Young Lions Cup III, Night I


Reading, PA – 7.22.2005

Commentary is provided by Dave Prazak, Mike Quackenbush, Eddie Kingston, Larry Sweeney, and Bryce Remsburg.

The show opens up with Carolina Jim announcing the first batch of Young Lions Cup contenders who are competing tonight. They each receive a participation medal and take a picture around the trophy.

Rorschach is sitting a utility closet of some sort. He says his opponent Trik Davis may be big in the Midwest, but CHIKARA is his home. Rorschach promises to defeat Trik with his Rorschach Lock tonight.

Young Lions Cup III Quarter-Final Match
Trik Davis vs. Rorschach

Davis gets the better of Rorschach in a hold exchange. He hits a leg lariat. Rorschach Hot Shots Davis on the top rope to switch the momentum. Rorschach chokes Davis on the bottom rope. Rorschach hits a neck breaker for two. Rorschach follows up with a vertical suplex for two. Davis hops to the apron. He ducks a kick and dumps Rorschach to the floor. Davis dives to the floor, only to be met with a dropkick from Rorschach. Rorschach slingshots in with an elbow for two. Davis reverses an Irish whip with a reverse STO. Davis forearms and chops Rorschach. He blocks an attack in the corner with a reverse rolling prawn hold for two. Davis hits the Cheap Trik (a lungblower) for two. Rorschach ducks a double knee strike and sunset bombs Davis out of the corner. Rorschach applies the Rorschach Lock and Davis taps out at 5:19. Rorschach keeps his promise in a solid opening match. *1/4

Sabian is backstage. He says while most people would say it’s an honor to be in the tournament, he wouldn’t. Sabian says tonight is his third opportunity to win the Cup and he’s frustrated at the previous opportunities that were blown. Sabian believes people have been “sleeping on him”, and will prove himself to all the doubters after he wins the Cup this weekend.

Young Lions Cup III Quarter-Final Match
Sabian vs. Dr. Cheung

Sabian catches Cheung off guard with a dropkick in the corner. Cheung and Sabian do some Lucha rolls to counter one another. They each hit an armdrag before Sabian sends Cheung to the floor with a dropkick. Sabian follows out with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Cheung Hot Shots Sabian on the top rope. Cheung must have been watching the previous match. Cheung hits a suplex for two. Cheung chops Sabian before hitting a fisherman’s suplex for two. Sabian sunset flips Cheung for two. Cheung hits a pair of legdrops for two. Sabian small packages Cheung for two. Cheung chokes Sabian with his boot in the corner. Cheung grabs a small wrench and brings it into the ring. He places Sabian on the top rope and tests his reflexes. Sabian kicks Cheung down and comes off the top with a double stomp. Sabian comes out of the corner with a swinging DDT for two. Cheung drops him with a Square Driver for two. Sabian slips out of the Doctor Bomb. He ties up Cheung and comes off the top with a senton. This gets Sabian the pin at 6:47. I dug the finish as it was really unique. In fact, most of this match was. Just a really fun, short bout to watch. **1/4

Prophet cuts a promo in his Minnesota accent where he can’t pronounce CHIKARA correctly. Prophet says he beat Icarus in Minnesota (I need to find this match) and will do the same tonight.

Young Lions Cup III Quarter-Final Match
Icarus {F} vs. Prophet

In a great pre-match moment, Carolina Jim and Icarus swing the microphone cord and make Bryce Remsburg attempt to jump rope with it. He fails and falls down. Icarus dropkicks Prophet as he comes in the ring and legdrops him on the second rope. Prophet takes Icarus down with a huracanrana for two. Prophet drops Icarus down as Icarus goes for a headscissors. Icarus sends Prophet to the apron. He suplexes Prophet back in for two. Icarus follows with a back senton for two. Icarus hits a running clothesline in the corner. Prophet comes out of the corner with a Lou Thesz press. He hits a trifecta of legdrops for two. Icarus looks for the spinning pedigree, but Prophet knocks Icarus to the floor. Icarus side steps a pescado. Icarus puts Prophet in the Wings of Icarus in the ring. Prophet passes out at 4:28. Prophet kind of sucks and didn’t do much of anything in the match. Icarus continues to work on his heel rapport, which as we know he mastered in a short amount of time. *

Mickie Knuckles informs up she was the first woman in a Young Lions Cup tournament. She says she deserves to be in the tournament and will win the tournament as well.

