Aniversario Blue

Reading, PA – 5.20.2005

Commentary is provided by Larry Sweeney, Eddie Kingston, and Allison Danger.

The DVD kicks off with a music video recapping some highlights of the past few years of CHIKARA. You can watch that video here.

The show itself begins with Leonard F. Chikarason coming out with a mighty beard. He thanks the fans for supporting the company and this weekend of shows. He says he’ll be watching the show to keep his eyes on potential candidates for this summer’s Young Lions Cup tournament.

Equinox vs. Darkness Crabtree

This Equinox’s official CHIKARA debut, although he wrestled in NEXT last night. Equinox knocks Crabtree down with a shoulder tackle. He takes Crabtree down with a huracanrana. Crabtree retreats to the floor. Equinox flips off the ropes to show off. Crabtree tries to do the same but can not. He does however boot Equinox and snapmare him down into a back kick. Equinox blocks another snapmare and chops Crabtree. He cartwheel armdrags him to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Equinox hits a standing shooting star press for the pin at 3:47. The benefit of being in a match with Crabtree is that Equinox got to show off all his skill while leaving a lasting impression. Not bad for a debut; he certainly showed potential. ½*

Shun The Kabuki Kid cuts a promo in broken English for himself and his partner, Kanjyouru Matsuyama. They will be taking on The Dark Breed…now.

UltraMantis Black {DB} & Hallowicked {DB} vs. Kanjyouru Matsuyama {TX} & Shun The Kabuki Kid

Mantis and Kid exchange holds to start. Kid elbows Mantis’ shoulder and drops him with a Japanese leg sweep into a triangle choke. Mantis escapes and Matsuyama tags in. They hit tandem punches and chest kicks. Mantis retreats to Hallowicked’s comforting arms on the floor. Matsuyama and Hallowicked engage in a beautiful Lucha sequence, seeing Matsuyama take down Hallowicked with a tornado headscissors. He dropkicks Hallowicked and Kid comes in with a slam. Kid wheelbarrows Matsuyama into a slam. Mantis sends Kid to the floor and helps Hallowicked maul Matsuyama. The Dark Breed continues to maul Matsuyama while Kid looks on. Hallowicked ends up missing a top rope senton, allowing Matsuyama to tag in Kid. Kid kicks Mantis in the face and chokes him with his hand. Kid kicks him right in the head and Oklahoma rolls him for two. Matsuyama and Kid superkick the Dark Breed to the floor. Kid sends Matsuyama onto both of them. In the ring, Kid drops Mantis with a DDT for two. Kid hits the Michinoku Driver. Hallowicked breaks the pin and hits him with a yakuza kick. Matsuyama gives Hallowicked a big stunner. Matsuyama accidentally spits blue mist in Kid’s face. This allows Mantis to roll up Kid to get the pin at 8:42. Matsuyama is great, and I look forward to seeing him more this weekend. Even during this time Hallowicked was clearly the best student CHIKARA had. These were good pairings to put against each other, but it felt like they never truly kicked things into a different gear. **¼

We cut backstage to Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, & Arik Cannon – The Kings of Wrestling. Hero calls out Arik Cannon for losing most of his matches last month while Hero and Claudio have been consistent winners. Hero says Cannon’s chance for redemption comes tonight with his match against Sabian. Hero feels this is important since Sabian is rumored to be Quackenbush’s mystery partner for a tag match this weekend. Cannon tells Hero to back off and promises victory.

