PWE: Volume 19

York, PA – 1.28.2006

This DVD has no audio which makes me want to kill myself. So instead of doing that, I’ll be listening to D12 while reviewing this show.

Jigsaw vs. Darkness Crabtree

Jigsaw knocks Crabtree down with a shoulder block. He reverses a hip toss from Crabtree with one of his own. Jigsaw drops down and Crabtree walks on his back. Jigsaw hip tosses Crabtree and nails him with a leg lariat, sending Crabtree to the floor. Jigsaw follows with a tope suicida. Crabtree rams Jigsaw in the corner once he gets back in the ring. Jigsaw evades a dive and takes Crabtree over with a moonsault armdrag. Crabtree throws Jigsaw head first into the corner.Crabtree snapmares Jigsaw over and stomps on his face. Crabtree takes Jigsaw over with a fireman’s carry for two. Crabtree chokes Jigsaw on the middle rope. Jigsaw hits a top rope legdrop for two. Crabtree rolls up Jigsaw for two. Jigsaw takes Crabtree off the middle rope with a hurricanarana for the pin at 5:25. Without sound this is hard to rate, but it was the best and more serious Crabtree match I have ever seen and packed a lot of punch for such a short match. *1/2

PWE Tag Team Championship
Icarus & Gran Akuma (Champions) vs. Insane Sam & Hyjinks

We start off with some “comedy” from Hyjinks and Icarus. After cutting the bullshit, we get some back and forth. Icarus takes Hyjinks down with a headscissors. Akuma and Sa tag in. Akuma kicks Sam. Hyjinks comes in and twists Akuma’s nipples. Sam snapmares Akuma into a chinlock. Icarus cut off Sam into a headlock, and Hyjinks gets Akuma in a headlock. They battering ram into one another. Everyone but Sam falls down, so Sam falls down just to “fit in”. He makes the referee get down too. Ha? Akuma gets up and quietly pins Sam. Sam kicks out so Akuma kicks the bajeesus out of him. Sam fires up from Akuma’s strikes, and bodyslams him. Akuma gets right back on Sam, kicking him while he hangs on the ropes. Icarus and Akuma gang up on Sam in their corner. Sam comes back and tags in Hyjinks. They hit a wheelbarrow/ace crusher combo for two. Icarus tosses Sam to the floor and drops Hyjinks with the pedigree for two. Akuma is able to hot shot Hyjinks and Icarus follows with a shiranui for the pin at 9:53. This was alright once the comedy crap was cut out, but Hyjinks and Sam are so limited and not very good. Poor Icarus and Akuma, but thankfully they won. *

PWE Championship
Larry Sweeney (Champion) vs. Hallowicked

Sweeney cuts a prematch promo, but with no audio, I have no idea what he’s saying. Sweeney immediately takes a powder. Once Sweeney comes back in, he gets the advantage for a bit. Hallowicked takes him over with a few armdrags and a hip toss. Sweeney goes back to the floor. Sweeney comes in and throws Hallowicked down by his stem. Sweeney backs Hallowicked to the corner, and Hallowicked comes back with a flurry of chops. Sweeney goes back to the floor. Hallowicked also goes to the floor. Sweeney comes back in with the belt. Sweeney low blows Hallowicked as the referee is disposing of the belt. Sweeney chokes Hallowicked with his wrist tape on the bottom rope and hides it from the referee. Sweeney takes Hallowicked over with a double undehrook suplex and then lands a fist drop. Sweeney hits a double axe handle. Sweeney goes for another and Hallowicked clotheslines him in the chest. Hallowicked and Sweeney take each other down with stereo clotheslines. Hallowicked takes Sweeney over with a back drop for two. Hallowicked shoots Sweeney into the corner and gives him a bulldog. Sweeney gives Hallowicked the ’68 Comeback Special for two because the referee discovers a pair of brass knucks on the ring apron. The referee gets in Sweeney’s face, and Sweeney slaps the referee. The referee kicks Sweeney in the nuts, and Hallowicked hits him with a stunner. Hallowicked gives Sweeney another stunner and decides to end the match to disqualify Sweeney at 12:06. What a HORRIBLE ending. Why didn’t the referee disqualify him immediately instead of waiting till Hallowicked had a visual pin? This annoyed me greatly, and while Sweeney and Hallowicked did a good job when they wrestled, Sweeney stalled entire too much. That and the finish give this match a DUD.

Hallowicked hits Sweeney with a stunner and is rightfully pissed off by the decision.


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