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Philadelphia, PA – 6.16.2005

Andy Sumner {CZW} vs. Ruckus {BO}

Robbie Mireno and Sabian accompany Ruckus to the match. Sumner and Ruckus take it to the mat. Sumner brings Ruckus to the ropes in a front chancery. They jockey for position. Ruckus takes the guard and Sumner covers his face. Sumner knees Ruckus in the head with a half nelson. Ruckus breaks and punches Sumner. Sumner schoolboys Ruckus for two. Ruckus gets in some knees before Sumner pushes him away. Ruckus butterflies Sumner into a stretch. Sumner submits at 3:17. Another Sumner loss to open the show. You wouldn’t think of Ruckus when you think of mat wrestling, but he did shockingly well here. *

Drew Gulak {CZW} vs. Sean Bishop {CZW}

Gulak puts Bishop in a hammerlock and switches to headlock. Bishop shoves Gulak to the corner. Gulak scores a double leg takedown for two. Bishop hits Gulak with multiple forearms to the face. Gulak ducks a clothesline and hits two dropkicks. Bishop hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Bishop catches Gulak coming off the top rope. He drops him with a spin-out uranage for the pin at 2:48. Gulak took most of the match and looked really proficient in his mat wrestling. Bishop dominated while keeping his offense simple, which is best for his style and look. Good for a match this short. *

Shane Storm {MW} & Lance Steel {KPG} vs. Icarus {F} & Dr. Cheung

Steel goes for the Boston Crab early on Icarus, but Icarus resists. They engage in a short Lucha exchange, ending with Steel taking Icarus down with a hiponesa. Cheung tags in and gets in a few strikes. Storm tags in and lands a pair of armdrags. He hits a spinwheel kick and chops Cheung on the ropes. Cheung tags in Icarus after receiving a backdrop. Icarus trips Storm and twists on his ankle. Icarus drops Storm with a back cracker for two. Icarus spears Storm for two. Cheung and Icarus take turns beating Storm down. This continues until Storm catches Icarus with an Air Raid Crash. Steel and Cheung tag in. Steel trips Cheung. Storm puts up his STOP sign to prevent Cheung from moving and Oklahoma Rolls him for two. Steel drops Icarus with a Finlay Roll and applies the Boston Crab. Cheung breaks the hold. Cheung hits the Doctor Bomb and Storm breaks the pin. Storm dropkicks Cheung’s leg out and hits That Japanese Move. Icarus breaks the pin. Icarus hits Steel with a Shiranui for the pin at 8:21. This was a nice showcase for all four competitors. It hits its crescendo at the end of the match and didn’t overstay its welcome. **1/2

Niles Young {CZW} vs. Cory Kastle {CZW}

Young attacks Kastle as he poses on the ropes. He throws Kastle to the floor and follows out with a double axe handle. Young slams a chair into Kastle’s leg against the guardrail. Back in the ring Young continues to target Kastle’s leg. Kastle schoolboys Young out of nowhere for two. Kastle applies a half crab. He drops his knee across Kastle’s bum leg. They slap one another in the face, which causes Young to be more aggressive on the leg. He grapevines Kastle’s leg and stretches it out. Kastle schoolboys Young for two once again. Young brings two chairs into the ring. Young comes off the top rope with a chair, and Kastle knees it into his face with the second chair. Kastle drops Young with an implant DDT for two. He hits a reverse STO. He hits Young with his bad leg for two. Young knees Kastle in the groin behind the referee’s back. He dragonscrews the leg and places a chair on Kastle’s neck. Young single stomps the chair into the chair on Kastle’s neck for the pin at 8:49. A crazy finish for another solid match. The leg work for Kastle ultimately didn’t mean much in the end, but I give him all the credit in the world for selling it well. Also, it was never officially stated, but I think this was for a Young Lions Cup spot since Young was entered into the tournament after this match. **1/2

Young Lions Cup Qualifying Match
DJ Hyde {CZW} vs. Sabian {BO}

The winner of this match gets entry in the Young Lions Cup tournament next month. Robbie Mireno and Ruckus accompany Sabian. Hyde slaps Sabian and drops him with a Rydeen Bomb for two. Sabian regroups on the floor. Hyde throws him back in. He throws a hard forearm. Sabian dropkicks Hyde’s knee out. Sabian chops Hyde and traps his leg in the ropes. He kicks Hyde’s inner thigh before hitting a kneeDT. Sabian hits a slingshot senton on the knee for two. Hyde drops Sabian with a sidewalk slam for two. Sabian drops the top rope to send Hyde to the floor. Mireno and Ruckus attack Hyde while Sabian distracts the referee. Sabian basement dropkicks Hyde in the shoulder. Hyde puts Sabian in a tree of woe and spears him for two. Sabian comes back with a split-legged moonsault for two. Hyde shrugs off a rolling clothesline. Hyde goes for a chokeslam but Sabian breaks. Hyde wheelbarrows Sabian into a back breaker, then immediately grabs his knee in pain. Hyde throws Sabian with a belly-to-belly suplex. He nails a lariat but Mireno puts Sabian’s leg on the middle rope to break the pin. Sabian blocks the Shadow Driver. He basement dropkicks Hyde in the side of his head. Ruckus and Sabian tie Hyde’s legs up in the corner. Sabian hits an inverted curbstomp for two. Hyde hits a modified uranage suplex. Mireno distracts the referee which allows Ruckus to fly in with a basement dropkick. Sabian then hits a top rope double stomp for the pin at 10:33. Sabian and Hyde had a great hard hitting bout that got the crowd solidly behind Hyde. I really enjoyed the back and forth and that Sabian found a different way to work the knee than the last match. **3/4