Sabian vs. Arik Cannon {KOW}

Cannon and Sabian vie for the advantage on the mat. Cannon targets Sabian’s shoulder which has an IcyHot patch on it. Cannon hits a shoulder block. Sabian double stomps him as Cannon drops down. Sabian takes Cannon down with a pair of armdrags and sends Cannon to the floor with a headscissors. Sabian dives out with a tope con hilo. Sabian gets a two count. He locks Sabian in a straight-jacket choke. Cannon escapes and begs off Sabian. He then nails Sabian with a hard forearm. He chokes Sabian in the corner after a hard strike. Cannon chokes Sabian with his shin. Sabian sunset flips Cannon for two. Cannon knocks him down with a lariat. Cannon hits a brainbuster for two. Cannon winds up for a chop but just pokes Sabian in the eyes. Cannon ducks a rolling forearm and superkicks Sabian. Cannon hits a snap suplex and then applies a full body submission while he digs his elbow into Sabian’s side. Cannon transitions into a headlock. Cannon pulls Sabian’s bandana over his eyes and forearms him in the face. Sabian ducks a clothesline and hits a back cracker while trapping Cannon’s arm over Cannon’s own neck. Sabian hits a superman headbutt and drops Cannon to his knees. He hits a basement dropkick for two. Cannon drops Sabian with Total Anarchy for two. Sabian ducks the Glimmering Warlock and hits the reverse curb stomp. Sabian comes off the top rope with a double stomp for two. Sabian double stomps him again. Cannon gets up and hits a small package driver for two. He follows up with a Saito suplex. He hits the Glimmering Warlock for the pin at 13:37. This was some good stuff. Cannon playing the bully was very entertaining. Both their offense was believable and made you think either guy could win at any time during the match. Cannon proves himself to Hero and Claudio for now. ***

Dr. Cheung vs. Nile Young {CZW}

This is Cheung’s CHIKARA debut, but like Equinox he was on the NEXT show the previous night. Young lays in shots to Cheung on the floor and in the corner. Cheung blocks a crucifix driver with a Samoan drop. Cheung chokes Young on the mat. He gives Young a couple of overhand chops in the corner. Cheung drops Young with a sidewalk slam for two. Cheung slams Young and pulls out a latex glove. He applies the Mandible Claw. Cheung makes Young pass out, put Young kicks out at two anyhow. Young sunset flips him for two. He small packages him for two. Cheung knocks him down with a clothesline. Cheung hits a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Young turns a suplex from the top into a swinging suplex. Young picks up Cheung and drops him into a lungblower. Yung nails a clothesline. Cheung side steps a yakuza kick. Young goes for a DDT. Cheung blocks and hits the Doctor Bomb for the pin at 5:58. An appropriate finisher for Cheung scores him the win. Like Equinox, Cheung shows promise. Not much else to say about this match. *½

Ring of Honor Student Round Robin Tournament
Anthony Franco {ROH} vs. Davey Andrews {ROH}

The winner of this Round Robin Tournament will get a spot in the Young Lions Cup tournament this summer. Last month, Andrews defeated Shane Hagadorn and Franco defeated Matt Turner. They fight for control on the mat. Andrews nails Franco in the head with multiple kicks. They lock up and break clean in the corner. Andrews pummels Franco with forearms to the back and hits a suplex for two. Franco fires back with forearms and a headbutt. He hits a suplex. Andrews brutally mauls Franco with strikes and kicks in the corner. Franco comes back with double knees and a Northern Lights suplex for two. Franco turns a top rope suplex attempt from Andrews into a crossbody for two. Frano hits a Saito suplex for two. Andrews applies a rear naked choke. He hits a German suplex for two and goes right back for the choke hold. Franco transitions into an STF. Andrews bites his hand to escape. Andrews goes for a Stretch Plum, but Franco gets the STF again. Andrews grabs the ropes to break. Franco goes for a tombstone, which beat Turner last month. Andrews blocks it and chops him. Andrews chokes Franco and trips him into a claw. Franco hits the Tombstone piledriver. Franco goes up top. Andrews follows and hits a Spider German suplex. Andrews gets a two count. Andrews reapplies the Stretch Plum as the bell rings to signify that the 10:00 time limit has expired. Some very good mat based stuff in this match, and I can not believe how hard these guys hit each other. These guys come off as animals, which is positive in the fact that it makes the Young Lions Cup spot look extremely prestigious. I really enjoyed these guys beating the snot out of one another. **¾

Andrews refuses to shake hands, frustrated at the match result.

Shane Storm {MW} & Mister ZERO {MW} vs. Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

This is third match between these two teams. The first match went to a 15 minute draw, the second match went to a 22 minute draw. Tonight, this match has a 30 minute time limit. ZERO wrenches on Akuma’s arm. Akuma kicks ZERO’s arm and armdrags him down. ZERO hip tosses Akuma and gives him a few chops. Akuma dropkicks him down. ZERO forearms Akuma down twice. Icarus and Storm tag in. They trade armdrags. Icarus overhand chops Storm and whips him to the corner. Storm comes out of the corner with an armdrag. Icarus sends him to the floor with a headscissors. ZERO gives him a quebradora. Akuma hits a wheelbarrow bulldog. Storm goes for That Japanese Move on Akuma, and Icarus flies in with a spear. Storm splashes onto both Icarus and Akuma’s back. ZERO suicide dives on ZERO on the floor. Storm crucifix pins Icarus for the pin at 4:16. Quite the surprise ending, but the action was consistent and fast for the duration. *½

Icarus and Akuma leave in a huff, refusing to shake ZERO and Storm’s hands. ZERO and Storm leave with pride in their victory.

