowicked gives Cloudy a reverse step-up Frankensteiner. Cloudy breaks up the pin. He enzuigiri’s Hallowicked and places him on the top turnbuckle. Cloudy hits an Avalanche victory roll for two. Delirious hits the Panic Attack to break the pin. Cheech nails Delirious with a flying knee strike, leaving all four men laying. Hallowicked drops Cheech with the Graveyard Smash at the same time Delirious drops Cloudy with the Bizarro Driver. Hallowicked and Delirious pin them simultaneously for the win at 12:14. For both teams this was a step-up from their first round encounter. Something about their styles really goes well together, so much so that they would continue to have a tacit history with each other over the next few years. The crowd played along with everyone’s antics and their enthusiasm helped out the overall vibe of the contest. ***

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Chris Hero {KOW} & Claudio Castagnoli {KOW} vs. Sumie Sakai & Ranmaru

Hero and Claudio look to have a little fun with the smaller Sakai. Sakai stomps on both of their backs and ends up reversing Claudio’s wristlock. She goes for a pin after Claudio rolls through. She bites his hand after reapplying the wristlock. Ranmaru comes in and sweeps Claudio’s legs. Sakai rolls him into a cross armbreaker. Claudio picks up Sakai on his shoulders. Sakai comes off with modified snapmare. Ranmaru and Sakai dropkick him. Sakai flicks Claudio in the eyes while Ranmaru puts on a Camel Clutch. Sakai puts on one herself while pulling Claudio’s hair. Hero gets so frustrated that he comes in and kicks Sakai to the floor. Hero controls Ranmaru by her feet. Hero shrugs off her dropkick. She takes him down with a headscissors and gets two with a prawn hold. A kick to the temple also gets her two. Hero fires up from Sakai’s forearms. Hero catches her in a crossbody. He passes Sakai into Claudio’s arms. He dropkicks her in the stomach and Claudio drops her into a gut buster for two. The Kings reign supreme (see what I did there?) over Sakai, foolishly taking it easy at certain points. That foolishness allows Sakai to crawl through Hero’s legs and tag in Ranmaru. Ranmaru kicks him senseless for a two count. Hero tags out to Claudio who hits the Match Killer for two. Sakai missile dropkicks Claudio for two. She gets two with a frogsplash also. Hero puts Sakai on his shoulders. He spins Sakai on his shoulders while also swinging Ranmaru into the Kings’ Swing. Hero pins Ranmaru and somehow only gets a two count. Ranmaru falls off Hero’s shoulders kicking him in the head. She hits a pair of enzuigiri’s for two. Sakai misses a moonsault. Claudio uppercuts Ranmaru in the back of the neck. Hero and Claudio elbow Sakai into a double Ricola Bomb for the pin at 14:16. Hero and Claudio may have been a little careless in the beginning, but once they saw just how seriously they needed to take Ranmaru and Sakai they stepped up their game and began to get the most utility possible out of their double team moves. Ranmaru and Sakai did a good job in both of their matches and if Sakai does keep popping up in CHIKARA, I’d like Ranmaru to be with her instead of keeping Sakai in singles matches. ***

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
MIYAWAKI {KD} & Yoshiaki Yago {KD} vs. KUDO {DDT} & MIKAMI {DDT}

