The Grape American Bash


Pittston, PA – 4.17.2005

Commentary is provided by Dave Prazak, Eddie Kingston, Larry Sweeney, and Bryce Remsburg.

The show starts with a promo by Chris Hero. He mentions how last night he and The Kings of Wrestling were victorious over Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, & Mickie Knuckles. He shows us his orbital bone, which is bruised thanks to Quackenbush. Hero says the bruise is a reminder of his hatred for him. Hero adds that he will beat Jigsaw for the Young Lions Cup tonight, because all of Quack’s students are failures like him.

Emil Sitoci, Trik Davis, & Mickie Knuckles vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS}, The ShareCropper {SNS}, & Chandler McClure

Sweeney insists Knuckles tag out because he doesn’t want to hurt a girl. She denies the request. Sweeney takes off his shirt to reveal leopard print trunks. McClure stops the match so ShareCropper and Sweeney can do warm-ups. In response, the Tecnico trio perform the Robot to warm-up. Sweeney takes Knuckles down into a side headlock. Knuckles grabs a knuckle lock, and Sweeney pulls her hair. Knuckles lays in some strikes. Sweeney becomes scared and bails to the floor. McClure hurts his hand punching Sitoci in his abs. Sitoci comes off the top with a crossbody, sending McClure to the floor. ShareCropper and Davis tag in. Davis turns a test of strength into a headlock. Davis evades a splash in the corner and hits a leg lariat. ShareCropper drops him with a tilt-a-whirl slam for two. McClure attacks Davis from behind. This leads to Sweeney, ShareCropper, and McClure isolating Davis from the rest of his team. Davis escapes their grasp by diving over ShareCropper. Sitoci tags in and knocks all of his opponents down with back elbows. Sitoci hits Sweeney with Tremendocity, and ShareCropper breaks the pin. ShareCropper drops him with a spin-out uranage and Davis breaks the pin. Davis drops him with a Kamikaze for two. McClure throws Davis to the floor and hits Sitoci with the Touchdown. Knuckles breaks the pin and lays in knees and kicks to him. Sweeney pins Sitoci with his feet on the ropes, but referee Bryce Remsburg catches him. Sweeney hits a gord buster and hooks his leg for the pin at 11:48. I enjoyed the antics at the beginning and the action was solid as well. Sitoci is a good talent and I’m glad he’s been hanging out in CHIKARA lately. **1/2

Gran Akuma {F} vs. Davey Andrews {ROH}

As you’d expect, Andrews and Akuma throws kicks at each other (but don’t connect). Andrews backs Akuma to the corner and thrusts him in the chest. Akuma chops Andrews in the back, and Andrews retaliates in kind. Akuma kicks Andrews in the lower back as he holds onto a wristlock. Andrews takes Akuma over with a quartet of fireman’s carry’s. Andrews ducks a kick and slaps Akuma down. Akuma and Andrews go face to face, and Andrews blasts him with an open hand strike to the face. Akuma fires back with kicks to the legs and chest. Akuma hits a step-up chest kick. Andrews drops Akuma on his head with a German suplex for two. He powerbombs Akuma for two. Andrews misses a knee strike. Akuma nails a single leg dropkick. Akuma hits a Falcon Arrow for the win at 6:08. If senseless, hard-hitting strikes are your cup of tea, then this is a great match. While it wasn’t bad, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was nothing more than a hollow match. **

Shane Storm {MW} vs. Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}

Claudio and Storm reach a stalemate at the get-go. They engage in a Lucha sequence, ending with Storm hitting That Japanese Armdrag. He sends Claudio to the floor with a headscissors. Claudio stomps on Storm as they come back into the ring. Claudio slams Storm and goes for his mask. Claudio applies a sleeper on the mat. Storm escapes, but Claudio throws him down by his mullet. He chokes Storm with his shin. Claudio hits a suicide dive as Storm goes to the floor. Claudio throws him back in and gets a two count. Storm takes Claudio over with a double wrist clutch armdrag, only to be hit immediately with an uppercut. Claudio again goes for the mask in a Camel Clutch. Claudio chokes Storm on the bottom rope. A propped up STOP sign causes Claudio to stand still, allowing Storm to hit a German suplex. Storm hits a spinwheel kick. Storm follows up with the Jackhammer for two. Claudio hits a twisting neckbreaker for two. Storm hits the Air Raid Crash for two. Claudio takes Storm down with a Burning Hammer for two. Claudio and Storm exchange strikes. Claudio blocks That Japanese Move with an uppercut. Storm finally hits That Japanese Move, and Claudio puts his foot on the rope to break the pin attempt. Storm connects with another That Japanese Move. Just as he crawls over to Claudio, the time limit expires at 15:00. This was a really good exhibition from both guys. Claudio and Storm came off looking good, and the fans were behind Storm from the beginning. There were some nice counters and sequences making the overall package an enjoyable and effective one. **3/4

