STF: Constellation I

Philadelphia, PA – 2.15.2006

Commentary is provided by Chris Hero, Bryce Remsburg and Mike Quackenbush.

Lance Steel vs. Hydra

An exchange of wristlocks and headlocks kicks the match off. Steel trips Hydra. After a short Lucha exchange Steel goes for the Boston Crab. Hydra slips out to the floor right away. Steel breaks a lock-up cleanly in the corner. Hydra bites Steel’s hands but then gets chopped in response. Steel hops on referee Bryce Remsburg to joust Hydra. Hydra bites Steel’s hand to block it. Steel comes in from the apron and off the top rope with an armdrag. Hydra dropkicks Steel for a one count. He chokes Steel on the ropes. Hydra snapmares him for two after a leaping corner forearm. Hydra side slams Steel and whips him off the ropes. He side slams him again for two. Steel ducks a lariat and delivers a suplex. Steel connects with a couple clotheslines. He spinebusters Hydra and goes for a Boston Crab. Hydra shoves him off and hits a Flatliner for two. Steel blocks his second attempt with a powerbomb. He turns Hydra into the Boston Crab for the submission at 5:15. I can already tell this crowd is going to be tough to get to do anything. This was a nice exhibition match, nothing more or less. *

DJ Hyde {CZW} vs. Danny Havoc {CZW}

Hyde attacks Havoc on his way down to the ring. He throws Havoc into a guardrail and then into a ring post. Hyde blasts Havoc with a steel chair. Hyde hip tosses Havoc into a crowd of chairs. Back in the ring Havoc delivers some forearms. He goes for a wheelbarrow but Hyde catches him with a backbreaker for two. Hyde chops Havoc in the corner. Hyde kicks and slaps Havoc in a tree of woe position. Hyde headbutts and chops Havoc in the corner once more. Hyde rocks him with a haymaker after a bodysplash. Havoc ducks a lariat and hits a roundhouse kick. He slingshot knee strikes Hyde in the back of the neck. He big boots Hyde for two. Havoc nails him with a steel chair and heads up top. He misses a cancun moonsault. Hyde nails a lariat and the Shadow Driver for the pin at 6:08. The best part of this match was the commentary with Hero openly burying both men and Bryce ensuring viewers that the Wrestle Factory teaches more than just this. Otherwise it was a sloppy conglomeration of moves. ½*

The Ultimate Lawyer vs. Ravage {CZW}

The Ultimate Lawyer is Maven Bentley with some facepaint and tassles, coming out to the Ultimate Warrior’s theme music. Ravage attacks him as he runs around the ring. He lightly chops Lawyer in the corner which apparently hurts him greatly. He gets chopped with much more impact and is then clotheslined for two. Ravage drops Lawyer back first across his knee for two. Lawyer shakes the ropes Warrior style to fight out of a chinlock. He clotheslines Ravage twice. Lawyer body blocks Ravage, knocking both men down to the mat. Ravage delivers a DDT. Lawyer goes for a Gorilla Press Slam. Ravage kind of slams Lawyer on his back and taps Lawyer out in a modified chicken wing at 3:49. Ravage has gotten much worse since the last time he was in CHIKARA. He looked far more out of shape and sloppy. Lawyer was cute for a one time character but didn’t do much wrestling quality wise. DUD

Drew Gulak {CZW} & Andy Sumner {CZW} vs. Sabian {BO} & Joker {BO}

Sabian grabs the ropes to break a hammerlock. Gulak takes him down with a couple armdrags and holds onto an armbar. Sabian backs Gulak to the corner and chops him twice. Sabian lands on his feet out of a monkey flip. He takes Gulak down with a headscissors and toreador. He puts on a Venus Fly Trap submission. Gulak grabs the ropes to break it. Joker and Sumner tag in. Joker breaks the waistlock and shoulder blocks Sumner to the mat. He chops Sumner against the ropes. Joker chops him to the mat for one. Joker smacks him in his pectorals and pulls his back across his knee. Sumner hits a knee strike and tags in Gulak. Joker catches him right away with a flapjack. BLK Out isolate Gulak in their corner. Gulak escapes their grasp by evading a moonsault from Sabian. Sumner tags in and takes out both BLK Out members by himself. He puts Joker in a Fujiwara armbar. Sabian is quick to break it up. Sabian and Joker attack Gulak in the corner. Sabian pins Gulak after Joker hits a running knee strike, but Sumner breaks it up. He and Sabian fight outside the ring. Gulak missile dropkicks Joker. Joker powerbombs Gulak across Sabian’s knee for the pin at 12:23. Finally a match worth a damn on this show. This did a lot for Gulak in terms of making him look to be on the level of the CZW tag team champions. So much so that Sabian raises his arm after the match. Sumner looked solid too but didn’t get as much a chance to shine like Gulak did. Of course, BLK Out were a fine tuned machine as usual. **3/4

