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Philadelphia, PA – 10.20.2005

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Maven Bentley, Niles Young, Ace Delic, Slacker Martin and Derek Sabato.

Eddie Kingston {BO} vs. Jay Phoenix

Kingston and Phoenix each take turns amping up the crowd, to which Kingston has the better result. Phoenix snapmares Kingston. They exchange wristlocks. Phoenix grabs Kingston’s leg and Kingston kicks him away. Phoenix backs Kingston to the corner and fakes that Kingston poked him in the eye. When Kingston brings Phoenix to the corner, Phoenix rakes Kingston’s eyes for real. He stomps on Kingston’s hand and then drops his arm across the top rope. Kingston chops Phoenix in the corner. Phoenix forearms him and tries to drop his arm across the top rope again. Kingston blocks and hip tosses Phoenix back in the ring. Kingston clotheslines him for two. Kingston suplexes him for two. Kingston ducks an attack in the corner and delivers a yakuza kick. He hits a uranage suplex for the pin at 9:38. Phoenix is pretty solid in the ring regardless of what others may say about him personally. This was fine, but pretty unspectacular. *3/4

Drew Gulak and Andy Sumner come out to the ring. Gulak reads some pre-prepared speech on note cards that the mic does a horrible job of picking up. The Kings of Wrestling (Hero, Claudio and Cannon) make their way to the ring. Hero does some trash talking. Gulak makes a challenge to them for a six man tag tonight. Hero begins shoving them and makes Sumner flinch with a fake out punch. Gulak says they have a partner ready in the back to be their partner.

DJ Hyde {CZW} vs. Danny Havoc {CZW}

These two meet in the aisleway and began brawling. Havoc gets busted up with headbutts, then gets backdropped onto a pile of chairs. Hyde throws him back in the ring and brings a chair in with him. Havoc yakuza kicks the chair into Hyde’s face. Havoc cannonball dropkicks the chair into Hyde’s face for two. Hyde absorbs Havoc’s chops in the corner. Hyde tears Havoc’s shirt off and unloads chops of his own. Hyde chops Havoc into a tree of woe position. Hyde delivers a running knee strike and shoulder tackle. When Havoc gets to his feet, Hyde blasts him with a shotgun lariat. Hyde begins throwing more weapons in the ring. Havoc hits Hyde with a ladder and places it on his neck. Hyde shoves the ladder into Havoc’s open wound. Hyde sets up the ladder on the ropes. He drops Havoc through a three chair set-up off the ladder with a Shadow Driver for the pin at 5:42. That was about on par with their match last month. The finish was pretty sinister looking I must say. **1/4

Chuichiro Arai {TX} vs. Gran Akuma {F}

Arai and Akuma exchange holds on their feet. They got to the mat where they each do damage to one another’s legs. Akuma escapes a headlock submission, bringing both men to a stalemate. Arai rolls back to win a test of strength. Akuma does some more damage to Arai’s left leg. Arai throws Akuma to the corner with armdrags to avoid Akuma getting another submission on. Arai Magistral cradles Akuma for two. Akuma kicks away at Arai’s hamstring. Akuma stretches Arai’s back across his knee. Akuma crucifix pins him for two. Akuma legdrops Arai and applies a chinlock. Akuma kicks Arai in between his shoulders. Arai misses a falling headbutt. Arai drop toe holds Akuma and hits the headbutt into Akuma’s kidneys. He hits a flying headbutt to Akuma’s chest. Arai rolls Akuma into a leg lock after some standard headbutts. Arai slams him for two. Akuma delivers a straightjacket neckbreaker for two. Arai slips out of the Falcon Arrow and hits a Dragon suplex for two. Akuma finally hits the Falcon Arrow for the pin at 8:28. This was really an excellent meshing of styles. I’m actually surprised we didn’t see a longer rematch in CHIKARA. **3/4

Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. Hallowicked {DB} & Dr. Cheung {PT}

