Negative Balance


Philadelphia, PA – 8.13.2005

Commentary is provided by Larry Sweeney, Eric Gargiulo, Bryce Remsburg, UltraMantis Black, and Mike Quackenbush.

CP Munk, Retail Dragon, & Mokujin Ken vs. Darkness Crabtree, Rorschach, & The ShareCropper

No, that is no typo; CP Munk is real. He’s a chipmunk dressed like CM Punk who’s nut-free and acorn-free. Keep in mind this show is taking place the exact same night that CM Punk had his final match on the independent scene at Ring of Honor in his hometown of Chicago before heading to WWE. ShareCropper controls Dragon by his arm. He applies a headlock on the mat. On their feet, Dragon takes ShareCropper over with an armdrag. Dragon tags in Munk while holding onto a front chancery. Munk and Dragon knock ShareCropper down with a double clothesline. Crabtree tags in. Munk backs him to the corner and makes an X with his arms. Munk lights up Crabtree with punches and strikes. Crabtree tells him to stop so he can fall down in pain. Dragon and Rorscach tag in. Rorschach hits a quesadora and a toreador. Dragon hip tosses Rorschach into a kick to the back. Rorschach knocks Dragon down with a leg lariat for two. Rorschach and ShareCropper take turns beating down Dragon. Crabtree leaves ringside for a bit. When he comes back, his slowness allows Dragon to move out of the way of an elbow. Dragon takes him over with a huracanrana. He sends ShareCropper and Rorschach to the floor. Ken clotheslines Rorschach as Munk hits ShareCropper with a Shining Wizard. Ken punches ShareCropper as well. Crabtree moves out of the way of Dragon’s cancun tornado splash. Dr. Cheung runs out and gives Crabtree some pills. Crabtree fires up but gets caught with a Diamond Dust by Dragon for two. Crabtree takes Dragon off the top rope with a belly-to-belly suplex. Crabtree hits the Sweatergree for the pin at 9:52. This was a wild way to kick off the show. It was a nice way to get the fans who may not be accustomed to CHIKARA a taste of what’s to come. **1/4

Sumie Sakai cuts a promo backstage in broken English. She says she’ll be the winner in her match tonight.

Allison Danger vs. Sumie Sakai

Danger brings Sakai to the mat by her arm. Sakai uses the ropes to reverse a wristlock. Danger and Sakai go for some quick pins but fail to secure a victory. Danger puts on a headlock when Sakai drops down. Sakai puts on a headlock of her own. Sakai drop toe holds Danger into a Camel Clutch where she pulls Danger’s hair. Sakai hits the ropes and Danger catches her with a quebradora. Danger slingshots Sakai into a half Crab. Danger follows up with a suplex for two. She tries a Magistral cradle for two. Sakai slips out of a German suplex and drops Danger neck first on the ropes. She hits an odd 619 variation with her knee. A top rope dropkick scores her a two count. Danger drops Sakai out of the corner with a DDT for two. Danger rolls through a backslide. Sakai hits a modified Northern Lights suplex for two. Sakai hits a moonsault or the pin at 6:09. I can sum this up in one short statement: average match that almost put me to sleep. ½*

Lance Steel comes out for his tag team match against The Dark Breed. Steel ‘s regular partner Jolly Roger is out indefinitely, so he needs a new tag team partner. Steel says he has a partner and goes to the back to grab him. Lance Steel comes back out alone. Mantis grabs the microphone and angrily asks who his partner is. Steel says there is no one more qualified to be his partner than Lance Steel. With that, a second Lance Steel emerges from the locker room. Yes, two Lance Steel’s are the Dark Breed’s opponents.