Jolly Roger {KPG}, Lance Steel {KPG}, JC Ryder, & Danny Rage vs. Crossbones {SNS}, Mano Metalico {SNS}, Rorschach {SNS}, & Shane Hagadorn {ROH}

Roger knocks Hagadorn down with a headscissors and dropkick. Rorschach and Steel exchange holds on the mat. Steel goes for the Boston Crab. Rorschach escapes, but Steel powers him up and places Rorschach on the top rope. Steel and his partners walk across Rorschach as if he were a draw bridge. Steel applies the Boston Crab while Ryder front submission. Rage puts Roger on his shoulders as he looks out his parascope. Rage fails to knock down Crossbones with a pair of clotheslines. Rage stomps on his foot and pokes his eyes, which allows him to shove Crossbones down. Ryder and Metalico tag in. Ryder surprisingly takes down Metalico with his relentless offense. Metalico blocks a wheelbarrow. Crossbones comes in with a sliding kick, and Metalico powers him up into a backbreaker for two. Ryder gets caught in the grasp of the Rudos, as they take turns putting a hurting on him. Ryder is able to thwart Rorschach and tag in Roger. He hits Crossbones with a spinning face kick. All of the Rudos get sent to the floor. All four Tecnicos dive onto them. Roger and Steel joust Rorschach in the corner. Roger drops him with a pump-handle driver. Hagadorn kicks away at Roger’s legs and hits a hard dropkick. Ryder delivers a hard thrust kick to the face. Crossbones kicks away at Ryder and nails an enzuigiri for two. Rage drops Crossbones with a TKO for two. Metalico chokeslams Rage for the pin at 17:44. Like most of these eight man tags, this was really fun stuff. It’s weird to see just how different Crossbones was here and in 2010; he was much more agile and confident during this time period. Everyone put in a solid effort, making for a fun match. ***

Mike Quackenbush vs. Arik Cannon {KOW}

Quackenbush and Cannon aggressively look for the advantage. Cannon rolls to the floor after escaping an armbar. Quackenbush transitions from a courting hold into a headlock takedown. Quackenbush escapes a headscissors on the mat and palm strikes Cannon. He goes back to the headlock, which Cannon turns into a hammerlock. Cannon grapevines Quackenbush’s legs on the mat. Quackenbush twists out of it and again applies a headlock. He mares Cannon down and takes him over with a suplex. Quackenbush sends Cannon down hard with a hiponesa. Quackenbush comes in from the apron with a hand-clutch armdrag. He hits a Manhattan Drop and chops Cannon in the corner. He flies in with a Thesz Press and lands yet another palm strike. Quackenbush hits a Kangaroo Blaster and dropkicks Cannon to the floor. Quackenbush follows him out with a springboard tope con hilo. Quackenbush snapmares him into a somersault senton for two. Cannon pokes Quackenbush in the eyes. He bites him on the forehead. Cannon gives him a headbutt and chokes Quackenbush on the middle rope. Quackenbush takes him down in a crossface. Cannon headbutts Quackenbush and lays in knee strikes in the corner. Quackenbush brings Cannon to the opposite corner and lays in some windmill chops. Quackenbush ducks a forearm and palm strikes Cannon down. Quackenbush avoids an attack in the corner and goes right back to the windmill chops. He drops Cannon with the Black Tornado Slam. He goes for the Hangman’s Clutch, but Cannon breaks away. Cannon sends Quackenbush overhead with a German suplex. Cannon hits the Total Anarchy for two. Quackenbush ducks the Glimmering Warlock and applies the Hangman’s Clutch. Cannon escapes, but Quackenbush catches him with a Michinoku Driver. Like he always does in Pittston, Quackenbush runs off the stage and somersault sentons back into the ring. Unfortunately, it only gets him a two count. Cannon catches Quackenbush off the ropes, but Quackenbush rolls him up in a crucifix pin at 13:40. Even back then Cannon was great, and to this day I feel is severely underrated. Quackenbush and him did a nice job teasing Quackenbush’s eventual match with Hero while also putting on an excellent bout themselves. I’d love to see this match occur in the present day. ***