During Intermission, Icarus and Akuma come back out. Icarus says he thought they were going to finish their feud in a long battle tonight. Icarus asks for ZERO and Storm to come out. They oblige. Icarus and Akuma raise their hands, but then knock them down with clotheslines. Akuma and Icarus knock down some officials who look to stop their attack. Icarus takes ZERO down with a swinging pedigree. Storm chases them away while he and the officials check on Mister ZERO.

Larry Sweeney and The ShareCropper are backstage. They say that they’re strong men who do not wear diapers. Sweeney talks about how miserable his group is going to make Danger over the next 30 days.

Jolly Roger {KPG} & Lance Steel {KPG} vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS} & The ShareCropper {SNS}
If Knight Eye for the Pirate Guy win, Sweet N’ Sour International must appear tomorrow night in diapers. If Sweet N’ Sour International win, Allison Danger must be Sweeney’s slave for 30 days.

Of course, Allison Danger corners Steel and Roger. ShareCropper and Sweeney attack Steel and Roger from behind. They turn the tide quickly and send ShareCropper and Sweeney to the floor. Sweeney charges at Roger and gets taken down with a drop toe hold. Roger rolls Sweeney into a modified Octopus stretch. Sweeney escapes. He and Roger go back and forth, and Roger takes Sweeney down with toreador. Roger sends Sweeney to the floor with a huracanrana. Steel and ShareCropper tag in. Steel takes control with a headlock. Steel throws ShareCropper shoulder first to the corner. ShareCropper evades the joust attempt. Steel goes for a Boston Crab attempt. ShareCropper escapes and does some Hindu squats to mock him. Steel escapes a headscissors on the mat. Steel sends ShareCropper to the floor. Roger flies on him with a huracanrana and Steel flies on him with a top rope splash. Sweeney trips Roger and clotheslines him on the floor. Sweeney and ShareCropper isolate Roger in their corner. Roger makes a comeback by taking Sweeney off the top rope with a rana. Steel tags in and trades strikes with ShareCropper. He backdrops ShareCropper and puts him in the Boston Crab. Sweeney breaks the hold. Roger and Steel give Sweeney a double fisherman’s buster. Roger nails ShareCropper with a spinning face kick. ShareCropper catches Roger in a crossbody. Roger and Steel drop ShareCropper with a double reverse STO. Sweeney breaks the pin again. Sweeney gives Steel a spinebuster. Steel rolls through a wheelbarrow from ShareCropper for two. Sweeney pulls a chain out from his boot. Referee Bryce Remsburg grabs it. Steel gives Sweeney a Finlay Roll. Roger flies in with a frog splash and ShareCropper breaks the pin. ShareCropper drops Roger with a German suplex. Sweeney and ShareCropper drop Steel with a spike piledriver. Roger breaks the pin at the last minute. Sweeney accidentally nails ShareCropper with a wad of chain. Roger sends Sweeney to the floor and springboards onto him. Steel pins ShareCropper at 14:57. Both teams did a great job conveying how important this win was to them. The last few minutes of the match picked up and made it seem either team could feasibly win at any time. ***

Sweeney laments the fact that he and his group have to wear diapers tomorrow night. He complains to Leonard F. Chikarason but it’s of no use.

We go backstage to Nebula who cuts a promo in Spanish.