Lance Steel & Lance Steel vs. UltraMantis Black {DB} & Blind Rage {DB}

The Dark Breed attack the Steel’s from behind. They throw The Dark Breed to the floor and fake them out by pretending to dive to the floor. The Steel’s joust Rage in the corner. They send Mantis and Rage to the opposite corner and joust them again. Rage catches Steel with a quesadora. He chokes Steel on the mat. Rage snaps his neck and tries a Gedo Clutch for two. Mantis hits a hangman’s neckbreaker and stretches Steel out. Rage dropkicks Steel in the stomach and Mantis pins him for two. Rage nails a flying clothesline. Rage misses a tumbleweed senton from the top. Steel tags in and hits an Atomic drop. The other Steel gives him a Manhattan Drop. The Steel’s double hip toss Mantis. They hit a double clothesline and toss Mantis out. Mantis drops Steel with a Death Valley Driver and Steel breaks the pin. Rage drops Steel with a reverse suplex and Steel breaks the pin. Steel turns Rage over in the Boston Crab. Mantis breaks, but the other Steel puts the Boston Crab on. Mantis breaks that submission too. The original Steel comes in and reapplies the Boston Crab. The second Steel comes in and both Lance Steel’s apply a Crab. Mantis breaks that hold too. Rage sends Steel from a Gory Special into an ace crusher from Mantis for the pin at 6:13. Pretty surprised to see The Steel’s lose their debut match as a team. The Steel’s actually make for a good team and the Dark Breed helped them get over their new shtick. It’s just a little weird that they didn’t go over. **1/2

Reckless Youth vs. Arik Cannon {KOW}

Cannon bails to the floor before anyone makes a move. Youth takes Cannon down in an armbar. Cannon escapes, but Youth reapplies when Cannon goes for an armdrag. Cannon again rolls to the floor. Cannon brings Youth to the corner and nails him with a hard right hand. Youth takes Cannon down with a headscissors and a toreador. He arm whips Cannon to the mat and applies the armbar once more. Cannon and Youth take one another down with a headlock takeover, reaching a stalemate. Cannon catches Youth with a twisting neckbreaker. He chokes Youth on the second rope. Cannon holds the ropes to evade a dropkick. Cannon hits a back elbow for two. Cannon stretches out Youth’s neck on the mat. Youth gives Cannon a Code Breaker and heads up top. He comes down with a knee strike to Cannon’s neck. Cannon sends Youth to the floor with a rolling elbow. Youth and Cannon exchange chops. Cannon backdrops Youth on the guardrail. Back in the ring, Cannon hits a delayed vertical suplex for two. Cannon puts Youth in a modified Octopus stretch with Cannon’s leg draped over Youth’s neck. Cannon breaks the hold and scoop slams him. Cannon misses a top rope cannonball senton. Youth hits a flurry of forearm strikes. He comes back with a moonsault press. Cannon blocks an Irish Whip with an enzuigiri. He drops Youth with an Exploder suplex for two. Cannon and Youth fight on the top rope. Youth brings Cannon down with a Hamachan cutter. Youth then hits a frogsplash for two. Cannon blocks the 2k1 Bomb with a Saito suplex for two. Youth comes back with an arm capture Saito suplex. Cannon fires up and lays in some forearms. Youth ducks a roaring forearm and hits the Shellshock. Youth then hits the 2k1 Bomb for the pin at 14:53. Really good match between these two. Cannon working over Youth’s arm was done very methodically and convincingly. Youth’s comeback was excellent and both men came out looking great. ***1/4

Youth shakes Cannon’s hand after the match. Cannon thanks Youth for the match, and shockingly doesn’t attack him from behind. Makes you wonder how that will sit with the rest of the Kings of Wrestling.

Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F} vs. Skayde & Equinox

Akuma kicks out Equinox’s leg and armdrags him down. Akuma and Equinox sweep each others’ legs and face off. Skayde and Icarus tag in. Skayde and Icarus’ initial exchange sees Skayde send Icarus to the floor with a courting hold into an armdrag. Equinox and Akuma tag back in. They pick up the pace with a Lucha sequence. Equinox sends Akuma to the floor with a headscissors takedown. Akuma comes back in and nails Equinox with a single leg dropkick. F.I.S.T. isolate Equinox in their corner. Skayde comes in to even the score when it seems like Equinox has suffered a head injury. Skayde gets attacked immediately and Icarus brings Equinox to the floor to legally tag Skayde in. Skayde dropkicks Akuma in the forehead and rolls out of Icarus’ senton. Skayde gives Akuma some strikes on the floor. Equinox tags in and is noticeably groggy. He hits a flying forearm and applies a guillotine choke. Akuma hits Equinox with an enzuigiri to break it. Akuma misses a splash in the corner. Skayde comes in with a rope-assisted headscissors. Icarus rolls up Skayde in a cradle for two. F.I.S.T. hit a tandem suplex on Equinox for two. All four combatants fight on the floor. Akuma dives onto Skayde with a crossbody. In the ring, Skayde mouse traps Akuma for a two count. Akuma rolls Equinox into a leg submission and Skayde grabs the bottom rope to escape. Skayde rolls out of a wheelbarrow into a pinning predicament but only gets two. Akuma drops Skayde with the Yoshi Tonic for two. On the floor, Akuma drops Skayde throat first on the guardrail. Icarus follows with a suicide dive. Icarus hits Equinox with the Pedigree. He then applies the Wings of Icarus and Equinox taps out at 12:09. This match fell apart immensely after Equinox got knocked loopy. I feel horrible rating a match poorly when a contestant gets hurt, so I’m not going to. Needless to say, they tried saving the match when Equinox went down, but it just wasn’t happening. N/R

Franco and Turner are backstage. Franco is burned up that they have to face Cheech and Cloudy again tonight. Franco says he’ll actually end the feud tonight in a new town. Franco says that what Davey Andrews and Shane Hagadorn did to them last month will not go forgotten. Turner says they took his biggest win of his life away, as they beat him up in front of his friends, family, and nine-month old daughter. They lay out a challenge for a tag match against them for the next show in Pittston. Turner excited to wrestle the opponents that bring the best out of him in an Arena made famous by his heroes. Turner says he will take advantage of that opportunity tonight.

Elimination Match
Matt Turner {ROH} & Anthony Franco {ROH} vs. Cheech & Cloudy

The two teams brawl before the bell. Cheech sends Turner and Franco to the floor with armdrags. They cut Cheech and Cloudy off with forearms to prevent them from diving to the floor. Franco and Cheech trade blows in the ring. Cheech flies out with a Fozberry Flop onto Cloudy and Turner. Franco dives onto everyone with a somersault senton. In the ring, Turner ducks a shining wizard from Cloudy. Cloudy comes back with a flipping ace crusher. Turner catches Cloudy on the top rope. Turner gives him a superplex and Cheech breaks the pin. Turner gets nailed with Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Cheech. They follow up with a double stomp/suplex combo for the pin at 4:18. Franco is left alone. Cloudy chokes Franco in the corner. Turner takes out Cheech on the floor. Cloudy drops Franco with a reverse STO. Franco recovers and hits a tombstone piledriver, but Cheech breaks the pin. Franco places Cloudy’s knees on Cheech’s head. He takes Cloudy down with a twisting neckbreaker, which also drops Cheech on his head. Franco drills Cheech with a clothesline. He headbutts Cloudy to the corner. Cloudy takes Franco off the top rope with a snapmare onto Cheech’s knee. They put on a tandem standing straightjacket Camel Clutch. Franco submits at 9:08. While I admit there were some cool moves in here, this match was really unnecessary. I thought the blow off in Pittston was a much better match and a perfect transition from one feud to the next. I really just don’t know what the point of this was. **1/2

Claudio is in a training room backstage. Claudio talks about his and Quackenbush’s history of singles matches elsewhere. He says Claudio beat him every time they met in a singles match until Quack beat him during CZW’s Best of the Best tournament. Claudio says that loss unleashed a demon in him and plans to get his payback against Quack in the same arena that Quack took the Best of the Best title away from him.

Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}

There’s no messing around as they immediately take it to each other. They block each other’s attacks and go nose to nose. Claudio tries a leapfrog, but Quackenbush slams him down. Claudio trips Quackenbush. Quackenbush monkey flips to the top rope. Claudio puts him in an electric chair, but Quackenbush rolls forward into a reverse monkey flip. Quackenbush cartwheels off the top rope into an armdrag. He sends Claudio to the floor with a headscissors and follows with a running pescado. Claudio catches Quackenbush and throws him back in the ring. Quackenbush comes in from the apron with a knuckle-lock armdrag. Claudio places Quackenbush on the top rope and uppercuts him. Quackenbush hops off the top rope, but Claudio nails him in the neck with an uppercut for two. Claudio drops Quackenbush in a delayed vertical suplex for two. Quackenbush schoolboys Claudio for two, and Claudio hits an uppercut to knock Quackenbush down. Claudio palm strikes Quackenbush on the top rope. Quackenbush rolls through a toss off the top and palm strikes Claudio to the floor. Quackenbush hits a springboard senton to the floor. In the ring, Quackenbush gives Claudio windmill chops in the corner. Quackenbush drops Claudio with the Black Tornado Slam for two. Claudio goes for a tombstone. Quackenbush fights up and is nailed with a roaring uppercut for two. Quackenbush recovers and comes in with the apron with a springboard armdrag. Claudio hits the Ricola Bomb and Quackenbush kicks out. Claudio blocks the Tail of the Dragon. He pops up Quackenbush, and Quackenbush takes him over with a dragonrana for the pin at 10:39. Anytime you get Claudio and Quackenbush together, you’re guaranteed a good match – this is no exception. This was a fine display of counter wrestling and the blending of multiple styles. There’s so much one can say, but it’s best to just watch it yourself. ***1/2

Golden Dreams Tag Team Match
Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. Hallowicked {DB} & Larry Sweeney

The Golden Dreams title refers to the fact that all four participants have held the Young Lions Cup. Hallowicked and Jigsaw lock up. They exchange forearms and chops. Jigsaw takes Hallowicked to the mat. Niether man gets an advantage. Jigsaw takes Hallowicked over with an armdrag and tags in Storm. Storm sends Hallowicked to the apron and slingshots him back into the ring. Storm hip tosses Hallowicked down. Hallowicked tries to slingshot Storm from the apron, but Storm rolls through and hits another armdrag. Storm armdrags Hallowicked out of a courting hold. He holds up a STOP sign to prevent Sweeney’s run in. Jigsaw flies over them to dropkick Hallowicked. Storm spinwheel kicks Sweeney to the corner. Jigsaw monkey flips Sweeney and rolls Sweeney up in an alita for two. Jigsaw applies a submision and sends Sweeney to the floor. He dives out, tagging in Strom and Hallowicked. Hallowicked takes Storm over with a step-up Frankensteiner and nails him with a yakuza kick. Hallowicked and Sweeney isolate Srm in their corner away from Jigsaw. Storm escapes their grasp by turning a hip toss from Sweeney into a DDT. Jigsaw tags in and comes off the top with a clothesline to Hallowicked. Jigsaw turns him inside out with a standard clothesline and Sweeney breaks the pin. A few counters from each team sees Storm and Jigsaw kick Hallowicked and Sweeney off the apron. Each guy hits a tope con hilo. In the ring, Jigsaw drops Sweeney with a Northern Lights Bomb for two. Hallowicked comes in and hits the Graveyard Smash. Storm breaks the pin and drops Hallowicked with the Air Raid Crash. Sweeney breaks the pin and gives Storm a gord buster for two. Storm lands a moonsault on Sweeney for two. Jigsaw then hits a swanton bomb and Hallowicked breaks the pin. Sweeney and Hallowicked spike Jigsaw with a piledriver and Storm makes the save. Hallowicked and Storm trade strikes. Storm shrugs off a step-up Frankensteiner and hits That Japanese Move for the pin at 13:18. It’s no question why these four guys were champions after watching this match. All four of them had a strong performance as a collective unit. They’ve all come a long way since their formative days, and the novelty behind the match paid of in execution. ***1/4

Outside the ring, Sweeney punches Storm. He grabs his belt and runs away. Storm heads back up the ramp as Sweeney hides under the ring. He laughs and holds up his Tex-Arkana Television championship before heading to the back with Hallowicked.

