Son of the International Invasion of International Invaders – First Stage


Reading, PA – 9.16.2005

Commentary is provided by Larry Sweeney, Reckless Youth, Bryce Remsburg, Lance Steel, Chris Hero and Eddie Kingston.

Lance Steel & Lance Steel vs. Darkness Crabtree {PT} & Dr. Cheung {PT}

For those who missed my last review (shame on you), that first team is not a typo: one Lance Steel is from the past and one is from the present. No bell is rang, so we’re timing the match from the initial lock-up. Steel breaks two lock-ups cleanly in the corner. Crabtree asks for the other Lance Steel. The Steel’s run in and out of the ring to confuse Crabtree as to who is who. Crabtree slowly comes off the ropes and steps on Steel’s back. Crabtree side steps a leapfrog and hip toss. He trips Steel but gets taken down with a headscissors. Steel sends him to the floor with a toreador. Steel and Cheung tag in. They exchange wristlocks. Steel shoulder blocks him down and delivers an armdrag. Cheung clothesline Steel in opposite corners. Crabtree and Cheung try to joust but fail. Lancelot successfully knock Cheung down with the joust. Cheung drops Steel with a spinebuster. The Thugs wear down Steel in their corner. Cheung hurts his hand by overhand chopping Steel’s chest plate. Cheung sets up for the Hart Attack, but Crabtree literally has a heart attack. Steel tags in the other Steel. He drops Cheung with a Finlay Roll and pescado’s onto him. The other Steel puts Crabtree in a Boston Crab. Crabtree taps out at 8:23. The mix of comedy and both Cheung and Steel putting their best foot forward made for a serviceable, fun opening bout. Not much more to it than that. **

Allison Danger mentions that she underestimated Sumie Sakai last month, but tonight she won’t make the same mistake.

Allison Danger vs. Sumie Sakai

They block each others’ moves. They shake hands, but Sakai knees Danger in the stomach. Danger blocks a hip toss with one of her own. Sakai hits a dropkick but gets caught with a quebradora. Sakai takes a break on the floor. She baits Danger into an armdrag from the top rope. Sakai bites on Danger’s as she applies an armbar. Sakai pulls Danger’s hair in a Camel Clutch. Danger ducks a clothesline and backslides Sakai for two. Danger O’Conner rolls Sakai for two. Sakai knees Danger in the stomach. She chokes Danger on the mat. Sakai snapmares Danger into a dropkick for two. Danger schoolgirls Sakai for two. Sakai knees her in the shoulder and gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Sakai misses a splash. Danger delivers a pair of clotheslines. She hits a fisherwoman’s suplex for two. Sakai drop toe holds Danger and hits the 619. Sakai hits a second rope dropkick for two. Danger whips Sakai to the corner and delivers the Danger DDT for two. Sakai kisses Danger to catch her off guard. This allows Sakai to roll up Danger for the pin at 6:29. Quite the unique finish here. I appreciated the aggression from these two and that Danger portrayed how genuinely eager she was to beat Sakai. Sakai catching her with a flash pin was a good way to lead to another bout. **

Larry Sweeney is primping his hair in the back. He says his woman told him to make sure he’s always looking good no matter how tough things get. He says no matter how tough things are for the Tex-Arkana region, his home in Shreveport, Indiana is fine. He mentions that his usual bodyguard for title matches, Mana, is not around tonight. Sweeney promises to keep his match clean and to retain his title.

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Larry Sweeney vs. Jervis Cottonbelly

Sweeney shows he will play nice by breaking a lock-up clean in the corner. Sweeney snapmares Cottonbelly a couple times, but every time Cottonbelly grabs a wristlock. The third time Sweeney kicks Cottonbelly in the spine. He immediately apologizes for doing so and asks for a handshake. Cottonbelly does so. Cottonbelly breaks a headlock on the mat and takes Sweeney over into one of his own. Sweeney applies a front chancery. Cottonbelly escapes and schoolboys Sweeney for two. Cottonbelly counters a leg takedown with another schoolboy. Sweeney asks for another handshake. Cottonbelly obliges. Sweeney trips Cottonbelly to block an Irish whip. Sweeney stomps on Cottonbelly before laying in some closed fists. Sweeney takes some shots at his lower back. A butterfly suplex gets him two. Cottonbelly catches Sweeney with a sunset flip for two. Sweeney knocks him down with a bionic elbow. Sweeney drops an elbow from the second rope for two. Cottonbelly lands a crossbody for two. Sweeney hot shots him on the top rope for the pin at 7:43. Funny thing is, Sweeney tried putting his feet on the ropes to cheat but wasn’t close enough to them to make it work. That little blip aside, Sweeney was a lot of fun with all the cheating he did after promising not to. Cottonbelly is just so odd, yet sound in his work that it’s hard to not enjoy him. **¼

