NEXT: Monster Mash

Philadelphia, PA – 10.29.2005

There is no commentary on this show.

Dr. Cheung is the ringside physician and Drew Gulak dressed as Luigi is the timekeeper.

Jervis Cottonbelly vs. Scream

Scream is indeed the murderer from the movie of the same name. Scream is hiding a knife behind his back which he only pulls out when the referee’s back is turned. The referee catches him and takes it away. They exchange wristlocks. Cottonbelly grabs a courting hold and armdrags Scream to the floor. He uses his umbrella to frighten Scream. Scream catches him with a stomp inside the ring. He snapmares him into a dropkick to the back. Cottonbelly takes Scream to the mat in a sleeper for two. Scream snapmares Cottonbelly for one. The referee who has a vampire cape counts like The Count from Seasame Street. Scream takes Cottonbelly’s umbrella and plays with it. Cottonbelly grabs it from him and shoves it in his face. Cottonbelly double stomps Scream from the second rope. Cottonbelly places his feet on Scream’s shoulders and pulls back. Scream escapes and sweeps Cottonbelly’s legs for a two count. Scream and Cottonbelly duel with their knife and umbrella, ending in the M-Pro comedy spot. Scream plays dead and the referee assumes that Cottonbelly stabbed him, giving Scream the DQ victory at 6:48. How am I supposed to rate this? I have a feeling many matches on this show will be like this. N/R

Grim Reaper vs. Darkness Crabtree {PT}

Before the match, the Reaper and someone else hang someone from a noose. No, seriously. Crabtree is able to lure Reaper into the ring with a Vincent Price joke. Crabtree pummels him with weak punches and chops in the corner. Reaper misses all of his corner attacks. Crabtree trips him and headbutts him in the chest. Reaper chops him in the forehead and puts on the claw. Reaper chokes him on the guardrail and allows a young fan also dressed as the Grim Reaper to put the claw on him. Dr. Cheung gives Crabtree some pills which cause him to fire up. He fires up like the Ultimate Warrior as Reaper lays in some strikes. Crabtree shoulder tackles Reaper. He hits the Stone Cold Stunner for the pin at 8:50. There’s nothing else to be said than what you see on the surface. N/R

Shane Storm is randomly being chased around by Crossbones and a guy in a vampire costume. Storm ends up running into the ring and is clotheslined by Freddy Krueger. Dr. Cheung saves him but then hits him with a clothesline to start an impromptu match.

Shane Storm vs. Dr. Cheung {PT}

Cheung takes Storm to the floor and punches him around the ring. Storm puts up his hard hat to block some of his punches. He then drop toe holds Cheung and ties him up in a human pretzel. Storm dropkicks Cheung allowing him to break free. Cheung nails Storm with the hard hat. Cheung legdrops Storm for two. Cheung chokes Storm on the mat. He misses a double stomp. Storm drops him with a DDT. Storm dropkicks his leg out. He misses That Japanese Move. Cheung hits a fireman’s Michinoku Driver for two. Storm pulls out his STOP sign. He gets Luigi Gulak to bring in a turtle shell. He kicks it into Cheung’s legs, setting him up to take That Japanese Move for the pin at 6:50. That was silly, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I loved the finish. *

Equinox vs. Hallowicked {DB}

Some fast paced Lucha starts the match, ending with Equinox armdragging Hallowicked to the corner. Equinox spins into an alita which sends Hallowicked to the floor. Equinox suicide dives into an armdrag to Hallowicked. In the ring Hallowicked slams Equinox. He throws him off the ropes with a super snapmare. Equinox escapes a headlock. He headscissors Hallowicked into a cradle for two. Hallowicked yakuza kicks him for two. Hallowicked drops him with a gut buster for two. Hallowicked misses a somersault senton from the top rope. Equinox headscissors Hallowicked into a reverse prawn hold for two. Equinox armdrags Hallowicked to the corner and knocks him down with a flying forearm for two. Hallowicked takes him over with a step-up enzuigiri. Equinox comes off the second rope with a huracanrana and then applies a butterfly guillotine. Hallowicked transitions into the Graveyard Smash. The Michinoku Driver gets him the pin at 7:45. This was fine, although it had moments of sloppiness from Equinox. **

Lance Steel vs. Hydra

This is Hydra’s debut match. Hydra foolishly chops Steel’s chest plate. Hydra bites him in the bottom which sends Steel to the floor. Steel hip tosses and slams Hydra but misses a senton. Hydra sends him out with a headscissors. Hydra follows with a pescado. Steel applies a Boston Crab back in the ring. Hydra grabs the ropes to escape. Steel reapplies the Boston Crab after a quesadora. Hydra fights up into a sunset flip for two. Steel turns him back into the Boston Crab. That’s broken up and we get a series of pin attempts from both guys. They knock each other down with stereo clotheslines. Hydra knocks him down with a leaping clothesline. Steel comes off the second rope with a crossbody for two. Hydra blocks a monkey flip. He brings Steel off the second rope with a huracanrana for two. Hydra misses a moonsault. Steel lands the Finlay Roll for the pin at 6:41. I’m fairly certain the Hydra character was used by someone else, because the build and move-set just don’t correlate to the Hydra I know. This was a surprisingly good encounter with almost no goofy stuff at all. **1/4

