The Cibernetico Returneth


Hellertown, PA – 10.22.2005

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, UltraMantis Black, Larry Sweeney and Leonard F. Chikarason.

We get a round of promos to start off the show. Jay Phoenix says tonight will be a battle of Britain with himself representing Scotland and Lance Steel representing England. Cloudy and Cheech discuss how they weren’t so successful in the 2005 Tag World Grand Prix or the Young Lions Cup tournament, but they did go 2-0 in the ECW arena and defeated ROH students Matt Turner and Anthony Franco. Turner and Franco confront them. Turner reminds Cheech and Cloudy that he and Franco defeated them 3 times in arrow. Turner and Franco say they will take them out in the 2006 Tag World Grand Prix as well. Leonard F. Chikarason and Bryce Remsburg are talking backstage. Sweeney confronts Chikarason and demands a rematch with Chuichiro Arai for the Tex-Arkana title, claiming there’s a 24 hour clause for any matches that happen outside of the Tex-Arkana boundary. Chikarason grants him the rematch but says he’ll have his eye on Sweeney to make sure he doesn’t try his usual antics. Crossbones mentions how he and Rorschach are a team because they both love orange, even though Rorschach’s been losing lately. Chuichiro Arai cuts a promo in Japanese with the Tex-Arkana championship on his shoulder.

Chris Hero is with his Cibernetico team. He talks about how he made a deal with the devil to make an alliance with the Dark Breed for tonight. UltraMantis Black says they will rise to the top and a fight between Icarus and Blind Rage almost happens. Hero tells Icarus to leave the past in the past. Hero talks up his team and claims they are unstoppable. Hero says they don’t care who the eighth man in Quackenbush’s team is, they will win the match regardless. Mike Quackenbush is with his team too (except the eighth man). Quackenbush says their team has a common purpose, that being the enemies that will stand across from them in the Cibernetico.

CP Munk vs. Cheech

Munk lays in a few shots in the corner before throwing up the straight edge X. Cheech angrily rolls to the floor and Cloudy comes him down. Cheech comes back in, only to be dropped with the Pepsi Twist. Cheech goes back to the floor to regain his composure. He and Munk get in a chop battle mid-ring. Cloudy trips Munk as he hits the ropes. Cheech arrogantly covers Munk with one boot for two. Cheech smacks Munk on the top rope. He goes for a superplex. Munk stops him and goes for the Pepsi Plunge. Cloudy grabs Munk’s ankle, allowing Cheech to break free. He brings Munk off the middle rope with an ace crusher for two. Munk blocks an O’Conner Roll and sends Cheech to the floor with a Shining Wizard. Cheech cuts of Munk’s suicide dive with a step-up enzuigiri. Cloudy hits a 619 while the referee is distracted with Cheech on the floor. Cheech comes in with a shooting star press for the pin at 5:50. This was fun while it lasted. Cheech and Cloudy were just as fun as Rudos as they ended up being as Tecnicos. *

Lance Steel vs. Jay Phoenix

Phoenix fails to get cheers from the crowd. Steel on the other hand agrees. They finally trade holds nearly three minutes in. Phoenix rolls out of the corner and trips Steel into a side headlock. Steel bunny hops over Phoenix and shoves him. He schoolyard trips Phoenix and puts him in the Boston Crab. Phoenix immediately grabs the ropes. Phoenix tries to same trick as Steel and ends up back in the Boston Crab. Phoenix grabs the ropes again. Phoenix brings Steel to the corner with a lock-up. He fakes that Steel poked him in the eye. Phoenix pokes Steel in the eyes, but because of his mask it does nothing. Steel actually pokes Phoenix in the eyes and takes him to the mat in the Boston Crab. Phoenix crawls to the ropes to escape. Steel goes for a pescado, but Phoenix catches him and rams his back into the ring post and ring apron. Phoenix puts him in a Scottish Cloverleaf. Steel gets the ropes to break it. Phoenix avoids another Boston Crab. He goes for a TKO. Steel slips out and reapplies the Boston Crab. Phoenix taps out at 8:49. This was technically fine, but they wasted so much time getting to the meat of the match. Once they got things moving it was decent. *1/2