Young Lions Cup III Quarter-Final Match
Retail Dragon vs. Mickie Knuckles

Knuckles ducks a clothesline and lays in forearms to Dragon’s face. Knuckles chops him in the corner and throws him down for two. Knuckles peppers him with Kawada kicks and lands a dropkick for two. Knuckles then delivers a flurry of knees to the face. She puts Dragon in the Muta Lock. Knuckles puts Dragon in a Butterfly Lock. She transitions into a vertical suplex for two. Knuckles splashes Dragon in the corner. Dragon backflips off the ropes and hits a spinning enzuigiri. He hits a double knee strike and then a running knee strike as Knuckles is sitting in the corner. Dragon hits a moonsault for two. He then hits a twisting body press for two. Dragon comes off the top rope and Knuckles catches him with a powerbomb for the pin at 5:19. Very hard hitting bout. I guess Dragon’s “How May I Stiff You?” Wal-Mart vest isn’t just a clever pun. So far we’re getting some cool finishes out of these young lions. **1/2

Arik Cannon says this is the second Young Lions tournament he’s been involved in. He also says it’s the second tournament CHIKARA is holding this year, reminding us that he won the other tournament CHIKARA held (the Tag World Grand Prix). Cannon says he’ll go 2-0 in CHIKARA tournaments this year.

Young Lions Cup III Quarter-Final Match
Arik Cannon {KOW} vs. Matt Bomboy

The match starts off with Cannon and Bomboy exchanging holds and armdrags. Bomboy applies a cross armbreaker. Cannon rolls into the ropes to break. Bomboy knees Cannon and forearms him on the back. Cannon rolls to the floor for a breather. Cannon snapmares Bomboy into a chinlock. Bomboy grapevines his legs and grasps Cannon’s face. He snapmares Cannon into a dropkick to the back for one. Cannon hits his patented twisting neckbreaker. Cannon smacks Bomboy’s back and forearms him in the face. Cannon digs his knuckle into Bomboy’s head. Bomboy ducks a clothesline, but Cannon catches him with a running elbow strike for two. Cannon drops him with Total Anarchy for two. Cannon pokes Bomboy in the eyes. Bomboy responds with a Northern Lights suplex for two. Cannon blocks a monkey flip. Bomboy ducks the Glimmering Warlock and applies the Million Dollar Dream. Cannon backs Bomboy to the corner and whips him across the ring. Bomboy goes over and superkicks Cannon in the back of the head for two. Bomboy drops him with an inverted DDT/elbow drop combo. Cannon evades a quebrada. He nails Bomboy with the Glimmering Warlock for the pin at 8:09. The crowd was deathly quiet for this match which hurt the match, but then again I wouldn’t be excited for Bomboy either. However for two guys known to hit hard, they took this match relatively soft. Cannon winning was obviously the right call, but how does heel that his buddy Chris Hero is championing Icarus instead of him? **1/4

Cheech brags about not having to qualify for this tournament. He says just like he walked into the tournament, he’s going to walk out of it the victor.

Since there was no winner in a qualifying match between Joker and Ravage, a competitor for this tournament will be drawn from the baseball hat. BlackJack Marciano’s name is pulled, but he’s not here. What about Bob Saget Jr.? Nope, also not here. Ricky Reyes’ name gets pulled. He is here and is now Cheech’s opponent for this bout.

Young Lions Cup III Quarter-Final Match
Cheech vs. Ricky Reyes

Reyes takes Cheech down into a front chancery. Cheech hurredly gets to the ropes to break. Reyes goes for a Fujiwara armbar, and again Cheech gets the ropes. Cheech pops up out of a knuckle lock into a knee strike. Cheech dips in between the ropes to escape a chop from Reyes. Reyes lights him up chops and forearms in the corner and on the floor. Reyes gives Cheech two armdrags. Cheech pokes Reyes’ in the eyes and rakes his back. Cheech hits a superman spear and basement dropkick for two. Reyes lays in some kicks and nails a leaping forearm. Cheech knocks him down with a big boot for two. Cheech digs his knee into Reyes’ back as he applies a chinlock. Cheech hits a clothesline for two. Reyes lands a neckbreaker for two. Reyes puts Cheech in a headscissors. Cheech escapes and kicks away. Reyes evades a second superman spear. Reyes drops him with a belly-to-back suplex for two. Reyes hits a sit-out powerbomb for two. Reyes clobbers Cheech with forearms to the back. He O’Connor Rolls Cheech. Cheech reverses and holds the tights for two. Cheech hits a flying knee strike for two. Reyes puts on a Dragon Sleeper and Cheech taps out at 7:53. Excellent match and easily the best of the first round. Reyes and Cheech sounds odd on paper, but in execution worked out well. The story they told was quite good and got the fans to wake up. **3/4

