Stop Making Sense


Reading, PA – 6.17.2005

Commentary is provided by Eddie Kingston and Larry Sweeney.

Crossbones opens the show with an outlandish promo. Something about battle axes and being a barbarian. He calls Andy Sumner his first step in his path to the Young Lions Cup.

Young Lions Cup Qualifying Match
Andy Sumner {CZW} vs. Crossbones

Crossbones and Sumner exchange forearms and kicks. Crossbones hits an enzuigiri. Sumner looks for a Fujiwara armbar, but Crossbones rolls out of it. Sumner takes him down with a front chancery and lays in knee strikes to the head. Crossbones reverses. Sumner transitions out and takes the guard. Crossbones throws him off. Sumner trips Crossbones and cranks on his leg. Crossbones kicks him away. Sumner puts on a side headlock on the mat. Crossbones gets to his feet and kicks Sumner in the stomach. He throws Sumner down in a Cobra Clutch. Sumner taps out at 3:53. I like these short and sweet mat contests Sumner’s been having. *1/4

Skayde & Equinox vs. Darkness Crabtree & Dr. Cheung

Skayde does some push-ups to show off. Crabtree tries to do the same but collapses. Crabtree uses the ropes to break a simple waistlock. Skayde stomps on Crabtree’s hands. Cheung and Equinox tag in. Equinox tries a modified crucifix pin for two. Equinox takes Cheung down with a toreador. He follows up with a quesadora and a headscissors takedown. Crabtree and Skayde tag back in. Cheung writes Crabtree a prescription and some pills behind referee Bryce Remsburg’s back. Crabtree takes a few of them and freaks out. He begins to move at a break neck speed and goes hold for hold with Skayde in a Lucha exchange! Crabtree even kicks out of the Skayde schoolboy. Crabtree falls down after a nip up as the pills wear off. Cheung and Skayde check to make sure he’s okay. Crabtree pokes Skayde in the eye, turning the match in his and Cheung’s favor. They beat down Skayde in their corner until he dropkicks Crabtree in the head. Equinox tags in and knocks Crabtree and Cheung down with flying forearms. Equinox sends Crabtree to the floor and Skayde nails him with a tope con hilo. Cheung drops Equinox with a powerslam for two. Cheugn hits the Doctor Bomb and Skayde breaks the pin. Skayde drops Crabtree and hits a senton. Equinox hits a standing shooting star press for the pin at 9:22. Really entertaining stuff from all four guys. Equinox continues to do some good things in his formative matches. I also like the pill gimmick Crabtree has introduced. **1/2

Young Lions Cup Qualifying Match
Din Mak vs. Matt Bomboy

Mak backs Bomboy to the corner and breaks cleanly. Bomboy does the same thing but then slaps Mak in the face and shoves him down. Mak hits a hip toss and pair of armdrags. Bomboy takes a powder on the floor. Bomboy gets in a test of strength. He brings Mak to the mat after a series of clubbing forearms and strikes. He snapmares Mak and dropkicks him in the back of the head. Bomboy snaps Mak’s neck Mr. Perfect style and then snaps his neck across the top rope Randy Savage style. Bomboy drags Mak to the floor and chokes him with his wrist tape. Mak reverses an Irish whip by dropping Bomboy with a side Russian leg sweep. Mak lays in some kicks before throwing Bomboy back into the ring. He drops an elbow for two. Bomboy throws Mak overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex. He hits a Northern Lights suplex for two. Mak lays in kicks to Bomboy’s chest. He hits a spinwheel kick in the corner for two. Bomboy and Mak knock each other down with a double clothesline. When they recover, Mak hits a superkick for two. Bomboy drops Mak with a reverse DDT with an elbow drop. Bomboy applies the Kata-Ha-Jime for the submission at 7:32. These guys have wrestled like five times in CHIKARA at this point. This is essentially the same thing I see every time. It’s not bad, but filled with just senseless strikes. Lots of people complain about fake intensity these days, but Bomboy takes the cake. **

We cut backstage to Larry Sweeney. He says we won’t see him in the ring tonight, but he has a “big” surprise for all of us.

Young Lions Cup Qualifying Match
Kanjyouru Matsuyama {TX} vs. Icarus {F}

Icarus takes Matsuyama to the mat with a headlock. Matsuyama brings things back to their feet. Icarus complains Matsuyama’s face paint got on his chest. Matsuyama brings Icarus to his back in a test of strength. Icarus reverses the pressure and stomps Matsuyama in the gut. Matsuyama applies a modified figure seven. Icarus reverses into an ankle lock, which Matsuyama breaks with the ropes. Matsuyama takes Icarus down with a headscissors. He clutches Icarus’ hand and walks the top rope. He flips off into an armdrag. He hits a quebradora. Matsuyama rolls through Icarus into a victory roll. He takes Icarus down with an alita and hits a shoulder block. Icarus catches him with a dropkick. Icarus bridges with a suplex for two. Icarus hits a somersault senton for two. Matsuyama breaks a chin lock and takes Icarus over with a toreador. Matsuyama flies into Icarus with a back elbow. He follows up with a Finlay roll and goes up top. He hits a missile dropkick and gets a two count with the Gedo clutch. Icarus drops Matsuyama with the Pedigree. He rolls Matsuyama into the Wings of Icarus for the submission at 9:18. Really solid action from both guys. Icarus of course is a natural heel and it’s nice to see him get comfortable in this role very quickly. **1/2