2 out of 3 Falls
Skayde vs. Nebula

Skayde controls Nebula’s legs on the mat. Skayde nips up and Nebula armdrags him down. Nebula and Skayde go back and forth until Skayde knocks him down with a back elbow. He chops Nebula in the corner and hits a clothesline in the corner. Nebula hops off the ropes into an armdrag. Nebula comes into the ring with a wrist clutch armdrag which sends Skayde to the floor. Nebula follows with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Skayde backdrops Nebula. Nebula rolls forward into a modifed surfboard. Skayde submits at 4:49. Nebula is up one fall to zero. Skayde kicks Nebula down at the start of the second fall. Nebula snapmares Skayde over. He springboards into an armdrag. He tries again, but Skayde drops him face first. Skayde basement dropkicks Nebula in the head. Skayde chokes Nebula with his shin. Skayde his a spin-out face buster and puts Nebula in a leg-capture full nelson. Nebula submits at 7:36, tying up the match at one fall a piece. Skayde kicks Nebula in the gut and headbutts him to kick off the third fall. Skayde hits a few offensive moves and torques on Nebula’s ankle. Skayde looks for a back drop. He puts his head down to soon and Nebula dropkicks him in the head. Nebula hits an uppercut. Skayde drop toe holds Nebula into an achilles lock. Skayde pokes Nebula in the eyes. Nebula knocks Skayde to the floor and hits a second rope moonsault. Skayde drops Nebula on his face and rolls him up with a Skayde schoolboy for the third and final fall at 14:18. Decent stuff all around if you’re into Lucha. Skayde’s attitude changing throughout was interesting, but really this was just there. **½

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Chris Hero {KOW} & Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}

Hero and Quackenbush square off to begin. Of course, Hero tags in Claudio before they can make contact. Quackenbush gets the best of him in an exchanging of holds. Claudio wants a test of strength. Quackenbush obliges. Claudio trips him down into a wrist clutch pin. Quackenbush kicks out multiple times. Quackenbush catapults up into a sunset flip. Claudio rolls through and Quackenbush rolls him up. Claudio escapes, but Quackenbush takes him over with a toreador. Quackenbush hits a monkey flip and an electric chair armdrag. He sends Claudio to the floor with a twisting armdrag. Quackenbush contemplates a dive but tags in Jigsaw. Hero comes in and goes back and forth with him. Jigsaw hits a hiponesa and ducks a few boots. Hero shoves Jigsaw down, but Jigsaw smacks him in the face and hits a leg lariat. Jigsaw springboards into a hiponesa and sends Hero down with a headscissors for two. Hero goes to the floor. Jigsaw takes Claudio down with a headscissors. Hero blind tags in. Claudio pops Jigsaw up into a forearm from Hero. Hero and Claudio take turns wearing down Jigsaw. Jigsaw turns a small package into a bear hug. Hero cuts off Jigsaw from tagging out. The Kings continue their beatdown, targeting Jigsaw’s arm. Jigsaw finally takes Hero down with an armdrag and superkick. Jigsaw slips under Claudio’s legs and tags in Quackenbush. Quackenbush comes in and relentlessly runs from corner to corner attacking Hero and Claudio. He sends Claudio to the floor with a palm strike. Claudio evades a dive and kicks Quackenbush down. Claudio pops Quackenbush into the ring, and Quackenbush takes Hero down with a rana. Jigsaw hits Hero with a top rope senton. Claudio breaks the pin. He and Hero hit a tandem burning hammer. Quackenbush kicks Hero in the head and windmill chops him in the corner. Quackenbush blocks an uppercut from Claudio. The Kings drop Quackenbush with a tandem Cravate-O-Clasm for two. Quackenbush ducks a punch, causing Hero to hit Claudio. Quackenbush pops Hero onto Claudio’s shoulders. They take the Kings down with a stacked-up Total Elimination. Arik Cannon runs out to attack Quackenbush and Jigsaw. Bryce calls for the bell, giving Quackenbush and Jigsaw the win at 17:48. You can count on these three guys to bring the goods on these shows, and that’s exactly what they did. They put on a exciting tag team match with innovative stuff that kept the crowd hot for its duration. Easily one of the best matches CHIKARA put on during this time. ***¾

The Kings beat down Jigsaw and Quackenbush, even taking off Jigsaw’s mask. Reckless Youth, one of CHIKARA’s co-founders, comes out and saves them. Youth says he’s back in CHIKARA. He says there’s no way he was going to stand around while Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and the company he helped build be taken down by Hero and his crew. Youth notes how Quackenbush and Jigsaw are down a partner in a six man tag with the Kings tomorrow night, and says he will now take that vacant spot. Hero says that he and the Kings run CHIKARA now and that there’s nothing Youth can do about it. This should be a great six man.


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