True Stories


Reading, PA – 11.18.2005

Commentary is provided by UltraMantis Black, Bryce Remsburg, Chris Hero and Larry Sweeney.

Lance Steel, Lance Steel & Dragon Dragon vs. Darkness Crabtree {PT}, Dr. Cheung {PT} & Punisher

Cheung and Steel exchange holds at the get-go. Steel takes him down with a pair of armdrags and a dropkick. Crabtree and Dragon tag in. A little posing results in Crabtree falling on his bottom. Crabtree slowly knocks Dragon down with a shoulder block. Dragon responds with an armdrag and applies the Dragon Sleeper. Crabtree escapes and Steel tags in. He and Dragon joust Crabtree in the corner. The two Steel’s then go for a joust, but Punisher stops them. His hip attacks have no effect on the Steel’s thanks to their chest plates. Dragon sweeps Punisher’s legs with his tail and Steel puts him in a Boston Crab. Punisher gets the ropes. Steel baits Punisher into a couple punches. He then lowers Punisher into the Draw Bridge. Punisher rakes Steel’s eyes and chokes him in the corner. The Rudos team isolates Steel in their corner. Crabtree misses an elbow drop, allowing Steel to tag in Dragon. Dragon takes out both Prescription Thugs with multiple clotheslines and some right jabs. Punisher steps on Dragon’s tail to stop him from running. He then gives Dragon and Steel a chinbreaker. He hits Steel with a Booty Wizard for two. The Steels fight Punisher and Cheung on the floor. Dragon takes down Crabtree with a Dragonscrew legwhip. Steel comes in and applies the Boston Crab, forcing Crabtree to tap out at 10:48. This was basically the fun fest you would want out of the participants in this match. Dragon Dragon and Lancelot are a wonderful triumvirate. *1/2

Casanova vs. The Prophet

Casanova does a hip swivel and some inappropriate stretching of his legs on the ropes. Casanova brings Prophet to the mat and puts him in a headscissors. Prophet pops out of his gross hairy thighs and puts on a side headlock. On the mat, Prophet shoves Casanova in a way that he pulls a sock out of his tight. He pitches Casanova to the floor three times. Casanova comes in from the apron with a slingshot crossbody, but Prophet moves out of the way. He throws Casanova’s head into the turnbuckles and delivers multiple corner punches. Casanova slips out but is caught with a crossbody for two. Casanova drops Prophet with backbreaker across his hip for two. He stretches Prophet’s back across his knee. Casanova chokes Prophet in the corner, then rams his forearm into Prophet’s lower back. Prophet blocks an attack with a forearm and leaping clothesline. He gets two with a slingshot legdrop. Casanova drops him stomach first on the top rope for two. Casanova puts on a waistlock on the mat, which Prophet escapes once on his feet. He drops Casanova with a Thesz Press and punches him a few times. He goes for the Passage, but Casanova then puts him in the Beauty Sleeper. Casanova escapes with a chin breaker. Prophet floats over into a DDT for two. Prophet uses a fireman’s carry to escape another Beauty Sleeper attempt. Prophet finally hits The Passage (a Michnoku Driver) for the pin at 8:39. Prophet looked much better here than he did in the Young Lions Cup, looking a lot more crisp and not overplaying his character. Casanova was solid, but didn’t stand out to make a big impression either way. **1/4

Chris Hero makes his way to the ring with Icarus and Gran Akuma (who is wearing a hoodie to cover his now unmasked face). Hero says lesser men would cower and back away after suffering such a big loss like Akuma did against Shane Storm, but Akuma and his partners will go on to face Men At Work and Milano Collection AT tonight inistead of backing down. Hero points out that all of their opponents are the walking wounded and that it won’t take a genius to figure out who will win their match tonight. Hero and Icarus then get in the face of a particularly vocal ringside fan. They eventually head to the back.

We then cut to Larry Sweeney being groomed backstage. He’s looking in a mirror and talking to himself about how great he is. Sweeney says tonight might as well be a spot show, because the champ never loses on a spot show.