Young Lions Cup Qualifying Match
Shane Storm vs. Gran Akuma {F}

Storm charges Akuma before the bell. Akuma evades a hard back elbow and dropkicks Storm in the corner. Akuma kicks away at the back of Storm’s leg. He then lights up Storm’s chest with more kicks. Akuma drops an elbow for two. Akuma snapmares Storm and hits a dropkick for two. Akuma kicks away at Storm’s face. He chokes him with a front chancery. Storm and Akuma go shot for shot with forearm strikes and kicks. Akuma hits a sole butt. Storm blocks a quesadora and hits a spike DDT. Storm drops Akuma with a German suplex for two. He calls for the Jackhammer. Akuma slips out and hits another sole butt. Storm blocks the Yoshi Tonic. Akuma kicks away at Storm. Akuma blocks the Air Raid Crash with a crucifix bomb. Storm turns a DDT from Akuma into a Jackhammer for two. Storm goes for a second but Akuma blocks. He drops Storm on his knee and kicks him in the side of the head multiple times. He nails Storm with a kick to the chin for two. Storm hits Akuma with a Shining Wizard on the top rope. He drops Akuma off the middle rope with the Air Raid Crash for the pin at 6:53. This is exactly what I wanted out of this match. These guys beat the crap out of one another with the Cup and revenge in their mind. Storm finishing with the Air Raid Crash was a great ending and a great precursor of things to come. ***

Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli are backstage. Hero says he has one of the easiest matches tonight as he faces Sabian. Hero says Sabian will leave the show embarassed. Claudio says he will be the 2005 Young Lions Cup champion as he has yet to lose in CHIKARA.

Young Lions Cup Qualifying Match
Jolly Roger {KPG} vs. Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}

Allison Danger accompanies Roger. He and Claudio exchange arm holds. Claudio goes for the ankle and Roger kicks him away. Roger fails to knock down Claudio with shoulder blocks. Roger takes him down with a headscissors and a dropkick. Roger sends Claudio to the floor with a headscissors takedown. Roger dives out with a pescado. Claudio Gorilla press slams Roger from the floor and back into the ring. Claudio stomps on Roger. He slams Roger and follows up with a senton for two. Roger rolls up Claudio for two. Claudio dropkicks him down right away as he gets up. Claudio puts on an abdominal stretch and grabs the rope when he can. Danger kicks his arm away. Claudio grabs her by the hair and she slaps him in the face. Roger rolls up Claudio for two. Claudio mows him down with a clothesline. Claudio combs his hair while choking Roger with his shin. Claudio lifts up Roger with a vertically and Roger accidentally kicks a ceiling tile out. Claudio drops him down into a suplex. Claudio pops up Roger, and Roger comes down with an X-Factor. Roger backdrops Claudio and Claudio retreats to the floor. Roger dives off the top rope with a somersault senton to the floor. Roger hip tosses Claudio for two. Claudio thumbs Roger in the eye. Roger small packages Claudio out of a headscissors for two. Claudio drops Roger with a modified Burning Hammer and Roger kicks out. Claudio hits a top rope elbow drop and Roger kicks out again. Roger hits a sprinning face kick and a tornado DDT. He lands the frog splash for two. Roger looks for the Walk the Plank. Claudio switches into the Ricola Bomb for the pin at 11:32. This was another great match with lots of story components. As sure as I was that Claudio was going to win, they made you believe that Roger almost had it many times. Another fun match with a great ending. ***

Sabian vs. Chris Hero {KOW}

Sabian qualified for the Young Lions Cup last night at a NEXT show. Hero takes out Sabian’s legs right and key locks them right away. Hero turns into a side headlock. Sabian throws him off. Sabian rolls through a double wrist clutch. Hero flips Sabian over, but Sabian holds on and sinches on the knuckle lock. Hero twists on Sabian’s ankle. Sabian manuevers into a wristlock. Hero cramps down on Sabian’s knee to reverse it. Sabian snapmares Hero down. Hero blocks a hip toss. Sabian flips to his feet and sunset flips Hero. Hero bows out of the ring frustrated. H ecomes back in and applies a straightjacket choke. Sabian escapes and takes Hero down into a roll up. Hero mocks Sabian as Sabian tries to knock him down with shoulder blocks. Sabian takes him down with a hiponesa and sends Hero to the floor with a toreador. Hero evades a dive, then runs in and nails Sabian with a forearm. He takes Sabian down with a Saito suplex. Hero snapmares Sabian into a crucifix pin variation for two. Hero handstands into a senton for two. Sabian elbows Hero as Hero rushes to the corner. Sabian boots him away. Hero blocks a kick, but Sabian takes him down with a headscissors. Sabian takes Hero over with an armdrag and dropkicks him three times. Hero shrugs off a tornado DDT. Sabian hits a huracanrana for two. Hero hits a snap slam and back senton for two. Sabian grabs the ropes to block Hero from applying the Hangman’s Clutch. Sabian wheelbarrows into a bulldog for two. Sabian misses a top rope senton. Hero spins Sabian in a cravate faceplant. Hero applies a standing Hangman’s Clutch. Sabian taps out at 14:07. They could have shaved a few minutes off of this and it would have been better, but was still very good as is. Again, you figured Hero would win, but felt many times that Sabian could have won it. I like when you get suspense like that. **3/4