We cut to a shot from earlier today, where Eddie Kingston is looking out into the arena. He says for four months he stood back while Hero ran roughshod over a company Kingston believes he helped build. Kingston says from the first day he met him he knew Hero was a hypocrite, liar and bad guy. Kingston says tonight he will beat Hero down worse than he ever has been beaten. He says tonight is his renaissance. In a cool moment we see Hero with the Kings of Wrestling and F.I.S.T. backstage as his music hits. He shakes his partners hands and does some squats before heading through the curtain. Once Hero is in the ring, we cut to the backstage area where Sabian wishes Eddie Kingston luck. Kingston heads out to the ring through the curtain.

Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero {KOW}

Kingston and Hero aggressively trade holds on the mat. Hero backs Kingston in the corner where both guys punch each other in the face. Kingston lays in punches and strikes to Hero in the corner. He whips Hero off the ropes and knees him in the mid-section multiple times. Kingston hits a bridging suplex for two. Hero lights up Kingston with forearms and arm whips him down. Kingston holds on and armdrags Hero down. He slaps Hero who goes to the floor. Hero begins to head backstage, but Leonard F. Chikarason comes out to stop him. From behind, Kingston grabs Hero and throws him into the ring. Kingston stomps Hero in the chest and clotheslines him to the floor. They exchange forearms and chops ringside. They both head back into the ring to prevent a count-out and keep up with the strike exchange. Back out to the floor they go. Kingston looks for a powerbomb on the floor. Hero blocks it so Kingston knees him in the head. Hero backdrops Kingston on the floor. When Kingston gets back up, Hero dives off the apron with a splash. Hero brings Kingston into the ring where he doesn’t let up on his offense. Hero hits a running boot scrape from the apron. Hero slingshots into a stomp. Kingston catches Hero coming off the ropes with a belly-to-belly suplex. Hero comes back with a second rope dropkick. Hero mule kicks Kingston in the mid-section. Hero double stomps into a seated splash for two. Hero chokes Kingston with his wrist tape. Hero comes off the top rope with a double stomp. He goes up top again and Kingston palm strikes him. Kingston takes him down with a superplex. Kingston and Hero trade forearms and slaps to the face. Kingston lands a yakuza kick and a back body drop. Kingston dropkicks Hero to the floor. Kingston hits a suicide dive. Back in the ring Kingston clobbers Hero with lariats. He hits a jumping enzuigiri and a backdrop driver for two. Hero catches Kingston with a powerslam and a senton. Hero powerbombs Kingston and transitions into the Hangman’s Clutch. Kingston gets his foot on the ropes to escape. Hero hits a yakuza kick in the corner. This wakes up Kingston who backfists Hero into the corner. He hits a yakuza kick of his own. Kingston throws Hero with a uranage for two. Hero rolls up Kingston for two. Hero hits the Hero’s Welcome and Kingston kicks out. Hero lands a middle rope moonsault for two. Kingston hits a danger German suplex. He follows up with a lariat for two. Kingston calls for the Hero’s Welcome, and Hero blocks with the German suplex. Kingston gets right up but Hero catches him with a Saito suplex. Hero accidentally hits referee Bryce Remsburg in the face. While he’s distracted, Bryce kicks Kingston low and headbutts him down. This gets Hero the pin at 22:49. The finish worked in the sense that Hero took the easy way out and ticked off the fans and announcers, but it certainly was a crummy way to end the show. Finish aside, the match was great. This was the perfect main event to have in CHIKARA’s Arena debut, as the feud carries over to the CZW crowd that frequents the building. This is just like most Hero vs Kingston matches from this time, but it left you wanting more. ***1/2

Kingston says his and Hero’s war has just begun before leaving the ring.


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  1. […] This match is on the Best of 2005 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

  2. […] This match is on the Best of 2005 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

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