Trial By Foam


Emmaus, PA – 4.16.2010

Commentary is provided by Dave Prazak, Bryce Remsburg, and Larry Sweeney.

USApe vs. Rorschach {SNS}

USApe mauls Rorschach in the corner, then gives him a monkey flip. He gives Rorschach a second one. USApe gets distracted by the concession stand since a banana is available for purchase. He convinces referee Bryces Remsburg to buy it for him. While USApe is distracted by the banana, Rorschach applies the Rorschach Lock. USApe submits at 1:39. Cute for a 90 second match. N/R

Matt Turner is outside by a truck. He talks about how he and three other Ring of Honor students are competing for a spot in the Young Lions Cup tournament. Turner says while he respects his fellow students, he needs to be in the tournament.

Ring of Honor Student Round Robin Tournament
Anthony Franco {ROH} vs. Matt Turner {ROH}

The winner of this Round Robin Tournament will get a spot in the Young Lions Cup tournament this summer. Last night, Davey Andrews defeated Shane Hagadorn. Turner and Franco trade holds on the mat. Franco knocks him down with a shoulder block. Turner picks his leg and brings him down in a front facelock. Franco sends Turner to the corner and hits him with double knees to the chest and then to the back. Turner dumps Franco on his head with a belly-to-back suplex for two. Turner hits a Northern Lights suplex for two. Turner applies a modified Octopus stretch on the mat, then transitions into an STF/Border City Stretch combo. Franco gets the ropes to break. Turner brings Franco off the ropes with a tornado arm breaker. He applies a Fujiwara armbar. Franco grabs the ropes again. Franco drops Turner with a swinging neck breaker for two. Turner ducks an enzuigiri and goes back to the mat. Franco picks up Turner and drops him with a tombstone piledriver for the pin at 6:49. Solid stuff from both guys. With Turner going for submissions most of the match and Franco concentrating on Turner’s neck and head, the progression was very logical and made for a good story. **1/4

Allison Danger vs. Darkness Crabtree

Crabtree can’t help but be a perverted old man as Danger tries to wrestle him. Danger steps on Crabtree’s foot and gives him a bulldog. Crabtree rolls to the floor. He ducks a dive and gets chopped on the back. Danger dropkicks him. Crabtree leaves the building in a huff, saying this is the worst first date ever. Danger comes out and brings Crabtree back into the ring. Crabtree throws Danger face first into the second turnbuckle. Crabtree small packages her for two. Crabtree snaps her neck on the ropes. He slowly runs at her in the corner, giving her ample time to set up for a spinning huracanrana. She hits an inverted DDT to score the pin at 6:57. This was just like their previous match, only the wrestling wasn’t as good. But then again, that’s not really the point of this match is it? ¼*

The Perfect Strangers of Emil Sitoci and Trik Davis are by a truck. They said it doesn’t matter what teams are in the tag team gauntlet tonight, because they’re going to beat them all. Davis says he trained three times last week, although Sitoci doesn’t think that’s true. We then cut to Larry Sweeney and ShareCropper backstage. Sweeney says the Tag Team Gauntlet is a chance for Sweet N’ Sour International to redeem their recent string of losses. We then see The Dark Breed huddled around some candles with a flower. UltraMantis Black rambles on, but essentially says his team will win tonight.

Tag Team Gauntlet Match

Emil Sitoci & Trik Davis vs. UltraMantis Black {DB} & Hallowicked {DB}

Davis wrenches on Mantis’ arm and knocks him down with a shoulder block. He hits a back heel kick and tags in Sitoci. Hallowicked goes over some plans with Mantis on the floor. Hallowicked grabs Sitoci’s hair to back him into the corner. Sitoci sends Hallowicked down with a headscissors and an armdrag. Sitoci does a bit of arm work and takes Hallowicked down with another armdrag. Davis comes off the top with a double axe handle to Hallowicked’s arm. Davis ties up Hallowicked on the mat, specifically wrenching on his arm. On their feet, Hallowicked hot shots Davis on the top rope. The Dark Breed take turns wearing down Davis. They try perform some weird flower ritual on Davis, but Davis throws Hallowicked into Mantis with a headscissors. Davis avoids a splash from Hallowicked and a clothesline from Mantis to tag in Sitoci. He takes down both members of the Dark Breed by himself. Hallowicked clips his leg, but Sitoci takes him down and pnis him with a Gedo Clutch at 8:09.