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Larry Sweeney (Champion) vs. Josh Abercrombie

I’m gravely upset that Abercrombie didn’t come out to “The Right Stuff” by NKOTB. As per Sweeney’s demands, Mana the Polynesian Warrior gets to second Sweeney to this match since the bout is not televised. Sweeney backs Abercrombie to the corner and kisses him on the lips. That’s awkward. Abercrombie holds onto Sweeney’s arm until Sweeney hip tosses him over. Sweeney hits a couple more and is very pleased with himself. Abercrombie takes him down with a hiponesa and a trio of hip tosses. Sweeney rolls to the floor and calls for a time out. Abercrombie flips Sweeney back into the ring. Sweeney begs Abercrombie off but then throws him face first into the second turnbuckle. Abercrombie takes Sweeney down with a couple armdrags, but Sweeney stomps on him to stop his groove. Sweeney hits a gordbuster for two. Sweeney sends Abercrombie to the floor where Mana gets in a few shots. Abercrombie throws himself back into the ring. Sweeney applies the Boa Constrictor. Abercrombie ducks a clothesline and hits the Nose Breaker. Abercrombie hits a standing moonsault for two. Sweeney blocks the Taliban Backpack with the ’68 Comeback Special for two. Abercrombie small packages Sweeney for two. He drops Sweeney with a leg-capture back suplex. Mana puts Sweeney’s foot on the middle rope. Sweeney clotheslines him down and Mana grabs Abercrombie’s leg to assist with the pin at 10:09. This was a minor disappointment. I expected a lot more shenanigans than what went down, but the match itself was still solid. **

Mana mauls Abercrombie after the match. Abercrombie has a Young Lions Cup match tomorrow so this is not good for him.

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, & Lance Steel vs. Chris Hero {KOW}, Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}, & Gran Akuma {F}

Dave Prazak and Eddie Kingston singing “Break It Down Again” on commentary may be the highlight of the night. Allison Danger is in the corner of the Tecnico team. Steel’s chest plate prevents Hero from effectively hurting Lance Steel. Steel and Hero go back and forth off the ropes. Hero stops himself from hitting an overhand chops and kicks Steel in the gut. Steel rolls Hero up for two. Steel goes for the Boston Crab, but Hero headstands out. Steel tries it a second time but slingshots Hero into an elbow from Quackenbush. Jigsaw stops Hero over Steel’s knees for two. Hero dropkicks Jigsaw to the corner and tags in Akuma. Jigsaw ducks Akuma’s kicks and hits a somersault senton for two. Claudio and Quackenbush tag in. Quackenbush uses a variety of headscissors and armdrags to take him down. Claudio grabs a headlock and tags in Hero. Claudio holds Quackenbush. Quackenbush ducks so that Hero hits Claudio by accident. Same thing happens with Akuma. A few more clever moves from the Tecnico cause the Rudo team to accidentally knock each other down. Jigsaw and Quackenbush put figure four leg locks on all of their opponents at once. Steel dropkicks Hero and the submissions are broke. The Rudos get put in a pile, and their opponents put them in stereo Boston Crabs. The Tecnicos break and go to the floor. The Rudos fake out dives, but then get sent to the floor with stereo dropkicks. They all then come out with tope con hilos. Steel ends up left alone with Hero, Akuma, and Claudio, opening up the door for them to isolate Steel from the rest of his team. Quackenbush gets the opening to tag in, but also gets isolated from his team. Quackenbush gets sent to the floor with a triple boot. Jigsaw flies in but is caught immediately with a side slam from Claudio. Jigsaw feels the same fate that Quackenbush and Steel both did, being worn down by his opponents. Jigsaw escapes by wheelbarrowing into a DDT on Claudio. Quackenbush tags in and takes down Hero. Claudio hits him with an uppercut to block the reverse brainbuster. Jigsaw flies in with a Dragonrana and Hero breaks the pin. Steel drops Hero with the Finlay Roll. He puts Hero in the Boston Crab. Akuma kicks away at Steek but his chest protector cancels them out. Quackenbush cuts Akuma off with a palm strike. Akuma suplexes Quackenbush and DDT’s Steel out of the submission. Quackenbush dives onto Hero to prevent Hero from hurting Allison Danger. Akuma dropkicks Steel to the floor. Jigsaw flies in with an armdrag. Claudio dropkicks him to the floor. Claudio blocks the palm strike and nails Quackenbush with the European uppercut for the pin at 17:09. Not only was this a good match, but a breath of fresh air from the mediocrity provided in the previous matches. This was just a step below their usual trios matches, but still very good stuff. ***1/4

Hero, Claudio, and Akuma mock Eddie Kingston at the announcer’s booth. Kingston looks upset and ready to fight.