Yago and KUDO throw kicks at each others’ ribs. KUDO blocks his strikes but ends up kicking him right in the head. MIYAWAKI and MIKAMI tag in. That won’t be confusing at all. MIKAMI and MIYAWAKI each apply a seated headscissors. MIKAMI upturns MIYAWAKI’s wrist with great force. MIKAMI counters a hip toss with a huracanrana. He sends MIYAWAKI to the floor with a satellite headscissors. He follows out with a tope con hilo. KUDO snapmares MIYAWAKI into a Dragon kick two times. MIYAWAKI fires up but KUDO knees him in the head and snapmares him into yet another Dragon kick. MIKAMI tags in and hits a slingshot senton for two. He gets two after a regular senton. He again controls MIYAWAKI’s wrist, tying his arm up in the ropes. MIYAWAKI escapes the DDT team by hitting a Samoan Drop on KUDO while dropkicking the seated MIKAMI in the corner. MIYAWAKI takes out KUDO’s knee to stop his barrage of kicks. Yago tags in and kicks out the inside of KUDO’s legs. Yago applies a tendon hold and tags in MIYAWAKI. KUDO catches MIYAWAKI on the middle rope and puts on a modified tarantula. MIKAMI 619’s MIYAWAKI into a prawn hold from KUDO. Yago breaks the pin. MIYAWAKI kicks KUDO’s leg once again. MIYAWAKI and Yago wear down KUDO’s leg which also prevents him from tagging out. KUDO cracks MIYAWAKI with an enzuigiri so that he can tag in MIKAMI. MIKAMI missile dropkicks MIYAWAKI and roundhouse kicks Yago. MIKAMI comes off the top with a senton to Yago for two. MIKAMI hits him with a 619. He hits a 450 splash and MIYAWAKI breaks the pin. He turns MIKAMI inside out with a lariat. KUDO rocks MIYAWAKI with more kicks with one to the side of his head. Yago folds KUDO with a Dragon suplex. KUDO desperately nails a knee strike before collapsing to the mat. The fans stand and applaud while all four men gain their bearings. MIYAWAKI and KUDO trade shots as they rise from the mat. MIYAWAKI side slams KUDO into a half crab. MIYAWAKI spits on MIKAMI as he tries to break MIYAWAKI’s hold. Yago spinwheel kicks MIKAMI to let MIYAWAKI sit on the hold some more. KUDO crawls to the ropes to break. KUDO counters MIYAWAKI’s lariat and schoolboys him for two. KUDO kicks MIYAWAKI in the side of the head thrice and Yago breaks the pin. He pummels KUDO with chest punches and kicks. KUDO roundhouse kicks him to the mat. MIKAMI gives MIYAWAKI the Code Breaker and follows with a somersault senton. KUDO then hits MIYAWAKI with his signature double knees off the top rope for the pin at 16:19. This is possibly the most hard hitting match in CHIKARA history. These four teams beat the piss out of one another and did not let up for one moment. The strikes kept building and each person taking a pin had to be saved by their partner until MIKAMI managed to block Yago and allow KUDO to pin MIYAWAKI. It was a spectacle to behold and the kind of encounter that’s truly one of a kind, especially in CHIKARA. This is an early contender for best match of the entire tournament. ***3/4

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Eddie Kingston {BO} & Sabian {BO} vs. Necro Butcher & Joker {BO}

Joker and Kingston, the CZW tag team champions, start off the match. Kingston puts on a side headlock. Joker knees his way free. Kingston turns him into a chinlock. Joker escapes and takes Kingston over with a huracanrana. Kingston trips Joker into an Oklahoma roll for two. Sabian tags in. Sabian evades Joker’s early attack. Joker reverses an Irish whip by chopping Sabian and driving him face first into the mat. Joker snap suplexes Sabian and tags in Necro. He pummels Sabian with kicks and a headbutt. Necro hits a Tiger Driver for two. He chops Sabian against the ropes. He applies the Iron Claw as Sabian comes off the ropes. He slams him to the mat in the claw for two. Kingston comes in and also gets put in the Claw. Sabian and Kingston fight out of it but get double clotheslined. Joker tags in and snapmares Sabian into a Dragon kick and chop for two. Sabian shotgun dropkicks Joker to the corner. He misses a twisting moonsault and eats a flying elbow strike from Joker. Kingston tags in. Sabian trips Joker and Kingston drops an elbow on his back. Necro kicks Kingston to break the pin. Kingston yakuza kicks Joker in the corner. An overhead suplex sees Kingston’s pin broken again by Necro. Kingston is fired up and challenges Necro to go face to face. Kingston throws some right hands but Necro knocks him down to the mat with some jabs of his own. Necro punches him against the ropes and Kingston becomes visibly dizzy. A big right hand knocks Kingston loopy in the corner. Necro lariats Kingston and Sabian wisely breaks the pin. As Necro and Kingston fight on the floor, Sabian tope con hilo’s onto Necro. Joker also flies out with a twisting body press. As the three BLK Out members brawl on the floor, Necro manages to recover and then come off the top rope onto them with a somersault senton. Back in the ring Joker counters a huracanrana by powerbombing Sabian on his knee. Necro brings a chair into the ring and looks to suplex Kingston onto it. Sabian splashes onto Necro, allowing Kingston to suplex Necro from the ring apron to the floor. In the ring Joker goes for the Joker Driver on Sabian. Kingston saves Sabian and Saito suplexes Joker. Sabian comes off the top with a double stomp. Necro breaks the pin. Sabian hits a flying swinging DDT on Joker for another two count. Joker suplexes Sabian onto his head. Sabian ducks a clothesline and rolls Joker into a tornado clutch for the pin at 14:02. While this was more hard hitting and wild than a usual CHIKARA match, the bout that proceeded it was no ordinary CHIKARA bout and they had the tough task to follow up. They did an admirable job and still put together a very good match. It’s still very odd seeing Necro in a CHIKARA ring after all these years. ***

Delirious & Hallowicked, Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli, KUDO & MIKAMI and Eddie Kingston & Sabian all move onto the quarter-finals on Night 3. Tomorrow night, we will know who the other four teams will be.


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