Sumie Sakai vs. Ranmaru

These two will be partners in just one week at the 2006 Tag World Grand Prix. Ranmaru kicks Sakai initially. She gets two after a satellite headscissors and two dropkicks. Sakai armdrags her from the second turnbuckle. He hits a cross chop for two and hairmares Ranmaru to the opposite corner. Sakai pulls Ranmaru’s hair in a Camel Clutch. Ranmaru breaks a full nelson and Kangaroo kicks Sakai. She snapmares Sakai into a nasty Dragon kick for two. Sakai bites Ranmaru’s foot and elbow. Sakai prawn holds Ranmaru for two. Ranmaru prawn holds Sakai for two. They throw stereo dropkicks. Sakai recovers and dropkicks Ranmaru in the shoulders for two. Sakai Giant swings Ranmaru when she can’t get on a Boston Crab. Two spinwheel kicks gets Ranmaru a two count. She hits a third from the second turnbuckle for two. Ranmaru gets two with another prawn hold. Sakai suplexes her for a two count of her own. Sakai delivers two top rope dropkicks. Ranmaru puts her foot on the rope to break the pin. Sakai blocks a prawn hold with a German suplex. Sakai follows with a frog splash for two. The two ladies roll around in a small package. Ranmaru gets two when the tumbling stops. Ranmaru rolls off the shoulders into a victory roll. Sakai breaks but takes a springboard enzuigiri from Ranmaru for two. Sakai rolls Ranmaru into a cross armbreaker. Ranmaru puts her foot on the ropes to break. Sakai misses a moonsault. Ranmaru comes off her shoulders with a spinwheel kick. Sakai gets two with a fisherwoman’s buster. Sakai puts referee Nikkan Lee I the way of Ranmaru’s kick. Sakai brings in a steel chair. She doesn’t hit Ranmaru with it, but rather baits her into a sunset flip for the pin at 11:05. Excessive nearfalls aside this was another good match. Ranmaru’s array of kicks certainly impressed the crowd and proved why she’s tough enough to be included in the Tag World tournament. One has to wonder if these two will be able to get along in the tournament as partners after the stunt Sakai pulled. They do shake hands and hug, so that could be the end of their issues right there. **1/2

Shane Storm and Equinox come out for their tag team match. Storm says he’s been in a bitter feud with Gran Akuma and Icarus for the past few months, but right now he’s more upset with Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli and demands he and Equinox have a match with them tonight. Equinox is in short black trunks for whatever reason. Hero comes out and says Claudio isn’t here, but he plans to grab the skuzziest wrestler in the locker room to team with him. That man turns out to be Slacker Martin who we last saw on the NEXT Fast Forward show losing to Dr. Cheung.

Shane Storm {MW} & Equinox vs. Chris Hero {KOW} & Slacker Martin

Storm wins the intial exchange with a second rope armdrag. Storm back elbows Martin after another armdrag. He hits a rolling senton for two. Equinox tags in and kicks Martin’s extended arm. He snapmares Martin into a Dragon kick for two. Hero reluctantly tags in. Hero cravats Equinox into a mare. Hero rolls to the floor after failing to flip forward out of a wristlock, which Equinox successfully did moments earlier. Equinox drags Hero to the corner. He comes off the second rope with an alita. He flips onto Hero’s shoulders into a victory roll for two. A couple more armdrags take Hero to the mat in an armbar. Hero forearms Equinox and tags in Martin. He gets armdragged by Equinox right away. Hero blind tags in. Equinox looks to dive onto Martin but instead eats Hero’s big boot for two. Hero and Martin double team Equinox in their corner. Martin foolishly whips Equinox to his own corner, allowing Storm to tag in. He’s able to fend off Martin and Hero until Hero slaps him in the back. Martin accidentally forearms Hero, allowing Storm to send them both to the floor. Equinox and Storm criss-cross with stereo dives onto their opponents. In the ring Storm gives Martin a brainbuster for two. Storm Air Raid slams Equinox onto Martin. Hero breaks the count. Hero gives Equinox the Hero’s Welcome: Championship Edition for two. Hero splashes Martin onto Equinox for two. Equinox drops Hero with a reverse DDT for two. Equinox runs the ropes. Hero catches him in a slam position, swings Equinox’s legs to knock Storm off the apron and hits another Hero’s Welcome: Championship Edition for the pin at 16:52. Much like the previous tag match made Gulak look more impressive, this helped Equinox look like he was on the level of Chris Hero. That would mean a lot more if it weren’t on an STF show however. Martin sort of existed while Hero and Equinox competed for the majority of the bout. **3/4


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