IWC: No Excuses

Monroeville, PA – 7.29.2005

IWC Championship
Shirley Doe (Champion) vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston and Doe brawl in the aisle way as Doe makes his entrance. They brawl in the crowd for awhile with nothing too exciting going on. We finally get to the ring and Kingston immediately pins for two. Kingston keeps control with punches and chops. Doe lights up Kingston with chops in the corner. Doe gives Kingston a running kick to the chest for two. Kingston blocks a shining wizard and gives Doe a powerbomb for two. Kingston gives Doe a second powerbomb and Doe turns it into a triangle choke. Kingston locks on the Koji Clutch. Doe escapes and hits a shining wizard. Doe fires up after Kingston gives him a backdrop driver and hits a second shining wizard. Both guys trade forearms. Kingston hits a backfist. Doe hits Kingston with a stunner, a shining wizard, and a Death Valley Driver variation for the win at 4:15. This was boring, pointless, and most other negative superlatives you can conjure up. Nothing happened for awhile, that’s all you need to know. ¼*


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