Shiima Xion vs. Rorschach

Rorschach and Xion look for an advantage. Xion slides through Rorschach’s legs to break a finger lace. Xion takes him down with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and armdrag. Xion puts him in a modified surfboard while applying hairspray. Rorschach rolls to the floor. Xion tries to pull him in by his mask, but Rorschach snaps his neck on the top rope. He slams Xion and connects with a legdrop for two. Rorschach suplexes him for two. Rorschach chokes him with his boot in the corner. Xion stomps Rorschach’s head into the mat. Rorschach ducks a clothesline and delivers a leg lariat for two. Rorschach ties Xion’s arms up behind his back. Xion gets the ropes to break free. Rorschach chokes Xion on the middle rope. Xion catches Rorschach with a reverse DDT in mid-air. He turns a full nelson into a neckbreaker for two. Rorschach drops him with a leg capture suplex overhead suplex for two. Xion blocks a bulldog with the Hostile Makeover for two. Rorschach powerbombs Xion. He transitions into the Rorschach Lock. Xion quits at 6:11. Xion looked great for the short time given. Rorschach really does lack any short of real personality which makes it hard to get into him. What he did in the ring looked good though. **½

Eddie Kingston said last month was supposed to be his renaissance in CHIKARA as he finally got his match with Chris Hero. He said he should have known Hero would cheat to beat him, but now he’s looking to his match with Gran Akuma tonight. He remembers that Akuma made Kingston lose his hair last year, but both of them are different people these days. Kingston says he will go through Akuma if that’s what it takes to get to Hero again.

Eddie Kingston vs. Gran Akuma {F}

Chris Hero and Kingston go face to face before the match as Hero comes out to do commentary. Kingston breaks a lock-up cleanly in the corner. Akuma slaps Kingston in the face. Kingston catches him with a couple knee lifts. He stomps on Akuma’s chest and points at Hero. Kingston lays in some chops and forearms. Akuma rakes his eyes and dropkicks his leg out. Akuma kicks Kingston’s inner leg. He grapevines Kingston’s legs while laying in some chops. Akuma turns him into a leg lock. Kingston grabs the ropes to break. Akuma kicks Kingston’s leg some more. He snapmares Kingston into a dropkick for two. Akuma lights him up with chest kicks for two. Kingston ducks an enzuigiri rolls up Kingston for two. Akuma continues to do more damage to Kingston’s leg. Kingston blocks the Yoshi Tonic with the Mad Scientist Bomb. Kingston delivers a couple elbows and whips Akuma to the corner. He unwisely hits a yakuza kick. A backfist gets him two. Akuma spikes Kingston with a crucifix bomb for two. Kingston blocks a kick and delivers a lariat. Kingston hits another lariat for two. Akuma ducks another lariat. He successfully delivers the Yoshi Tonic for two. Akuma applies a kneebar. Kingston grabs the ropes to break the hold. They trade roll-ups but can’t get a pin. Kingston lays in some chops. Akuma kicks Kingston’s leg and rolls him into a grapevine stretch. Kingston passes out from the pain at 9:17. These two packed a lot in a short time both in hard-hitting action and storytelling. Kingston’s hatred for Hero came through just with quick glances to Hero here and there. Akuma serving as Hero’s hired gun and targeting Kingston’s leg was a great story, and it sets up Kingston and Hero’s eventual rematch. ***¼

“Outlaw” Adam Knight is outside. He lists off a name of famous wrestlers he’s faced. Knight says he thinks nothing of Chris Hero and will leave him laying at the end of the night.

