Young Lions Cup III, Night III


Pittston, PA – 7.24.2005

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Eddie Kingston, Larry Sweeney, and Blind Rage.

Prophet cuts a promo outside. He reminds us that he lost to Icarus in the Young Lions Cup tournament two nights ago. He says he gets another chance to prove himself tonight in his match with Lance Steel.

Lance Steel vs. Prophet

Prophet gets verbally owned by some fans. Steel gets the better of a wristlock exchange, dropping Prophet to his back and letting out a “huzzah!” Prophet brags that he knew Steel was going to drop down. Prophet goes for a legdrop and misses. Prophet asks how Steel knew he would go for that, and Steel says it was a “lucky guess”. Prophet’s chop shave no effect on Steel’s armor. Steel grabs the referee’s hand and has him chop Prophet. Steel schoolboys Prophet for two. Prophet blocks a Finlay Roll with a reverse DDT. Prophet lands a fist drop. Prophet clubs and kicks Steel in the back of his neck. Steel drops Prophet down and goes for a Boston Crab. Prophet breaks free and clubs Steel in the back again. Steel goes up and over Prophet in the corner. Prophet blocks another Boston Crab. Steel hits another Finlay Roll. He Oklahoma Rolls Prophet for two. Prophet hits a dropkick. Steel blocks a leapfrog with a Boston Crab. Prophet taps out at 6:43. Prophet is really bland and goofy. Steel is over big with the crowd though and had enough enjoyable moments to save this from being really dull. ¾*

Allison Danger, Alere Little Feather & Mickie Knuckles vs. Crossbones, Dr. Cheung {PT} & Darkness Crabtree {PT}

The ladies bring a stuffed Alf toy with them. Crabtree gets a little too friendly with Little Feather. Little Feather hits Crabtree with the Alf toy and drops an elbow. Knuckles and Cheung tag in. He looks for a handshake, but Knuckles forearms him instead. He goes to the floor, and in tag Crossbones and Danger. Danger and Crossbones run the ropes. Crossbones tires himself out allowing Danger to drive his face into her knee. She rolls up Crossbones for two. Crossbones’ team scheme outside the ring. Knuckles wrenches on Crabtree’s arm. He and Little Feather drops him with a modified Doomsday Device for two. Danger lands a senton for two. Knuckles splashes him for two. Little Feather drop toe holds Crabtree into a Camel Clutch, and Knuckles and Danger dropkick him in either side of the head. Cheung and Crossbones clear the ring and trap Little Feather. She gets isolated and beat down by the larger opposing team. Little Feather escapes their onslaught by reversing a suplex from Crabtree. Knuckles tags in and nails Cheung with multiple forearms. Knuckles backdrops Cheung. She goes for the pin, but Crossbones comes in and kicks her in the face (which causes an awesome reaction from Kingston on commentary). Crossbones catches Danger in a crossbody and slams her for two. Little Feather sends Crossbones to the floor. Danger brings Crabtree out of the corner with a DDT. Little Feather follows up with a diving headbutt for two. Knuckles gives Crabtree a German suplex for the pin at 12:22. The teams were just too strange of bedfellows to make the match come together in an interesting manner. **

Outside of the building, all three women are licking their wounds. Danger is upset that women’s wrestling isn’t taken seriously no matter how hard they work. Danger claims that they’re the new generation of women’s wrestlers and that they are in CHIKARA to prove themselves to everybody.

Larry Sweeney gets introduced by Carolina Jim. He essentially cuts the same promo he did backstage at “Planet of the Grapes”. Sweeney says that Mana isn’t here tonight, but is still willing to defend his title tonight. Sweeney says the match tonight is under Tex-Arkana rules, meaning the belt won’t change on a DQ or count-out. Last I checked that’s the rules for any title match. Sweeney lays out an open challenge, which gets accepted by the Vries Kastelein.

