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Philadelphia, PA – 9.15.2005

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg and Maven Bentley.

Andy Sumner {CZW} vs. Davey Andrews {ROH}

Shane Hagadorn is in Andrews’ corner. Andrews slaps Sumner in the face. They throw some punches and kicks but don’t connect. Sumner gets the ropes to avoid Andrews’ guillotine attempt. They look for a hold on the mat and end up reaching a stalemate. Andrews applies a rear-naked choke, and Sumner again grabs the ropes quickly. Sumner grabs a Fujiwara armbar. Andrews grabs the ropes right away. Andrews German suplexes Sumner and holds onto him. Sumner rolls into the Fujiwara and Andrews taps out at 3:15. Sumner finally gets a victory in one of these opening exhibitions. There wasn’t much to this aside from Sumner’s big victory. ½*

Drew Gulak {CZW} vs. TJ Cain

Gulak takes Cain to the mat and looks for an early pin. Cain controls Gulak in a headlock. Gulak again takes Cain to the mat with a single leg takedown. Cain reverses with a knuckle lock. Cain spreads Gulak’s legs and kicks him away to break a wristlock. Gulak grapevines Cain’s leg, and Cain grabs the ropes right away. Cain twists on Gulak’s foot. Cain rolls him into a butterfly lock. He twists Gulak’s arm around his knee. Cain pops Gulak up while applying pressure to Gulak’s arm. Gulak applies a neck-tie headscissors with an armbar simultaneously. Cain cartwheels through Gulak’s headscissors attempt. Cain rolls Gulak’s into an arm submission. Gulak breaks free. Cain clotheslines him and reapplies the hold. Gulak again escapes but eats a back elbow. Cain applies the hold for a third time and again Gulak escapes. He dropkicks Cain twice and misses a third. Cain legdrops Gulak’s arm and goes back to work on Gulak’s arm. Gulak schoolboys Cain for two. Cain traps him in a three-quarter nelson pin for two. Cain kicks out Gulak’s leg and applies a leg lock armscissors. Gulak quits at 9:03. Really solid submission and mat work from both guys. Cain looked impressive while Gulak showed his resiliency. **

DJ Hyde {CZW} vs. Danny Havoc {CZW}

Havoc brings two chairs with him. He slaps Hyde, so Hyde responds with a hard forearm. They exchange headbutts which causes Havoc to bust his head open. Hyde pitches him to the floor. Havoc throws a chair to Hyde. Hyde catches it, so Havoc dropkicks it into his face. Havoc delivers some strikes in the corner. Havoc hits a tornado DDT. He follows up with a moonsault for two. Hyde blasts Havoc with a forearm and a hard lariat. Hyde slams Havoc back first into a few of the ring posts. He slams him into a pole, then throws him with a fallaway slam to the floor. Hyde then drops him on the floor with a delayed vertical suplex. In the ring, Hyde powerbombs Havoc on a set-up chair. Hyde pins him with one foot for the victory at 6:54. Havoc took a total beating here, showing just why he took to the deathmatch style of wrestling. I guess Hyde was sending a message with this beating, warning others not to mess with him? I don’t know. *1/2

Dr. Cheung vs. Jon Dahmer {CZW}

Cheung attacks Dahmer from behind. Dahmer comes back with a leg lariat for two. Cheung delivers a chinbreaker. Cheung locks Dahmer’s leg and punches it. Dahmer applies a cross armbreaker to escape. Cheung torques Dahmer’s leg once more. Dahmer suplexes Cheung for two. Dahmer hits a second one after a little struggle from Cheung. Dahmer nails a clothesline and nails Cheung with forearms to the face. He applies a Camel Clutch. Dahmer drops him with a sidewalk slam and heads up top. He hits an elbow drop for two. Both guys knock each other down stereo clotheslines. Once up to their feet, they trade overhand slaps. Cheung catches Dahmer with the Doctor Bomb for the pin at 6:37. This was just two dudes slugging it out. As fun as that sounds, this was actually really boring. *

Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm, Skayde & Lance Steel vs. Chris Hero {KOW}, Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}, Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

A lucha sequence sees Quackenbush armdrag Hero to the corner and thrust kick him in the head. Quackenbush sends him to the floor with a dropkick. He bails, allowing Skayde and Claudio to tag in. Skayde takes him down with a variety of armdrags. He also dropkicks Claudio to the floor. Steel and Icarus tag in. Steel looks for the Boston Crab but Icarus escapes. They do a bunch of cartwheels, leading to Steel sending Icarus to the floor with a rope-walk armdrag. Akuma trips Storm into a grapevine stretch. Storm escapes. He sends Akuma to the floor with a bodyscissors. Claudio and Quackenbush go back and forth with. Quackenbush comes off Claudio’s shoulders into a bodydrag. Skayde and Hero pick up their pace with their sequence. Skayde sends Hero to the floor. Storm takes Icarus down with a some armdrag variants and a quesadora. Akuma and Steel go through a similar sequence as Hero and Skayde. Claudio attacks Steel from behind, causing the Rudo team to isolate Steel in their corner. Quackenbush tries to break free, but ends up only taking Steel’s place as the Rudo whipping boy. Quackenbush knee strikes Hero to break free and tag in Skayde. Skayde gets ganged up on quickly, and we repeat the previous isolation segment. Claudio accidentally dropkicks Skayde to the floor which brings in Storm. As you’d expect, the Rudos quickly pounce on him. Storm finally escapes their grasp with a spinwheel kick to Hero. Quackenbush tags in and knocks down Akuma with a clothesline and elbow. He victory rolls Akuma, but Icarus breaks the count. Iarus sunset flips Quackenbush. Steel breaks the count. He rolls up Icarus. Hero breaks the count and sunset flips Steel. Skayde breaks the pin. Skayde rolls him into the Skayde Schoolboy for two. Claudio wraps up Skayde for a two count. Storm dropkicks Claudio’s leg to block an uppercut. Shane crucifixes Claudio for two. Akuma rolls up Storm and holds the ropes for the pin at 16:10. Four different isolation segments was a lot, but it did help portray the Kings and F.I.S.T. as the giant bullies they are. Regardless of a little sloppiness from Storm, this was still a solid bout. Just not as good as you’d expect. **3/4

Storm and Icarus do a little trash talking. Icarus will challenge Shane Storm tomorrow night for the Young Lions Cup.

Ruckus {BO} vs. Niles Young {CZW}

After trading holds, Young knocks Ruckus down with a shoulder block. Young sends Ruckus down with a hiponesa. Ruckus flips into an armdrag. Young drops to the mat, grasping at his knee. Ruckus isn’t falling for Young’s trickery. Of course, Young was faking, but Ruckus side steps his sneak attack. Ruckus dropkicks him to the floor. Young catches Ruckus with a forearm as Ruckus goes for a suicide dive. Young pins him for two. Young delivers a running knee strike. Young floats over a DDT into a butterfly lock. Ruckus backflips into a headscissors, then hits a backspring kick. Young catches Ruckus mid-air with a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Ruckus catches Young with an inside cradle for two. Young dropkicks Ruckus for two. Ruckus sunset flips Young for two. He back elbows Ruckus for two. Ruckus catches Young with a dropkick as Young comes off the top rope. Young ducks a yakuza kick and hits one of his own for two. Ruckus blocks another kick and twists on Young’s leg. Ruckus trips Young and applies a single legbar. Young grabs the ropes to break. Young hits the West Nile Virus for two. Ruckus flips Young to block another yakuza kick and follows up with a moonsault. He hits a standing shooting star press for two. Young drops Ruckus with a backbreaker for two. Ruckus and Young fight on the ropes. Ruckus rolls Young into a fisherman’s suplex for the pin at 11:10. I liked Ruckus targeting Young’s leg to avoid his yakuza kick finisher which caused Young to try some other techniques. However, the match never truly got kick-started and ended up falling flat. Both guys did a poor job outwardly portraying emotion, which kept the audience on their hands from bell to bell. **


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