Matt Turner {ROH} & Anthony Franco {ROH} vs. Crossbones & Rorschach

Franco and Crossbones trade forearms. Crossbones wins the exchange with a jab. He ducks Franco’s clothesline and hits one of his own. Turner and Rorschach tag in. Turner snapmares him into a modified headlock. Crossbones tries to kick Turner, but Turner trips him. Turner fights off Rorschach but gets kicked in the head from Crossbones for two. The Tazzmaniacs cut the ring in half and wear down Turner. Franco helps Turner reverse a move from Rorschach on the ropes into a super reverse huracanrana. Crossbones grabs Turner to prevent him from tagging. Turner however hits him with an enzuigiri and tags in Franco. Franco sends both opponents to the floor. Turner crossbody’s off the top onto both of them. Frnaco springboard dives onto everyone. Back in the ring, Crossbones stops a double team attack. Rorschach DDT’s Turner. Crossbones helps Rorschach knock the ROH students down with various kicks. Crossbones accidentally clotheslines Rorschach. Turner puts Crossbones in an armbar thanks to a double stomp from Franco. Rorschach breaks the hold and slams Turner for two. Franco and Turner drop Rorschach with a spike tombstone piledriver for the pin at 11:37. This was better than I expected from two relatively inexperienced teams. The crowd really liked the ROH duo, who get progressively better with each showing. I like Rorschach and Crossbones as a team, now they aren’t listlessly thrown into matches every show. **3/4

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Chuichiro Arai {TX} (Champion) vs. Larry Sweeney

After winning a wristlock battle, Arai goes for a Camel Clutch. Sweeney reverses into a headlock. Sweeney puts him in a headscissors, which Arai pops his way out of and applies pressure to Sweeney’s knees. Sweeney brings Arai up into a chinlock. Arai gets the ropes to break. Arai headbutts Sweeney in the stomach. He misses a headbutt to the kindey multiple times. Arai headbutts Sweeney in the mid-section, then delivers a rolling variation. Sweeney rolls to the floor for a breather. Sweeney comes in to raise Arai’s arm in respect. Of course, it was an excuse for Sweeney to give Arai’s taped up shoulder a beating. Sweeney kicks Arai in the shoulder when Arai bunny hops over him. Arai sends Sweeney to the apron and headbutts him to the floor to stop Sweeney’s relentless attack to his arm. Sweeney, now busted open, drags Arai to the floor and throws some punches. Sweeney shoves Arai shoulder first into the ring post to block a body slam on the floor. Sweeney hits a second rope elbow drop in the ring for two. Sweeney applies a Fujiwara armbar. Arai rolls him up for two. Arai hits a flying headbutt. He delivers a chinbreaker for two. Sweeney drops Arai with a divorce court DDT for two. Arai headbutts Sweeney and suplexes him. Arai Dragon suplexes him for two. Referee Derek Sabato catches a chain Sweeney has. While the referee is disposing of the chain, Sweeney tosses Arai the title belt and plays dead as if Arai had hit him. The distraction allows Sweeney to roll up Arai for two. Sweeney puts Arai in a Boa Constrictor. He brings Arai to the mat and chokes him out at 14:13 to win the title back from the night before. I loved how different this was from their match last night but just as good. Sweeney never got a ton of credit for being good in the ring, but when he got the opportunity he did a great job. His two matches with Arai are proof of that and could possibly be the best two Tex-Arkana title defenses period. ***1/4

Torneo Cibernetico
Mike Quackenbush, Milano Collection AT {T2P}, Shane Storm, Mister ZERO, Eddie Kingston {BO}, Skayde, Sabian {BO} & Jigsaw vs. Hallowicked {DB}, Arik Cannon {KOW}, Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}, UltraMantis Black {DB}, Gran Akuma {F}, Chris Hero {KOW}, Icarus {F} & Blind Rage {DB}

Mister ZERO is the mystery partner for the Tecnico team. He was taken out by Icarus back at “Aniversario Blue” in what was presumed to be a career ending injury. He joins the team in the hope to get revenge.

Because of the nature of this match, no play by play we’ll be done. I’ll list the eliminations (in order) and other interesting/important notes of the match.

The Rules

Lucha tags are in effect, meaning in addition to physically contacting a wrestler, leaving the ring counts as a legal tag. Each team has a batting order that must be followed. That means that the wrestler in the ring must tag out to the next man in the batting order. Only the next wrestler in the batting order is up on the apron while the remaining teammates on each team wait on the floor. If the batting order is broken, the team can be disqualified. The order in which the participants are listed above is the batting order for both teams. The match is under elimination rules by pin fall, submission, disqualification or count out. There can only be one winner, so if more than one man on a team survives when all members of another team have been eliminated those teammates must wrestle each other to determine the winner.