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Larry Sweeney (Champion) vs. Vries Kastelein

Sweeney ducks a few attacks and showboats with some knee exercises. Kastelein takes Sweeney down in a side headlock takeover. Kastelein puts Sweeney in an abdominal stretch on the mat, but Sweeney rolls out quickly. Kastelein hits a pair of armdrags. Sweeney spots him winding up for a punch and bails to the floor. Sweeney comes back in and is met with a monkey flip. Kastelein goes for a second, but Sweeney counters with a Hot Shot. Sweeney chops Kastelein in the corner. Kastelein fires back with chops of his own, only to be cut off with a face rake. Sweeney knocks him down with a Bionic Elbow. He then elbow drops Kastelein for two. Sweeney hits a pair of fist drops for two. Kastelein goes for a crossbody and Sweeney drops down to avoid it. Sweeney chokes Kastelein with his wrist tape. Sweeney comes off the second rope with an elbow drop for two. Kastelein changes the momentum with a tornado DDT. Sweeney chops Kastelein but it fires Kastelein up. Kastelein dumps Sweeney with an overhead suplex for two. Kastelein hits a reverse gordbuster. Kastelein blocks the ’68 Comeback Special. Sweeney counters the Stretch Plumb by rolling to the floor. Sweeney takes his sweet time on the floor and grabs the belt. Sweeney gets counted out at 9:49. Kastelein comes to the floor but gets drilled with the title. Aside from justifying Kastelein’s plane ticket, I saw no true point to this. Easily the weakest of Sweeney’s recent matches. *1/2

Ryan Cruz and Darin Corbin are backstage. Cruz says he’s been itching to get back to CHIKARA ever since they lost in the Tag World Grand Prix. Corbin says their tournament loss is in the past and they will showcase their talent in the four team elimination match tonight.

Elimination Match
Hallowicked {DB} & Blind Rage {DB} vs. Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. Shane Hagadorn {ROH} & Davey Andrews {ROH} vs. Retail Dragon & Discount Tiger

Corbin and Dragon start off, but they chop Rage and Hallowicked behind their backs. Rage and Hallowicked are technically tagged in. They goof around a bit, wrestling in slow motion. Rage then tags in Cruz. Hallowicked counters out of a wristlock. Hallowicked gives Cruz a hip toss and is very pleased with himself. Cruz takes him down with an armdrag and hip toss. Cruz sends him out with a headscissors. Cruz fakes a dive. Rage and Corbin tag in. Rage elbows Corbin to the corner out of a headlock. Corbin hits a couple armdrags and a dropkick. Hagadorn chops in from the apron. Dragon wheelbarrows Hagadorn forward and hip tosses him into a back kick. Hagadorn angrily clubs Dragon in the back and suplexes him down. Andrews slingshots in with a dropkick to the back for two. Dragon fights back and tags in Tiger. He gives Hagadorn a Thesz Press. He scars The Dark Beed and North Stars off the apron. Dragon hits a springboard 450 splash onto both teams. Tiger looks to dive but Andrews grabs his tail. He rips off Tiger’s tail and puts him in Dragon Sleeper. Tiger taps out at 7:58. Corbin and Cruz team up on Andrews. Cruz monkey flips Corbin into Hagadorn. They each dropkick Hagadorn in either side of the head. Andrews lights up Corbin with strikes and lands a flying knee strike for two. Andrews hits a German suplex for two. Corbin and Andrews trade strikes in the corner. Corbin gets the better of the exchange and facewashes Andrews. They continue to fight on the floor as Cruz and Hagadorn fight in the ring. Cruz drops him with an torture rack bomb for two. Hallowicked and Rage break up Andrews and Corbin’s brawl. Cruz sunset flips Hagadorn for the pin at 10:39. Rage comes in immediately and beats on Cruz. Hallowicked chokes Cruz on the mat with Discount Tiger’s tail. Hallowicked pretends he’s going for a yakuza kick, but pokes Cruz in the eyes instead. Cruz hits him with a tornado kick and tags in Corbin. He knocks down Rage and Hallowicked with clotheslines and Polish hammers. Corbin drops Rage with a uranage backbreaker. Hallowicked breaks the pin. Hallowicked drops Corbin with the Graveyard Smash and Cruz breaks the pin. Cruz suplexes Hallowicked. Corbin launches Cruz onto Hallowicked for a splash. Rage Gory Bombs Corbin into an ace crusher from Hallowicked. Corbin kicks out at two. Rage and Cruz brawl on the floor as Hallowicked and Corbin trade chops in the ring. Hallowicked hits the super fisherman’s buster for the pin at 14:51. Were it not for the ROH team, I could safely say this team was filled with all entertaining wrestlers. Even so, Discount Tiger’s one time appearance and tail ripping made the match for me. The North Stars are really growing into a great tandem, and Retail Dragons’ 450 splash was quite the sight. If nothing else, this was a fun match to watch. **3/4