Hero pounds on Sabian some more. He even threatens to beat up Bryce again. Finally Hero leaves as Sabian is checked on.

UltraMantis Black and Hallowicked are outside. They perform a reincarnation ceremony to bring back their former partner Blind Rage using a tiki-looking necklace. Mantis says their opponents will learn the true power of The Dark Breed tonight.

Mike Quackenbush, Reckless Youth, & Jigsaw vs. UltraMantis Black {DB}, Hallowicked {DB}, & Blind Rage {DB}

GARY MICHAEL CAPPETTA is randomly the ring announcer for this match. I don’t know why I felt inclined to point that out. The Dark Breed attack the Tecnicos right before the bell. The Tecnicos clear the ring. The Dark Breed collect themselves on the floor. Mantis and Youth officially start out. Youth controls Mantis by his wrist. Youth grabs Mantis’ leg and neck. Mantis breaks. Youth takes him over with a Japanese armdrag. Mantis lays in a couple forearms. Youth dropkicks Mantis’ leg out and Mantis bails to the floor. Jigsaw and Rage tag in. Jigsaw trips Rage into an STF. Rage escapes and grabs a wristlock. Jigsaw flips out into an armdrag. Jigsaw chops Rage on the ropes. He small packages Rage for two. Quackenbush tags in and kicks Rage in the chest. Rage applies a headlock and tags in Hallowicked. Hallowicked runs up the ropes to armdrag out of a courting hold. Quackenbush reapplies it and drops Hallowicked into a cross-arm stretch. Quackenbush cranks on Hallowicked’s chin as he grabs a hammerlock. Quackenbush and Hallowicked throw Lucha offense at each other. Quackenbush hiponesa’s from the apron into the ring and sends Hallowicked to his own corner with a monkey flip. Hallowicked slaps Quackenbush. Quackenbush rolls into his corner, and Jigsaw flies in with a crossbody. Quackenbush helps Jigsaw take him down with a headscissors. The Tecnico team sends The Dark Breed to the floor. They all dive out onto their opponents. In the ring, Youth hits Rage with a Code Breaker. Hallowicked and Mantis drop Youth with a tandem Hot Shot. This gives the Dark Breed the opening to isolate Youth in their corner. Youth is able to sneak in a small package on Mantis, but Hallowicked grabs Bryce Remsburg to stop him from counting the pin. Rage misses a twisting senton from the top rope, giving Youth the opportunity to tag in Jigsaw. He knocks Hallowicked and Rage off the apron. Quackenbush flies in with a missile dropkick to Mantis. He back drops him and calls for a bulldog. Rage applies a headlock. Soon we get a string of headlocks from all six men. Jigsaw drops the other five with a clothesline and pins them all for two. Jigsaw blocks a Niagra Driver with a headscissors. He hits a huracanrana for two. Rage blocks a superkick and drops Jigsaw with a Gory Bomb for two. Quackenbush sends Rage to the floor and Hallowicked comes in. He takes Quackenbush over with a step-up Frankensteiner. Hallowicked hits a backpack stunner for two. Quackenbush drops Hallowicked with a reverse brainbuster. He follows up with a top rope senton for two. Youth and Quackenbush hold Hallowicked. Jigsaw comes up with a double stomp, and Youth and Quackenbush drop him simultaneously with a facebuster. Mantis breaks the pin and cuts Youth off on the top rope. Mantis brings Youth down with a fisherman’s suplex for two. Mantis calls for the Praying Mantis Bomb. Youth escapes and drops Mantis with the Shellshock. He follows up with the 2k1 Bomb for two. Quackenbush suplexes Rage off the top rope. Hallowicked drops Jigsaw off the top rope with a modified uranage. Mantis calls from the Praying Mantis Bomb but Quackenbush palm strikes him. Hallowicked goes for the Graveyard Smash. Jigsaw rolls through and pins him at 22:34. I loved the nostalgic feel of this match. All six of these guys blended tremendously as you’d expect and just had a showcase of a main event. Seeing guys like Reckless and Blind Rage put a smile on my face, and I really enjoyed the fun, exciting main event these guys put on. ***3/4

After the match, Hallowicked and Jigsaw get into a slugfest. Their partners have to separate them and calm them down. This would not be the last we saw of these two together.


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