Hors D’Ouerves & Dynamite


State College, PA – 11.19.2005

There is no commentary for this event.

Lance Steel, Equinox & Dragon Dragon vs. Dr. Cheung {PT}, Hydra & Punisher

Steel wins a test of strength against Hydra. Hydra breaks a lock-up cleanly in the corner. Hydra hurts his back attemping a suplex. He can’t lift Steel for a powerslam either. Hydra grabs referee Bryce Remsburg and forces Bryce to help him double chokeslam Steel. He apologizes to Steel and then Dragon tags in. Punisher also tags in and takes Dragon over with a shoulder tackle and hip toss. Dragon sweeps his legs out with his tail. Equinox and Cheung tag in. Equinox takes him over with headscissors and a hiponesa from the second rope. Cheung catches his crossbody attempt and slams him for two. Hydra’s team takes turns beating down Equinox. Cheung takes the time to check Bryce’s pulse a reflexes. The reflex test unfortunately causes Byrce to kick Cheung into a roll-up from Equinox. Steel tags in and immediately gets caught with a flying hip attack from Punisher. Steel also gets isolated, but is able to kick Hydra away and tag in Dragon. He clotheslines everyone from the opposing team multiple times. They decide to triple team Dragon, but he roars and sweeps all of their legs out. Equinox and Steel dropkick Hydra and Cheung to the floor. Equinox dropkicks Punisher for two. Equinox moonsaults onto Cheung and Hydra on the floor. Dragon comes off the top with a Banzai Drop to Punisher for the pin at 10:16. This was remarkably similar to the opening from last night, but the crowd was much more vocal and appreciative. *1/2

Sumie Sakai vs. Casanova

Casanova gets pelted with shower sponges. Well, the fans chanted that he was smelly last night, so that makes sense. Casanova hips swivels in Sakai’s direction. That leads to a series of armdrags. Casanova has a problem kipping up, but once he does he puts Sakai in a headlock. She trips Casanova on the middle rope and delivers a 619. She pulls Casanova’s hair while putting him in a Camel Clutch. Casanova picks her up and drops her rib first across his knee. Casanova gives her a gut buster for two. Sakai sunset flips him for two, and also gets two with her follow up backslide. Casanova drops her stomach first on the top rope. He gets two after hip swiveling to the crowd. Sakai takes him down with a headscissors and a pair of dropkicks. He knees her in the mid-section and delivers another gut buster for two. Casanova and Sakai fight on the ropes. Sakai shoves him to the mat and hits a top rope dropkick for two. Sakai waistlocks Casanova and accidentally pulls a sock from his tights. She shoves the sock into Casanova’s mouth and small packages him for the win at 6:20. Casanova’s shtick really is a one trick pony, and seeing him once is more than enough. Not that Sakai is anything special, but both of them need the right opponents to truly work well. 1/2*

Darin Corbin (NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. Crossbones & Rorschach

After a short exchange, Corbin and Crossbones reach a stand-off. Crossbones mows over Corbin’s armdrag attempt. Corbin crossbody’s Crossbones (say that five times fast). Rorschach and Cruz then tag in. They go through a Lucha sequence, ending with a headscissors and dropkick from Cruz. He sends Rorschach to the floor, then Crossbones who tries to run at Cruz. Corbin kick them back and Cruz tope con hilo’s onto both of them. Cruz gets two on Rorschach back in the ring. The North Stars give Rorschach a double hip toss and double STO. Crossbones kicks Cruz silly after breaking his pin attempt. Rorschach and Crossbones double team Cruz until Rorschach misses a crossbody and gives Cruz the opening to tag Corbin. Corbin takes out both opponents by himself. He gives Crossbones a uranage backbreaker for two. Rorschach Northern Lights suplexes Corbin twice but Cruz breaks the pin. Cruz drops him with the Boom Shaka-Laka for two. Crossbones spins Cruz out with a slam onto his knee. Corbin knees Crossbones in the face. He and Cruz hit the Cruz Control for the pin at 9:39. This was a fun tag match, and the first thing with value on the show. The action was good throughout. I didn’t realize that Crossbones had always been beloved, but he got a lot of cheers from this crowd. The fans were genuinely mad that he got pinned but because it was the North Stars they were alright. **1/2

After the match, Leonard F. Chikarason informs the North Stars that because of their victory they have earned a spot in the Tag World Grand Prix.

Sabian {BO} vs. Arik Cannon

Even after turning on the Kings of Wrestling, Cannon is still acting like and being treated by the crowd like a heel. Cannon shoulder blocks Sabian and mocks the fans. Sabian trips Cannon and crosses his legs. Cannon pops up and gets sent to the floor with a quebradora. Sabian tope’s onto him and brings him back in the ring for two. Sabian chops Cannon in the corner. Cannon ducks a clothesline and delivers a nice big boot. Cannon chokes him on the middle rope after his signature right haymaker. He drops Sabian with a brainbuster for three separate one counts which he insists means he’s won. Cannon gets chopped and pokes Sabian in the eyes to prevent it from happening again. He pitches Sabian to the floor and chops him in the front row of the bleachers. Cannon jaw jacks with the fans while continuing to strike Sabian. Sabian double stomps Cannon to block a sunset flip. He kicks Cannon in the back and chest for two. Cannon suplexes him for two. Cannon applies a modified sleeper. Sabian breaks free and collides mid-air as he and Cannon throw simultaneous clotheslines. Sabian backdrops Cannon and delivers ten punches in the corner. Sabian drops him with a DDT. He gets two after a top rope frog splash. Cannon cracks him with a Glimmering Warlock and then a brainbuster for two. Cannon goes for a top rope suplex while mockingly wearing Sabian’s bandana. Sabian knocks Cannon to the mat and hits a double stomp for the pin at 11:57. I’m pretty annoyed that Cannon didn’t win the Glimmering Warlock/brainbuster combo. If he wasn’t going to finish Sabian with that combo, he just should not have used those moves at all. Besides that, this was really good. The action was exciting, made sense and the crowd absolutely loved to boo Cannon and mock him for his resemblance to the Kool-Aid Man. ***

