Extra Credit


Collegeville, PA – 10.30.2005

There is no commentary for this event.

Drew Gulak {CZW} vs. Crossbones

Drew Gulak coming out to “Mr. Brightside” made me smile for some reason. Crossbones asks Gulak to lay down. He doesn’t, and instead rolls up Crossbones for two. He drop toe holds him into a Fujiwara armbar. Crossbones gets the ropes to escape. They exchange headlocks, and Crossbones shoulder blocks Gulak to the mat. Crossbones NAILS him with a kick to the head for one. Crossbones dragon kicks him twice for a two count. Crossbones suplexes him for one. Gulak sunset flips Crossbones. Crossbones grabs the ropes before a count is made. He clotheslines Gulak for two. Crossbones suplexes him again for two. He puts Gulak in the Camel Clutch after some jerk chops. Gulak baits Crossbones into a tornado DDT. Crossbones lights him up with chops. He dropkicks Gulak when Gulak headstands on the second rope. He nails the Friggin’ Sweet Driver for the pin at 5:26. Gulak is good in the underdog role and Crossbones is awesome as an ass kicker. The crowd for this match was amazing, and I have a feeling they will continue to be the same way for the rest of the show. *1/2

Allison Danger vs. Sumie Sakai

Danger trips Sakai after Sakai takes away a handshake. Danger takes her to the floor with a pair of armdrags. Sakai tries to send a fan back in the ring in her place. Danger chases Sakai through the sparse crowd. In the ring, Sakai catches Danger with a dropkick for two. Sakai does her usual hair-pulling while putting someone in a Camel Clutch shtick. Danger catches her coming off the ropes with an abdominal stretch. Sakai hairmares Danger and dropkicks her in the back for two. Danger catches her with a quesadora for two. Sakai drop toe holds Danger on the middle rope. She delivers a 619 and comes off the top rope with a dropkick for two. Danger fisherwoman suplexes her for two. Sakai catches Danger in a victory roll for the pin at 5:41. It’s so odd CHIKARA has this match before the next Reading match when Danger said the rematch would be. Considering this show is somewhat out of the CHIKARA canon and is more of an exhibition show, I’m not too surprised. *

Sabian vs. Rorschach

Something I always found funny is that Sabian and the BLK Out had a theme song that repeated a certain racial slur over and over, and it was allowed. Rorschach grabs the ropes when Sabian puts him in a hammerlock on the mat. Sabian rolls him into an armbar, and Rorschach gets the ropes again. Sabian sends Rorschach out with a dropkick after two armdrags. Sabian lands a tope con hilo. Sabian threatens to take his mask off but instead throws Rorschach back in the ring. Sabian pulls up Rorschach’s shirt over his head and chops him a few times. Sabian twists his nipples too. Rorschach manages to get a sunset flip. Sabian rolls through and kicks Rorschach in his chest and back for two. Rorschach hip tosses Sabian. He chokes him on the mat. Sabian breaks his submission. Rorschach slams Sabian and goes up top. Sabian avoids his splash. They trade punches in the corner. Sabian turns a powerbomb attempt into an armdrag. He hits a shotgun dropkick in the corner for two. Sabian drops Rorschach on his head with a spinning headsccisors. He follows up with a top rope double stomp for the pin at 7:53. This was basically a squash for Sabian, which is fine considering Rorschach sucks on offense. Still, this wasn’t anything too interesting. The crowd is saving the show so far. *1/4

ICW/ICWA Texarkana Television Championship
Larry Sweeney (Champion) vs. UltraMantis Black {DB}

Larry Sweeney coming out to Kurtis Blow is perfect. He also gets an absolutely tremendous reaction. God I miss him. Mantis chops Sweeney after breaking a lock-up in the corner. Sweeney does the same, this time slapping Mantis in the face and strutting away. Mantis breaks a headlock with a headscissors. He back chops Sweeney. Sweeney falls forward back into the headlock. On their feet, Mantis turns the headlock into a hammerlock. Sweeney sends Mantis to the floor. Mantis walks out in frustration. Sweeney jogs to the back and carries Mantis back out. Sweeney punches him off the apron and suicide dives after him. Sweeney misses a shoulder tackle, sending himself shoulder first into the ring post. Mantis suplexes Sweeney for two. Mantis chokes him on the middle rope and with his boot in the corner. Sweeney sunset flips Mantis for two. Mantis knocks him down with a flying clothesline for two. Mantis applies a headscissors and grabs the ropes for leverage. Mantis goes up top after a suplex. Sweeney throws him back into the ring. Sweeney hits the Bionic Elbow. Sweeney superplexes him for two. Mantis hits the Praying Mantis facebuster for two. Sweeney comes with a Gourd Buster for the pin at 10:51. That was a lot of fun, as you would expect from both men. Aside from the solid technical work, the crowd loved Sweeney and made for a really enjoyable viewing experience. **1/2