Skayde & Equinox vs. Chris Hero {KOW} & Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}

Hero trips Equinox into a grapevine stretch. Hero goes to the arm and Equinox hops up into a wristlock. He applies a cross armbreaker and takes Hero over with a headscissors. Claudio and Skayde tag in. Claudio and Skayde do a bit of showboating. Claudio forearms Skayde in the back to show his strength. Skayde trips Claudio. Claudio drops down and Skayde clotheslines him in the neck. Skayde uses the ropes to hit a variety of armdrags. He gets a two count with the Skayde schoolboy. Claudio rolls to the floor to talk with Hero. Equinox tags in and trips Claudio into a headlock. Equinox hits a toreador and a wheelbarrow armdrag. Claudio blocks a satellite headscissors, but Equinox victory rolls him for two. Equinox dropkicks Claudio to the floor. Hero and Skayde tag in. Skayde and Hero stand-off after a Lucha sequence. Claudio and Equinox tag back in. Claudio pokes him in the eye after cranking on his arm. Equinox looks to take Hero down with a headscissors. Hero throws him down and elbows him in the neck. The Kings isolate Equinox in their corner while mocking Skayde. Equinox finally rolls through a double armdrag and tags in Skayde. Skayde takes both men down with a headlock/headscissors combo. Equinox and Skayde get whipped into each other. Hero and Equinox end up in the ring after a double pin. Claudio cravates Equinox on the apron. He throws Claudio in the corner. Skayde comes out onto him with a tope con hilo. Equinox dives onto Hero on the floor. Hero alley oops Equinox face first onto the apron and throws him into the guardrail. Hero attacks Skayde in the ring. Claudio boots him down. Hero monkey flips Claudio into a headbutt on Skayde for two. Claudio accidentally uppercuts Hero. Skayde rolls Hero into a Skayde schoolboy for the pin at 17:35. You already know this, but Hero and Claudio gel so well together. This is also the second time that Skayde and Equinox have done a great job as a makeshift unit and meshed well with the Kings. Really solid action all around. ***

Hero blames the loss on Claudio. He says they don’t lose no matter what and storms off.

CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship
Mike Quackenbush (Champion) vs. Kanjyouru Matsuyama {TX}

Quackenbush puts Matsuyama in a grapevine surfboard. Matsuyama takes Quackenbush over and kicks him in the back. Quackenbush retaliates in kind. Quackenbush takes Matsuyama down and locks his legs. Matsuyama goes to Quackenbush’s face. Quackenbush rolls Matsuyama into a pendulum where he swings him head first into the bottom turnbuckle. Quackenbush applies the Romero Special. Quackenbush rolls Matsuyama into a pin for two. Quackenbush arm whips Matsuyama down. Matsuyama rolls up but is taken down with an armdrag. Matsuyama sends Quackenbush to the apron. He rolls back in and hits a quesadora. He kicks Matsuyama to the floor and follows with a springboard splash. In the ring, Quackenbush hits a standing somersault senton for two. Matsuyama and Quackenbush exchange chops. Matsuyama thumbs Quackenbush in the eyes. Matsuyama grabs a cravate in the ropes. Matsuyama chokes Quackenbush in the corner. Matsuyama snapmares Quackenbush into a chinlock. Quackenbush ties Matsuyama in a clutching pin for two. Matsuyama blocks a palm strike and walks the ropes while clutching Quackenbush’s wrist. Matsuyama flips off into an alita. Matsuyama walks the ropes a second time, but Quackenbush trips him this time. Quackenbush lays in the windmill chops in the corner. He bulldogs Matsuyama out of the corner after a clothesline. Quackenbush powerbombs Matsuyama for two. Matsuyama hits a top rope dropkick for two. Matsuyama hits the ace crusher for two. Matsuyama grabs a chair from the crowd and slides it in. Quackenbush kicks it out of the ring. He evades Matsuyama’s blue mist. Quackenbush drops him with a spin-out facebuster for the pin at 12:39. Two guys who know Lucha very well doing Lucha very well; that’s the story of this match. Matsuyama finally put in a match I felt was worth my time. I guess all it took was the right opponent. ***1/4

Quackenbush applaudes Matsuyama’s effort and shakes his hand as the show concludes.


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