Hallowicked brings Jigsaw to the mat in a rear naked full nelson. Hallowicked twists on his ankle. Jigsaw turns it into a pin for two. Jigsaw kicks Hallowicked out of a test of strength that goes to the mat. They exchange armdrags and Jigsaw traps Hallowicked in a standing octopus stretch. Hallowicked gets the ropes to break it. Jigsaw goes for a piledriver type move. Cheung comes in to top him but Storm puts up the STOP sign. It turns out that Cheung was stopped right behind Hallowicked’s buttocks. Storm puts up the SLOW sign and Storm slow motions Cheung into Hallowicked’s crotch. Storm and Jigsaw each hit sentons onto their back. Storm and Cheung’s lucha sequence ends with Storm delivering an alita. Cheung kicks Storm in the stomach to block an armdrag. Hallowicked and Cheung take turns wearing down Storm in their corner. Storm manages to roll under a double big boot and tags in Jigsaw. A circle of punches forms with all four men. They all swing into the M-Pro comedy spot. They then have a little dance party. Storm STOPs Hallowicked and Cheung when Cheung dops Hallowicked. Jigsaw double stomps Hallowicked. Storm kicks Cheung to the floor. Jigsaw dives onto him. Storm and Hallowicked hit each other with stunners then roll to the floor. Jigsaw goes for one on Cheung. Cheung counters with a Death Valley Falcon Arrow. Storm breaks the pin and hits Hallowicked with That Japanese Move. He then hits it onto a standing Cheung for the pin at 11:49. This was like a tag match you would see on a tried and true CHIKARA show. Good action, fun comedy, and some cool dives. **3/4

Skayde vs. Sabian {BO}

Sabian keeps getting the better of Skayde in their early exchanges. Sabian crucifix pins him for two. Sabian cuts off Skayde’s attack with an armdrag to the floor. He follows out with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Skayde legdrops Sabian’s head when Sabian drops down. Sabian puts him in a reverse pendulum. Skayde fails in a couple pin attempts. Sabian escapes an Argentine backbreaker and evades a dropkick. He rolls Skayde into a modified armbar. Skayde hits a bridging suplex for two. Sabian rolls Skayde into a modified crucifix pin for two. Skayde butterfly suplexes Sabian into a bridging butterfly submission. Skayde rolls up Sabian into the Skayde Special for the pin at 7:18. I really was not interested in this match. Lots of rolling and pinfall attempts in seven minutes with little true substance to hold it together. *

Mike Quackenbush, Drew Gulak {CZW} & Andy Sumner {CZW} vs. Chris Hero {KOW}, Claudio Castagnoli {KOW} & Arik Cannon {KOW}

Sumner takes Claudio down in an armbar. Claudio quickly rolls to the floor. Gulak takes control on the mat. Claudio rolls to the apron and tags Cannon when Sumner goes for the armbar again. Quack also tags in. They vie for advantage on the mat. Quack does some damage to Cannon’s arm. Cannon mounts Quack, causing Quack to shimmy to the ropes. Another exchange sees Quack concentrate his attack on the same arm he did damage to earlier. Quack trips Cannon into a double leg submission. Cannon gets the ropes and goes to the floor. Hero and Claudio check up on Cannon, then Hero and Gulak tag in. Gulak takes Hero down. Hero forearms him in the ear to get back to his feet. Gulak takes him back down with a waistlock. Hero goes to the floor and Claudio and Cannon check on him. Quack and Claudio tag in. Quack sends Claudio to the floor and fakes a dive. Hero and Sumner tag in. Hero becomes frustrated that he Sumner keeps reversing his moves. He goes for the armbar and Hero gets the ropes. Sumner rolls him up for two. Hero bails to the floor. Gulak and Cannon tag in. Cannon thinks he’s smart by clapping Gulak’s ears, but of course he is wearing headgear. Gulak claps Cannon’s bare ears and gets in a couple armdrags and a hip toss. Cannon drops him with a twisting neckbreaker. The Kings isolate Gulak from his team. Gulak takes a beating until Hero foolishly sends him to the floor with a rolling elbow. Sumner comes in and throws strikes at everyone. Sumner is cut off quickly and is also beaten and isolated. Sumner and Cannon knock each other down with stereo clotheslines. Cannon rolls him into a single leg crab and drags him back to his corner. Sumner slips out of a sunset flip from Hero, and crawls over to tag in Quack. Quack aggressively clotheslines everyone. He windmill chops Cannon in the corner. The teams take turns attacking a member of the opposite team in the corner. Gulak and Sumner drop Cannon with a double bulldog. Quack comes off the top with a senton for two. Cannon blocks a palm strike and drops Quack with Total Anarchy. Quack ducks the Glimmering Warlock. Cannon sends him to the floor. Gulak German suplexes Claudio and Hero breaks the pin. Hero dropkicks him in the corner. He drops Gulak with a spin-out slam for two. Quack stops Claudio from giving Gulak a Ricola Bomb. Claudio and Cannon catch Gulak with the Glimmering Warlock/Ricola Bomb combo for the pin at 32:15. Well there was absolutely no reason that match had to go that long. There was a lot of stalling in the opening and one entire heat segment that could have been cut out. Even though this was a step below the usual KoW trios matches, it was still good for the most part. ***


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