Equinox vs. Hallowicked {DB}

Some quick back and forth ends with Hallowicked being armdragged to the corner. Equinox sends him to the same corner with a headscissors, then to the floor with a toreador. Equinox dives onto Mantis and Hallowicked, who slam him back first into the ring post. Equinox armdrags Hallowicked across the floor. Hallowicked attacks him from behind with Mantis’ staff. They brawl up the bleachers. Equinox whips Hallowicked over the side of the bleachers, then dives off of them into an armdrag. Mantis puts the boots to Equinox. Equinox armdrags Hallowicked, causing him to roll a very far distance back into the ring. Equinox comes into the ring with a springboard forearm attack. Hallowicked delivers a step-up Frankensteiner. Equinox turns a Rydeen Bomb into a huracanrana for two. They knock each other down with stereo clotheslines. Equinox counters a super snapmare and rolls up Hallowicked for two. Equinox dives off the top. Hallowicked powerbombs him for the pin at 6:22. Hallowicked’s rolling abilities are pretty remarkable. This gets a lot of points for uniqueness and fun. **1/4

Retail Dragon vs. Dr. Cheung {PT}

Cheung fights off an O’Conner Roll. Dragon wheelbarrow armdrags Cheung, then gives him a standard one. Cheung nails him with a clothesline. He slams Dragon and delivers a legdrop for two. Cheung gets two with a delayed vertical suplex. Dragon escapes the Doctor Bomb. Cheung however connects with a big boot. Dragon dropkicks Cheung to the floor after taking a corner splash. Dragon flies out with a twisting senton. Back in the ring, Cheung catches Dragon with a powerbomb to counter his springboard maneuver. Cheung shoves the referee into the ropes to crotch Dragon on the top rope. Dragon forearms Cheung off the second rope. He hits a shooting star press for the pin at 5:04. That was the most awesome reaction for a shooting star press I have ever heard. God bless college kids who aren’t fans. Wrestling fans stink by comparison. **

Eddie Kingston vs. Gran Akuma {F}

Kingston using Grandmaster Flash as his theme is also really awesome. Kingston rolls up Akuma after an exchange on the mat. He slaps Akuma in the face after a toreador, sending Akuma to the floor. Akuma kicks out Kingston’s leg. Kingston smacks him in the face and eats a kick to the side of the head in response. Kingston abrobs more kicks before getting dropkicked for two. Akuma kicks Kingston in the stomach as he comes off the ropes. Kingston blocks one of Akuma’s kicks while he’s on the mat. He throws Akuma overhead with a suplex. Kingston lights him up with chops in the corner. He delivers a yakuza kick and dropkick for two. Akuma drops Kingston with a crucifix driver for two. Kingston blocks a Yoshi Tonic. He uranage suplexes Akuma for two. Akuma successfully hits the Yoshi Tonic for the pin at 7:01. That was not as good as their first encounter but still enjoyable for the time given. **1/2

Sweeney comes out and does a hip swivel with Kingston to a female fan. Sweeney thanks the fans and pimps his shirts to the students. He completes the cheap pop with “Ursinus College rules!”

Two out of Three Falls
Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm & Lance Steel vs. Chris Hero {KOW}, Claudio Castagnoli {KOW} & Icarus {F}

Hero and Steel trade holds. Hero throws Steel head first to the mat to escape a hammerlock. Hero disses a fan after taking Steel to the mat. Hero foolishly overhand chops Steel’s armor plate. Hero courting holds Steel and elbows him in the plate again. Hero snapmares Steel and dragon kicks him in the plate. Steel trips him into the Boston Crab. Hero gets the ropes. Storm gives Icarus a quesadora after an armdrag. He armdrags Claudio to the corner and hip tosses him out. He hip tosses Icarus onto Claudio. Storm puts up his STOP sign to schoolyard trip Claudio over Icarus’ back. As the Rudos regroup, Quack tags in. He and Claudio endure a quickly paced Lucha sequence. Hero attacks Quack from behind to slow him down. Quack manages to take them both down and tricks them into hurting one another multiple times. Quack double armdrags them out of a double courting hold. Claudio pops Quack up, and Quack flies out onto Hero on the floor. It looks as if Quack nearly died. In the ring, Storm hits Icarus with the Jackhammer for the first pin at 9:12. Claudio and Hero attack Steel. Their double big boot fails, as does their double chop. All three Rudos pound on his back, and his armor helps them out. They use Icarus as a battering ram only to hurt his head. Steel runs through a clothesline and sends them to the floor with a diving shoulder tackle. He puts Icarus in a Boston Crab. Hero breaks in and wisely targets Steel’s head and open areas. He and his teammates take turns wearing Steel down. Hero even steals his armor. Icarus traps Steel in the Burning Wings, forcing him to tap out at 17:53. The match is now tied up.

Storm comes in and helps Steel to the floor. Claudio and Icarus pounce on Storm and trap him in their half of the ring. Hero rolls out of an Air Raid Crash, allowing Storm to tag in Quack. Quack clotheslines Hero to the floor, palm strikes Claudio and gives Icarus windmill chops in the corner. He and Storm help Steel deliver tandem Hart Attacks to Claudio and Steel. All three of them put Claudio and Icarus in stereo Boston Crabs. Hero saves them. Hero hits a Cravate Cutter for two. Quack saves Storm in the corner but Hero headbutts him anyway. Steel saves Storm again allowing Storm to hit Hero with a spinwheel kick. Quack flies in, only to be caught by Claudio. Hero and Icarus ram heads trying to save Claudio in one corner. Steel and Storm dive onto Hero and Icarus while Quack puts Claudio in a submission. Claudio turns it into the Match Killer for two. Quack counters the Ricola Bomb with a Dragonrana for the pin at 25:20. What this match lacked in action it made up for in fun. That isn’t to say there wasn’t good action, but the primary focus was more on the humor which given the crowd was definitely for the best. ***


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