Eddie Kingston is backstage. He says it’s been four months since he stepped in a CHIKARA ring, a company he helped build. Kingston says no matter where he goes, he wears CHIKARA on his back like a badge of honor. He says he watched Chris Hero take over CHIKARA for four months while he couldn’t do or say anything because he was told not to. Kingston says something clicked in his head when he saw Hero refuse to release Mickie Knuckles from the Hangmen’s Clutch last night. Kingston says that Hero will feel him tonight.

Mike Quackenbush, Eddie Kingston, Sabian, & Equinox vs. Chris Hero {KOW}, Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}, Arik Cannon {KOW}, & Gran Akuma {F}

Kingston backs Claudio to his corner and he tags out to Akuma right away. Akuma boots Kingston and snapmares him down into a back kick. Kingston smacks Akuma and repays Akuma with multiple back kicks and a double stomp for two. Akuma bails to the floor and in comes Cannon. Sabian tags in and trades wristlocks with him. Sabian throws a few strikes. Cannon responds with some chops. Sabian clutches his wrist and armdrags off the ropes. Sabian sends Cannon out with a headscissors. Claudio and Equinox tag in. Claudio legdrops Equinox’s arm. Equinox uses his agility and Lucha acumen to take the advantage. Equinox springboard splashes Claudio, and Claudio goes to the floor. Equinox feigns a dive and tags out to Quackenbush. Hero also tags in. Quackenbush outsmarts Hero, evading Hero’s drop downs. Quackenbush sweeps his legs for two. Kingston tags in. Claudio runs in. Kingston and Quackenbush double sunset flip them. Equinox and Sabian crossbody Claudio and Hero, and Kingston and Quackenbush help knock them down. Kingston pops Sabian over the top rope onto Hero and Cannon. Kingston and Equinox armdrag Claudio and Akuma to the floor. Quackenbush springboards into a somersault senton onto Hero and Cannon. Equinox and Kingston follow up with suicide dives to Akuma and Claudio. Equinox ends up in the ring with Claudio. Claudio asks for a handshake but instead overhand chops Equinox. Claudio drops an elbow on Equinox’s back as Equinox drops down. The Kings and Akuma trap Equinox in their corner and take turns wearing him down. Equinox forearms his way out of a bearhug and tags in Quackenbush. Quackenbush hits Hero with a big back body drop. He suplexes Hero and goes up top. Quackenbush goes for a splash but Hero gets his knees up. Quackenbush now gets brought to the Kings corner for a beat down. Quackenbush powers out of a butterfly stretch and tags in Sabian. He lights up Akuma with chops and a falling dropkick. Claudio tags in and hits a pop-up European uppercut. Cannon drops Sabian with an Exploder suplex for two. Akuma and Claudio mock Kingston with the Wildcards’ “Holla at Your Boy” double elbow drop. Sabian continues to feel the onslaught of the Kings until Sabian elbows Hero out of the corner and hits an ace crusher. Kingston tags in and nails his opponents with a short clothesline. He gets slightly distracted by Hero on the apron, but knocks down Akuma and Claudio with a double clothesline. Kingston blocks a wheelbarrow with a Saito suplex. Hero drops Kingston with one of his own, but Sabian springboards in with a double stomp. He hits Hero with a split-legged moonsault for two. Claudio catches Sabian on the top rope with a Samoan drop. Equinox breaks the pin and applies a guillotine choke. Cannon cracks him with an enzuigiri for two. Kingston hits a uranage suplex. Akuma drops Kingston with the Yoshi Tonic for two. Hero looks for the Hero’s Welcome. Quackenbush reverses it and hits the Hero’s Welcome himself to score the pin at 20:14. As much as these multi-man matches have been great, this one has the distinct advantage of having meaning to it. Kingston’s return was a long time coming, and you can tell he’s spent his time off in CHIKARA polishing up elsewhere. It helped make for a fantastic story and a really enjoyable match. ***1/2