Chris Hero {KOW} vs. Adam Knight

They exchange wristlocks. Hero sits down on one, placing his knee on Knight’s elbow joint. Knight escapes and applies a side headlock. Knight takes him to the mat in the hold. Hero breaks a lock-up in the corner and chops Knight. It has no effect on him. Hero tries again with no avail. Hero boots Knight. Knight catches Hero with an armdrag and some big chops of his own. Knight blasts him with a corner lariat. Knight hits a running powerslam for two. Hero ducks a lariat and drop toe holds Knight into the second turnbuckle. Hero hits a running dropkick to the side of Knight’s head. He angrily chops Knight and chokes him in the corner. Hero lays in more strikes and chokes Knight once again. Hero drops him with a Cravate Buster for two. He stomps Knight in the stomach. Hero trash talks Kingston who is in the commentary booth. Hero headbutts Knight while he applies a cravat. A back senton gets him two. Knight slams Hero face first into the mat. Knight drops Hero with a spinebuster for two. They duck each others strikes until Knight connects with a clothesline for two. Knight crotches Hero on the top rope. Hero blocks a superplex. He comes off the top with a double stomp. Hero nails him with a rolling elbow. He puts Knight in the Hangman’s Clutch for the submission at 11:01. Knight to me looks like Husky Harris if Harris had his shit together. Hero and him had a great back and forth match. Although it was obvious Hero would go over in the end, Knight was so tough that you could honestly conceive of him scoring an upset. **¾

KUDO {DDT} vs. Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}

KUDO and Claudio exchange holds on the mat. Claudio grabs the ropes to break KUDO’s ankle pick. KUDO delivers a dropkick and multiple kicks to the chest. Claudio blocks one and connects with a dragonscrew leg whip. Like Akuma did with Kingston, Claudio targets his attack on KUDO’s leg. Claudio puts him in an Indian Death Lock. Claudio snaps back to apply more pressure to the leg. Claudio buts his body weight on KUDO, scoring a two count. He hits a low dropkick for two. Rapid forearms gets him another two count. KUDO hits an enzuigiri. He puts Claudio in a butterfly stretch in the ropes. He rolls back for two. He kicks Claudio in the head for another two count. KUDO delivers double knees in the corner. He drops Claudio with an inverted DDT and goes up top. He misses a top rope double knee strike. Claudio kicks his bad leg and delivers the Jim Breaks Special on KUDO’s leg. KUDO sunset flips him for two. Claudio rolls KUDO into a grapevine stretch. KUDO flips over Claudio’s clothesline and backslides him for two. A trifecta of kicks to the head also gets him a two count. KUDO connects with top rope double knees. Claudio grabs Bryce’s hand to block a three count. Claudio catches him with Swiss Death. He follows with a rolling European uppercut. KUDO is knocked out, so Bryce awards Claudio the win at 9:28. I loved that Claudio won by knock out here, as he hasn’t done that since his European Rules matches a year ago. He and KUDO had a match akin to Akuma and Kingston with lots of drama and a great finish to boot. ***¼

Icarus reminds us that Shane Storm beat him the finals of the Young Lions Cup tournament. Icarus says that win was a fluke and warns Storm to surrender the Cup at the start of their match. He warns Storm that he will end up like Mister ZERO, Jolly Roger or Equinox (injured by Icarus’ hands) if he fails to do so.

Young Lions Cup
Shane Storm (Champion) vs. Icarus

Icarus spears Storm to the floor right at the bell. He lays in a barrage of forearms to his back. Storm armdrags and toreador’s Icarus to evade more attacks. Icarus comes off the apron with an alita. They trade pins on the floor even though it’s not legal. They stand off and trade forearms again. Icarus misses a slingshot senton in the ring. Storm hits one successfully. Storm misses a dive on the floor, even though he tried to roll through it. Icarus brings Storm back in the ring for a two count. Icarus delivers a legdrop and dropkick for two. Storm splashes Icarus in the corner. Icarus drops him with a back cracker for two. Icarus chokes Storm on the middle rope. Icarus sits down on Storm’s throat on the ropes. A second rope elbow gets him two. Storm suplexes Icarus, causing both men to lay on the mat in pain. Storm blocks a superkick. He and Icarus exchange forearms. Icarus tries another back cracker. Storm shrugs him off and hits a second rope moonsault for two. Storm ducks a leapfrog. He drops Icarus with the Jackhammer for two. Icarus delivers a Shirnaui for two. Icarus misses a top rope splash. Storm German suplexes Icarus. Icarus ducks That Japanese Move. Icarus drops him with a Pedigree and turns into the Burning Wings. Storm gets the ropes to break. Icarus goes for a spinning Pedigree. Storm blocks it and places Icarus on the top rope. Storm drops him with a second rope Air Raid Crash for the pin at 9:20. The emotion and action at the start was exactly what the match needed. The problem is once all that was over, the fans really stopped responding to the action. Story wise, this was a great follow up to their epic YLC finals encounter. **¾