ICW/ICWA Texarkana Television Championship
Larry Sweeney (Champion) vs. Sabian {BO}

Sweeney does a little strutting to start things off. Sabian goes for an armbar, but Sweeney grabs the ropes quickly before it can be locked in. Sweeney and Sabian exchange overhead wristlocks until Sabian brings him to the mat in a headlock. They go back and forth on the ropes. Sabian catches Sweeney with an armdrag and holds onto his arm on the mat. Sweeney blocks a hip toss. Sabian monkey flips him into an armbar, and Sweeney puts his feet on the ropes right away. Sweeney kicks Sabian after baiting him into a test of strength. He delivers a sole butt and bites Sabian’s shoulder in the corner. Sabian counters an Irish whip. Sweeney evades a dragon kick and flaunts it to the crowd. Sabian however snapmares him into a dragon kick and chest kick for two. Sweeney counters a monkey flip with a Manhattan drop and an elbow to the top of his head for two. Sweeney gets two after a Bionic elbow and an elbow drop. Sweeney’s picture perfect fist drop also only gets him two. Sabian drops Sweeney with a hammerlock DDT. He then rolls him into an arm submission, and Sweeney again puts his foot on the ropes to break it right away. Sweeney lures Sabian into a false sense of security, allowing him to take Sabian down. He hits a second rope elbow drop. He wastes some time posing, giving Sabian time to cradle him for two. Sabian backdrops Sweeney and whips him to the corner. He hits a dropkick to Sweeney’s arm for two. Sweeney evades a corner attack. Sabian however kicks his leg out and Magistral cradles Sweeney for two. After ten punches in the corner, Sabian tries for a German suplex. Sweeney takes off his wrist tape while blocking the waist lock. This distracts the referee, and as he’s disposing of the tape, Sweeney nails Sabian with brass knuckles. He drops Sabian with a piledriver for the pin at 12:26. The more I watch of Sweeney’s Tex-Arkana run the more I love it. Every match is a little different, and Sweeney is so amazing at making every scenario work. The strength of the match then depends on the opponent and Sabian was a good foil for him this time around. **3/4

Rorschach and Crossbones are backstage. Crossbones talks about how amazing they are as a team. Lancelot and Dragon Dragon interrupt them and say that they are the best team around. This brings in a slew of other wrestlers arguing over who the best team truly is. I guess we’ll find out who the best team truly is in February’s Tag World Grand Prix.

Darin Corbin {NSE}, Ryan Cruz {NSE}, Equinox & Angel del Fuego vs. UltraMantis Black {DB}, Hallowicked {DB}, Crossbones & Rorschach

Bryce feels it is paramount to tell us that Corbin’s LCD belt is NOT on the line. Speaking of Corbin, he and Crossbones start off with a chain of holds. Corbin takes Crossbones down with a quesadora. The North Stars hit tandem dropkicks to the sides of his head. Crossbones retreats on the floor. Fuego and Hallowicked tag in. Fuego evades some of Hallowicked’s offense. He sends him to the floor with a satellite headscissors and tags out to Equinox. Mantis tags in, so Equinox hits him with a fly swatter. Equinox and Mantis then engage in a Lucha sequence. Equinox dropkicks him to the corner and hits Mantis with an even larger fly swatter. They continue to the floor, letting Rorschach and Cruz tag in. Cruz takes him down with an armdrag and dropkick. Rorschach monkey flips Cruz into the Rudo corner where they all lay the boots to him. Cruz continues to be beat down until Hallowicked misses a top rope somersault senton and Cruz cracks him with a tornado kick. Corbin tags in and clotheslines all four Rudos. He kicks them all while giving Hallowicked a Matrix DDT. Crossbones clothesline Corbin into a German suplex from Rorschach. Equinox breaks the pin. He and Fuego send Crossbones and Rorschach to the floor. Fuego dives onto them. Hallowicked assists Mantis with a Praying Mantis facebuster for two. The North Stars drop Hallowicked on his face then pitch him to the floor. Equinox sprays Bug Spray into Mantis’ eyes. The North Stars give the stunned Mantis the Cruz Control for the pin at 10:05. This was a really fun Lucha match with some nifty maneuvers. I’ve said it before, but even way back when CHIKARA Atomicos matches brought the fun. ***