Matt Turner {ROH} & Anthony Franco {ROH} vs. Cheech & Cloudy

This match stems from hostility that was bred between two singles matches with these competitors from last month. Cheech asks to start with Franco since he beat Turner last month. Franco takes Cheech down but fails to gain a true advantage. Cheech goes to the ropes to break a wristlock. Cheech hits a knee strike out of a knuckle lock. The hometown boy Matt Turner tags in, as does Cloudy. Turner kicks Cloudy in the face as he breaks a wristlock. Cloudy tries to roll out a wristlock, but Turner hands on. Cloudy reverses the pressure and does squats to break free and wind Cloudy. Franco takes Cloudy down with a series of suplexes. Turner tags back in and scoop slams Cloudy twice before hitting an elbow drop for two. Franco and Turner both hit Cloudy with the Pepsi Twist. Cheech kicks Turner in the back as he hits the ropes. Cloudy slams him and hits a springboard leg drop for two. Cheech and Cloudy take turns wearing down Turner in their corner. Turner escapes by reversing a swinging DDT from Cloudy into a Northern Lights suplex. Franco tags in, but Cheech distracts the referee to make it a non-legal tag. Turner gets taken back to Cheech and Cloudy’s corner. Turner escapes once again by hitting an ace crusher on Cloudy and leapfrogging over Cheech. Franco finally tags in legally and slams both Cheech and Cloudy. He backdrops Cheech and drops Cloudy with a neckbreaker for two. Cheech sends Franco to the floor and side steps a crossbody from Turner. Turner and Cheech get in a small package. Cloudy and Franco keep reversing it, but finally the referee counts Cheech’s shoulders down, giving Franco and Turner the win at 16:49. The heat segment may have been a bit of overkill, but overall this was a good tag match. The fans of course got behind Turner and Franco in a big way while Cheech and Cloudy served as excellent foils. A good match to progress these two teams’ storyline. **3/4

Cheech and Cloudy send Turner and Franco to the floor, saying that this feud isn’t over. Turner and Franco leave to the crowd’s adjulation.

Young Lions Cup
Jigsaw (Champion) vs. Chris Hero {KOW}

Jigsaw and Hero go hold for hold at the on-set. Hero wrenches on a wristlock. Jigsaw takes Hero over with a headscissors and an armdrag. Hero doesn’t budge at his shoulder block attempt. Jigsaw evades a dropkick. He takes down Hero with a leg lariat for two. He takes Hero down with another armdrag and applies pressure to the shoulder. Hero escapes a wheelbarrow, and dropkicks Jigsaw in the shoulder as his arm is caught in the ropes. Hero continues his attack, targeting Jigsaw’s arm. Jigsaw rolls up Hero for two. Hero drops Jigsaw with an arm-capture back breaker. Jigsaw escapes an arm hold by taking Hero over with a huracanrana. Hero kicks away at Jigsaw’s arm before dropping him with a quebradora for two. Jigsaw takes Hero over with a neck-tie headscissors. Jigsaw sends Hero to the corner. He hits a running knee strike and enzuigiri for two. Hero comes out of the corner with a clothesline. Hero drops him with a uranage backbreaker for two. Hero drops Jigsaw arm first on the top rope. Jigsaw comes back with a flying headscissors for two. Jigsaw takes Hero off the top rope with a huracanrana. He double stomps Hero. Jigsaw looks to set up Hero for a brainbuster, but just then Claudio Castagnoli and Arik Cannon hit the ring. Bryce calls for the bell at 13:52, giving Jigsaw the disqualification victory. Hero working over Jigsaw’s arm effectively added a lot of drama to the match. Hero is such a disliked person in CHIKARA that it creates a fantastic environment for his matches. It was a perfect ending to the match as well, as neither man could truly afford to lose. ***

Quackenbush comes out to make the save. Hero, Claudio, and Cannon beat them both down. Hero says Quack is out of partners to help him take down the Kings of Wrestling. Hero challenges Quackenbush to bring any partner he wants to Aniversario weekend next month, because The Kings will take whomever it is down.


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