Milano Collection AT says that he debuts in CHIKARA tonight. Skayde then cuts a promo in Spanish. Chuichiro Arai cuts a promo in Japanese. This team could rule.

Mike Quackenbush, Reckless Youth & Jigsaw vs. Skayde, Milano Collection AT {T2P} & Chuichiro Arai {TX}

Skayde and Quackenbush exchange holds and pin attempts on the mat. Skayde legdrops Quackenbush across his neck. Quackenbush rolls through a hip toss, but Skayde bounces off the ropes into an armdrag. Skayde does the same in the corner, sending Quackenbush to the floor. AT and Jigsaw tag in. They trade control over each other’s arm. Jigsaw shoulder blocks him down. AT and Jigsaw go back and forth until AT hip tosses Jigsaw. He ties up Jigsaw’s limbs so that he is stuck in the ropes. AT dropkicks him while he is tied up. Arai and Youth tag in. Youth brings Arai to the mat. Arai fights to lock in a headscissors. Youth rolls him into a hammerlock variation. Arai and Youth continue to trade holds on the mat until Youth gets a sharpshooter. Arai rolls out and both men stand off. Arai delivers some armdrag variations and a falling headbutt to Youth’s ribs. Youth and Skayde go back and forth until Youth sends Skayde to the floor with a headscissors. Quackenbush and AT tag in. AT goes for his arms, but Quackenbush brings him down and stretches out his legs. Arai jumps in to break Quackenbush’s hold. AT and Quackenbush pick up the pace with their Lucha exchange. Quackenbush rolls AT into the Lightning Lock. Arai comes in and Quackenbush quickly tags out to Jigsaw. Jigsaw armdrags him into a crucifix pin for two. Arai misses three headbutts. Jigsaw sunset flips him for two. Arai headbutts Quackenbush’s leg to trip him and tag in Skayde. Quackenbush flips over Arai and armdrags Skayde to his corner. Jigsaw comes in with a crossbody to both Arai and Skayde. With everyone in the ring we get the M-Pro comedy spot. The Tecnicos dropkick the Toryumon team. The Toryumon team dropkicks the Tecnicos to the floor and follow out with triple pescado’s. The Toryumon team trap Jigsaw in their corner while Quackenbush and Youth are recovering. He escapes with a double dropkick and tags in Youth. He drops Arai with a Shellshock for two. Arai headbutts Youth in the stomach and rolls him into a kneebar. Quackenbush kicks Arai to break the hold. Quackenbush drops Arai with a reverse brainbuster but AT breaks the pin. Quackenbush blocks his dropkick. AT ties up Quackenbush. Jigsaw hits AT with an enzuigiri and frees Quackenbush. Jigsaw sends AT to the floor with a huracanrana. Skayde drops him with a quebradora and stunner. Skayde goes for a leg submission but Youth saves him. Quackenbush spin kicks AT. Youth crossbody’s AT. Quackenbush splashes AT and Skayde for two. Youth and Quackenbush send Skayde and AT to the floor and follow with stereo tope con hilo’s. Arai hits a running headbutt to Jigsaw and headbutts him in the ribs. Jigsaw catches Arai with the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 18:38. This was a super fun trios match and a great introduction to both AT and Arai. All six guys worked hard from bell-to-bell and kept the crowd going for the entirety of the event. Just a real fun, exciting way to end the show. ***½

After the match Youth puts over his teammates and Team Toryumon. All six competitors shake hands and embrace to end the show.


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  1. In re the Chris Hero-Adam Knight match, you wrote, ” Knight to me looks like Husky Harris if Harris had his shit together.” I believe the name for that is Bray Wyatt. 😉

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