Aniversario White

Pittston, PA – 5.22.2005

Commentary is provided by Eddie Kingston, Bryce Remsburg, and UltraMantis Black.

The DVD kicks off with a music video recapping some highlights of the past few years of CHIKARA. You can watch that video here.

Equinox, USApe, & Shun the Kabuki Kid vs. UltraMantis Black {DB}, Hallowicked {DB}, & Rorschach

USApe freaks Rorschach out and runs through the crowd. Shun and Equinox lure him back in with the promise of bananas. Kid and Mantis tag in. Mantis takes him down with a top wristlock for two. Kid tries a backslide for two. He kicks Mantis in the chest and tags in Equinox. He comes in with a double axe handle. He snapmares Mantis to his own corner. Hallowicked tags in. Equinox trips him into a side headlock. Hallowicked rolls out and grapevines his leg. Equinox turns into a cross armbreaker. He stretches Hallowicked’s shoulder out while grabbing his leg. Equinox gets thrown to the floor. He comes back in and Hallowicked applies a full nelson on the mat. Equinox rolls Hallowicked up and shoulder blocks him down. Equinox toreador’s into a headscissors. Equinox sends Hallowicked to the floor with an armdrag. Mantis cuts off Equinox to prevent him from diving to the floor. Equinox gets beaten down by the Rudos team. Equinox catches Hallowicked with a small package for two. Hallowicked responds with a yakuza kick. Equinox continues to be pummeled by The Dark Breed and Rorschach. Equinox gets his hands on a banana which brings USApe into the ring. He distracts the Rudos enough to allow Equinox to come off the top with a crossbody to all three opponents. Kid tags in and knocks them all down. He grasps Hallowicked’s throat and tears away. USApe Gorilla Press slams Rorschach. His team dogpiles onto Rorschach, but Hallowicked and Mantis break the pin. Rorschach and Mantis give Equinox a tandem wheel slam. Hallowicked follows up with a somersault senton from the top for two. Kid hits Rorschach with a Michinoku Driver for two. USApe monkey flips Rorschach into a standing shooting star press from Equinox for the pin at 12:45. Like most Pittston shows, this one starts off with another fun trios bout. The stuff with Equinox and Hallowicked was easily the best but the overall package was solid and enjoyable. **1/2

Crossbones & Mano Metalico vs. Davey Andrews {ROH} & Shane Hagadorn {ROH}

Crossbones is wearing a tuxedo shirt. Metalico powers Hagadorn down. Andrews tags in and fails to knock Metalico down with shoulder tackles. Metalcio powers him down with ease and tags in Crossbones. Hagadorn schoolboys him for two. Hagadorn pokes him in the eyes. Crossbones hits him with a leg lariat. Andrews flies in with hard forearms to Metalico. Metalico headbutts him and nails a hard forearm. Andrews ducks a clothesline and knee strikes Metalico. He sunset flips him for two. Andrews dropkicks Metalico in the head. Hagadorn kicks Metalico in the head and kicks him in the corner. Metalico catches him with a hard strike. He mows Hagadorn down with a shoulder block. Metalico chops Hagadorn in the back and Crossbones bicycle kicks him in the back of the head in the corner. Crossbones lights him up with clotheslines to the back and chest. Metalico scoop slams him for two. Hagadorn ducks a clothesline and dropkicks him down. Andrews tags in and nails Crossbones with a springboard knee strike. He nails Metalico with more forearms. Andrews takes him over with a German suplex for two. Crossbones rakes his face across the top rope and hits him with a spinning face kick. Hagadorn clears the ring. He turns around into a chokeslam from Metalico. Metalico gets the pin at 6:45. It’s actually really funny that CHIKARA has gotten much better use out of the ROH students than ROH has. Good, solid tag team match that to me showed both teams as a more cohesive unit than I have seen so far. **1/2

Shane Storm {MW} vs. Dr. Cheung

Traffic Regulator versus Doctor! Storm and Cheung compete for the affection of the fans. Storm reverses a courting hold with a fireman’s carry. Storm takes Cheung down with a hiponesa and a leaping armdrag. He drops a Muta elbow and Cheung retreats to the floor. Storm dives out. Cheung kicks Storm as Storm re-enters the ring. Cheung slams Storm and chokes him on the mat. Cheung knocks him down with a lariat. Cheung boots Storm in the corner and then splashes him. Cheung hits another lariat for two. Cheung double stomps Storm in the stomach. Storm ducks a clothesline and lands a spinwheel kick. Storm hits a back elbow and comes off the second rope with a knee to the neck. Cheung blocks a jackhammer attempt with a chinbreaker. He puts on a latex glove and puts on the Mandible Claw. Storm struggles but grabs the bottom rope. Storm holds up his STOP sign and puts Cheung’s claw into Cheung’s own mouth. Referee Bryce Remsburg helps him remove it. Storm hits him with That Japanese Move for the pin at 9:20. A big weekend for Shane Storm as he goes 3-0 over Aniversario weekend. Storm did a good job breaking back into singles competiton this weekend and looked good in all of his matches. This match was pretty average but it’s clear that Storm has the fans behind him in a big way. **