UltraMantis Black and Crossbones come out for their scheduled singles match with one another. Mantis says he refuses to face Crossbones as he considers him an honorary member of the Dark Breed. Crossbones however disagrees and rolls up Mantis for two.

UltraMantis Black {DB} vs. Crossbones

Mantis keeps dropping down and Crossbones keeps blocking his attack. Mantis butterfly suplexes him for two. Mantis gets one with a neckbreaker. Mantis then hypnotizes a “fan” to come from the crowd and bow to him. Crossbones attacks Mantis from behind. He dragon kicks him back in the ring. The “fan” crawls under the ring. Crossbones suplexes Mantis for two. Crossbones gets two with a uranage suplex. Crossbones grabs his cell phone and makes a call. Mantis too makes a call once he recovers. They hang up and Mantis drop toe holds Crossbones. He stomps him silly then pulls out some beads and shakes them. The “fan” emerges from under the ring with a rubber mask. Mantis tells the creature to destroy Crossbones. The creature instead chokeslams Mantis and Crossbones simultaneously for the pin at 5:48. How am I supposed to rate this?!!?! N/R

Dracula, The Mummy & The Wolfman vs. Jason, Freddy Krueger & Leatherface

Jason and Mummy trade headlocks. Mummy takes him down with various armdrags and a headscissors. Wolfman and Leatherface tag in. They can’t knock each other down so they criss-cross the ropes. Wolfman successfully shoulder blocks Leatherface. Wolfman mauls him on the mat. Both men exit bringing Dracula and Krueger in. Dracula offers him a lollipop which Dracula gives to his teammates. Krueger takes him down in a cross-legged stretch. They trade armdrags. Dracula armdrags him to the corner and comes in with a forearm. Dracula comes off his shoulders with a neckdrag. Krueger catches him with a quesadora. We get the classic spot where Jason wrenches all of his opponents’ arms across his shoulder without him looking. Of course, it ends with him being fed Krueger’s arm and not realizing it. Leatherface breaks up a fight between Jason and Krueger. Krueger accidentally chops Leatherface and Krueger. Dracula crossbody’s Krueger. Krueger accidentally chops his partners again. The movie monster team gets baited into a crossbody from Mummy. Krueger pokes Mummy in the eyes with his sharp hand. The movie monsters isolate Mummy in their corner. Krueger accidentally lets Mummy slip out of the ring, bringing in the Wolfman. Wolfman gets cut off immediately and essentially takes the Mummy’s place. Wolfman also escapes, bringing in Dracula. He too feels the movie monsters’ wrath. In a cute move, Jason puts Dracula down in a sleeper hold and tags in Krueger to finish the job. Dracula of couse sits up and takes Krueger down with a slam. A suplex chain forms and the movie monsters win. Wolfman DDT’s Leatherface for two. Leatherface splashes Wolfman and Dracula breaks the count. Dracula uranage slams Krueger. He drops the People’s Elbow for two. Krueger Thesz Presses Dracula and puts on the claw with his razor glove. Mummy yakuza kicks Krueger. Jason sends Mummy to the apron. Mummy hits a twisting slingshot DDT for two. He goes for another springboard move. Jason catches him with a powerbomb and Wolfman breaks the count. Wolfman drops him with a backcracker. Dracula slams Jason, allowing Mummy to hit a shooting star press for the pin at 15:44. There was a lot more wrestling in that match than I expected but it was still completely surreal. This is easily the most bizarre wrestling show I’ve witnessed. **1/2

I’m sorry if you think I wussed out by giving so many matches no Rating, but seriously, is this show one in which a purchase or viewing it based on match quality? No, it’s not, so I think this show should be evaluated on enjoyment. I’ll say that it’s less than 90 minutes total so it’s not a huge time commitment plus it was bizarre enough to be enjoyed on a very odd level.


5 Responses to NEXT: Monster Mash

  1. jason says:

    Where do you find these dvds at?

  2. Mike says:

    Can’t find them on SMW. Please link? Thanks!!

  3. “This is easily the most bizarre wrestling show I’ve witnessed.”

    It’s CHIKARA doing a Halloween show. What would you expect?

    It WOULD be interesting to find out if any of the guys playing the different monsters here ever got repackaged and ever went on to become anything, either in CHIKARA or somewhere else.

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