– Blind Rage was the unfortunate first person to be eliminated. Skayde rolls him into a sunset cradle for the pin at 47:55.
– Sabian is eliminated with a spin-out slam from Hero at 55:56. The Rudos wisely isolated Sabian after Rage was eliminated to even up the sides. Even though the opportunity for Sabian to tag out was presented, his stubbornness kept him in the match. That foolish decision got him eliminated.
– Jigsaw is eliminated by Hallowicked’s Graveyard Smash at 57:08. Jigsaw was looking for a dive onto Icarus and Hero, but was cut off by a yakuza kick from Hallowicked. One move later and he was done. The winner of last year’s Cibernetico is the third one eliminated.
– Mister ZERO tapped out to Icarus’ Burning Wings at 1:01:44. Although ZERO finally got a chance to be in the ring with Icarus, he ultimately fell to the same move that put him out of action for months. Kingston had to break up the hold as Icarus refused to let go.
– UltraMantis Black is eliminated by Storm’s That Japanese Move at 1:09:19. Mantis avoided it at first, but once he got hit with the move, it was all over.
– Eddie Kingston is eliminated by Claudio’s rolling European uppercut at 1:19:53. Kingston initially blocked the uppercut and gave Claudio three backfists, none of which knocked Claudio on his feet. Claudio blocked and fourth and hit the uppercut to take Kingston out. Hero was absolutely thrilled by this.
– Skayde submitted to a submission from Claudio at 1:21:40. Claudio locked Skayde’s legs, then held him up in the air while pushing both of his arms out. The pain was enough for the Toryumon maestro to give up. This submission made the Rudos team twice as big as the Tecnicos, standing 6 teammates to 3.
– Chris Hero taps out to Milano’s AT Lock at 1:25:15. Hero had cheated to defeat AT the night before, so AT was out looking for revenge. Hero countered the AT Lock the first time and even called for the move himself. AT immediately forearmed Hero at the pure notion that Hero would put him in his own move. Not to be humiliated again, AT made Hero submit to the roaring approval of the Hellertown crowd.
– Icarus tapped out to the AT Lock at 1:25:41. Mere seconds after Hero tapped out, AT was able to block Icarus’ Shiranui and put him in the same hold.
– Cannon gets caught with a backslide from Quackenbush at 1:35:16. Cannon and Quack were trading strikes when suddenly Quack ducked Cannon’s punch and backslid him for the pin.
– Milano Collection AT gets rolled up by Claudio at 1:35:47. AT tagged himself in when Claudio uppercut Quack into his corner. AT knocked Claudio down then went up top. He came off with a crossbody, but Claudio rolled through and held AT’s tights to pin him.
– Claudio is eliminated by Quackenbush at 1:39:06. Quackenbush was knocked out on the floor. When Storm dove to the floor with a suicide hilo to Hallowicked, Claudio dragged Quack into the ring. He went for Swiss Death, but Quackenbush reversed with a Dragonrana for the pin. These two may have had the most interactions throughout the match, all leading to a singles rematch in Philadelphia on November 13th.
– Quackenbush is eliminated by Gran Akuma at 1:39:49. Quack was still dazed from before, and once Akuma caught him with the Yoshi Tonic, it was the spelled the end for him.
– Hallowicked is pinned by Shane Storm at 1:41:58. Akuma rolled to the floor to avoid That Japanese Move, allowing Hallowicked to attack Storm from behind. Storm took a low enzuigiri and managed to kick out. Storm caught Hallowicked with a yakuza kick and followed with That Japanese Move to eliminate him.
– Gran Akuma wins the 2005 Cibernetico, pinning Shane Storm at 1:44:26. Akuma ripped some hair off of Storm’s mask and busted his nose open. Storm looked for a top rope Air Raid Crash. Akuma countered with a super Yoshi Tonic to pick up the win.

Additional Notes:

– Kingston and Hero’s initial meeting led to a brawl that spilled to the floor. Kingston had to be held back while Hero backed away to a corner. The next time they got in the ring at the same time, Hero immediately bailed to the floor. This was after Hero admonished Icarus for being afraid to get into the ring with Mister ZERO.
– Jigsaw and Hallowicked’s first encounter was quite aggressive, carrying over from their singles match last month. The encounter where Hallowicked pinned Jigsaw was very short. This makes it two months in a row with Hallowicked pinning Jigsaw in CHIKARA.
– Akuma and Storm had a few interactions before becoming the final two, with him trying to take off Storm’s mask on multiple occasions. After the match, Storm challenges Akuma to make their scheduled match on November 13th in Philadelphia a Mask vs. Mask match. Akuma shrugs off the idea, but Hero’s arrogance accepts the bout for him. Akuma confronts Hero saying he already beat Storm tonight. Hero is confident Akuma can beat him again and told Akuma to fall in line.
– At 1:44:26, this is the longest Cibernetico of them All. In fact, outside of the Darkness Crabtree/Lance Steel match, which went over 23 hours (wink wink nudge nudge), this the longest match in all of CHIKARA history.

How many companies do you know that could hold a match for over 100 minutes and have it never be boring or have it feel long at all? Not many, but CHIKARA did so and did so very, very well. So many stories and feuds were tied together in a fun, entertaining war. This is mandatory watching for any CHIKARA fan. Leonard F. Chikarason and Larry Sweeney do an amazing job explaining the stories in the ring and added to the overall enjoyment. A lot of people say this is the best Cibernetico ever, and were 2010 not so amazing, I’d agree with them. Then again, this went over triple the time of that match so it’s hard to compare. Needless to say, this is one of the best matches in CHIKARA’s early history and you should go out of your way to find it. ****1/4


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