PWE: Volume 17

Dillsburg, PA – 9.10.2005

PWE Tag Team Championship
Icarus & Gran Akuma vs. Skayde & Lance Steel

Skayde takes the early going, focusing on Akuma’s arm. Steel and Icarus tag in. Steel seperates Icarus’ legs and kicks him back. Icarus trips Steel down and wrenches on his legs and back. Both guys run the ropes until Steel slaps Icarus in the face. Steel knocks Icarus down with a shoulder block. Icarus stops Steel from running, and Steel slaps him in the face. Steel gives Icarus both a Manhattan and Atomic drop. Icarus dropkicks Steel’s legs out, but Steel pops him up into another Manhattan drop. Akuma and Skayde tag back in. Akuma pops Skayde to the apron, and Skayde hops back in and armdrags Akuma down. Skayde throws Icarus into Akuma and dropkicks Icarus in the forehead. Skayde avoids a senton and gives Akuma a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Icarus and Akuma turn things in their favor and trap Skayde in their corner. Skayde is able to take both guys down with a double bulldog and tag in Steel. Steel dropkicks Icarus to the floor. Steel hits the ropes, hops over Akuma, and Icarus trips Steel and bring shim out to the floor. Icarus holds him. Skayde misses the spot where he trips Akuma, so he awkwardly hits the ropes again. All four guys fight on the floor. In the ring, Akuma victory rolls into a Kondo clutch variation. Skayde rolls Akuma into the Skayde schoolboy for two. Akuma bails to the floor and Skayde hops off the apron with a somersault senton onto him. Icarus and Steel come in. Steel backslides Icarus for two. Steel drops Icarus with a burning hammer then goes up top. Steel misses a top rope back splash. Icarus gives him the shirnaui for the pin at 12:14. This a fun tag team match with some good comedy and action. Skayde’s awkward spot took me out of the match for bit, but this still effectively served its purpose. **1/2

PWE Championship
Larry Sweeney (Champion) vs. Hallowicked

Sweeney slaps Hallowicked before the bell, then retreats to his corner. Sweeney chops and hip tosses Hallowicked. Sweeney gives Hallowicked a Manhattan drop. Sweeney bodyslams Hallowicked. Hallowicked doess all three of those previous moves to Sweeney. Sweeeney hits the floor to regain his composure. Hallowicked chases Sweeney around the ringside area, and Sweeney goes back out. Hallowicked pulls Sweeney to the apron by his hair, then slingshots him back in. Sweeney throws Hallowicked head first into the middle turnbuckle. Hallowicked misses a spear in the corner, causing his shoulder to hit the ring post. Sweeney keeps on Hallowicked’s shoulder. Hallowicked fires back with chops and Sweeney pokes him in the eyes. Sweeney goes right back to targeting Hallowicked’s shoulder. Hallowicked hops off the middle rope with a crossbody for two. Sweeney nails Hallowicked with a Dusty elbow. Sweeney misses a somersault senton. The action spills to the floor, and Hallowicked shoves Sweeney elbow first into the ring post. Hallowicked is beating on Sweeney when Gran Akuma comes out distract the referee. Hallowicked gets a very visable pin with a small package. Hallowicked gets up to get the referee undistracted, and Sweeney rolls him up for two. Hallowicked gets into an argument with Akuma. Hallowicked and Sweeney trade punches. Sweeney gives Hallowicked a slingshot suplex for the pin at 13:53. I really enjoyed this match. The simple psychology really worked well and got the crowd into it. The interference didn’t immediately lead to the finish which would have better, but I can let that go here. The fans got into it as well making for a fun atmosphere. **1/2


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