Young Lions Cup III Semi-Final Elimination Match
Rorschach vs. Sabian vs. Icarus {F} vs. Mickie Knuckles vs. Arik Cannon {KOW} vs. Ricky Reyes

Knuckles and Icarus vie for the advantage. Reyes tags in and hits Knuckles with a hard right hand. Reyes gives her a backbreaker. Reyes drops a knee for two. Knuckes puts on a hammerlock. Cannon comes in with a dropkick to the back of her head. Reyes rolls out as Cannon headbutts her for two. Knuckles blocks a rolling forearm with one of her own. Cannon throws Sabian in to the ring with Knuckles. Sabian targets her arm. Knuckles gives Sabian some chops and a hard clothesline. Knuckles forearms Sabian to Rorschach’s corner, and he blind tags in. Rorschach stomps away at Knuckles on the mat. Knuckles whips Rorschach to Icarus’ corner. He tags in and nails her with a clothesline. Knuckles dumps Icarus and Cannon to the floor. Reyes comes in and also gets sent out. Knuckles dives through the middle rope onto the guys on the floor. Rorschach cuts off Sabian’s attempt to dive with a leg lariat. Rorschach tries a waterwheel slam, but Sabian dumps him on his head with a headscissors. Knuckles hits bridging German suplex on Rorschach to eliminate him at 8:06. Icarus immediately rolls up Knuckles to eliminate her at 8:10. Cannon comes in with a dropkick to Icarus for two. Icarus looks confused as they’re supposed to be teammates. Cannon dumps Icarus to the floor and tags in Sabian. Sabian come in with a slingshot senton for two. Reyes drops Icarus with a gordbuster on the top rope. Cannon snapmares Reyes into a cravate. Sabian and Icarus fight on the floor in the background. Reyes rams Cannon head first into the corner. Reyes throws Cannon to the floor. Icarus hits a fisherman’s suplex on Reyes for two. Reyes rsponds with a side slam for two. Reyes nails him with a dropkick and chokes him with his shin. Reyes hits a butterfly suplex for two. Reyes pats Cannon on the face to tag him in. Cannon pokes Icarus in the eyes. He tags in Sabian who back chops him. Cannon gets aggressive after Sabian hits him in the collar bone. Sabian kicks a seated Cannon multiple times. Cannon drops Sabian with a delayed vertical suplex for two. Cannon and Sabian trade chops and forearms on their feet. Cannon hits a DDT and slaps Icarus in the chest to tag him in. Icarus puts Sabian in a Boston Crab. Reyes kicks Icarus in the chest to break it for whatever reason. Reyes sends both Sabian and Icarus to the floor. He and Cannon aggressively exchange strikes. Reyes drop toe holds Cannon into La Magistral for two. Reyes tries a sunset flip for two. Cannon uses the ropes to flip a Dragon Sleeper into a reverse DDT. He cracks Reyes with the Glimmering Warlock for the elimination at 16:58.

Icarus and Sabian each try to pin Cannon, but only get two. Icarus throws Sabian to the floor where Cannon chops him. Cannon knocks down Sabian with a rolling forearm for two. Sabian hits a powerbomb and ties up Cannon the mat. He drags in Icarus and hits him with the reverse curbstomp. Sabian goes up top but gets knocked down by Icarus. Icarus hops of Cannon to go at Sabian, but Sabian flies off to dropkick Icarus and land on Cannon. Sabian pins Cannon for the elimination at 20:57. Sabian hits a yakuza kick to Icarus in the corner. He drops him with a backdrop driver for two. Sabian misses a 450 double stomp. Icarus drops him with the Pedigree. He rolls him into the Burning Wings and Sabian taps out at 23:00. Icarus will go to the finals of the Young Lions Cup tournament. There was so little variety in this match. People got dumped to the floor like twenty times and everyone hit the same strikes. The only really interesting stuff was Knuckles dealing with all the guys in the beginning and Cannon and Icarus’ passing moments with each other. Otherwise, this was good action but too much of the same stuff over and over again. **3/4

Icarus laughs with joy as he heads to the back. Sabian gets a standing ovation for his performance. Eddie Kingston checks up on him and follows him to the back.


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