Matt Turner {ROH} & Anthony Franco {ROH} vs. Cheech & Cloudy

Franco kicks Cloudy off of an arm hold. Cloudy hits a shoulder tackle. They go back and forth. Cloudy turns into a headlock takeover. Turner wrenches on Cloudy’s left arm. He flips into a hammerlock and bridges to apply more pressure. Turner and Franco give Cloudy a double flapjack. Franco hits a basement dropkick for two. Cloudy leapfrogs Franco but gets taken down with an armbar. Cloudy pokes Franco in the eyes and tags in Cheech. Franco whips Cheech to the corner and follows with a double knee strike. Cheech gives Franco a gut buster. Cloudy and Cheech cut the ring in half, preventing Franco from tagging out. They target his leg and occasionally knock Turner off the apron to delay Franco from tagging out. Franco finally takes down Cheech with a twisting neckbreaker and tags in Turner. Cloudy distracts the referee so he doesn’t see it. Franco gets his leg worked on by Cloudy. He nails Cloudy with a step-up enzuigiri and tags in Turner. Turner fights off both Cheech and Cloudy. He drops Cheech with an ace crusher. Franco tags back in. Cloudy blocks a double flapjack. Turner takes Cloudy down in a Fujiwara armbar as Cheech puts Franco in a half Crab. Cloudy and Franco tap out simultaneously. They refuse to break their submissions at the count of five, and the match is ruled a double disqualification at 12:42. The match worked really well in terms of the pay off at the end. The heat segment felt very long, but it was another good chapter in this feud. **3/4

Both teams continue to fight in the crowd post match. Cloudy brings out a pile of chairs and suplexes Turner onto them. Turner and Franco beat down Cloudy on the apron. Turner gives Cloudy a tombstone piledriver off the apron and onto the pile of chairs on the floor! Cheech flies off a tower of speakers with a shooting star press onto both Franco and Turner. The officials help both teams out. That was a crazy way to end the match and more entertaining than the previous 12 minute.

Jigsaw vs. Nebula

Nebula wrenches on a butterfly stretch before taking Jigsaw down into a Skayde schoolboy. Jigsaw snapmares Nebula into an arm submission. Nebula applies a headlock. Jigsaw lays in a right hand once escaping. Nebula throws Jigsaw face first into the corner. Jigsaw chops Nebula down and stomps him in the corner. Nebula rolls to the floor. He gets back in and kicks Jigsaw low. Nebula springboards in with an elbow to Jigsaw’s neck. Nebula slams Jigsaw but misses a swanton bomb. Jigsaw double stomps into a senton for two. Jigsaw sunset flips him for two. Nebula hits a clothesline. Nebula evades a leg lariat and sends Jigsaw to the apron. He flies in with a huracanrana. Jigsaw sends Nebula to the floor with a headscissors. Nebula comes in and pops up Jigsaw into a modified spinebuster. He pops up Jigsaw, and Jigsaw switches into a bulldog mid-air. Nebula feigns that Jigsaw kicked him low. Nebula kicks him low behind Bryce Remsburg back for the pin at 7:44. Well that was a stupid finish. Things started off right and ended horribly. Why wouldn’t Jigsaw win? I mean Nebula wasn’t even in the upcoming Young Lions Cup tournament so this just seems pointless and weird. *

Jolly Roger {KPG} & Lance Steel {KPG} vs. Claudio Castagnoli {KOW} & Arik Cannon {KOW}

This match came from a challenge laid out by Roger and Steel last month. Cannon psyches out Roger by tagging in Claudio. Roger and Claudio exchange arm holds. Steel tags in and grabs a wristlock. He brings Claudio to the mat. Claudio uppercuts him and tags in Cannon. Steel applies a front chancery which Cannon transitions into a headlock. Steel reverses and Claudio tags in. Steel takes control with a variety of Lucha maneuvers. He puts Claudio in the Boston Crab, but he grabs the ropes to escape. Cannon and Roger tag in. They go back and forth until Roger takes Cannon down with a quesadora. Roger sends both Cannon and Claudio to the floor. Roger fakes out a dive on Claudio. Cannon sneaks up and hits a release German suplex. Claudio and Cannon team up on Roger while Steel looks on. Roger looks to turn the tide by targeting Cannon’s arm, but Claudio cuts him off. Bryce Remsburg and Eddie Kingston make Dane Cook Kool-Aid Man jokes at Cannon’s expense (too be fair he was still relevant then). Roger applies a cross arm breaker after Roger evades a top rope move from Cannon. Roger makes a tag to Steel behind the referee’s back, so it doesn’t count. After enduring more of Cannon and Claudio’s onslaught, Roger cracks Cannon in the face with a spinning face kick. Steel comes in and knocks down Claudio and Cannon. He puts Cannon in the Boston Crab, but Claudio breaks it. Claudio takes Steel to the top rope. Steel counters Claudio’s attack and puts him in a Boston Crab while up top! Roger rolls Cannon into a hammerlock neck crank submission. Claudio breaks it and sets up Roger for the Ricola Bomb. Steel blocks Cannon from hitting Roger with the Glimmering Warlock. Steel puts Cannon in the Boston Crab which Claudio breaks. Cannon drops Roger with Total Anarchy as Steel and Claudio brawl on the floor. He gets a two count. Claudio drops Steel with a TKO for two. Steel drops Claudio with a Finlay Roll. Roger follows up with a frog splash for two. Cannon blasts Steel with a right hand. Claudio fireman’s carry’s Steel into a European uppercut to the neck. Cannon drops Steel with an exploder suplex for two. Roger brings Cannon to the floor. He and Steel sunset flip Claudio for two. Cannon hits Roger in the head with a steel chain behind the referee’s back for the pin at 25:10. I actually thought Knight Eye should have won, and I suppose if they want to continue this rivalry its good for the Kings to win using dirty tactics, but I was really hoping they’d pull the trigger on these guys here. I guess knowing where these guys are now it was the right call. Still, a fine tag team encounter that helped raise Knight Eye’s game. ***1/4

