PWE: Volume 18

Mechanicsburg, PA – 11.26.2005

Icarus vs. John Cabbie

An exchange of holds leads to a stalemate. Cabbie kicks away at Icarus’ back in the corner, and takes him over with a butterfly suplex for one. Icarus sunset flips Cabbie for two. Cabbie boots Icarus down. Icarus rolls under a boot and delivers a pair of dropkicks. Cabbie cracks Icarus with an enzugiri. Icarus comes off the top rope with an armdrag and takes Cabbie down with a satellite headscissors and hurricarnana for two. Both guys knock one another down with stereo clotheslines. Cabbie evades the shiranui and drops Icarus with an STO for the pin at 5:54. A very basic opening match, but good while it lasted. *1/4

Mask vs. Mask Match – Special Guest Referee: Mike Quackenbush
Hallowicked vs. Gran Akuma

Considering Akuma was already unmasked in CHIKARA at this point and Hallowicked is not, the ending to this is already telegraphed. Akuma chops Hallowicked in the corner. He monkey flips Hallowicked to his feet, and Hallowicked pops off the rops into an armdrag. Akuma chops Hallowicked, and Hallowicked turns over into a body drag that sends Akuma to the floor. Akuma wheelbarrows into an armdrag and dropkicks Hallowicked once he gets back in the ring. Hallowicked comes off the ropes with another armdrag. Hallowicked pops his knees onto Akuma’s shoulders and throws him back. Hallowicked runs up the ropes into another armdrag. Akuma bails to the floor, and Hallowicked follows him out with a pescado. In the ring, Hallowicked comes off the top rope and Akuma catches him with a kick to the chest. Akuma lays in a few more kicks. He hits a back senton for two. Akuma rams his shoulder into Hallowicked’s mid-section in the corner. Hallowicked gives Akuma a step-up Frankensteiner. Akuma kicks Hallowicked in the chest as he runs towards him and gets a two count. Akuma stretches Hallowicked out in an abdominal stretch. Hallowicked throws Akuma out to the floor and lands on him with a suicide dive. Akuma kicks away at Hallowicked’s legs back in the ring. Hallowicked catches him with the Rydeen Bomb for two. Akuma drops Hallowicked with a reverse DDT variation for two. Hallowicked brings Akuma off the top rope with a fisherman’s buster for the pin. However, Hallowicked’s foot was on the rope so Quackenbush doesn’t count it. Akuma hits a frog splash for two. Hallowicked hits a moonsault double stomp to Akuma’s chest for the pin at 11:20. The false finish worked in this case, though it was certainly weird that they even did it when you consider Hallowicked ended up winning the match anyhow. Although it was predictable, the two guys still put on a good match. **3/4

PWE Championship
Larry Sweeney (Champion) vs. Mike Quackenbush

Sweeney bails to the floor. Quack chases him back into the ring. Quack hip tosses Sweeney. Quack lands a chop and shoots him to the corner. Quack hits a clothesline into a bulldog. A seated dropkick is good enough for a two count only. Sweeney pulls something out of his tights and puts it behind his back. Sweeney clocks Quack in the throat with presumably brass knucks and chokes Quack on the mat. Sweeney pulls off some wrist tape and chokes Quack with that too. Quack comes back, but misses a knee strike in the corner. Sweeney focuses his attack on Quack’s knee for quite awhile. Sweeney looks for a piledriver, but Quack turns out and clotheslines Sweeney down. Quack places Sweeney on the top rope and brings him off with an X-Factor. Quack gives Sweeney an inverted brainbuster for two. Quack heads up top and squashes Sweeney with a somersault senton for two. Sweeney blocks a kick from Quack, and drops his knee across his leg. Sweeney looks for a figure four leg lock. Sweeney pulls out knocks, tosses them to Quack, and pulls the ol’ Eddie Guerrero. Sweeney had two pairs of knucks and the referee threw the other pair away so it was fairly believable. Sweeney tries a roll-up and gets two. Sweeney bails to the floor and attempts to get counted out. Quack chases him and throws Sweeney back in the ring. Akuma comes out and pushes Quack head first into the ring post behind the referee’s back. Sweeney brings Quack back in and drops Quack with a DDT for the pin at 13:34. This was a nice call back to the previous match and a good payoff to Quack being the special referee. Quack’s leg really ended up not meaning anything in the end which was annoying, but effectively killed a lot of time in the match. I liked this, and the story of the matches is making me enjoy most of this PWE stuff. **1/2


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