Quackenbush grabs the microphone. Quackenbush says the whole feud with Herostarted over Quackenbush embarassing Hero by pinning him at the 2004 TPI. Quackenbush says him pinning Hero with his own move is the next level of embarassment. Quackenbush challenges Hero to a singles rematch in August 13th at CHIKARA’s Philadelphia debut. Hero reminds Quackenbush that he said he will never face Quackenbush in a singles match. He already pinned Quackenbush once in a singles match and doesn’t see the point. Kingston interjects and challenges Hero to a match on that date as well. Hero turns down that challenge as well. Kingston gets hot at Hero because Hero name drops BlackJack Marciano. Out comes Leonard F. Chikarason. He says that he has Hero penciled in for a singles match that night. He said he’ll allow Hero to choose his opponent, but it has to be either Quackenbush or Kingston. Hero says if those are his two choices then he won’t show up on August 13th. Chikarason says that if Hero doesn’t make a choice, he’s out of CHIKARA for good. Hero is upset by this call. Hero calms down and says while he’d love to embarrass Quackenbush, the fans will have to settle for him beating up Kingston. Kingston swears on his mother that he is going to beat Hero down and promises a bloodbath. Quackenbush says Kingston talks a good game, but also knows he can get it done. Quackenbush says Kingston makes him proud and hope he will send Hero out of Philadelphia in an ambulance. They shake hands and the crowd cheers with approval. A phenomenal segment to build up the Philadelphia debut.

Matt Turner and Anthony Franco are outside. Franco says they’re going to end their feud with Cheech and Cloudy tonight. They’re tired of being held back and jumped from behind after their matches. Turner’s angry that they turned an athletic tag match into a five month long feud, embarrassing him in front of his hometown crowd multiple times. Turner also promises to end their feud tonight.

No Disqualification
Matt Turner {ROH} & Anthony Franco {ROH} vs. Cheech & Cloudy

Cheech and Cloudy attack Turner and Franco as they enter the ring. Cheech sends Turner to the floor with a knee strike. They brawl up the stairs while Cloudy double stomps Franco’s knee in the ring. Cloudy takes him down with a dragonscrew leg whip. Cloudy puts on a Stretch Muffler. Turner kicks away at Cheech as they brawl towards the balcony. Turner crotches Cheech on the railing and suplexes him on the floor. Cloudy rakes Franco’s chest and back on the floor. Turner whips Cheech down part of the staircase into a wall. Cloudy slams Franco’s leg on the ring apron and against the ring post. Turner throws Cheech into the ring post. Cloudy hits a front flip ace crusher on Franco. Turner forearms Cloudy. Cheech comes into the ring. Cloudy throws Turner to the floor. Cheech and Cloudy nail him with a knee strike/enzuigiri combo for two. Cloudy nails him with a forearm in the corner, and Cheech follows up with a Superman spear for two. Turner drops Cheech with an ace crusher for two. Turner stomps on Cloudy’s wrist multiple times. Cheech throws him over with a pump-handle suplex. Franco nails Cloudy with a headbutt. He hits a twisting neckbreaker and Cheech breaks the pin. Franco and Cheech knock each other down with clotheslines. We get a double pin and both teams kick out. Cheech picks up Turner and throws him knees first to the floor. Cloudy sunset flips Franco off the top for two. Franco hits a full nelson suplex. Cheech flies onto him with a shooting star press. Franco comes in with a top rope legdrop on Cheech’s head. Franco and Turner hit a tandem spike brainbuster on Cheech. Cloudy breaks the pin. He and Cheech nail Turner with Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Cheech for two. Cheech and Cloudy take Franco to the top rope. Turner pushes Cheech to the floor. Franco and Turner hit a tandem tombstone piledriver to Cloudy off the second rope for the pin at 12:16. A heck of a move to end quite the match. Easily the best match of the two teams, and I’m sure the stipulation helped. There may not have been a lot of weapons usage or blood, but some of the sick moves these guys hit helped set this match apart. Seeing Turner get a big reaction from his hometown crowd makes the feud all worth it. ***1/4