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Larry Sweeney (Champion) vs. Mister ZERO {MW}

Some absurd rules make this a street fight with a 169 count on the floor instead of 20. Sweeney brags and swivels his hips after a simple hip toss. He brags after an atomic drop too. Sweeney goes to the floor and yells at the crowd after hearing the crowd’s pro ZERO chants. Sweeney does some squats after slamming ZERO. ZERO comes from behind and does all the same moves previously done to him to Sweeney. Sweeney asks for a microphone aftr bailing to the floor. Sweeney says not only is Michigan State winning, but he’s winning and taking his belt with him. Sweeney grabs his title and leaves through the back door. ZERO chases Sweeney back into the building. Sweeney hides under the ring and comes out the opposite side. ZERO however still manages to slingshot him in from the apron. He backdrops Sweeney, leading him to go back to the floor. ZERO grabs Sweeney by his hair to bring him back in the ring. Sweeney however snaps ZERO’s throat against the ropes and delivers a bonic elbow. Sweeney then chokes ZERO on the mat. He removes his wrist tape which referee Bryce Remsburg catches him doing. Sweeney chokes ZERO with his other wrist tape behind Bryce’s back. Sweeney elbows ZERO to the mat. ZERO luckily puts his foot on the rope to prevent from being pinned. ZERO starts throwing punches and Sweeney rakes his eyes to stop him. Sweeney’s two beautiful fist drops only get him a two count. Sweeney hits a butterfly suplex and pulls brass knuckles out of his singlet. Bryce catches him and throws them out. Sweeney chokes ZERO on the middle ropes while Bryce is busy. Sweeney comes off the second rope with an elbow drop and teases the crowd about Michigan State again. He goes for a piledriver but ZERO counters with a spinebuster instead. ZERO brings him out of the corner with a bulldog for two. Sweeney grabs the brass knucks. While Bryce disposes of them again, Sweeney nails ZERO with the title belt for the pin at 11:55. Sweeney is so incredibly entertaining that it hurts to think that we won’t get matches like these ever again. As he did at the last college event, Sweeney forced the crowd to care and had them in the palm of his hand. This was so much fun to watch. **1/2

The Prophet vs. UltraMantis Black {DB}

Mantis sunset flips Prophet for two. He then tries a Gedo Clutch but only gets two again. Prophet takes him down with a headscissors and a Thesz Press. He gets two with a legdrop. Mantis whips him chest first to the corner and suplexes him for two. Mantis chokes him on the middle rope. Mantis grabs his ceremonial beads and hypnotizes referee Matt Dillon. Mantis brings in a branch to choke Prophet with and gets a two count. Prophet also gets two with a roll-up and a crucifix bomb. Mantis hits him with a flying clothesline. They then knock each other down with stereo running clotheslines. Prophet delivers a dropkick and throws Mantis’ head into the top turnbuckle. Prophet slips out of a Praying Mantis Bomb and drops Mantis with a neck breaker for two. He then delivers a tornado DDT for two. Mantis finally hits the Praying Mantis Bomb for the pin at 6:49. That was decent action for the time allotted. Really not much more to it than what’s already be written. *

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Shane Storm {MW} vs. Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F} & Hallowicked

Hallowicked headbutts Storm to break a wristlock. Storm puts on his hard hat to combat more of Hallowicked’s strikes. He even uses it to deliver a chin breaker. He takes him down with an armdrag and spinwheel kick. Akuma and Jigsaw tag in. They go back and forth with Jigsaw using a variety of armdrags and a headscissors takedown. Quack and Icarus tag in. Quack locks Icarus’ arms and places his shin across his head. Icarus chops Quack after breaking lock-up in the corner. Quack is sent to the apron. He comes back in, hopping over Akuma and taking Icarus down. He maneuvers F.I.S.T. into hurting one another. Hallowicked comes in to join in on the fun and also accidentally helps Quack hurt his partners. Quack even monkey flips Hallowicked onto Icarus and Akuma on the floor. Storm put up the STOP sign to prvent them from moving out of the way of Quack’s suicide dive. In the ring, Icarus catapults Jigsaw into a neck snap on the top rope from Hallowicked. F.I.S.T. and Hallowicked wear Jigsaw down in their corner. Jigsaw escapes their onslaught by nailing Akuma with an enzuigiri. Quack tags in and takes down Hallowicked. He and Storm hit attacks in the corner. Jigsaw misses and he gets attacked by F.I.S.T. Hallowicked misses and Jigsaw hops off Quack’s back into a corner enzuigiri. Quack and Jigsaw drop him with a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo. F.I.S.T. break the cover and give Quack a Total Elimination variation. Jigsaw sends him to the floor. Akuma catches him with a tombstone facebuster. Icarus follows with a frog splash but Storm breaks the pin. Hallowicked yakuza kicks Storm and nails a right punch. Hallowicked blocks Jigsaw’s superkick and delivers the Graveyard Smash. Quack turns Hallowicked inside out with a clothesline. Quack kicks Akuma from the apron and comes in with the Tail of the Dragon. Icarus misses a senton but drops Quack with the Wings of Icarus. He looks for Burning Wings but Storm stops him. Storm kicks out his legs and hits That Japanese Move for the pin at 13:23. Hallowicked was the ace of this match, providing amusing comedy stuff as well as great action too. This was the fluid, exciting and dramatic type of match you have come to expect these six to provide when together. ***1/4


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