Emil Sitoci & Trik Davis vs. K-Murda & K-Pusha

Push and Davis vie for the advantage. Sitoci and Murda tag in. Sitoci avoids Murda going for his bad leg. Sitoci rolls him up for one. Murda takes him down with a waistlock and grabs his leg. Sitoci rolls into leg lock on Murda. Sitoci sits down ona grapevine. Davis tags in and comes in with an axe handle to Murda’s shoulder. Davis applies a headlock. Sitoci tag in and leg drops Murda after a gut buster from Davis. Murda hits a nice modified kneeDT and kicks out Sitoci’s leg. Murda and Pusha wisely isolate Sitoci in their corner and target their attack on his leg. Although they do a great job of wearing him down, Sitoci manages to land on Murda with a moonsault press. Murda knocks him back down and gets a two count. Sitoci plants Murda hard with a swinging DDT. Davis finally tags in and takes Murda and Pusha down. Pusha catches him with a leaping X-Factor, but Sitoci breaks the pin. Sitoci hits Pusha with an enzuigiri. Sitoci and Davis hit a double snapmare driver. Murder takes out Sitoci’s leg. Sitoci knocks Davis in the head on his way down. Murda rolls up Sitoci for the pin at 20:00.

Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F} vs. K-Murda & K-Pusha

Icarus and Murda jockey for position. Murda spins Icarus around by his hair. Icarus trips Murda and ties up his legs while applying pressure to his knees. Murda escapes, and Icarus tries a backslide for two. Akuma and Pusha tag in. Pusha takes Akuma over with a rana, and Akuma comes back with a headscisors. He kicks out Pusha’s leg and kicks him in the chest and head for a two count. Icarus and Akuma hit a legdrop/senton combo for two. Icarus spins Pusha into a facebuster for two. Murda grabs Icarus’ arms, allowing Pusha to hit a step-up knee strike. All Money Is Legal hit a double inverted atomic drop, and a double team Blockbuster for two. Icarus gets beaten down for a bit, but Akuma helps Icarus take Murda down in a headscissors. Icarus pins Murda at 25:42.

Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F} vs. JC Ryder & Danny Rage

All four men brawl at the bell. Ryder sends Akuma to the floor. Icarus gets knocked down with a double elbow strike. Rage wheelbarrows Icarus into a lungblower from Ryder, then brings him down with a German suplex for two. Ryder sends Akuma over with a headscissors. Rage Death Valley Driver’s Icarus onto Ryder’s knees. Akuma breaks the pin. Rage accidentally yakuza kicks Ryder. F.I.S.T drop Rage with a double Side Russian leg sweep. Akuma gives Ryder a titlt-a-whirl backbreaker. Icarus hits a slingshot senton. Akuma applies an arm capture side headlock, and Ryder taps out at 28:18.

Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F} vs. Jolly Roger {KPG} & Lance Steel {KPG}

Another four man brawl kicks off this pairing. Steel and Roger send Icarus and Akuma to the floor with dropkicks. They dive from the top onto Akuma and Icarus. Steel and Akuma brawl on the floor while Roger gives Icarus a fisherman’s brainbuster for two. Icarus drops Roger with a swinging DDT for two. Akuma and Icarus double team Roger, but fail to get the pin. Steel gives Icarus a Finlay Roll and Akuma breaks the pin. Akuma gives Roger a sit-out powerbomb for two. Steel tags in and gets booted by Akuma. He catches Akuma coming off the ropes and applies a Boston Crab. Akuma taps out at 31:50.

Jolly Roger {KPG} & Lance Steel {KPG} vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS} & The ShareCropper {SNS}

ShareCropper and Sweeney sneak attack Roger and Steel from behind. They dispose of Steel and isolate Roger in their corner. Roger gets beaten down by Sweeney and ShareCropper, with of course a healthy amount of showboating thrown in as well. Roger ducks a clothesline from Sweeney and nails with him with a twisting face kick. Steel tags in and knocks both guys down with clotheslines and back elbows. Roger comes in and helps Steel drop ShareCropper with a double Flatliner for two. Sweeney hits a delayed gord buster for two. Sweeney accidentally knocks ShareCropper off the apron. Roger rolls up Sweeney with an O’Conner Roll to score the pinfall and win the Gauntlet at 39:23.

Things started out well, with Perfect Strangers and All Money Is Legal doing a lot of cool and interesting stuff. The quality happened to decrease with F.I.S.T’s entry into the gauntlet, but picked up dramatically when Sweeney and ShareCropper came in. Overall, it was a good gauntlet that helped get Roger and Steel over as a bigger deal in the tag team scene. **3/4

Roger cuts a post-match promo, saying no one suspected that a makeshift team of a Pirate and a Knight would do anything noteworthy. Since they won the Gauntlet, Roger lays down a challenge for next month to take on the winners of the Tag World Grand Prix: Arik Cannon and Claudio Castagnoli. These teams will meet in Pittston at the conclusion of Aniversario weekend.