Carolina Jim informs the crowd that Reckless Youth has yet to arrive at the building for his scheduled tag match. He says during intermission that they will try to contact him. We then go backstage where F.I.S.T and the Kings of Wrestling are. Hero says after tonight’s match, they will have further injured Shane Storm. Icarus says Mister ZERO is foolish for thinking he can stop F.I.S.T. Hero then chastises Arik Cannon for not being there for Gran Akuma when he lost his mask. He switches topics over to the 2005 Tag World Grand Prix winners (Cannon and Claudio) taking on Quack and Reckless. Cannon says he used to watch and admire them, which Hero is not happy with whatsoever. He reminds Cannon that his goal tonight is to take them out and seems worried that he may be forgetting that.

Mike Quackenbush & Reckless Youth vs. Claudio Castagnoli {KOW} & Arik Cannon {KOW}

As it turns out, the rumor of Youth no showing was all a rouse to catch the KOW off guard. He attacks the KOW from behind, allowing he and Quack to take them to the floor. They bring Claudio and Cannon back in the ring while in control. However, they’re able to keep Quack isolated for a second to take control. Quack comes back and takes both Kings down by himself. Youth comes in and helps Quack slam their heads together. Claudio accidentally uppercuts Cannon off the apron. Quack and Youth clothesline Claudio out and hit Claudio and Cannon with tope con hilo’s. Claudio knees Youth in the back from the apron. As you’d expect, he and Cannon wear him down while preventing him from tagging out. Youth is able to trick Cannon into splashing Claudio in the corner, which then allows Youth to drop Cannon with a tornado DDT and Claudio with a tornado facebuster. Quack tags in and windmill chops Cannon in the corner. He backdrops Cannon and sets up for a palm strike. Claudio uppercuts him to stop. Youth delivers a neck breaker to Youth. Cannon hits Youth with the Glimmering Warlock but is blindsided by a palm strike from Quack. Quack Kawada kicks Cannon and sets up for a Tiger Driver. Claudio helps Cannon with some sort of neckbreaker to Quack. Youth and Cannon trade forearms. Cannon drops him with a Saito suplex. Youth hops up and does the same. They then knock each other down with simultaneous forearms. Quack dragonrana’s Claudio for two. Youth sends Cannon to the floor, where Quack follows with a suicide dive. Claudio rolls up Youth and holds his tights for the pin at 10:47. The finish left a bit to be desired and the match was a lot shorter than I expected but the action was still consistent and fun. These two teams usually do a lot better but with not much time you can only ask for so much. ***

Claudio attacks Youth after the match. Quack covers him up so Claudio puts the boots to him instead. Cannon does not join in. Hero comes out and drops Quack with the Hero’s Welcome. Claudio gives Cannon a chair. They hold up Quack and Youth and tell Cannon to finish the job. Cannon instead attacks Hero! Quack and Youth attack Claudio and throw him to the floor. Cannon high fives Quack and Youth, but they look at Cannon with an “are you serious?” look. Quack says that ten seconds can’t erase ten months and leaves Cannon standing alone in the ring.

Allison Danger talks about how Sumie Sakai embarrassed her the last time they were in Reading, PA and claims this time she will have victory in her house.