Franco and Turner’s fellow ROH graduates give them a round of applause on the apron. Cheech is able to get up and attack Franco and Turner. Davey Andrews, Shane Hagadorn, and Evan Starsmore stop Cheech and check up on Franco and Turner. Suddenly, they start beating on Franco and Turner themsevlves. They bludgeon Franco’s forehead to bust him open. They leave Turner lying on the floor.

We then go outside to Icarus. Icarus says he has seen what his opponent Shane Storm can do. He believes Storm has the heart and desire to go all the way to the top, but he’s not ready for him. He says Storm is not ready to deal with a man who has complete hatred for whomever is standing across the ring from him. Icarus says when Storm looks across the ring, he’ll know he’s in serious danger. We cut to Storm who says he doesn’t need to prove himself because he beat Icarus during Aniversario weekend in under five minutes. Storm says he’ll be taking the Cup home and dedicates the match to Mister ZERO.

Young Lions Cup III Finals
Icarus {F} vs. Shane Storm

Both guys aggressively lock-up right at the bell. Icarus and Storm each hit a forearm. Storm drops an elbow after a slam. Icarus kicks Storm to the corner. He boots Storm in the opposite corner. Storm splashes Icarus and takes him down with an armdrag. Storm sends Icarus to the floor when springboarding out of a courting hold. Storm follows him out. He hit Storm’s STOP sign away, but Storm holds up another one. A fan holds the sign while Storm nails Icarus with a suicide dive. In the ring, Storm bulldogs Icarus out of the corner. Icarus pushes Storm off the top rope to the floor. Icarus brings Storm back in and hits a slingshot senton for two. Icarus nails him with a dropkick for two. Icarus then hits a leg lariat for two. Icarus applies a leg lock and Storm grabs the ropes to escape. Icarus lays in some punches and headbutts on the mat. Icarus lands a senton. Storm fires up as Icarus tries some headbutts. Storm nails a running headbutt, knocking both Icarus and himself down. They both get up and Icarus hits a clothesline. Slowly, the locker room files out to ringside to root for their favorite. Storm backdrops Icarus and follows up with a spinwheel kick for two. Icarus spikes Storm with a big DDT. Icarus misses a moonsault. Storm goes to the middle and hits one of his own for two. Storm calls for the Jackhammer. Icarus reverses and calls for the Shiranui. Storm escapes and goes for That Japanese Move but gets mowed down with a clothesline. Storm blocks the spinning Pedigree and goes for the Air Raid Crash. Icarus drops Storm with the Pedigree instead. He rolls Storm into the Wings of Icarus. Storm shimmy’s to the floor but Icarus won’t let go. Icarus releases the hold as soon as Storm goes for the Air Raid Crash. He throws Storm into the side of the stage. Icarus throws Storm into a wall on the stage. Icarus climbs onto a stack of speakers and comes off with a tornado DDT. Icarus throws Storm into the ring and hits a frog splash. Storm puts his foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Storm blocks the Shiranui and hits a German suplex. He follows up with That Japanese Move. Icarus fires up and runs at Storm. Storm nails the Last Shaven Unicorn Drop for the pin at 13:18. Words do not capture the emotion of this match. Storm went through a lot to get to the Cup and everyone in the crowd lived and died with his every move he made. Larry Sweeney was absolutely exceptional on commentary conveying how important this victory was. Storm winning with his fallen partner’s finishing move was a picture perfect ending. This is an all time CHIKARA classic and one of the top moments in the company’s history. ***3/4

The Rudos carry Icarus out as the Tecnicos celebrate with Storm in the ring. Kingston congratulates Storm and says that Storm worked harder than anyone else to get that Cup. Storm poses with the Cup as the fans applaud. He celebrates around ringside as the fans continue to congratulate him.


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