Skayde vs. Kanjyouru Matsuyama {TX}

Matsuyama and Skayde look for control on the mat. They lock up in a test of strength with Skayde bringing Matsuyama to the mat. Skayde breaks a bridge and rolls back to bring Matsuyama down into an armhold. He throws Matsuyama over. Matsuyama armdrags into a pin for two. Matsuyama armdrags Skayde who rolls to the floor. Matsuyama walks the ropes into a falling armdrag. Matsuyama rolls into a headscissors takedown which sends Skayde to the floor. Skayde comes back in and trips Matsuyama as he tries to showboat. He pokes Matsuyama in the eyes and springboards into an armdrag. He hits a quebradora and an ace crusher. Skayde splashes Matsuyama’s back for two. Matsuyama springboards in, and Skayde catches him with an X-Factor. Skayde nails a basement dropkick and Matsuyama retreats to the floor. He comes back and evades a dropkick. Matsuyama sends Skayde to the floor with a knee strike and dives out with a tope. Skayde turns an abdominal stretch into a modified Gory Catapult. Matsuyama rolls through a fireman’s carry for two. Skayde applies a Cros Crab. Matsuyama grabs the bottom rope to break. Matsuyama rolls Skayde into a modified Octopus stretch. Skayde breaks with the ropes. Skayde hits a spin-out facebuster. He rolls Matsuyama into the Skayde schoolboy for the pin at 8:59. After this weekend, I can say it was not worth bringing over all this outside talent. They all underperformed comparatively to everyone else on the shows. While the matches were decent, they certainly weren’t memorable whatsoever. **

Quackenbush comes out to discuss his match with Hero. Quack reminisces how it was in the same building Hero robbed Quack of winning the Tag World Grand Prix. Quack says he got a benchmark in his career by winning the CZW Best of the Best tournament, defeating Hero’s partners Arik Cannon and Claudio Castagnoli along the way. Hero attacks Quack from behind to start the match.

Mike Quackenbush vs. Chris Hero {KOW}

Hero forearms Quackenbush down and lays in forearms to the back. Hero gives him a powerslam. Hero chokes Quackenbush in the corner. He ties up his arms and applies a modified Camel Clutch. He nails Quackenbush in the face with his forearm multiple times. Hero knocks Quackenbush with a back elbow for two. Quackenbush stomps on Hero’s foot and sweeps his leg. Hero blocks a palm strike and hits a neck-sinch suplex for two. Hero drops an elbow for two. Hero chokes Quackenbush in the ropes. Hero talks trash as Quackenbush recovers in the corner. Hero snaps down on Quackenbush’s neck for two. He whips Quackenbush to the corner and flies in with a forearm. He snapmares Quackenbush and slingshots in with an elbow to Quackenbush’s neck for two. Hero chokes Quackenbush with his feet. Hero keeps on Quackenbush on the mat. Quackenbush mule kicks Hero in the face. Quackenbush knocks Hero down with a clothesline and knee strike. He hits a big back drop and kicks Hero square in the back. Quackenbush lays in the windmill chops in the corner. Cannon and Claudio jump in but get palm struck down. Quackenbush blocks the Hero’s Welcome and hits the reverse brainbuster for two. Quackenbush calls for the Quackendriver II. He accidentally hits Bryce Remsburg in the face with his feet. Hero German suplexes Bryce! Claudio and Cannon enter and hit the Ricola Bomb/Glimmering Warlock combo. Hero goes to the locker room. He comes back with referee Matt Dillon and forces him to count Quackenbush down at 10:49. Quite the ending, but it’s not to say it was unexpected. It’s a nice way to keep this feud going without delaying this match past the point of people caring. At least they ended the match with a BS finish relatively quickly. **1/2

Hero gets on the microphone. He says that Quackenbush’s team may have won last night, but Quackenbush didn’t pin Hero. Hero says he pinned Quackenbush tonight and that he will never get another chance at Hero in a singles match. He poses with the Kings before leaving. Hero and Claudio help Bryce to the back in an attempt to prove that they’re the “good guys”.


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