PWE: Volume 13

Newport, PA – 5.28.2005

This show is “Lethal Lottery” style. This isn’t tournament style or anything, but just three random Lottery tag team matches. All three have CHIKARA matches, so you’ll get coverage of all three. The winners get into a Royal Rumble at the end of the night.

Hallowicked & Tony Torres vs. Aidean & Johnny Graham

Aidean stalls at the beginning, but Torres takes it to him once things get going. Hallowicked tags in and locks Aidean in a cross-legged STF. Aidean escapes and takes Hallowicked to the corner with shoulder tackles. Graham tags in and takes it to Hallowicked. Hallowicked takes Graham down with an armdrag, and he retreats to Aidean for a hug. Torres tags in and school boys Graham for two. Hallowicked and Graham do the “roll around in a sunset flip” spot, dizzying both men. Torres comes off the top rope with a punch to Graham’s head for two. Torres backslides Graham for two. Hallowicked puts the boots to Graham. Graham gives Hallowicked a back elbow in the corner and then boots him in the face. Graham throws Hallowicked shoulder first into the ring post. This is the opening Graham and Aidean need to target Hallowicked and keep him from Torres. Wouldn’t you know it? That’s exactly what they do! Hallowicked makes a comeback with a springboard crossbody onto both guys and tags in Torres. Torres takes out Aidean and Graham with ease. Graham pushes Torres off the top rope and Hallowicked attacks Graham on the floor. However, Aidena rolls up Torres and holds onto the tights for the win at 11:03. This was a fun little tag team match that had the fans eating out of the palm of these guys’ hands. Very old school, and it worked. **1/4

Larry Sweeney & Sabian vs. Jackpot & Flex Fenom

Jackpot and Sabian feel each other out. Sabian hits the floor after a few armdrags from Jackpot. Sweeney and Fenom tag in. Sweeney takes him down with a shoulder tackle, but Fenom pops up as Sweeney’s bragging to the crowd. Fenom knocks Sweeney down with a series of his own shoulder tackles. Sweeney gives him a drop toe hold but Fenom trips him. Fenom lays in chops to Sweeney in the corner. Fenom takes Sweeney over with an arm-capture suplex. Jackpot tags in and Sweeney hot shots him on the top rope. Sweeney and Sabian team up on Jackpot for awhile. Jackpot finally slams Sweeney and tags in Fenom. Fenom only gets in a few brief shots before Sweeney jackknife pins him and puts his feet on the ropes to score the pin in 10:47. This was also fun, but certainly not as good as the previous match. The point was to make it look like Fenom screwed Jackpot, which ended up working in the end thanks to a post-match beatdown. Sweeney was his fun self, and Sabian really just looked bored. *

Icarus & Mike Quackenbush vs. Gran Akuma & John Cabbie

Akuma and Quack start with some fluid and great looking back-and-forth action. Quack takes over Akuma with some suplexes and evades a dropkick. Akuma pops back up into a dropkick and both guys tag out. Cabbie and Icarus vie for advantage, going to mat in attempt to get it. Icarus and Cabbie each tag out bringing us back to where we started. This time, Akuma and Quack go at each other with more force. Quack smacks Akuma in the chest and runs up the ropes. Cabbie comes in and Quack goes over him, taking Akuma down to the mat. Icarus takes both Akuma and Cabbie down with a tandem headscissors. Quack chops Akuma on the ropes. Quack and Icarus double hip toss Akuma into a double facebuster. Quack dropkicks Akuma while Icarus holds him in a camel clutch. They reverse positions, but Cabbie brings Icarus to the floor and dropkicks Quack in the face. Cabbie and Akuma double team Quack, but Icarus is able to make the save somewhat quickly. He sends Cabbie to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. Akuma looks to fly, but Quack catches him with an ace crusher and a somersault senton for two. Akuma gets isolated and beaten down for a bit, but he eventually escapes and tags Cabbie in. Cabbie drops Icarus with an inverted DDT for two. Cabbie drops Icarus with an STO for two. Akuma misses a frog splash. Quack tags in and tries a crucifix pin on Icarus for two. Cabbie comes in and nails Quack with an enzugiri. Icarus comes off the top rope with a crossbody on Cabbie for two. Akuma and Cabbie look for the Doomsday Device, when the bell rings. It’s a time limit draw (15 minutes I presume) although they fell 38 seconds short with the match going 14:22 in reality. This was a great match and a real hidden gem of sorts. It was mind melting, but still excellent and a lot of fun. ***

Both teams will be in the battle royal because of the decision.

Doing play by play for the show-ending Royal Rumble is definitely unnecessary. Larry Sweeney, Icarus, Gran Akuma, and Mike Quackenbush all compete in it, and end up the last four guys in the match as well. Sweeney tries to get F.I.S.T. to fight one another, but they fight him instead. Sweeney wins after Akuma eliminates Quack, and F.I.S.T. accidentally eliminate each other with a crossbody. This gets him a future title shot against none other than reigning PWE champion Mike Quackenbush.

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