Allison Danger vs. Sumie Sakai

Sakai attacks Danger from behind as she’s posing on the middle rope. Danger takes her over with a hiponesa, an armdrag and a hip toss for two. Danger flips her into a single leg crab. Sakai gets the ropes. Danger hops off the ropes to armdrag Sakai to the floor. Danger follows out and chases Sakai. Sakai catches her with a double sledge to the back. Sakai places her knee across Danger’s throat and sits on her for two. She pulls Danger’s hair in a Camel Clutch. She then bites Danger’s hand while stretching out her arm. Danger counters a slam with a roll-up for two. She gets two with a backslide as well. They each go for some quick pin exchanges, ending with Sakai choking Danger. She chokes her on the middle rope as well. Danger counters a fisherwoman’s buster with a DDT. Danger tilt-a-whirl slams her and delivers a clothesline for two. Sakai drop toe holds Danger in the corner. She gets two with a bridging Northern Lights suplex. She gets two again after a middle rope dropkick. Sakai kisses Danger and cradles her for two. That’s how Sakai won in their last encounter. Danger rolls Sakai around the ring in a cradle to counter a fisherwoman’s suplex. Danger fights off another kiss and drops Sakai with an STO for two. Sakai suplexes Danger and goes up top. Danger moves away from a crossbody. She slams Sakai out of a fireman’s carry for the pin at 8:13. Danger finally gets her revenge on her home turf after counteracting Sakai’s trickery from their previous encounter. This is probably their best match together, but still nothing amazing. **1/2

Shane Storm {MW}, Mister ZERO {MW} & Milano Collection AT {T2P} vs. Chris Hero {KOW}, Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

Hero and F.I.S.T. attack Men at Work and AT right at the bell. Akuma kicks out Storm’s leg on the floor while Hero and Icarus team up on ZERO in the ring. Akuma jumps in and joins them in their beat down. AT steps in and delivers simultaneous dropkicks to Icarus and Akuma. AT also sends Hero to the floor. AT and Men at Work fake a dive and roll back into a pose. Icarus and Storm trade hammerlocks. Storm tricks Icarus into a trifecta of armdrags variations. Hero and ZERO tag in. ZERO brings him to the mat in a wristlock. ZERO then takes him down with a couple headlocks. Hero stomps on his back to prevent a third headlock, but misses an elbow drop. ZERO takes him over with a couple armdrags and tags in AT. Hero bails and tags in Akuma. AT ties up his arms and slaps his bald head multiple times. AT puts him in a rolling abdominal stretch for a two count. AT rolls him into a body lock. Icarus breaks him free. AT tags in ZERO who puts Icarus in a newspaper assisted Camel Clutch. Hero kicks ZERO in the back of the head to break the hold. ZERO gets beaten down by F.I.S.T. and Hero in their corner. ZERO finally escapes their grasp by side stepping an elbow from Hero and tagging in Storm. He knocks Akuma off the apron and tags in AT. He comes in with a flying crossbody to Hero. F.I.S.T. come in to take him down, but Akuma accidentally clotheslines Icarus. AT enzuigiri’s Hero and hits a back senton for two. Hero slaps him in the chin. AT back cartwheels off the ropes. Hero catches him with the Hero’s Welcome for two. Akuma tags in and kicks AT’s leg. AT bails to the floor as Icarus and Akuma whip him. Men at Work drop them with tandem bulldogs. AT ties up Akuma in the ropes. He does the same to Hero while Storm holds up his STOP sign. ZERO trips Icarus into the newspaper assisted Camel Clutch. Storm and AT dropkick Akuma and Hero while ZERO gets two on Icarus with a Gedo Clutch. Hero prevents ZERO from giving Icarus the Last Shaven Unicorn Drop. ZERO gives Hero a Blue Thunder Driver. Storm follows up with That Japanese Move and Akuma breaks the count. AT puts Hero in the AT Lock and Akuma breaks that too. Akuma helps Icarus give ZERO a DDT to counter the Last Shaven Unicorn Drop. Icarus and Hero then help Akuma deliver the Yoshi Tonic to ZERO for the pin at 20:32. Hero and F.I.S.T. come out looking stronger than ever now that Cannon has been dropped. Men at Work and AT gave them a heck of a battle, but it goes to show that the longer standing unit has an advantage even against opponents of a such high regard. The Kings look strong heading into 2006. ***1/2

Claudio comes out and announces that Chris Hero will be his partner in the Tag World Grand Prix tournament since Cannon is no longer associated with them. He rips up Cannon’s suit jacket as well to drive the point home. Claudio claims he will win the Tag World Grand Prix for the second year in a row.


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