Shane Storm {MW} vs. Chandler McClure

Storm lays in some forearms and thrusts McClure in the throat. McClure gets his referee whistle stuck in his mouth, so Storm punches him in the mid-section to dislodge it. Storm take shim down with a shoulder block and a hiponesa. He hits “That Japanese Armdrag” – love it. McClure throws a yellow flag, citing unnecessary roughness. McClure charges, but hits the ropes instead. Storm comes off the ropes with an elbow for two. McClure hits a chin breaker and a big boot. McClure throws Storm down by his mullet. Storm puts up his STOP sign, shoves McClure’s yellow flag in his mouth, and rolls him up for two. McClure hits a neckbreaker for two. He follows up with a double axe handle for two. Storm blocks a rolling forearm and hits a Saito suplex. Storm hits a flurry of a clotheslines and spinwheel kick to McClure’s neck for two. McClure spears Storm for two. Storm hits a DDT and a flip senton for two. McClure counters with a bulldog for two. Storm hits the Air Raid Crash for the pin at 9:04. Storm looked quite good in this match, making me wonder if he should go back to being a Tecnico so that he’ll be less restricted in the ring. McClure was alright and I’m glad he toned down the referee shtick in this match. **1/2

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, & Mickie Knuckles vs. Chris Hero {KOW}, Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}, & Arik Cannon {KOW}

Knuckles takes Cannon down with a hip toss. She dropkicks him to the floor, but he comes right back in angrily. Jigsaw and Hero tag in and fight for control. Both guys go at a fast pace. Quackenbush tags in, causing Hero to immediately tag in Claudio. Claudio throws Quackenbush down to the corner. Quackenbush takes a courting hold and turns it into an armdrag. He comes in from the corner with a headscissors and a wheelbarrow bulldog. He hits a somersault senton for two. Quackenbush rolls back to his corner where Jigsaw flies in with a crossbody. Quackenbush assists Jigsaw with a headscissors takedown. Knuckles, Quackenbush, and Jigsaw take down the Kings and put them in various submissions. All the holds are broken, leaving Jigsaw with Claudio. Claudio counters a wheelbarrow from Jigsaw, by popping him up into a European uppercut to the neck. Claudio teases unmasking Jigsaw. Instead, Claudio tags in Cannon who also teases taking off the mask. Quackenbush and Jigsaw get knocked to the floor, and Knuckles gets dragged in. The Kings trap Knuckles in their corner and take turns attacking her, with extra emphasis on her previously injured arm. Knuckles is able to fire up after a Glimmering Warlock and knock down Cannon with a forearm. She tags in Quackenbush, who knocks down Cannon and Claudio with forearms. He palm strikes Hero and hits a DDT. He gives Hero windmill chops in the corner, but Claudio and Cannon pull him off. Quackenbush cleans house and tags in Jigsaw. He double stomps Cannon and hits a superkick for two. Cannon hits a brainbuster, and Quackenbush double stomps Cannon to break a pin. Claudio applies a modified torture rack, turning it into a Burning Hammer for two. Quackenbush drops Claudio with an inverted brainbuster. Hero throws Quackenbush to the floor. Knuckles gives Hero some forearms while the other competitors fight on the floor. Claudio trips Knuckles, and Hero hits her in the arm. He drops her with a waterwheel slam. Claudio and Cannon hit their Glimmering Warlock/Ricola Bomb combo to pick up the win at 17:26. Another excellent trios match from the Kings of Wrestling. The action never slowed down for a minute, and the fans reacted to everything they did. It was a really exciting match that did a great job emphasizing how big of scumbags the Kings really are. Really great stuff all around. ***1/2

Hero, Cannon, and Claudio continue to beat down Knuckles afterwards. Quackenbush and Jigsaw look to make the save but end up in a brawl so huge that the locker room empties in order to break them apart. Hero gets on the microphone and says Quackenbush is a failure, citing how none of his chosen partners have been able to beat The Kings of Wrestling yet. Hero says next month, he proves Quackenbush will always be a failure. The wrestlers have to hold Hero and Quackenbush back from getting at it again. Hero leaves, but not before promising to take home the Young Lions Cup at tomorrow’s show. The fans applaud Mickie Knuckles, who Quackenbush helps backstage with Tecnicos following.


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