IWA Mid-South: 2005 Ted Petty Invitational Tournament

Hammond, IN – 9.23.2005

2005 Ted Petty Invitational; First Round
Mike Quackenbush vs. Alex Shelley

Shelley dresses like Reckless Youth for this match, even coming out to his theme song, “Kung Fu Fighting” as a measure of mind games. In a nice touch, Bryce Remsburg is the referee and doesn’t seem too amused himself. Shelley takes Quack down by his leg. Quack rolls out of a front chancery and stands off with Quack. Quack trips him into a knee lock. Shelley gets the ropes to escape. Quack pushes down on Shelley’s knees to alleviate pressure from a bodyscissors. Quack rolls him into a pendulum swing. He drops Shelley and puts him in a surfboard chinlock. Shelley applies a modified armbar. Quack escapes and grapevines Shelley’s legs. Shelley ties him up in a weird Octopus variant type maneuver. He then puts Quack in a reverse figure four. Quack leans back for a two count. He puts on a reverse cloverleaf. Shelley reverse but Quack grabs the ropes right away. Shelley counters a double knee submission with a pendulum of his own. He locks on a Camel Clutch. Quack frees himself. Quack takes Shelley down with a toreador and comes off his shoulders with an armdrag. He trips Shelley into a grapevine stretch. Quack steps on his foot and sweeps the leg. Shelley drops him with a reverse STO. Shelley rolls Quack and Skullf*cks him. Shelley double knees him in the corner, then snapmares him into a single leg low dropkick for two. Quack uses some Johnn Saint antics to free himself from a chinlock. Shelley drops him with a stranglehold neckbreaker two times and then applies a bridging straightjacket choke. Shelley releases and puts it back on without the bridge. Quack rolls out and drops Shelley with the Black Tornado Slam. Quack delivers windmill chops and a corner seated Thesz Press. He huracanrana’s Shelley off the top rope. A senton splash is turned into a pin by Shelley for two. Shelley slaps on the Border City Stretch. Quack uses the ropes to break, but Shelley reapplies it right away. Shelley blocks Quack’s Magistral Cradle and puts the Stretch on again. He hooks Quack’s legs to prevent him from getting the ropes. Quack manages to reverse the hold. Shelley escapes and hits a sole butt. Quack counters a suplex with a spike DDT. Shelley kicks Quack’s leg out and hits a shining wizard. He superkicks Quack and delivers the 2k1 Bomb for two. Quack palm strikes Shelley and hits the Quackendriver I for the pin at 17:31. There’s nothing wrong with two guys who do mat wrestling and submission work very well go out and just wrestle. That’s exactly what went down here and it was a lot of fun. Shelley dressing as Reckless Youth added a little extra animosity to add purpose, which really added to icing to the proverbial cake. ***1/4

Hammond, IN – 9.24.2005

2005 Ted Petty Invitational; Quarter-Final Round
Mike Quackenbush vs. Skayde

Skayde brings Quack to the mat by his arm. Quack escapes a seated ankle lock but gets crucifix pinned for two. Skayde armdrags Quack to block a submission. Quack head drags Skayde to the opposite corner. Quack crosses his legs and pushes down on his knees. Skayde applies a Fujiwara armbar. Quack gets up and snapmares Skayde to escape. A pair of armdrags and a sunset flip lead to Quack applying a cross armbreaker. Skayde rolls out, so Quack sends him to the floor with a headscissors. Quack follows with a suicide dive. After going back and forth on the ropes, Skayde uses the ropes to spring into a headscissors. Quack palm strikes Skayde. Skayde monkey flips Quack to the floor and headscissors him while outside. Skayde focuses his attack on the arm that Shelley did damage to in the previous match. Quack headbutts Skayde to the floor. He fails at turning a corkscrew tope into an armdrag. In the ring Quack delivers a gut buster. He cradles Skayde for two. Skayde leg drops Quack’s neck when Quack drops down. He drops him with a quebradora and a stunner. He twists Quack’s legs around each other, doing major damage to his knee. Skayde applies a reverse cloverleaf. Quack grabs the ropes to escape. Skayde rolls him up with La Placenta for two. Quack side steps a dropkick. He cradles Skayde for the pin at 12:25. This was a bit spotty at points, but otherwise it was a solid match that the fans were really happy to see. **1/2

2005 Ted Petty Invitational; Semi-Final Round
Mike Quackenbush vs. Kevin Steen

Quack comes out first holding his arm. Steen attacks from behind and shoves him arm first into the ring post. Steen pounds on the arm some more, throwing it into the ring post again. They finally get into the ring where Steen torques Quack’s arm in the ropes. Steen put son a Fujiwara armbar. Quack grabs his own arm to try and lessen the pain. He gets the bottom rope to break it. Steen back elbows Quack. Quack sends Steen to the apron, but Steen snaps the arm on the top rope for a two count. Steen bites Quack while twisting the arm in the middle rope again. Quack rolls up Steen two times for a two count. Steen throws Quack’s arm away, bringing him back to the mat in pain. Steen continues to damage the arm with knees, headbutts etc. Quack forearms Steen and palm strikes him in the back of the head. Steen goes to the floor. Quack comes out, but Steen goes back in. Quack sweeps his legs off the apron and dropkicks Steen into some chairs. When back in the ring, Steen kicks Quack in the shoulder and slams him right on it. Quack enzuigiri’s Steen as he climbs the ropes. Steen shoves Quack down and drops an elbow as Quack’s arm is extended from touching the ropes. Steen applies a Fujiwara armbar. Quack gets the ropes but Steen pulls him right back to the middle of the ring. Quack puts Steen in a rear-naked choke. Quack sole butts him and double stomps his back. Steen boots Quack and goes for the Package Piledriver. Quack goes for the Quackendriver II. Steen escapes and forearms Quack in the shoulder. He hits the Package Piledriver for the pin at 10:05. Steen’s relentless attack on Quack got him over as a major prick. Anytime Quack got in a short comeback, the crowd was happy to see it. In the end Steen was able to hit his killer finish after Quackenbush was too weak to hit his. Love it. ***


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